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TMC Chapter 58 Vented Anger


“Eighth young , little magpie will serve you.”


Ye Kong looked at the little girl standing in front of his eyes, and couldn’t believe his eyes, the girl was much too young. The face looked pretty, but her young body hadn’t even started to develop. Her chest was so flat that it could be confused for a runway, he would have to be on the lookout for Airbus 380’s trying to land.


“Well, little magpie, how old are you?” Ye Kong felt funny. When did he become a lolicon?


“Eighth young , I’m twelve.” Although she was young, she had been trained well, so she started to pour wine for Ye Kong and the Lu brothers.


“Twelve? Your body hasn’t even fully grown.” Ye Kong murmured softly that he couldn’t bear to start flirting with a minor, even though this body wasn’t much older than her.


“Change her, please change her. She is too young.” Ye Kong wasn’t attracted to young girls who hadn’t developed yet, and it was even more unlikely that Huang Quan would be interested in her.


“It turns out that eighth young master likes older women” Said a woman with a giggle, then she entered with the Lu brothers, each with a woman in their arms.


Ye Kong saw and knew that this was the Xiao Ying he had been groping when he was meeting with Fan Jiulong. She didn’t come at first because she was receiving other guests.


Ye Kong was quite satisfied with this girl. She had full and pretty figure. Although she had likely been groped and manhandled by other guests, she was still virgin.


“Eighth young master~” Xiao Ying approached him with her soft voice. She quickly attached herself to Ye Kong’s arm. Her body was much different than the previous little girl, she had a pair of voluptuous breasts with a curvy waist.


“Ah, little sparrow… I mean little magpie, wait.” Ye Kong was a kindhearted person. He stopped the little girl and threw two liang of silver to her and the little girl skipped away happily.


“Eighth young master, you are so kind-hearted.” Xiao Ying hugged Ye Kong while pressing her soft chest against his arm.


“Let’s eat at first.” Ye Kong gave an order. He used his divine sense to wake up Huang Quan first and let him decide if he liked Xiao Ying.


But unexpectedly, Huang Quan was sunk in a deep sleep this time. He wouldn’t wake up even though Ye Kong made several attempts.


“Eight young master, why aren’t you eating? Let me feed you, OK?” Xiao Ying was very happy, so she was eager to serve Ye Kong.


Of course, she was happy with her current situation. It was her honor to be with the eighth young master. To her, Ye Kong was like a famous celebrity. For example, if Jay Zhou came out to have fun, those young ladies would definitely rush to serve him.


What’s more, Xiao Ying was busy accompanying an old man before this. The old man was lecherous and always wanted to touch Xiao Ying all over, his hands were like vines which wrapped around her body, but he was also very rough and always pinched Xiao Ying to cause her pain. When she was suffering through this, she couldn’t help but remember the technique of Ye Kong , and coincidently she was summoned from outside to come and serve him.


Xiao Ying was happy, but the old man was upset. He wasn’t from Nandu city, but he was still a rich and powerful figure. He seldom came to the spring appreciating tower, but when he did, it was to enjoy himself. Just now, he was just starting to enjoy himself when the woman he was with was taken away.


“Damn it! They dare to look down on me! You will regret treating me like this. Hmpf! A mere brothel, why are you so arrogant! I still have power and influence inside Nandu City, got it?!” Qian Laocai was so furious he drove away the girl who had replaced Xiao Ying and started to get dressed.


It was true that Qian Laocai had some power and influence in Nandu city. His nephew was a Lieutenant in the city guard. Although Lieutenant was not a particularly high position, they were part of the government officials after all. It was the same no matter where you went. Those who had authority could use their power to bully normal people.


Qian Laocai quickly found his nephew and told him the story of what had happened to him. His nephew patted him and said, “I will take care of it. Our Adjutant Tie was also looking to go and cause trouble for the spring appreciating tower. I will go and find who ever ruined your enjoyment and let you vent your angry on him.”


Qian Laocai was pleased and quickly gave a handful of money to his nephew. His nephew took the money and went to see Adjutant Tie. Once he heard the report and saw the money which was offered, he immediately slapped the table, “go!”


Hearing the approval of Adjutant Tie, a group of city guards accompanied by law enforcement guards grabbed their swords and a few sets of shackles.


Adjutant Tie suddenly remembered that Chen Qingtian had something planned this evening, so he arranged two confidants to stay, and then he left for the spring appreciating tower.


In the spring appreciating tower, Ye Kong and Lu’s brothers were almost full from all the food. They seldom ate and just continued to talk between themselves.


In fact, the Lu brothers didn’t want to talk. They only had one thing on their mind now. The girls in their arms had been thoroughly kneaded with their lustful hands and the only thing left was for them to experience the Lu Brothers.


Ye Kong also knew their thoughts, but the key problem was that Huang Quan still hadn’t woken up. Even though Ye Kong tried his best, there was no response.


The only way for Ye Kong was to send his divine sense into the golden light to wake up him.


However, Ye Kong would never do this. Although Huang Quan said he would not kill him at present, and their relationship was getting better. If there was a chance to seize Ye Kong’s body, Huang Quan wouldn’t hesitate to take the chance!


Killing Ye Kong and possessing his body were two different concepts. Killing Ye Kong meant both Ye Kong’s soul and body would die. This was not what Huang Quan wanted.


But it was not the same if he possessed him. In this case, Ye Kong’s soul would be absorbed by Huang Quan and his body would be taken over. Ye Kong’s body, soul and all of his memories would be Huang Quan’s to enjoy. If this happened, he would absorb the knowledge of how to read The five elements to immortality.


Therefore, Huang Quan would never kill Ye Kong, but he would happily possess Ye Kong and take over his entire existence.


Ye Kong wouldn’t give him the chance, so he always remained outside of the golden light. He would only contact Huang Quan from outside, but he continued to sleep.


“Eighth young master, they are too drunk.” Xiao Ying’s soft voice expressed her dissatisfaction. Her pink face was more enchanting. She looked at Ye Kong with a pair of enchanting eyes. She seemed unhappy, why was the eighth young master being so low profile today? He hadn’t been groping or caressing her like he did previously.


“That’s right, right. Please excuse us, eighth young master.” The Lu’s brothers were eager to take the women back to their private rooms.


“What’s the hurry? Wait a second! “Ye Kong’s eyes glared at them, so Lu Jun and Lu Yi had to sit down obediently, but they were scolding him in their hearts.


“How cruel. What are we waiting for? What else is there to even wait for? We are all ready. Do you want to torture us to death?”


But something really happened after waiting a few moments.


“The spring appreciating tower is suspected of harboring escaped criminals. From now on, no one is allowed to enter or leave. Everyone is required to wait in their room for inspection!”


Adjutant Tie roared from the entrance of the spring appreciating tower.


As soon as Feng Siniang heard this, she knew that they had returned to cause trouble for her again. She had to force a smile onto her face and rush out to welcome them.


“Adjutant Tie, it is impossible that we are harboring escaped criminals? Our customers are all upstanding individuals. Please forget this and have a drink on me.” Feng Siniang tried to hand a bag silver to Adjutant Tie.


“Take it away! Are you trying to bribe an official! “Adjutant Tie didn’t plan on backing off at all. He shook off Feng Siniang and continued to command his subordinates to seal the doors, so no one could leave.


Feng Siniang was angry, and said coldly, “Adjutant Tie, every time you come here, you tell us you are chasing escaped criminals. Have you caught them yet? If you keep coming here to disturb us, I will report you for harassment!”


Adjutant Tie said with a smile, “The government is responsible for enforcing the law. How can people like you interfere with official government business? Today we have received a report, so we came to arrest a criminal. If we find the escaped criminal, we will also arrest you for harboring them!”


“Adjutant Tie, the escaped criminal is in that room on the upper floor.” Qian Laocai found the perfect time to frame Ye Kong. He said to himself, ‘Now you will know how powerful and influential a person you dared to offend, how dare you steal my girl.’


Feng Siniang didn’t know Qian Laocai. So she started to feel uneasy when she saw that there was really an informer saying they had spotted an escaped criminal. If they really found an escaped criminal in her establishment, she would be in real trouble.


“Go upstairs and search!” Under the command of Adjutant Tie the guards rushed up the stairs like hungry wolves.


If Ye Kong had chosen to stay in the original room, this would not have happened, because Lu family brothers would usually drink in the same room each time and Adjutant Tie would not dare to provoke them.


But today, because Ye Kong had joined them, they had changed rooms. Adjutant Tie didn’t know it was them inside the room, so he immediately gave the order without fear .


As soon as Feng Siniang saw the guards were rushing to the room with Ye Kong inside, she felt relieved. She was not in a hurry, but rather pleased. This was Adjutant Tie’s misfortune. He couldn’t blame it on her if he chose to kick an iron board!


“Wait!” Feng Siniang scolded and blocked in the doorway to the room, she had to pretend like she wanted to stop them. She could not let Ye Kong think that it was her leading Adjutant Tie to disturb him.


“Adjutant Tie , I said that there is no escaped criminal in the spring appreciating tower. This room is for my distinguished guest. You should think twice before barging in!” Feng Siniang said with a smile.


“Distinguished guest? Are you deliberately harboring a wanted criminal? “Adjutant Tie was fearless when it came to provoking, he could provoke anyone he wanted as long as it was not the Ye family’s eighth young master. But even if he or the Lu Brothers were here, they wouldn’t be in this room. What else was there to worry about?


After thinking about it, he waved his hand, “Take this shrew who dares to interfere with official business and lock her up!”


At that moment, everyone was looking at the door and wondering who was behind it. The girls from the spring appreciating tower were also watching on nervously. They were worried that there might really be a wanted criminal in the room. It was already miserable enough to have to sell their bodies. If they were then then found to be on the wrong side of the law, how bad would their life become?


Qian Laocai was feeling smug. ‘Ha, this will teach you for taking away my girl. You have kicked an iron board! Hey, hey, look at all these beauties that have come out to focus their attention on me.’


“Go!” Adjutant Tie roared. If it was an ordinary person in the room, he would directly torture him and make him confess to false charges. If it was rich person, he would blackmail him and let him go after paying a handsome sum. He would not lose out either way.


The guards were also having improper thoughts. If the spring appreciating tower was found to be guilty of harboring a wanted criminal, wouldn’t all the women become their prisoners? Then they could do anything they wanted, they didn’t even need to spend their money.


But just then, the small door opened with and two people who the city guard and the law enforcement officers didn’t want to encounter stepped out from inside.


“Who is wants to arrest us?” Lu Jun and Lu Yi came out.


Adjutant Tie looked at the two Lu brothers who strutted out from inside the room. He was angry and scolded in heart. How could it be them? Looking back, he glared at Qian Laocai angrily, but the old lecher was too busy standing at the stairway and gazing at all of the women.


“Oh, so it’s the Lu brothers. I’m sorry for the disturbance. It was reported that there was a wanted criminal inside this room. I hope you understand, sometimes the duty of enforcing the law puts us in awkward positions!” Adjutant Tie ’s tone was soft but tough. After all, they were here in an official capacity. How could they be afraid of gangsters? Even if he came here for nothing today, he still had to maintain an attitude which matched his status. Otherwise, people would say the government was scared of gangsters and he would lose his reputation.


“So Adjutant Tie, are you planning to search the room?” Lu Jun was also very angry. You guys already got beaten last time, did you forgot so quickly?


Lu Jun was annoyed and took a firm stance, but Lu Yi knew that Ye Kong didn’t want to be seen, so he quickly pushed his brother away and said with a smile, “Adjutant Tie, my brother invited a distinguished guest to dinner today. Since it was a misunderstanding, how about we let things go. How about it?”


Adjutant Tie saw that Lu Yi was backing down, and felt pleased with himself. But he remembered that the brothers had always been arrogant. What kind of person would these gangsters invite? The person inside still hadn’t come out and it was very strange for the Lu brothers to back down. Was there something or someone inside that they were afraid would be exposed? If there really was a wanted criminal inside, then he could arrest the Lu brothers and the eighth young master wouldn’t have a reason to find fault with him.


“Just a misunderstanding? Is it only a misunderstanding because you say it is so? The person inside hasn’t dared to show their face, he must be the wanted criminal we are here for! “Tie stared at them and waved his hand, “Search the room!”

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