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TMC Chapter 60 Expert


Ye Kong was easygoing and when he saw so many pretty faces, he didn’t hold himself back when it came to teasing and fondling them, as for poems and songs, he could also use the little knowledge he had from Earth and his lessons to give off a scholarly impression.


Feng Siniang had picked the most beautiful girls to come and see Ye Kong, these girls had caused men to spend untold gold and silver on them, but today, they all gathered in front of Ye Kong to compete for his affection.


“Eighth young master, what do you think about my talent with my fingers?” Asked the girl who had said her finger was numb, sweetly.


Ye Kong understood why she said her finger was numb when she created such a large commotion, it turned out that her talent involved bringing a comfortable feeling to men using her hands.


“Good, good.” Ye Kong quickly pulled away her naughty hands.


“Huh, you are not playing the lute, what talent with your fingers are you talking about?” A girl standing in the distance, who could not squeeze in waved her handkerchief, said angrily.


She didn’t understand, but the other girls understood, they giggled, but also wanted to give their talent a try on Ye Kong.


No doubt they were all women that were confident and extremely forward. Ye Kong thought about when he was this age on Earth. It was impossible to find a decent beauty in the orphanage, so he could only go out into the streets and fight for enjoyment.


But things were totally different when he came to the Southern Land, a room of beautiful women, competing to give him a hand job, and he wasn’t even able to push them all way. He had no idea whether this was considered lucky or unlucky.


“Well, I can’t take it anymore.” Ye Kong had to use both hands to stop these girls, only in this way could he resist their thousand hand technique.


“Thank you for your kindness, I accept your gratitude, but it was not a big deal for me and I don’t need any thanks. Now it’s very late, all the sisters should go back to their rooms and get some rest. I…… “Ye Kong said, his face suddenly twisted, it seemed like it was half suffering, half enjoyment.


“I, I……”Ye Kong’s face was suddenly twisted and relaxed, and he said after a long exhale, “I should return home now.”


Yes, he was planning to go home and leave the beauties behind. The reason was very simple because of their unstoppable touches, he had jizzed in his pants.


Although Ye Kong had the mind of a fully grown adult man, his body was still that of a 14-year-old virgin. How long would he even be able to last?


In fact, Ye Kong could somewhat bear it at first, but while he was speaking, another hand breached his defense.


That hand was not an ordinary hand, it was skillful, experienced, the touch was neither light nor heavy, neither fast nor slow. This was the hand of an expert.


With the addition of that hand, Ye Kong almost couldn’t hold himself back, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, in fact it had killed the camel entirely.


Shit, who was that? Ye Kong looked back and found that the owner of those expert hands was Feng Siniang.


Feng Siniang watched as the girls were fondling Ye Kong and her heart was itching to get involved. At first, she had been controlling herself. Then when the girls were all huddling around him, she wasted to use the commotion to get involved and thought nobody would notice.


But she was too skilled, she had caused Ye Kong to jizz in his pants.


Ye Kong thought unhappily, ‘I was stopping all of them from touching me, so as their boss, why did you decide to join at the final moment? Did you think I was a monk from the Tang Dynasty, and you could live longer by touching me?


Ye Kong was unhappy and embarrassed, but since Feng Siniang had bowed her head in shame, he wouldn’t ruin her reputation in front of all of the girls.


“Well I need to return home now, so you should all return too.”


When Ye Kong said so, all the girls could only leave reluctantly, when they left, Ye Kong was preparing to leave.


“Eighth young master……” Xiao Ying who still remained behind murmured, today was really a tragedy in her mind, she was about to have her first time with the eight young master, but so many girls had entered and she was left on the sidelines.


Now the eighth young master was leaving, she didn’t know when he would return to the spring appreciating tower. Perhaps she would end up having her first time with someone else, and at that time, the eighth young master wouldn’t be willing.


Xiao Ying thought of the grievance, her eyes were red and she had tears in the corners of her eyes.


Ye Kong knew what she thought and said to Feng Siniang, “Keep her for me.”


“I see.” Feng Siniang knew she had made a mistake and was too guilty to look Ye Kong in the eyes.


“I’ll come again.” Ye Kong nodded to Xiao Ying and stepped out of the room.


In fact, he wasn’t keeping Xiao Ying all for himself, today he came to the brothel for Huang Quan, but who knew that he wouldn’t wake up at all. When he did wake up, he would definitely create a fuss until he was able to see a woman, then he would come find Xiao Ying directly.


“Eighth young master, should I find you a pair of clean pants… ” Feng Siniang whispered behind Ye Kong, she also felt ashamed because she was already in her thirties, but she couldn’t resist touching a young boy, she was embarrassed at herself.


“No.” Ye Kong walked down the stairs quickly.


“It doesn’t matter much, eighth young master, you are still young and inexperienced…It’s easy to… erm..again…” Feng Siniang couldn’t continue.


“Again? Let you touch me again? “Ye Kong’s pants were wet and so his mood was unpleasant.


“I dare not.” Feng Siniang stopped talking.


But Ye Kong sneered, “Dare not? I think you are extremely brave. Why didn’t you tell Adjutant Tie  that I was drinking there? You obviously wanted to use me to settle your problems!”


“…”Feng Siniang couldn’t speak, she stood while looking down at the ground, she didn’t expect this young boy to be so smart, she had her own plans and played some small tricks, though he didn’t see what happened, he already saw through her scheme.


This boy, is he really 14 years old? Why does he seem like a wise old fox? Feng Siniang couldn’t help muttering in her heart.


“Can’t speak? Hmm! ” Ye Kong snorted coldly, and walked out of the back door and stepped on the cobblestone path to leave.


In fact, Ye Kong was really angry with the boss because if she had asked him for help, if she was sincere, he wouldn’t refuse. However, what she did instead was taking advantage of him and playing him for a fool.


More importantly, when this kind of thing happened once, there would undoubtedly be a second time, so Ye Kong needed to teach her a lesson.


The moon was bright, and the path was quiet and cold. Ye Kong was the only person walking down the cobblestone path to leave. Beside the path was a clear artificial stream which reflected the bright moon like a mirror.


A little dragonfly rested on the water surface, and suddenly, the moon reflected on the water had layers of ripples run across it, causing the reflected light to ripple out.


The beauty of the night made Ye Kong stop and admire the beauty. While he was admiring the stream, he sighed. It was better to stay away from these types of places in the future, as it would be very easy for men to become addicted to being surrounded by so many beauties. Those intoxicating bodies would cause his cultivation to become an afterthought.


“Eighth young master.” Feng Siniang, suddenly came up from behind him, she kowtowed on the floor and said, “Eighth young master, it was all my fault. I am only an ungrateful servant. Eighth young master, you saw through my schemes but you didn’t blame me, instead you took the initiative to help my spring appreciating tower to avoid disaster. Please punish me!”


When Ye Kong listened to her to admit her mistake sincerely, and call herself an ungrateful servant, he couldn’t remain angry, he approached her and said; “It’s fine, just don’t ever do it a second time. Get up.”


“Please punish me!” Unexpectedly, Feng Siniang refused to get up, still kneeling in front of Ye Kong.


The stream was still quiet and there was no one on the path, but these two. Under the moonlight, this kneeling beauty had her own unique charm.


When Ye Kong was on earth, he was very fond of beauties in their thirties, but he was only 14 now, and the age gap between them was too huge, so he never thought about this aspect.


But at this time, under the moonlight with a beauty kneeling before him. In such an elegant, quiet environment, it was hard for him to remain strict with her.


Feng Siniang was also once the most popular woman in the spring appreciating tower, and she was only about 32, it wasn’t very old, and her figure was comparable to that of a young woman, it would be normal for her to drive a lot of boys crazy on the earth.


With the moonlight shining on her hair, it made the black hair shine as if it was silver.


“Forget it, there will be no punishment, I… was reminding you. “Ye Kong’s tone was also soft and his right hand subconsciously ran itself through her black hair, he hair felt silky smooth as it ran through his fingers.


“Eighth young master ……”The kneeling Feng Siniang looked up at Ye Kong, who was standing in front of her, although he was young, Feng Siniang felt like this young man was a king amongst men.


“Were you satisfied? Allow me to help you clean yourself up.” Feng Siniang looked up and said, with the moonlight highlighting her blushing face.


Ye Kong was surprised, unexpectedly, she was very direct, she took the initiative to untie his pants and started to clean him with her handkerchief.


“Er…”Ye Kong looked at Feng Siniang’s lips and swallowed a mouthful of saliva, he pulled up his pants then simply turned around and left directly.


“I have something to do this evening. I’ll go first and if you need my help in the future, just say it clearly.”


As soon as Ye Kong left, Feng Siniang also stood up; the cobblestone ground was hurting her knees. Thinking of the scene just now, her face blushed, she didn’t expect that out of all the girls there tonight, she would be the one to get into his pants.


Her heart was also beating fast since she became the madam of the spring appreciating tower, she had stopped entertaining guests, and it had been years since she had directly touched a man, but today, she had. If it wasn’t for the famous bad temper of the eighth young master, she would have tried to take thing further.


Feng Siniang stood under the moonlight, the ripples in her heart couldn’t stop fluctuating, at this moment, Ye Kong was also sitting in a small sedan chair carried by two people, lifting the curtain with his hands and looking outside, but his mind was still thinking Feng Siniang’s charming hands, beautiful face and soft lips.


“Boy, don’t hold yourself back. Just go back if you want to, now that I am awake, I’m in good spirits.” Huang Quan said, it seemed like he had only woken up recently.


“You woke up just as I am leaving.” Ye Kong put down the curtain, snorted coldly, and said, “I have already taken you to the spring appreciating tower, don’t blame me because you slept through it. Since you are in good spirits, let’s go back and make some pills.”


“What? Just because you have already been to the spring appreciating tower, doesn’t mean I have.” Huang Quan was unhappy.


“It’s too late to complain now!” Ye Kong then continued to stared blankly out the window.

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