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TMC Chapter 56 Wolf Eyebrow


“I stole money from my parents?” Ye Kong had nothing to say to this shopkeeper. He just threw him an ounce of silver, took 2.5 kilograms of millet seeds and turned to leave.


The seed shop was full of farmers who were very thrifty. When had the shopkeeper ever encountered a rich young master who would spend one ounce of silver to buy seeds worth only 10 coppers?


The shopkeeper couldn’t help but take another look. From this observation, he soon realized that this was the eighth young master of the Ye Family who was currently the talk of Nandu City!


“Is your name Ye Kong?” The shopkeeper hurried out of the shop and asked.


“You know me?” Ye Kong, who was leaving the shop, turned back and asked.


“You’re really the eighth young master!” The shopkeeper was very pleased. “You created quite the spectacle with the law enforcement officers. I also went to watch. You’re really full of youthful spirit…”


Ye Kong swung the sack of seeds to his shoulder and said impatiently, “Get straight to the point.”


“Oh. This is your silver. How can I let you pay so much for a few millet seeds? And just now… “The shopkeeper even knelt down in the street and said, “I was blind and offended you, so I’ll make amends to you.”


“Don’t worry about it, it’s really nothing.” Ye Kong threw the silver to the shopkeeper again and wanted to leave.


Unexpectedly, the shopkeeper hugged Ye Kong’s leg and said in a loud voice, “Eighth young master, I have one more thing and I hope you could help me with!”


As soon as one became famous, troubles would find you.


“Stop acting like this. In fact, I am just a teenager and my strength is limited. If you have difficulties, you should go to the officials. If you want to file a complaint, you should go to the government. If you want to borrow money from me, you should give up. I have nothing to give.” As soon as Ye Kong opened his mouth, he attempted to shut down the shopkeeper before he made his request.


“I don’t need help with any of these things.” The shopkeeper smiled mysteriously and said, “I’ve heard that the eighth young master is handsome. It turns out that you are as handsome as the stories. I have a daughter, who is 15 years old and also has a pretty face… ”


Ye Kong was shocked, “So this is what you want. I already have two women who I can’t handle, I don’t need another.” Ye Kong got rid of the shopkeeper and hurried to leave.


The shopkeeper followed and shouted, “Eighth young master, you can take her as a slave or a concubine. It’s ok if you make her your lover outside the Ye Family…”


Ye Kong sped up so the old man couldn’t catch up with him and eventually broke out into a run.


The shopkeeper was depressed, “Strange. The rumor says that the eighth young master is frivolous and a was frequent visitor of the spring appreciating tower from the age of 14. Why did he refuse my offer?”


Ye Kong didn’t know that he was famous in the city for being a playboy. He hid in a secluded alley and put the sack of seeds into the storage bag.


“It is so hard to find a good wife on Earth, but you can find a wife when buying seeds in the Southern Land. If the people on Earth and those in the Southern Land could visit each other frequently, how many young people would get married?”


Just when he got back on the main pathways, someone approached him again. It was a young man.


“Eighth young master, My name is Liu Xuebin, I am a member of the Dragon and Tiger Gang. Greetings!” This young man noticed someone kowtowing in the street and decided to pay attention, so he immediately noticed Ye Kong.


Then he had found that it was the eighth young master of the Ye Family . He thought back on what the gang leader said to him previously, “If you meet the eighth young master by chance, you must greet him immediately and ask him if there is anything you can do for him.”


Ye Kong had nothing for him to do, but it reminded him that he hadn’t seen Lu Jun and Lu Yi for a long time. When he went back, he would enter closed-door cultivation for a long time. So, he decided to visit them while he had the time.


He asked for their location and headed to see them in a hurry.


The Lu brothers were in a tavern, drinking and boasting. They would even make time to fit a meal in between their bragging.


Seeing Ye Kong, the two brothers rushed to greet him.


“There’s no need.” Ye Kong waved his hand and said, “How is the situation with the gang? Did the law enforcement try causing any more trouble?”


“Thank you for your concern. Since we last met, the law enforcement officers don’t dare to bother us. They all bow their heads when they see us.” Lu Jun was telling the truth. The government was extremely polite when dealing with the Dragon and Tiger Gang because they all thought Ye Kong was the person in charge. Without Ye Kong’s support, they would have already made a move on the Dragon and Tiger Gang.


Lu Yi added, “The gang members are very united. Everyone knows that you are our backer and it makes them very energetic…”


“What are you doing with that energy? I bet you only get drunk and go to the brothel!” Ye Kong liked to teach his underlings something, every time he saw them. This was also a habit he had on Earth. He then said, “There should be culture in gangs. You should find more time to read books. Don’t spend the entire afternoon drinking. The last time I asked you to focus on your acting, did you do it? We need to improve your image.”


“I know. I’m working on it. We have some scholars writing for us. I would like to invite young master to attend the… attend the…?” Ye Kong had too many new words, which Lu Jun often forgot.


“Premiere.” Lu Yi reminded him.


“Right, right, the premiere.”


“Look, you have no culture.!” Ye Kong flicked on Lu Jun’s forehead and said, “You will have to go without me. I am too busy and don’t have the time to go see it right now. If I can’t find the time to see it, then there is no need to bother me about it. If you do need to report anything to me, tell Let Qin.”


Ye Kong was about to leave after he had finished giving his orders, but the Lu brothers stopped him again. They reported that they had recently collected many folk heirlooms, waiting for Ye Kong to appraise them.


This was also something that had been arranged by Ye Kong. His Five Elements to Immortality and Shadow Dance were both from family heirlooms, which had been overlooked.


Ye Kong had become interested in these treasures which had been handed down in the Southern Land for hundreds of thousands of years. Many people had heirlooms but most of them were useless.


Hearing this, Ye Kong immediately went with the Lu brothers. They lead him to a small room which was filled with numerous objects.


“These are all treasures that are handed down by the people living in the city. Most people found that their heirlooms were useless and were more than willing to sell them to us. I don’t know if there are any treasures hidden among them. Please check.” Lu Jun led Ye Kong into the room.


“Spirit stone.” Ye Kong saw several bright stones in the middle of the mess.


There were five spirit stones in total. Although the quantity was small, something was better than nothing. Ye Kong directly put them into the storage bag.


But next, Ye Kong didn’t know what to do. There were pots, sticks, grassroots, fans, books and mirrors. All in all, there was a variety of items. There were also certain items that Ye Kong was clueless of their value.


But just because Ye Kong didn’t know, it didn’t mean that no one knew. At the moment, Ye Kong called Huang Quan and woke him from his sleep.


“What’s with you creating such a disturbance? Is it already evening?” Huang Quan was not satisfied with Ye Kong’s wake-up call.


“Ancestor, open your eyes. There are many treasures in front of you.” Said Ye Kong proudly.


Huang Quan released his divine sense, but he was surprised by what he found. He snorted and said, “Wow! Such a large amount of garbage! ”


“No, these are heirlooms. Don’t look down on them. The Five Elements to Immortality and Shadow Dance that I cultivate were both found from heirlooms similar to these.” Ye Kong said.


“That’s your luck. It’s your dog shit luck! Look at the garbage filling this room.” said Huang Quan while pointing out at the items. “This clover is less than ten years old when it was picked and placed into a luxurious thousand-year old mahogany box. It’s useless! And that black stone is the lowest-grade iron essence of the lowest quality. It’s something that no one would want. One spirit stone can buy a hundred pieces of iron essence. What’s more, those fragments over there are all fragments of broken magic tools. Those magic tools were low-end goods, so what use could there be for their fragments?”


A room full of things, but they were all said to be worthless by Huang Quan. Ye Kong didn’t believe it. “One or two of these things should be useful, right?”


“There are one or two. But I’m not free labor. Why should I tell you? ”


“No, you’re such a pain. I am only asking for you to help me appraise them. What do you want in return?” Ye Kong was a little unhappy. This old man was too greedy. He needed payment for every little thing.


Huang Quan snorted, “It’s easy for me to identify treasures for you. One of the best things is a good material for refining. I was going to point it out for you and naturally, I would help you refine this material into a piece of armor. But since you don’t want my help, let’s forget it. When you form a golden core, you can refine this yourself.”


Ye Kong was astonished. He was cultivating the Five Elements to Immortality which was very slow. It was likely that by the time he reached the core formation, he would have a long white beard.


“Ancestor, Ancestor, ha-ha, I was really rude just now. I apologize.” Ye Kong shamelessly groveled.


At last, Huang Quan reluctantly agreed to help, “Well, I’ll help you since you are providing me a clear path to immortality.

Then he pointed to one of the most shabby looking hides which was in the corner of the room and said, “It’s that skin. If I am not mistaken, then this is the skin of a Black Shark.”


“Black Shark?” Ye Kong picked up the rolled skin, which didn’t look valuable at all. It was gray and black, covered with gullies. The gullies were filled with mud, which made it look like junk.


“Really? Ancestor, for the fasting pills you would have me eat the bran fruit that even the poor people don’t want to eat. But now want me to dress in dirty rags. You are just tricking me!” Ye Kong complained.


“You know nothing! This is a strange fish. This kind of fish likes to float on the surface of sea to absorb the Qi of its surroundings, and it absorbs the Qi mainly through its skin. Even if its skin is flayed from the body, it will continue to absorb Qi. So, the older the skin is, the more valuable it is.”


“Oh, I understand. The Black Shark must be very powerful?” Ye Kong quickly threw shabby looking skin into the storage bag.


“This kind of fish is not strong, but it is rare. They are valuable, so they were hunted to near extinction. It was on the verge of extinction 100 thousand years ago, so whether it is alive today or not is unknown. You’re lucky to see something like this today. The one you just put away has been preserved here for at least ten thousand years. If it is refined into an armor, its defense will very strong. Even if the life bound magic tool of a core formation cultivator was used against you, you could protect yourself from harm! ”


Ye Kong was deeply moved by the words of Huang Quan. In the cultivation world, there were many attacking type magic tools, so they were not very valuable. The defense magic tools were much more expensive than the ones only used for attacking. But armor that could resist life bound magic tools, such an item was priceless.


Of course, Ye Kong wouldn’t sell it. It was a lifesaving treasure. No matter how much money was offered to him, he couldn’t sell it.


“Ancestor, what else is there in this room which is as valuable as the skin of the Black Shark?” Ye Kong spoke politely to the old ancestor of Huang Quan.


Huang Quan scolded: “Boy! Don’t get too greedy! This kind of thing can’t be found through searching alone. It requires good luck to find such a good item within a pile of trash! Yet you still are asking for more, you are too greedy! ”


Ye Kong was shameless and changed his question, “Is there any other items here that I should take with me? Don’t you know that I am a rookie? What you look down upon may be very useful to me!”


After a second glance with his divine sense, Huang Quan said, “Don’t you like making talismans? There is a number of brushes over on the table. The third one is a magic tool that can still be used.”


“Spiritual Talisman Brush!” It was a brush specially used for drawing talismans. Ye Kong had been looking forward to finding one.


When he went to see it, it looked much more appealing to him than the skin of the Black Shark. It stood out from the other brushes. It was not only unique in shape but also engraved with two tiny characters, “Wolf Eyebrow”.

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