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TMC Chapter 64 Beauty Treatment


“Why are you here so early?” Ye Kong asked.


“I…” Xiao Hong stopped her smile, she had something to do, but she could not tell it to Ye Kong.


Ye Kong didn’t know why she was in a bad mood. He thought his tone might have come across too strict.


“I am not mad that you are so early, but it is strange. The sun hasn’t even risen yet. Is the second mistress OK?”


Xiao Hong was not unhappy not because of Ye Kong’s tone, it was because Ye Wen had returned.


Ye Wen was the eldest son of the second mistress, Ye Wu’s elder brother. Because he was already an adult, he couldn’t live in the inner courtyard with Ye Haoran’s women, according to the Ye family rules. So he had a smaller independent house not far from Ye family estate.


Like Ye Wu, Ye Wen also coveted Xiao Hong. She was a beautiful young maid with a curvaceous body. Both sons had taken a fancy to their mothers maid.


Ye Wen knew that his younger brother wanted her, but he wouldn’t give up his pursuit of Xiao Hong.


Xiao Hong could avoid encountering him by serving second mistress within the inner courtyard, but the second mistress hadn’t returned for the entire night.


In order to avoid Ye Wen, Xiao Hong slipped out early. That was why she was not in a good mood.


Xiao Hong didn’t plan on telling Ye Kong. She just replied, “The second mistress went out early this morning. I had nothing else to do, so I came early today.”


“She went out early this morning?” Ye Kong was stunned, and immediately understood that most of the maids and servants would not reveal the secrets of their master. He glanced at Xiao Hong and said in a deep voice, “Are you hiding something from me?”


Xiao Hong knew Ye Kong was unhappy, she quickly said, “I dare not. I don’t know when she left. She wasn’t there in the morning, so it is also possible that she left during the night.” Xiao Hong said and begged, “Please don’t speak of this to anyone or she will kill me.”


The second mistress was in charge of Ye Family; yet she hadn’t returned all night. If this rumour started to spread, it would create trouble for her. Xiao Hong knew it was important to keep it a secret.


“Don’t worry, I won’t let you suffer.” Ye Kong walked to the main hall, and suddenly asked again, “Does she go out in the middle of night regularly?”


“No, it is just recently that she is not there in the morning. It started from last month.” Xiao Hong replied.


“How many times has it been?” Ye Kong asked again.


“Three times, today is the fourth.”


“Ok.” Ye Kong nodded and stopped talking.


“I was right. She is out with another man in the middle of the night, but you didn’t believe me.” After a long time of silence, Huang Quan suddenly broke the silence.


“It does seem possible.” Ye Kong replied, “But what kind of man would it be? These ladies are like canaries that seldom leave the cage. How would she find a lover? If he is one of the family members or soldiers, they don’t need to leave the family estate to meet each other.”


“I am not interested in how they meet up with each other, it is not important. What is important is the fact that your father was made a cuckold.” Huang Quan said, “That woman might be a little older, but she is beautiful and elegant at all times. Even I would hook up with her.”


“Shut up already.” Ye Kong scolded and pondered, was it an old lover?


Ye Kong and Xiao Hong went to the main house. Breakfast had already been delivered. The food in the inner court was much better than the outer court, even the snacks were made with the tastiest ingredients. Ye Kong only had a little porridge, this was because he had eaten a fasting pill that night, so he wasn’t hungry.


“Eat more, why aren’t you eating?” Chen Jiuniang filled his bowl with more porridge.


“No, I’m full.” Ye Kong didn’t want the bowl of porridge. He noticed Xiao Hong standing next to him, so h asked “Sister Xiao Hong, would you like to have some breakfast with us?”


Xiao Hong hadn’t had her breakfast yet. Usually she came after breakfast, but today was different. Normally she would have already eaten breakfast when Chen Jiuniang asked, so Chen Jiuniang had already stopped asking her to join. But because Xiao Hong was early today, she didn’t have time to eat breakfast, but she was too embarrassed to say anything. When Ye Kong asked her to join them, she felt a tender feeling in her heart. She took the porridge that Ye Kong had pushed away and took a sip.


Xiao Hong found that everyone looked at her strangely. She realized that what she was using Ye Kong’s bowl.


“You are using Ye Kong’s bowl.” Lu Qin smiled.


“I’ll get another bowl.” Chen Jiuniang said with a smile.


“It’s OK.” Xiao Hong’s face turned red and took another sip of the porridge. She was thinking about Ye Kong’s lips also being on the same bowl. She felt a flutter in her heart and she couldn’t help but gaze at Ye Kong.


Ye Kong then took a look at her and as soon as their eyes made contact, Ye Kong’s heart was in turmoil. His eyes even fell on Xiao Hong’s hips for a moment, before realising she was still standing.


“I’m done. Have my seat.” Ye Kong stood up and pulled out his chair for Xiao Hong to sit.


Xiao Hong had served others all the time, she was not used to being served by others. She felt happy when Ye Kong gave up his chair for her.


“You should just take her to your room now and had sex…” Huang Quan said.


“Soon, but it’s none of your business.” Ye Kong interrupted angrily and asked, “Can you do me another favour?”


“Again?” Huang Quan said angrily, “You haven’t done what you promised, but already want me to help me again. Do you think I am your father?”


Ye Kong kept his composure because he needed his help. He smiled and said, “If you really help me, I can recognize you as my Godfather!”


Recognizing someone as your godfather was a big deal, so Huang Quan was a little curious. “Many people would want me as a godfather, but does that mean I must accept? Tell me what you want.”


“Well, do you know of a pill that can cure my mother’s face?” Asked Ye Kong.


“Oh, this…” Huang Quan thought for a moment and then said, “Don’t you have the ability to treat this?”


Ye Kong shook his head. “My mother is not sick. I don’t know how to make a talisman which would work on her face. It’s really difficult and I haven’t come up with a solution.”


“It’s not difficult.”


Ye Kong was happy at these words. “You know a method?”


But Huang Quan hesitated again,” Yes, but it is difficult because she is your mother.”


Ye Kong blinked his eyes in confusion, he didn’t understand, and asked again.


Huang Quan said, “It is simple. The immortal Qi of cultivators is the same as the Qi of heaven and earth, it can sustain and heal the body which is the main reason why cultivators have no need to eat and don’t get sick. If you can transfer immortal Qi into her body then the problem will be solved easily, but the method..”


Ye Kong listened to his long winded description and interrupted: “You used to say things directly. What’s the matter today?”


“Fine! Just take your mother to your bedroom and have sex with her.”


Ye Kong felt like he was going faint. Why did he keep saying this about everyone?


“What are you talking about? That is my mother!” Ye Kong said.


“That is why I said it is difficult because she is your mother.” Huang Quan said and murmured, “It’s a pity that I don’t have a physical body, otherwise I would do this for you.”


“Fuck you!” Ye Kong scolded angrily, but he knew what Huang Quan was trying to help.


In the Southern Land, the reason it was so easy for a cultivator to get any woman he wanted was not only because everyone worshiped immortal cultivators, but it was also because the women would also receive great benefits.


Immortal Qi was not something ordinary people could absorb into their bodies. There was a way for ordinary people to absorb immortal Qi into their bodies briefly, and this was through sex. This would help the woman would remain beautiful and healthy for much longer.


The Qi which entered the woman’s body would be absorbed, it would circulate through their body before eventually dispersing. However this had the benefit of removing diseases, healing the body and reducing signs of aging, it was much better than the beauty treatments on Earth.


So as long as Ye Kong said he was an immortal cultivator, and he needed a woman, all the women would wait in line to receive him, but this was his mother!


“Is there any other way? Could I use my blood instead?” Ye Kong asked again.


“It’s useless.” Huang Quan shook his head.


“Is there no other way?” Ye Kong grabbed his head in chagrin. If there was no other way, he could do nothing. This method wasn’t even an option.


Huang Quan yawned and said, “I have no other ideas.” Just when Ye Kong was discouraged, he said again, “Maybe other cultivators would know of a method.”


Ye Kong said angrily, “Actually, she is not my mother! I possessed this body from its original owner! I only want to cure his mother’s face to compensate him. I vowed that if I didn’t cure her, I would make sure to look after her!” Ye Kong said softly, “After her face is cured, she will have Ye Haoran’s favour. It’s even possible for her to have another son. Then I can leave without regrets. This will also means that I can leave and focus on cultivation, I will also have more time to help you find a quintuple-talent spiritual root.”


After listening to his words, Huang Quan was stunned. Then he shouted, “Why didn’t you mention anything earlier about you possessing this body from the original owner?”

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