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TMC Chapter 55 Test


“Your intrigue and cruelty are beyond my imagination.” Huang Quan said in Ye Kong’s mind.


“It is just a test.” Ye Kong smiled and asked, “I’m afraid that the people in the Southern land are more sinister than I can imagine.”


“After spending so much time together, I never thought you were someone who would set a trap for others to fall victim to. I thought you were more like the Shadow Clan… ”


“What were the Shadow Clan like?”


“Honest, sincere, friendly and full of a sense of justice.”


Ye Kong smiled, “I’m not that kind of person. You think too much of me. In fact, I’m a gangster. I am no different from the thugs that rob people in the streets…”


“No wonder you chose Lu Qin. You’re both ruffians.” Huang Quan muttered.


Ye Kong ignored him and said, “It’s not my job to enforce justice. Justice and injustice both mean very little to me. All I know is that if I like someone, I will help them and if I dislike someone I will beat them. I will show no mercy to those who want to betray, cheat or hurt me! ”


“It seems that you don’t have enough compassion for women.” Huang Quan sighed, “Then for my sake, I can only pray that Xiao Hong won’t betray you.”


At this moment, Ye Kong was standing in the second wife’s room while using an invisible talisman to hide himself from sight.


At a large antique table, the second wife was carrying a small bowl and slowly eating the food inside. It could be seen that she had been strictly trained since childhood, as even when alone she maintained a very elegant demeanor when eating her food.


“Ah, Your second mother is so beautiful and elegant. I like these kind of women the best. The more arrogant they are in front of people, the lewder they are in the bedroom…” Huang Quan was just like a beast who couldn’t control himself whenever he saw a beautiful woman.


Ye Kong didn’t respond. It was clear that Huang Quan was bored of waiting around. He asked again, “If Xiao Hong reports to your second mother that you are an immortal cultivator, do you plan on killing them? ”


“Yes, I am kind, but I only give one chance.”


“Then, before we kill them, can you let me out to touch them?” said Huang Quan with a smile, “Well, it’s also OK to touch after you have killed them. ”


Ye Kong wryly smiled, “You should just change your name to pervert to give people fair warning.”


“Do you know how long I haven’t touched a woman? One hundred thousand years! If you were in my position, you would have probably put a wig on a stone and drilled a hole in it! ”


“Hush, let me listen!” Ye Kong said to Huang Quan as he focused his attention on the two women.


“Xiao Hong! Is today the day that Ye Kong came out from his training?” The second wife placed the porcelain bowl down and asked.


“Yes.” Xiao Hong stood respectfully beside her, she lowered her head to speak in a low voice.


“What did you find?” The second wife asked again.


Xiao Hong replied, “Nothing, he’s very cunning. He’s still keeping his secrets from me…”


“You go to his courtyard every day, but every day you come back with the same sentence! Can’t you find out anything? You are letting me down! ” The second wife was clearly angry.


“I can’t find out anything if he doesn’t come out from his training.” Xiao Hong’s head was even lower. It seemed as if she was trying to hide her face by burying it into her chest.


“How dared you talk back to me!” The second wife slammed the table and said angrily, “Do you remain a servant forever? How many times have I told you! Whether you can become the concubine of my son and enjoy the luxuries that come with such a high status depends on the information you provide! As long as you do well, you can soar in status to become a phoenix! But you are wasting this opportunity!”


After scolding, the second wife waved her hand and said, “If you really don’t want this opportunity, then don’t bother! Doing all of this makes people think that I am flattering that ugly mother and her fool of a son. It’s disgusting!”


Ye Kong stood in the corner of the room, but his gaze had turned chilly. He knew that it was time for Xiao Hong to make her choice.


It could be said that the benefits offered by the second wife were tempting, especially for servant girls like Xiao Hong. To become a concubine of the Ye Family with high status was of an unimaginable attraction to them.


She would have good food, the best clothes and servants to everything for her. It was a position of honour. How many servant girls were openly fighting with each other or plotting in secret for the affection of the young masters?


But Ye Kong hadn’t promised Xiao Hong anything. Even if there was no promise of a future with him, Xiao Hong had to make her choice.


Xiao Hong lowered her head and used her fingers to twirl her dress, but she didn’t speak. Ye Kong knew that the choice she was given was cruel. Was an ordinary servant girl and wanted what they all wanted.


However, if she really accepted the second wife’s offer, she would die. Ye Kong would not allow her to put him in danger.


“What’s the matter?” Cried the second wife.


“Madam, actually…in fact, today I found something.” Xiao Hong finally spoke after a brief pause.




Ye Kong’s heart grew cold. His fingers were in his sleeves and talisman had been clasped between his middle finger and his index finger, it was ready to be activated immediately.


“Today, I found out that the eighth young master is able to treat the sick. Lu Qin was sick with a cold and the eighth young master cured her…”


“Who wants to know such useless information? Focus on his Martial arts techniques! That Stick Pummels Peach! The Eighteen Palms! And White Bone Claws!” The second wife listed off what she could remember of the names.


“He won’t let me get close to such an important thing.”


“Then can’t you find out who he learned martial arts from or what type of mystical encounter he had?”


“I haven’t found out yet. I will work harder. Please give me more time!” Xiao Hong kneeled down in front of the second wife, crying and pleading.


“Get out!” The second wife didn’t get any information from Xiao Hong. In a rage, she raised her foot and kicked Xiao Hong who was kneeling on the floor. “You’re useless! You can’t do anything. Get out of my sight! ”


“Thank you, Madam.” Xiao Hong wiped her tears and cleared the dishes before leaving.


Although Xiao Hong didn’t tell all of Ye Kong’s secret, Ye Kong was still very upset. This Xiao Hong was only thinking about climbing the social ladder. Although she hadn’t revealed his secret today, she did reveal part of it and might reveal the entire thing in the future.


Her refusal was not firm. When she noticed that the second wife was getting angry and was going to take away the task which provided her opportunity to climb in status, she immediately revealed part of Ye Kong’s secret.


She would reveal his medical ability today, but she might reveal his cultivation tomorrow. Just because she hadn’t said it today, it didn’t mean that she wouldn’t say it in the future. He couldn’t follow her all the time to make sure she didn’t reveal his secret.


“What’s the matter? Is it difficult to make the decision?” Huang Quan laughed, “Are you going to kill her or not? If you kill her, you will not be betrayed by her in the future. If you do not kill her, she could betray you at any time.”


Ye Kong was very embarrassed, “In fact, I really don’t want to kill her, but she doesn’t want to let go of the benefits offered by the second wife, which shows that she can’t be trusted to keep my secret.”


“When I saw you follow Xiao Hong out, I knew that you would be killing her tonight.” Huang Quan snorted, “How about I help you out this time? I can use the soul-search to remove her memories of tonight. ”


“You can do this? That’s great. ” Ye Kong felt relieved and suddenly thought of something, “Ancestor, can you just remove her memories regarding my secret and let her save the others? She said today was the happiest day of her life.”


“My God, you’re such a plaster saint. You were going to kill her, but here I am trying to save her life. Now you want me to leave the memory of the happiest day in her life. Do you think soul-searching can be so precise?”


“All right, do what you said.” Ye Kong had no choice but to agree to remove Xiao Hong’s memory of the day.


But when he went to Xiao Hong’s room, what she said made Ye Kong change his mind.


“Eighth young master, Xiao Hong revealed the secret of your medical skill. I hope you won’t blame me. I am not trying to climb the social ladder. I just can’t stand not seeing you from now on. Although I only saw you today, I still want to be with you every day. I am really happy… ”


Xiao Hong faced the food in front of her without appetite and murmured. Although she had no intention of speaking her mind to anyone, she let the invisible Ye Kong hear her thoughts.


“It turns out that she leaked the secret because she was afraid that the second wife would not let her see you, it wasn’t because she wanted what the second wife offered. She isn’t bad. Boy. Are you happy now?” Huang Quan said with a smile.


“Yes, she passed the test.” Ye Kong nodded, looked at Xiao Hong sitting alone and then sneaked out of the room.


“Since she has passed the test, hurry up and take her to bed. Make sure you slowly pull down her skirt…” Said Huang Quan with a smile


“Stop!” Ye Kong said,” Why are you always so rude and vulgar? I’m only fourteen and a half years old. Please don’t poison minors so persistently, will you give me a break?”


“You should give her a little reward for passing the test.”


“Well, there are rewards. I can show her my Stick Pummels Peach of the Beggar Sect.”


Huang Quan said angrily, “Fuck! You are dirtier than me! Such a pervert!”


“Well, let’s not talk about that. We’ll go out to buy some millet seeds while it is still early and then we can concoct fasting pills this evening.” Ye Kong felt that the time of invisibility talisman was running out, so he left the courtyard of the second wife and her servants in a hurry.


“Hmm, are you taking me as free labor? You want me to help you for free?”


Ye Kong knew his mind and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, you are interested in my talismans right? I’ll teach you some of them later.”


“Deal.” Huang Quan said and then contently went to take a nap.


When Ye Kong reached a secluded place by the entrance of the Ye Family estate, Ye Kong took off the invisible talisman. He left the Ye Family openly and headed to the city market.


The development direction of the Southern Land was different from that of earth. With hundreds of thousands of years of history, it was still an agricultural society. Agricultural tools and seeds stores could be seen everywhere, especially on the street near the gate of the city. Seven or eight of the ten stores sold the means of production for agriculture.


“Hi, 2.5 kilograms of millet seeds, please.” Ye Kong handed over an ounce of silver.


He hadn’t expected that these seeds were surprisingly cheap. They were only four coppers per kilogram. The shopkeeper had to give him the change of 90 coppers, but he was not happy. “Friend, you didn’t come here only to change money, did you?”


Ye Kong was depressed for a while. Were the people of the Southern Land lacking in small change?


“But I don’t have any coppers.” Ye Kong was helpless.


“Then you should buy more. Anyway, you need seeds to sow. How much land can you sow with 2.5 kilograms of seeds?” The shopkeeper was selling everything related to agriculture.


Ye Kong who was being mistaken for a farmer smiled wryly, “Are you serious? Do I look like a farmer to you?”


Ye Kong hadn’t expected that the shopkeeper’s answer would make him even more depressed. “You don’t seem like a farmer. You must be a farmer’s kid who stole money from his parents!”

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