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TMC Chapter 61 Alchemy


It was already late night when the sedan chair left the busy city and headed towards the back gates of the Ye family estate.


The front gate was the entrance which was closer to the outer courtyards, but it would be faster to go through the back gate which was closer to the inner courtyards than to go through the outer courtyard. As Ye Kong now resided within the inner courtyard, he now used the back gate.


When it was about to pass the intersection at the front gate, a palanquin came towards Ye Kong’s sedan chair.


“Feng Siniang’s fingers were so soft and light, she had such a light touch, but it felt like electricity.” Ye Kong was busy thinking about Feng Siniang.


He was regretting that he didn’t stay the night at the spring appreciating tower, he knew that Feng Siniang would not refuse, he should have gone back with her.


Feng Siniang’s lips were really tempting and her soft lip were not too far from his manhood, if he had stayed, he could have enjoyed the feeling of her mouth, what a pity!


A cold night wind blew across the sedan chair, which allowed Ye Kong to break away from his perverted thoughts.


At the same moment, the palanquin passed by him, and the night wind raised the green curtain of the palanquin which allowed Ye Kong to recognize a familiar face.


“It’s the second wife!” Ye Kong’s heart skipped a beat. “Fortunately, she didn’t see me, if she saw me then she would talk nonsense.”


But another thought floated, “where is she going in the middle of the night?”


“She must be going to visit one of her lovers.” The voice of Huang Quan stopped his train of thought.


“Don’t talk nonsense. Who would dare to make Ye Haoran a cuckold? That would be a death sentence.” Ye Kong didn’t believe it.


Huang Quan snorted, “How old are you? Do you know how old I am? 100000 years old!”


Ye Kong was tired of him constantly using his age of 100000 years, he said in an unpleasant voice, “I have heard that an old turtle can live to 100,000 years, so you must be an old turtle, right?”


“Your father is a turtle!” Huang Quan rolled his eyes, he said angrily, “Didn’t you see how your second mother was dressed? Even her face had meticulous make-up, seeing her looking so bewitching, she is definitely heading out for a wild night.”


“What do you know? All women dress up when they go out.” Ye Kong didn’t believe it, but he was still full of doubts. His father had been in Andu City for a long time, and the second wife was very young, maybe something was going on.


There was a saying that 30 year old women were like wolves, 40 year old women were like tigers. Maybe the second wife couldn’t bear to be loneliness and found a lover on the outside, everything was possible.


“If you don’t believe, you can follow her and see what is going on.” Said Huang Quan.


“No need, we will go back and start with the pills.” Ye Kong didn’t want to involve himself, even if she was having an affair, what did it matter to him?


Although the second wife didn’t treat his mother well in the past, she was making up for it by being very kind to her recently. She instructed Xiao Hong to help his mother, but this was so she could search for his secret, however she was only doing so for her children. Since the current situation between them was relatively peaceful, there was no reason to go out of his way to cause trouble.


After returning to the gate of the Ye family, Ye Kong got off the sedan chair, the servants carrying the sedan chair were both provided by the Lu brothers, and it was not convenient for them to enter the Ye Family estate, so Ye Kong sent them back.


The back gate of the family also had several guards on duty, but it was not as grand as the front gate. There was an old man who was currently on gate duty, when Ye Kong knocked on the gate and identified himself, he directly opened the gate for him.


Ye Kong wanted to ask the old man if the second wife often left in the middle of the night, but he didn’t let his curiosity get the better of him. It was likely that he was one of the second wife’s trusted followers if he was responsible for the back gate. Wasn’t it useless to ask him?


“Brother Ye Kong, why are you back so late?” After a day’s rest, Lu Qin had recovered and was filled with energy, she hadn’t been able to sleep.


“Well, I went to discuss something with your brothers.” Ye Kong said vaguely.


“Discuss with her brother, you went to a brothel and had the boss cleaning your dick, ha ha.” Huang Quan mercilessly criticized him.


‘Shut up! It was you who asked me to go!’ Ye Kong scolded in his heart, and smiled at Lu Qin. “You don’t need to wait for me in the future. I might be delayed again in the future, remember to go to bed early and get your rest.”


“OK, sleep well, brother Ye Kong.” Lu Qin said, then ran back to her room with a smile and a wave.


“Such a bad child, you went to visit the brothel again! I can smell the perfume and rouge on you!” Chen Jiuniang said, she clearly had a sensitive nose.


“No, I didn’t. Go back to sleep, mom, your son is not that kind of person.” Ye Kong was glad that he didn’t decide to stay the night and return during the day, or it would be spread all over the Ye family.


The night wind began to grow chilly as it blew through the gaps of the wooden window, creating a small howling noise.


Ye Kong had returned to his room and immediately activated the spiritual cultivation array.


He then tapped his storage bag and a bag of millet, and more than ten fruits from the bran trees appeared in front of him.


“Well, ancestor, get ready, it’s your turn now.” Ye Kong sat with his legs crossed on the couch and prepared to release Huang Quan.


“Consider it thoroughly.” Huang Quan said lazily, “Although my spiritual power is too weak for me, as a cultivator in the second layer of Qi refining, you could easily be killed. If you really want release me, you should think about it carefully.”


Ye Kong licked his lips and said with a smile, “I told you, I am a gangster! Even though gangsters seem to be untrustworthy, brotherhood is the most important thing to real gangsters. Since I believe in your words and think of you as my brother, then I must trust in you unconditionally! If you regard me as a brother, I will never forget your kindness, but if you betray me, then I can only blame myself for being too trusting! ”


“But there is another characteristic of real gangsters, that is, if you plan on betraying me then you better be sure to kill me, otherwise, as long as I breathe, you can only wait for my revenge!”


After hearing this, Huang Quan said lazily, “It’s no use trying to scare me, it doesn’t require any bravery on my part to be fearless in front of a cultivator in the second layer of Qi refining.”


Ye Kong said with a smile, “I’m not trying to scare you, in fact, I really regard you as a brother. Maybe you will say I’m naive, but I feel that you won’t kill me or betray my trust… it’s just a feeling.”


“You really are naive. One day your naive trust in people will get you killed!” Huang Quan said with his eyes wide open in shock, “Let me out, I’m still waiting to learn the Five Elements to Immortality, so at least for now, I won’t kill you.”


Ye Kong smiled and moved the Collection of spells, with the golden light beneath it, towards the edge of his soul space. Soon Huang Quan was directly against the barrier to the outside world, which allowed him to breach the barrier and fly out by himself.


It was the first time for Ye Kong to see the nascent soul with his own eyes, it looked like a fist sized baby had flown out from his mind, then as it flew, it grew larger and larger until it finally became the size of five months old baby, sitting firmly beside Ye Kong.


If it weren’t for the bearded face and the firm expression of an adult, Ye Kong would really believe that this was an ordinary baby.


“Wow, you’re an exhibitionist, put on some clothes already! Ha ha, and your dick is so small, you keep asking for a woman, but what could you do?”


“Shut up! Be careful that you don’t make this ancestor mad! “Huang Quan rolled his eyes angrily and said, “If you were going to eventually let me out anyway, you should have let me out sooner so it didn’t waste so much of my immortal Qi. That was countless years of my cultivation.”


Ye Kong knew that if he had let him out before, he would have only been asking to be killed, but he said with a smile, “Didn’t you say something different before?”


“Uhh…” Huang Quan obviously remembered his words, he also knew that if Ye Kong let him out at that time, he would have killed Ye Kong.


Huang Quan raised his hand again, “Give it to me.”


Ye Kong was confused. “What?”


“I want the immortal Qi from the spirit stone! How can the little immortal Qi that is remaining be enough to unleash nascent soul fire?”


“Oh, how much do you need?” Ye Kong was not stupid enough to give him too much Qi.


“Three.” Huang Quan wasn’t asking for much. He took the three spirit and stones scolded endlessly. “Little fox, talking about righteousness, brotherhood, trust. Hoping that I am going to be moved by your words. Hmm, but aren’t you still afraid I might do something now you have let me out? You are only trusting me with such a small amount of Qi. ”


Although he was scolding, Ye Kong kept smiling and didn’t plan to give him any more immortal Qi.


The immortal Qi in the spiritual stones was originally Huang Quan’s, so it didn’t need to be refined and when it was absorbed, it could be used directly. Even when a cultivator used all of their immortal Qi, it would still slowly recover.


Then Huang Quan began to refine the pill.


As soon as he raised his left hand, a flame appeared at the end of his middle finger tip, ike a candle flame, but it was blue, with a billowing white flame inside.


The flame was small, but the temperature of the room started to noticeably increase.


Huang Quan controlled the size of the flame, when the flame was stable in one finger, the flame didn’t change in size, but the blue flame grew restless.


Then, with a move of Huang Quan’s right hand, the bran fruit flew over, and was added to the flame.


The bran fruit was the size of a coconut, so Ye Kong thought it would be hard to burn, but the fruit melted immediately when it came into contact with nascent soul fire of Huang Quan, It continued to melt until there was only a bluish, black liquid remaining.


The liquid was suspended in the air, with a blue flame underneath, the flame was causing the liquid to start to boil. As the bubbles raised to the top of the liquid, they would carry black particles with them before they burst and were removed from the liquid.


Huang Quan’s hands moved like lightning, his free right hand was moving fast in a circle, he was creating a cyclone of air which captured all of the impurities and sent them away.


Those tiny black particles travelled through the air before eventually disappearing like a puff of smoke.


Ye Kong looked at the fruits, which were refined Huang Quan, and his hands were itching to try this. He raised his left hand and recited the fireball spell, then, suddenly a small fireball appeared in his palm.


Huang Quan turned his head and looked at him without speaking, he only snorted and turned his head back.


Before core formation, it was impossible to create a powerful flame like what Huang Quan was using, and that was also why cultivators were unable to create their own personal magic tools before core formation because it needed to be refined by cultivators themselves. How could you refine your own magic tool without a flame?



While Ye Kong didn’t believe it, holding a small fireball in one hand and waving at a bran fruit with the other hand, but what made Ye Kong ashamed was that the fruit didn’t move at all.


“Shit.” Ye Kong took a peek at Huang Quan and found that he didn’t notice his embarrassing action, then. then spoke the cast a smell and waved his hand again.


This time, the bran fruit moved towards him, however, it did not stop above the small fireball, but instead it slammed directly into Ye Kong’s forehead, causing Ye Kong to grow dizzy.

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