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TMC Chapter 63 Greed


“No these are not my thoughts! He has promised me to find me another body with the required spiritual roots!” Huang Quan realised he was currently struggling against a heart devil.



“He is so cunning and sly! Can you really believe him? Besides, there is a body with the required spiritual roots right in front of you. Why do you have to search far and wide only to neglect what lies close?” Said the heart devil.


“But I trust him!”


“You’re stupid. He has such magical methods; do you think he will give that to you? Just because you helped him make a few fasting pills?” The heart devil then quickly changed his approach, “Even if he will fulfil his promise, how long it will take? How long do you want to be waiting like this?”


“But…” Huang Qian was starting to lose the struggle against the heart devil.


“If he meets a strong opponent, he will die! Then you will have nothing! If you are found by them, you will die! Are you planning to die with him?” These ruthless words were destroying Huang Quan’s willpower. His eyes were growing more and more fanatical, and his breath was starting to grow rapid.


He even ignored the half refined bran fruit and let it fall to the ground. The liquid fell to the ground and hardened into a green stone.


“Hurry up. When he is weak, possess him and take what you want! Don’t hesitate! You have killed so many people, don’t pretend to be a saint now!”


Under the bewilderment of the heart devil, Huang Quan stared ferociously, and his hands slowly approached Ye Kong’s head.


Ye Kong didn’t realize the current danger at all. He was immersed in refining the immortal Qi. After fully refining a wisp of immortal Qi, he was busy sending it into his Qihai acupoint.


“Yes, that’s right. Put your hands on his head and start the soul search. When his soul has been weakened you can take his body and his cultivation will be yours. Only the strong can survive. This is the way of the world. He can only blame his carelessness.”


Huang Qian’s hands had been hanging above the top of Ye Kong’s head, but they were not moving down. A scene of Ye Kong currently filled his mind. It was Ye Kong telling him that he would not become this type of person to improve his cultivation.


Then the memory switched to the last words Ye Kong spoke, “I know, but I’m afraid you’ll be bored if left alone. If you don’t want me to keep you company, I’ll start to cultivate.”


The voice in the heart roared again, “DO IT NOW!!! You are becoming stupid with your old age! Do you remember what happened in the shadow clan? He was your friend, but you betrayed him to steal the shadow clan’s treasure. Otherwise, how would you still be alive?”


“Yes, my friend.” Huang Quan suddenly focused on the word “friend”. Suddenly, his eyes grew clear, his hands were shaking, and his body retreated.


“We uphold justice together, spend money together, enjoy food together, we do everything together. When a difficulty comes our way, we will overcome it together. We’re not brothers, we’re a brotherhood that is closer than brothers. We won’t hesitate for a moment even if we have to risk our lives for each other.” Huang Quan said.


The heart devil was not willing to fail, he roared, “Don’t be foolish! What is friend worth? There is no friendship in the world of immortals. If he treats you as a friend, why is he guarding against you and not returning your immortal Qi?”


“Yes.” Huang Qian’s  eyes sharpened again, but Ye Kong’s smiling face reappeared, “You won’t hurt me, because we are friends.”


“No! We are friends! I don’t want to be that kind of selfish and merciless person!” Huang Qian roared in his  heart, and finally managed to banish the heart devil.


Every cultivator suffered from heart devils, it was a test which frequently tested a cultivators willpower. This had nothing to do with the strength of the body or the cultivation level, it was a test of a person’s conviction, willpower and determination.


Huang Quan took a breath, sat down again, raised his hand and the blue flame appeared. He gave another wave of his hand and the bran fruit flew back over.


“You are lucky. I killed countless people in my life, but today I spared your life. If you don’t help me find a quintuple-talent spiritual root later, I will beat you!”


Huang Quan muttered, and continued to refine the pills. Ye Kong did not notice that he had barely escaped death.


“You are a nascent soul cultivator, but you actually dropped one on the ground.” When ye Kong woke up, he laughed and pointed to the bran fruit liquid that had become a green stone on the ground.


“Yes, I failed with that  one.” Huang Quan smiled awkwardly.


“I want to thank you. It is only thanks to you that I can spend such a long time in closed door cultivation.” Ye Kong said sincerely.


“We’re friends,” Huang Quan said, he felt very comfortable with those words.


Ye Kong was surprised. This was the first time Huang Quan said this.


Huang Quan was embarrassed by Ye Kong’s silence. He said angrily, “I didn’t do all of this for nothing! Remember to take me to the brothel!”


“I know you were not so kind, you definitely wouldn’t help me because of friendship.” Ye Kong removed the spirit stone and the formation was removed.


“If you weren’t my friend, I would have possessed you already!” Huang Quan murmured. When he found that Ye Kong had removed the formation, he immediately called out, “Do you want me to be seen by others?”


“Then you should return to the sword.” Ye Kong replied with a smile.


“How cruel, you want to drive me out now that I have finished working for you?” Huang Quan scolded, shrank, finally turned into a wisp of smoke which drilled into the magic weapon.


But at the last moment, a tiny wisp flew to Ye Kong’s head.


“Don’t try to dodge! I am leaving you a trace of my divine sense. In the future, you can just use your divine sense to contact me through this.”


‘This is great. It’s like having a walkie talkie, but no one can hear you speaking.’ Ye Kong used his divine sense to contact him immediately, “Master, this is Ye Kong, over. Calling Huang Quan, over.”


“What’s wrong with you? Don’t disturb me! I’m sleepy, call me when you next go to the spring appreciating tower!” Ye Kong could hear Huang Quan’s reply in his mind.


“Wait!” Ye Kong suddenly thought something, “Will you be able to see and hear with this wisp of your divine sense?”


“You are stupid! I can only talk to you with divine sense! But I will still be inside the sword, it is the same as being my body. As long as you don’t throw me into the storage bag, I can still see and hear everything!”


“Ok. Do you  want to go into the storage bag now?”


“I don’t want to.”


Ye Kong hung the small sword onto his belt with a silk rope. In the Southern Land, martial artists were common. Many people walked around while carrying a sword or spear. Ye Kong hung the sword around his waist, but it did not stand out. Ordinary people would have no idea that this was the magic weapon of an immortal cultivator.


Whether or not the small sword could be lost or stolen wasn’t even a concern for him. The nascent soul of Huang Quan was inside and he could contact Ye Kong using his divine sense.


It was still early in the morning, but the night wind had stopped and all that was left was a cool refreshing feeling. There was a young girl, dancing with a sword.


It was Lu Qin who had woken up early to practice. The martial arts she was practicing was an imitation of the shadow dance. Her technique had inherited the basic characteristics of the shadow dance. Her steps were like colourful butterflies dancing amongst flowers. Her body moved like a gentle cloud. With her slim body, beautiful face and ponytail, her dance was absolutely beautiful to behold.


Ye Kong came out of the room quietly and watched her practice. He could not help but smile, but he shook his head after a moment.


He wasn’t shaking his head because Lu Qin wasn’t skilful, but because he knew that it was not secular martial arts, but the way of immortal cultivation. Lu Qin thought that this magical dance was secular martial arts to practice, it was casting pearls before swine.


This was because there was no way for Lu Qin to cultivate immortality. Lu Qin didn’t have a spiritual root, and she didn’t understand the profundity of the shadow dance. So she could only practice the shadow dance as an ordinary martial art, but even that would make her an expert in the martial arts world.


“HAA!” Lu Qin shouted with a coquettish voice. The sword in her hand was like a dragon swimming through the sea, it suddenly changed direction and then thrust forward. It seemed like the sword was under her complete control as it suddenly shot forward like an arrow.


In an instant the sword had flown from her hand and was nailed into an old tree on the other side of the courtyard. The attack was powerful. The tip of the sword had penetrated deep into the tree and the hilt was still violently shaking.


“Good!” Ye Kong couldn’t help clapping. Lu Qin had adapted the shadow dance to create this new sword technique. It was not easy to do. It was worthy of praise.


“Brother Ye Kong.” Lu Qin found that Ye Kong was watching. She went to collect her sword and ran over with a smile. She looked healthier than before and her beauty was without question.


Ye Kong said with a smile, “You’re really an expert now. Lu Jun and Lu Yi wouldn’t be able to deal with this attack.”


“Brother Ye Kong, I will not use this on my brothers.” Lu Qin pouted, dissatisfied with Ye Kong’s comparison.


“Then will you use that on me?” Ye Kong said with a grin.


“I will never use it on you.” Lu Qin’s face turned red after she said that, which made her seem even more adorable.


“Why not? I am not your family.” Ye Kong smiled and moved forward.


“I will never do it.” Lu Qin’s face was red and lovely. She lowered her head and carried her sword behind her. Her body was slightly wriggling with shyness.


“Lu Qin.” Ye Kong couldn’t help but to go in to kiss her.


But there was a clear laugh behind, “Ha ha, you are up so early.”


Ye Kong was depressed. This was not the right time for Xiao Hong to come. He hadn’t kissed Lu Qin in a while.


Xiao Hong noticed that she had come at an awkward time, so she quickly explained, “Auntie asked me to come get Lu Qin for breakfast. Shall I leave first? ”

As soon as she explained, Lu Qin was too shy to stay. She said to Ye Kong, “It’s all your fault.” As she ran away.


Seeing Lu Qin running away, Xiao Hong couldn’t help giggling. With her giggle, Ye Kong noticed her voluptuous chest bouncing as she laughed.


“I will get you back for this!”

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