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TMC Chapter 62 Friends


“It’s comical that you are attempting to learn alchemy without being proficient in a control spell.” Huang Quan couldn’t help but sneering.


“You said the most important thing is to ascend to immortality and that I shouldn’t waste time on other things.” Ye Kong groaned. He didn’t use the control spell any longer. He grasped the bran fruit directly with his hand and used the small fireball to burn it.


“It’s important to advance in cultivation realm, but you can’t be lacking in spell proficiency. The ability to precisely control different attributes is also very important, it will not only aid in your cultivation but also increase your battle efficiency. For example, the most common basic ice spell is the ice bullet, which is a smaller version of an ice ball. If you have strong ice attribute manipulation, you can turn the ice ball into an ice needle. Think about the difference between an ice ball and an ice needle, which is more powerful?”


“You’re right, but I don’t know many spells.” Ye Kong only had the spell formulas which were from Fan Jiushe.


Huang Quan said generously, “I can teach you other spells.” Then he frowned, “But this place is not good for cultivation.”


Ye Kong nodded. These spells required him to unleash the spells as practice, doing it at home would cause too much commotion.


“But these things are not urgent. The important part is still cultivation. When your cultivation has improved, you can go cultivate your spells in the wilderness. Hey, stop burning that already. It stinks!”


Ye Kong looked at the bran fruit he was holding, it had not turned into liquid at all, but had been burned black, and the smell of burning filled the room.


Luckily the formation has the ability to release the smell to the outside without deactivating the formation or opening a window.


“I can’t refine a magic weapon before the core formation stage, so can the same be said about refining pills?” Ye Kong was feeling down, so he threw the burnt bran fruit on the ground.


“That is partly true, because you can also refine using certain magic tools.”


“What kind of magic tool?” Ye Kong doubted.


“An alchemy furnace obviously! Are you stupid?”


Ye Kong was clueless about alchemy. He sat to one side and continued  watching Huang Quan refine the bran fruit, the impurities inside were slowly being removed, while the liquid was becoming green in colour.


This bran fruit melted very fast, but the refining took time. Nothing was said for the duration,  Ye Kong patiently watched the practiced actions of Huang Quan.


“You just said, about real gangsters and brotherhood…” Huang Quan suddenly asked.


“Eh?” Ye Kong was stunned for a moment, then he understood his meaning, smiled and replied, “I’m not talking about hooligans and thugs, I am talking about true gangsters.”


“Is there a difference?” Huang Quan looked at Ye Kong, and asked, “What about the Lu Brothers?”


“No, they’re just ruffians. They’re not the real gangsters I’m talking about. The real gangsters should be very righteous. They uphold justice together, spend money together, enjoy food together, they do everything together. When a difficulty comes their way, they overcome it together. They’re not brothers, they’re a brotherhood that is closer than brothers. They won’t hesitate for a moment even if they have to risk their lives for eachother.”


Huang Quan thought about his words.


He waved his hand to create another cyclone to remove the new impurities and asked, “Is really there this kind of person in the world? I don’t believe it. I’ve lived for 100000 years. I have only seen people fight and kill each other for treasures, even if they are father and son. Your best friend might kill you for a pill. For a couple, if there is a better dual cultivation partner, then kill the other without mercy. Everyone only pursues cultivation. For this purpose, the lives of others are meaningless.”


“That makes you no better than a beast.” Ye Kong said in reply, but he then changed his words, “No, it’s worse than being a beast, even a tiger wouldn’t eat its cubs.”


Huang Quan shook his head and smiled. “You are still naive. What’s the difference between a human and an animal? Natural selection is how the strongest survive. To live is to become stronger. ”


“But what is the goal for becoming stronger?”


“To live longer.”


“Why do you want to live so long?”


“When you live longer, you can kill more people for their treasures and continuously improve your cultivation, until you eventually ascend into immortality.”


“That is not the only purpose to life. There are so many things more precious than life!” Ye Kong was never a philosopher or a kind man on Earth, but he could not accept the cruelness of the immortals from the Southern Land.


Ye Kong was a little excited when he spoke, but Huang Quan yelled, “You’re wrong! This what everyone is pursuing immortality for! The most precious thing is one’s own life! As long as you continue to live, who cares who has to die?”


“Forget it, I won’t argue with you.” Ye Kong said, “I will not be such a person. I don’t like this kind of immortality.”


“You are childish.” With a wave of his hand, the millet seeds formed a dragon which rushed into the flames.


“But I like the thought of  the gangsters you mentioned.” Huang Quan said to himself.


Ye Kong said with a smile, “It’s similar to having a sincere friend, but I’m a true gangster and this is how I see the world.”


Huang Quan didn’t talk to him anymore, and said, “Go to prepare the jade bottle to contain the pills.”


Ye Kong perplexed, “There is no jade bottle.”


“Go get two bowls then.”


Ye Kong brought the porcelain bowls. At this time, the millet seeds also became a white liquid. Huang Quan took out the sword magic weapon.


“Now!” With a low voice, Huang Quan waved the sword and quickly cut the millet liquid and the bran fruit liquid into ten sections each.


As soon as the flame was extinguished, the liquid two liquids started to combine together and began to coagulate rapidly.


Huang Quan made a cyclone with each hand, and said, “Ha, success!”


The green liquid that had been mixing with the white liquid, started to spin at full speed, speeding up the combination, finally it fell into the small bowl with a crisp ‘ding’.




Another white pill soon fell into the porcelain bowl, and then another until they all fell.


“This is the fasting pill.” Ye Kong picked up a white pill and looked at it curiously.


The pill was as like jade with white porcelain lustre on its surface. It was warm to the touch, but not hot. At the same time, there was smoke rising from the top. It had the pleasant smell of cooked rice.


“I really didn’t expect that the supposedly bad tasting bran fruits would become so fragrant when they were made into pills.” Ye Kong praised.


“Be careful, poison can also be fragrant, but you still shouldn’t swallow it!” Huang Quan rolled his eyes and said.


Ye Kong said with a smile, “I would believe that might be a possibility if this was made by someone else, but you won’t hurt me, because we are friends. We will carry each other’s burden.”


“You just said it was facing difficulties together; how did it suddenly change to carrying of burdens?” Huang Quan was dissatisfied.


“Your memory is so good. Well, we will rush to carry the burden it together. ”


Huang Quan smiled cunningly, “You rush ahead, I will catch up. After all I’m just an old turtle.”


“You are so selfish. Be careful you don’t get struck by lightning.”


According to Huang Quan, this pill could sustain you from eating for five days. He was going to make fifty pills; so he would be able to last 250 days. This would allow him to continue his closed door training for more than half a year.


Huang Quan refined ten and then began to refine the second batch. He scolded when he saw Ye Kong was still watching, “I’ve worked hard to refine the pills so that you can improve your cultivation faster, but you’re wasting time by watching me. Don’t you know that you should squeeze as much cultivation time from a day as you can, like water from a sponge?”


“You know about sponges?”


“You said about it in the past.” Huang Quan said with a smile, pleased with himself.


“Then I’ll teach you one more thing.” Ye Kong, jumped to the bed and said with a smile, “What’s better to squeeze than a sponge… A woman’s breasts.”


Huang Quan laughed again and scolded, “You still aren’t cultivating You can use magic tools when you reach the fourth layer. Don’t you want to go out and see the real world of immortals?”


“I know, but I’m afraid you’ll be bored if left alone. If you don’t want me to keep you company, I’ll start to cultivate.” Ye Kong pouted his mouth and began to sit cross legged.


Huang Quan knew that he was wrong, he didn’t even consider that Ye Kong was doing it for his sake. He felt a strange feeling in his heart.


The blue fire was still burning silently. The small bowl on the bed was filled with white pills, but Huang Quan was uneasy.


Ye Kong had entered cultivation. It was a rare chance for him since there was no longer a voice in his mind.


Huang Quan would not dare to kill Ye Kong. If there was a small chance he would lose his path to immortality, he wouldn’t do it.


But Ye Kong forgot that Huang Quan had the ability to soul search! He could use this technique to search his soul and uncover all of Ye Kong’s secrets, he would know how to control the collection of spells, and then he could take it for his own.


There was a small chance of not being able to use the collection of spells. But Huang Quan had killed so many cultivators for their treasures, there were always times in which you couldn’t take everything, so he didn’t really care about that.


Moreover, as long as he got the information from Ye Kong’s soul, he could cultivate the Five Elements to Immortality and then just find another quintuple-talent like Ye Kong if he died in the struggle.


The fire was still burning, but Huang Quan was looking over at Ye Kong more and more frequently. He was no longer removing the impurities. His eyes became entirely focused on Ye Kong. His pupils became as small as pins.


‘Kill him, don’t be intimidated by him! Take all of his knowledge through soul searching and then attempt to steal his body, after all, his cultivation is mine to begin with! There is a path to immortality right before me, what am I hesitating for? I’ve never been so kind-hearted in the past. There are countless cultivators who died at my hands. He is just some kid in the second layer of Qi refining. Do it now!’

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