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TMC Chapter 57 Environment


Ye Kong held this brush called Wolf Eyebrow in the palm of his hand, he was studying the difference between the talisman brush and a normal brush.


Although a normal brush was also made of bamboo, many of the brush tubes were blocked at the joint. Even if the brush tube was hollow inside, the end of the bamboo would be plugged with the brush.


This talisman brush was not the same. There was a large hole through all of the bamboo tube as well as several smaller holes near the brush head. This kind of design would allow the of the talisman maker to infuse their Qi into the brush.


“Boy, do you know the history of this brush?” Huang Quan asked with a smile.


“You can’t trick me” Ye Kong said with a smile, “You can’t judge the history of an item from the name, wolf eyebrow. Wow, it’s got the name wolf, that must mean that many wolves were killed to make this brush!”


“It doesn’t matter how many wolves were killed,” sneered Huang Quan. “Do you know what kind of wolf’s eyebrows it is? Do you know why the brush is white? ”


Ye Kong was new to immortal cultivation, and he knew even less about the Southern Land. How would he know such obscure knowledge? He was not afraid to ask, so he pretended to be naïve and asked for an explanation.


Huang Quan’s ego was greatly satisfied, so he said with a smile, “This is the eyebrow of the Weixu wolf. There is a very special kind of wolf on the Weixu Mountain, which is very powerful. However, if the brush was made from an ordinary wolf’s eyebrow it would only be called a wolf brush. Only the wolf king of the Weixu wolves dares to carry the name of the wolf’s eyebrow. This is because only a wolf king lives long enough for their eyebrows to turn white, this is why the tip of the brush is white.”


When Ye Kong heard this, he sighed, “The Southern Land is really amazing. I’ve seen many miraculous things so far, but it’s just a drop in the ocean. If you didn’t help me, I wouldn’t be able to differentiate the treasures from the garbage, even if you gave me an entire year to do so. I’m a little reluctant to let you go. Ha ha.”


Huang Quan seemed to be allergic to words of kindness, and scolded, “Like hell! Don’t pretend to be full of culture with your flowery words. Talking shit is talking shit, and there is nothing disgusting about it. But if you try to add flowery words to the shit then it is disgusting.”


“I finally found someone coarser than me.”


“Well, I’ve helped you choose the treasures. Now it’s time for me to reap the rewards, right?” Huang Quan was keen to receive his benefits.


“Well, tell me what you want, but I have to say in advance that if I can’t do it, I have to owe it to you.”


“You can do it for sure. It’s just a matter that will require a little bit of money.”


If it could be done with a little money, then it really shouldn’t be too big of an ask. Ye Kong wondered, “Then tell me what you want.”


“Take me to the brothel. I want to see a naked woman!”


Ye Kong was speechless. No wonder his name was Huang Quan, Huang (lecherous) and it is constant like Quan(spring water).


“Well, that’s an acceptable request.” Ye Kong nodded, and then said, “but in the evening, not now.”


Knowing what Ye Kong was thinking, he said angrily, “I’ve told you that everything else here is trash. If you want to waste your time, go ahead. I’ll go rest first, don’t bother me until evening!”


Just because an ancient cultivator looked down on something, it didn’t make it useless. You could still find treasure from looking through someone else’s garbage. Ye Kong was an orphan when he was on Earth. His childhood involved going through the trash which other people threw away. He would find any metal that people had casually thrown away and take it to the scrapyard to sell for spare change.


First of all, he put away the clover that Huang Quan mentioned. Although he said it was still too young, the box was thousand year old mahogany.


In this world, mahogany had very little use except for decoration, but Ye Kong knew that the Taoists on Earth would use mahogany wood swords and talismans to drive away ghosts. Ye Kong had no idea if he would meet a ghost in the future, but it was always good to be prepared.


He put away the mahogany box and continued to rummage through the garbage for a while. But finding a hidden treasure from these heirlooms was far more difficult than finding scrap copper or scrap iron from Earth’s garbage heaps.


There were many things that Ye Kong had no idea of what they were. There were still things which he could recognize, such as a mirror or a fan, but if it was an unknown. Who knew what it was meant to be?


‘Should try using my Qi to activate the items again?’ Ye Kong laughed bitterly to himself. Last time he tried that, he was almost killed by Huang Quan, he didn’t dare to bring on that king of trouble again. He couldn’t fight against these old monsters.


He stayed looking through the items until the sky started to grow dark. Ye Kong was happy that he did, as he found two martial arts manuals. He wasn’t quite sure how valuable or useful these martial arts were, but at first glance they seemed to be .


Ye Kong suddenly had an idea. He asked Lu Jun to send someone to take the manuals over to a publishing house and change the covers of the two manuals.


“Eighth young master, it’s getting late. We’ve already prepared a banquet. Would you like to visit our place after eating?” Lu Yi said respectfully.


“At your house?” Ye Kong was not satisfied. ‘Didn’t they usually spend their days at the brothel? Why were they being so serious today? Fuck. Do I have to invite them to the brothel myself?


Ye Kong had never took the initiative to visit a brothel. It was something he was ashamed to propose.


“Are you afraid that the chef is not skilled? Don’t worry, the chef is my family chef and he is extremely talented. He heard that eighth young master is here so he came especially to prepare the food.” Lu Yi quickly explained.


Ye Kong waved and said, “It’s very important to have good food, but you forget that the environment in which you are eating also matters.”


“Environment?” Ye Kong used too many new and complicated words for them to understand. Although Lu Yi was studying hard, he couldn’t keep up with the large words that Ye Kong used.


“It’s what is around you. The environment is very important. Eating in an elegant and comfortable environment is the best way to enjoy food.” Ye Kong explained, the Lu brothers looked at each other, but the expressions on their faces clearly showed their thoughts – I don’t understand!


“Let me put it another way.” Ye Kong knew that it was useless speak about elegance with these crude brothers, so he simply said, “For example, if you need to shit, but you’re on a street of crowded people, do you squat down to take a shit?”


In the end, the people of Cangnan wouldn’t understand the meaning behind his words. After all, they were not literate, it they were modern people, they would immediately understand.

Lu Jun nodded. “So you mean that it’s better to go to a thatched cottage. Of course, I understand now!”


“Oh, this is what environment means!” Lu Yi suddenly understood and grabbed his head and said, “You should have just directly told us that you wanted to visit a restaurant for dinner. Why all this talk of environment? How could we understand that?”


”Then let’s go to a restaurant for dinner.” Lu Jun laughed.


Ye Kong found that he did not achieve his goal after taking such a long time, so he simply said, “A restaurant is good, but if there were beauties too…”


“Hmmm?” The Lu’s brothers immediately opened their eyes wide in shock, and then smiled knowingly, “ha ha, eighth young master wanted to visit the brothel. In fact, we also want to go. But with young master here, I didn’t dare to say it.”


Lu Yi also said with a cheap smile, “Eighth young master, you don’t always need to talk in such a roundabout way. We are all men here. When I was 14, I still hadn’t done anything with a woman.”


Lu Jun scolded “Eighth young master is already so powerful despite his age. How can you compare with eight young master when it comes to women?”


“Well, let’s go!” Ye Kong gave them both a look and gave the two brothers a kick.


Half an hour later, several sedan chairs stopped outside the back of the spring appreciating tower. Ye Kong already knew he had a reputation to uphold, so he didn’t want to be seen by people if he could avoid it.


“Gentlemen…”A short man in a blue jacket, came up immediately and lifted the curtain of the sedan chair. He was startled when he saw the person inside. “So it is eighth young master and the Lu brother. Hurry, please come inside.”


The man dared not speak anything more but he thought to himself. ‘It is no wonder that there are rumors that the eight young master is a playboy, it looks like the rumors were true. I even heard that he was having sex from the age of 14 years old. It looks like they came to find a girl for him.

“Lead the way.” Lu brothers were frequent visitors, so they followed the host inside.


Because it was the backdoor, it was quiet. Ye Kong would not need to be bothered at the front door like the last time. Following a path paved with pebbles, they arrived the spring appreciating tower.


Stepping on the red painted wooden stairs, they went up to the second floor, a middle aged beauty, Feng Siniang, walked up to greet them. This was the owner and madam of the spring appreciating tower. She said with a smile, “So it is the eighth young master and the two Lu brothers. Welcome, please come inside, it is our honor to have you here. Let this be my treat to young master.”


There was no free dinner in the world. Ye Kong knew this, he didn’t want to cause any trouble because of the brothel. He sneered and said, “Do you think I can’t afford to pay for myself?”


Indeed, she really had request for Ye Kong. Last time, Ye Kong came he had beaten Adjutant Tie, and he did not dare to to provoke Ye Kong after that, but he still held a grudge.


Dragon Tiger Gang was Ye Kong’s property, so Adjutant Tie wouldn’t dare to do anything to them. But he had to release his anger somewhere, so he aimed at the spring appreciating tower.


Adjutant Tie had repeatedly found reasons to find trouble with the spring appreciating tower, using a number of methods. He would come to check for drugs or would be looking for criminal and force the guests to identify themselves.


The spring appreciating tower could not bear it. These officials would always cause trouble during peak business hours, scaring away all the guests. Sometimes they even arrested the guests or beat them for interfering in their duties. Therefore, many of the guests stopped coming.


Feng Siniang knew why Adjutant Tie was angry and was taking his anger out on the spring appreciating tower, but she could do nothing in retaliation, so she wanted to ask the Lu Brothers for help.


When it came to the battle between criminals and law enforcers, the side of law enforcement would always win. The Government would persecute the dragon and tiger gang, if it wasn’t for Ye Kong being their support, but the Lu’s brothers would not dare to make a move on the government.

Feng Siniang was concerned about this, when coincidentally, Ye Kong paid them a visit.


The Ye Family’s prestige was well-known. Plus, this eighth young master was a deterring force for Adjutant Tie. The Lu brothers could not solve the problem, but if Eighth young master was willing to get involved, wouldn’t it be easily resolved?


But Feng Siniang didn’t realize that the eighth young master was extremely cunning. He didn’t accept her kindness as he knew it came with strings. So she could only smile bitterly.


When he came to the private room, Ye Kong was angry again. “Isn’t this Fan Jiulong’s private room? What’s your intention bringing us here? Do you want to curse us to end like the Fan brothers, or did you want use to play with the Fan brothers women?”


‘The eighth young master really extraordinary. He could even notice this. Well, let’s change room.’


In fact, Ye Kong didn’t do it on purpose. He was from Earth in the 21st century. It was more of a hygiene issue for him. He once saw a bed in a brothel which accepted countless guests and they rarely ever changed the bed sheets. He also saw one of the women who worked there. After each guest would visit, the woman simply washed her crotch and then entertained next guest.


Those were the establishments which didn’t have many visitors as it was illegal. Let alone the spring appreciating tower which was doing business openly in Southern Land with no hygiene measures. Of course, the hygiene would be terrible.


So Ye Kong should never use the bed that Fan brothers had sex with countless women on. Never.


Soon, they changed rooms to a woman’s room. Generally speaking, there was no separate rooms for most women in the brothel. It was very simple. If you don’t sell your body then you don’t need to have an individual room.


Of course, there were exceptions, that was for women who were ready to sell their body. These women were ready to entertain guests at any time. They would be the ones who brought in the most profit, so they could have their own rooms.


“This room seems good. It doesn’t look like any men have been here.” Ye Kong was very satisfied, but he didn’t expect that something happened followed by changing room.

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