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TMC Chapter 59 Gratitude



“Fuck! Can you not just let me drink in peace? Why do you have to come and cause me trouble?” Ye Kong cursed inwardly.


He didn’t dare to go out and show his face, but it was just because there were too many people outside and he didn’t want to be seen in a brothel. When he showed up outside spring appreciating tower last time, there were countless rumors spread across the city of his bad reputation. If they saw him here again, the rumors of his bad reputation would become a fact.


He was still virgin, so he didn’t want to earn this reputation. Ye Kong, of course, was not willing to show his face, but someone decided to enter.


The law enforcer acted quickly, carrying the shackles, he confidently barged into the room.


There was a pink curtain between the outer reception and the inner part of the room. The curtain was half lifted. Inside, there was a man and a woman still sitting at the table drinking.


When the law enforcer saw the scene, he was shocked and furious, so he rushed to raise the curtain. He stared at them and shouted.


“How …”


He wanted to say “How dare you dare you not exit to be inspected” but before the words had left his mouth, he saw who was sitting at the table.


He was so scared when he saw Ye Kong that he ever kowtowed on the floor in front of him while trembling. He could still remember that night when there were thousands of people shouting,

“Kill them!”

“Cut them into pieces!”

“Send them to the palace as Eunuchs!”


That scene was so unforgettable that he was forced to relive it in his nightmares each night. The other law enforcers and city guards who were there felt the same. This is why they had given Ye Kong the nickname “God of Misfortune”. Whoever dared to provoke him would only cause himself misfortune.


At this moment, suddenly, when he saw the God of Misfortune, the law enforcer trembled with fear, he felt like he had been struck by lightning. He couldn’t even speak and only lay trembling on the floor.


Ye Kong looked at him like he was watching an idiot and laughed sarcastically. He took Xiao Ying’s white jade cup and took a drink. Then walked over to the law enforcer, only to see that he was still kowtowing on the floor.


“How.. what? What did you want to say? Did you only barge in here just so you could kowtow to me? “Asked Ye Kong impatiently.


The law enforcer finally came to his senses. He smiled politely at Ye Kong and stood up. When he looking around, he found that the other law enforcer who was following behind him seemed to have disappeared.


Damn it! Where is the sense of comradery. Although, if I saw the God of Misfortune, I would run away too. He wished that he wasn’t the first one to enter and had the opportunity to turn and run away. Ye Kong’s question shocked him to his sense, “Hey! Didn’t you hear what I said? I am asking you, how… what? ”


“How…”The law enforcer didn’t dare to say what he originally planned to say. It took him a few seconds and then he finally thought of an answer, he said with a smile: “Eighth young master, I just wanted to say ‘How big is that fly’.”


Xiao Ying was not happy hearing this, “Although our spring appreciating tower is an extravagant inn, we still maintain good hygiene and make sure to wash the sheets regularly. There is nothing that would attract flies!”


“That’s my mistake. It was probably a mosquito…”The law enforcers face was almost cramping because of his exaggerated fake smile.


But Xiao Ying was still unhappy and said, “Our Spring appreciating tower frequently check our rooms of mosquitos and make sure to kill any we see. How could there be mosquitoes?”


“Then it must have been another insect…”


“Our Spring appreciating tower…”




The law enforcer couldn’t stand this questioning anymore. He knelt down and kowtowed to Ye Kong, said anxiously, “Eighth young master, please spare me, I am the insect. I didn’t know you were here and offended you. Please let me go…”


“Haha, you said you are the insect, ha ha ha.” Xiaoying couldn’t help laughing when she saw the sudden turn of events.


Ye Kong also didn’t want to cause another dispute, he waved his hand and said: “Then go and get the head insect to come see me.”


Outside, Adjutant Tie was also in a dilemma. He had been informed that it was Ye Kong inside. He didn’t expect this. Why did it turn out to be the worst case scenario?


Adjutant Tie was thinking how he had ended up falling into this trap, Ye Kong and the Lu brothers had changed rooms, was it arranged by someone to trap him.


In any case, Adjutant Tie was scared. He planned to stop searching and return immediately.


It would be embarrassing for the public to see him retreat from this situation and the public would think he was shameless. Even Feng Siniang was giving him a pitiful look, but he couldn’t help it. The God of Misfortune was inside this room, he wouldn’t go in and risk provoking him. It was best to retreat.


But the law enforcer who rushed in first came back and whispered in his ear, “Ye Kong asked for you to go inside.”


There was no way to avoid this now. Even he was scared, he had to go in.


In fact, the reason Ye Kong asked him to come inside was for Xiao Ying, to tell him to stop harassing the spring appreciating tower.


Ye Kong started to scold him, but Adjutant Tie didn’t dare to talk back, he held his breath and remained quiet. As soon as Ye Kong finished scolding him, he left. When he came out of the room, he wiped the sweat from his forehead, and sighed in his heart, “Fortunately, the God of Misfortune seemed to be in a good mood today and let me off. I must have had a lucky blessing recently.”


Adjutant Tie disregarded the people watching him and was completely different compared to his previous arrogant demeanor. He gently waved hand, said, “It was all misunderstanding, lets head back.”


The old man was still enjoying the beauties with his eyes. When he heard Adjutant Tie’s words and said, “Adjutant Tie , how could it be a misunderstanding, I definitely saw the wanted criminal you were looking for in there?”


Adjutant Tie was embarrasses and now this old man was making him angry. Now, the old man, Qian Laocai was the target of his anger. He scolded, “Old beast, how dare you plot against me!”


“No, wait…ouch.” Before Qian Laocai realized what happened, he was kicked down the stairs by Adjutant Tie. He tumbled down the stairs and crashed into the floor of the hall, he started shouting, “Adjutant Tie , I didn’t do it!”


Adjutant Tie ignored him completely. He took the law enforcers and city guard and left.


Even Qian Laocai’s nephew ignored him. ‘You made me provoke the God of Misfortune! Damn it, you have only brought about disaster’


“Eighth young master, did you hear the news previously and know that Adjutant Tie would come to cause trouble?”


“No, I’ve been with you all afternoon. Have you seen someone report this to me?”


The Lu brother’s didn’t believe him, they thought he had made them wait around for so long because they were waiting for Adjutant Tie.


In fact, it was just a coincidence. He actually was waiting for Huang Quan to wake up.


He didn’t expect that Adjutant Tie would come to cause trouble.


Others didn’t know Ye Kong’s thoughts. The Lu brothers looked at him, but they had even more admiration and awe in their eyes.


“The Eighth young master is really clever. I, Lu Jun, have been completely convinced today.” Although Lu Jun was taller than Ye Kong, he felt like he was always force to look up.


“Me too.” Lu Yi nodded hurriedly.


Xiao Ying on side also looked at him with twinkling eyes. She thought in mind, this eighth young master is really amazing. He is not only powerful, but also clever! It is a great honor to serve the eighth young master. If I could give my first time to eighth young master, I would be so happy.


The beautiful woman was already infatuated. It made her look even more beautiful. Her soft body rubbed on Ye Kong’s legs making Ye Kong infatuated. He didn’t really care who he would lose his virginity too. So at the moment, he waved his hand and ask Lu’s brother to leave. He was ready enjoy this time with Xiao Ying.


“Then we will leave.” Lu’s brothers took the other girls with them to find a room to enjoy themselves.


“Let me serve the Eighth young master.” Although Xiao Ying grew up in the Spring appreciating tower, she has been deeply influenced by it. She had been told many stories and was very knowledgeable on the subject, but today she was her first time. So she was a little shy.


Ye Kong wasn’t a saint. He called Huang Quan, but found that the old man was still sleeping and he was too lazy to keep trying to wake him. So he followed Xiao Ying directly to the edge of the bed.


Hehe, it’s been a long time since he transmigrated to Southern Land. Finally, he would have a chance to have some fun. Ye Kong found that his heart was beating faster, and Xiao Ying was even worse. She just looked at Ye Kong and her face was crimson.


“Duuu duuu.”


Just then, the door had a gentle knock.


“Fuck, who is it!” Ye Kong was angry. He seldom visited the brothel, why there were so many people bothering him today?


“Eighth young master, the road to happiness is filled with obstacles, ha ha.” Xiao Ying smiled with hand covering her face. She was knew that the Eighth young master was too impatient to wait.


“I will kill them!” Ye Kong went to open the door in anger.


When the door opened, the madam was standing outside with a large group of girls.


Just now, all the girls in the Spring appreciating tower saw what happened. Although Ye Kong didn’t show up, they watched Adjutant Tie run away with his tail between his legs without causing more trouble. They figured out it was because of the eighth young master.


Most of the girls no longer had any customers who wanted to stay around after Adjutant Tie caused the commotion, so they came together to thank the eighth young master for helping them.


In fact, Feng Siniang knew that these girls wanted to serve the eighth young master. If she was younger, she even wanted to try and become one of his lovers. So she brought all the girls with her.


“Thank you for your justice!” A group of beautiful women, led by Feng Siniang, saluted together and bowed. The scene was a bit grand, all the girls were beautiful and graceful, they gave off a calming aura.


It was hard to be reject a smiling person. Let alone a group of beautiful women who wanted to express their gratitude. Ye Kong couldn’t keep a straight face anymore. He said with a smile, “Let’s go inside.”


“Eighth young master, I have made a new poem. Please listen.”


“Eighth young master, I have newly practiced melody, let me play it for you.”


“Eighth young master, I…”


For a while, the flowers were blooming, the fireflies were dancing and the birds were singing. The girls wanted to show their best talent, they made full use of their energy in competing with each other, they were hoping to catch Ye Kong’s eye.


However, after all, there were only a few talented girls. Most of them had no talent, but they also had their methods to make a great impression. After all, they were prostitutes, their most valuable features were their figure and their beauty, everything else didn’t matter.


“Eighth young master, do you think my make-up is a little light?” “A girl with beautiful round eyes looked at Ye Kong affectionately.


“Eighth young master, do you think my skirt is a little short?” another girl with long leg picked up her skirt and asked Ye Kong to look at her round thighs.


Other girls became anxious. One cried out, “Oh, my leg!” then they fell towards Ye Kong.


A girl next to her did the same, and started to feign weakness. “Oh, my legs are getting weak. Eighth young master, please help.”


What was more, a girl yelled “Aaaaah!” and just directly threw herself at Ye Kong. Ye Kong caught her, he held her in his arms and said with a smile, “Elder sister, what’s wrong?”


“My finger is numb.”


The crowd of girls were speechless. ‘That has nothing to do with your legs!!!’

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