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TMC Chapter 65 Ye Wen


“Is it important? “Ye Kong was a little confused.


Why was Huang Quan so mad? That was because there were several known truths when it came to possessing the body of someone else.


First of all, an immortal cannot take the physical body of a mortal. The soul of an immortal cultivator was too powerful. If it was placed into a mortal body, the body would be damaged.


Secondly, an immortal cultivator can only possess someone with a much lower cultivation, otherwise soul inside the body couldn’t be supressed and it would attack the foreign soul, this would leave the body as an immortal zombie, without a soul. Of course, Ye Kong was an oddity.


Finally, a body can only be forcibly possessed once, any attempt to replace the soul a second time would destroy the body. Attempting to possess a body which had already had the soul replaced was the same as committing suicide.


Huang Quan was angry for the last reason. He would not have been so tempted and wouldn’t have had to deal with the heart devil last night, if he had known this.


He was also very grateful. If he was blinded by his greed, he would die with Ye Kong.


He wouldn’t tell Ye Kong about what happened the previous night, it was too embarrassing.


“It’s not important. I’m just glad that I was stopped by the golden light when we first met, otherwise we would both be dead.” Huang Quan laughed again.


Ye Kong didn’t understand, but Huang Quan explained the details. Thankfully, now Ye Kong knew that no one would be able to steal his body again, just like the people who had measles would be protected from experiencing it a second time.


“I see.” Ye Kong nodded and asked, “So is there a way for me to cure her face? It’s good for the both of us to cure her. ”


“I have no way, but others might know a way. If you find a female alchemist, they might have a solution. But I don’t think I can suggest anyone to you, the people I know are either dead or have ascended to immortality.”


“Why do I have to look for a female alchemist? You also have alchemy knowledge.” Ye Kong asked.


“This is obvious, how are you so stupid!” Huang Quan scolded again, “The male immortals don’t care about their appearances, but the females pay great attention to their appearance. The female alchemists have created numerous pills for appearance, they range from healing the face, beautifying the face, nourishing the face, whiten and cleanse the skin, and there are even pills to increase breast size. If you want to cure her face, a female alchemist is your best option.”


“Ok.” Ye Kong smiled and nodded, “The beauty parlours of Earth would go out of business if someone created this kind of alchemy house.”


When Ye Kong gave his chair to Xiao Hong, he hadn’t left and remained at the table. Then suddenly he laughed to himself, which confused Lu Qin.


“What are you laughing at?” Lu Qin asked.


“No, I am just thinking of something funny.” Ye Kong said.


“Something funny?” The three women looked at Ye Kong, Xiao Hong asked, “Can you tell us.”


“This…”Ye Kong was really not good at telling jokes. There were only some jokes he could tell, but they were all related to Earth. It was not appropriate to say them. Besides, Lu Qin was pure as snow. She wouldn’t understand the obscene jokes he knew from Earth.


Just when ye Kong was thinking and didn’t know what to say, there was a young man’s laugh outside. “We also want to hear a joke from you.”


Although the words were polite, the tone was annoying, especially the superior and arrogant feeling from the words.


Ye Kong frowned, it was the sons of the second mistress, Ye Wen and Ye Wu.


Xiao Hong stood up quickly when she saw them, and stood aside.


They had come looking for Xiao Hong. Ye Wen coveted Xiao Hong, so he asked the servant girls where she was.


Ye Wen didn’t pay much attention to this at first, as his main purpose of returning was not for Xiao Hong. He had something else to do, however Ye Wu did his best to incite his brother.


Although Ye Wu knew that his brother was also interested in Xiao Hong, Ye Kong was an outsider. He wanted to use his brother to deal with Ye Kong first. As for his brother, it didn’t matter. Xiao Hong would belong to him.


Ye Wu started to sow discord between Ye Wen and Ye Kong. He was full of envy and contempt for Ye Kong. Now that he came with Ye Wen, he wanted to warn Ye Kong to back off.


“Brothers.” Although Ye Kong was unhappy, he still needed to maintain etiquette.


“You still remember us, even though you are so famous now. We are afraid that you didn’t put anyone in your eyes.” Ye Wen said.


“Please take a seat.” Chen Jiuniang did not dare to offend them, so she gave them a warm welcome. She walked past Ye Kong and stared at him, she was reminding Ye Kong to control his temper.


Ye Wen was extremely upset when he saw Xiao Hong eating porridge for breakfast with Ye Kong. If she wanted, she could have the most luxurious breakfast in their yard.


Then he looked Lu Qin on the opposite side. This girl had big round eyes, thin red lips and small beauty spot.


She had a youthful, refreshing beauty to her. She was his type! Ye Wen looked at them both enjoying breakfast with Ye Kong and felt gloomy.


Ye Kong was accompanied by two beauties, even when he was only eating porridge.


“This way, please.” Chen Jiuniang looked at Ye Wen staring towards Lu Qin, so she suddenly interrupted.


“You’re welcome.” Ye Wen continued to laugh. “I didn’t have breakfast, either. Can we have together?”


Chen Jiuniang was going to lead them to the larger reception, but Ye Wen chose to sit down at the dinner table beside Lu Qin.


Ye Wu saw that his brother was more interested in chasing girls than causing trouble. He was depressed, but he couldn’t do anything about it. He just stared at Xiao Hong and sat down at the dinner table.


There was not enough room for everyone to sit at the dining table. There was only a spare chair for Ye Wen next to Lu Qin. Ye Wu would not dare to take the main seat from Chen Jiuniang. So he went to sit on the seat where Xiao Hong just was.


He suddenly heard the sound of wood scraping the floor and noticed that Ye Kong had taken the chair away.


Fortunately, Ye Wu hadn’t sat down yet, so was able to stop himself from falling.


“Ye Kong, what’s wrong with you?” Ye Wu was angry.


Everyone in the room was suddenly silent. No one had expected that Ye Kong would try to move the chair. Xiao Hong was bewildered, and Chen Jiuniang was trying to remind Ye Kong with her eyes.


“Nothing is wrong. It is just that this is not a chair for you to sit.” Ye Kong didn’t want to fight with him, either. He pulled the chair to the side, then got another chair and placed it for Ye Wu to sit.


Ye Wu was a little confused. Why did you still help me with a chair if you wanted to fight? Everyone else had the same thought.


“Third brother, I am giving you another chair to show my respect for you. That’s what I should do.” Ye Kong said with a smile, then he patted on Ye Wu’s shoulder and pressed him onto the chair, he bowed his head and said, “But we should distinguish between our possessions even if we are brothers. This chair is mine. I don’t allow others to sit on it!”


Ye Kong stood up straight and smiled, “I hope you can understand.”


The meaning behind his words were very clear, he was talking about Xiao Hong. He was saying that Xiao Hong was his woman.


Ye Wen and ye Wu were not stupid. They immediately understood Ye Kong’s meaning. Ye Wu was angry at Ye Kong’s attitude, but he was too afraid of Ye Kong to cause trouble. Ye Kong was known for his temper.


“Elder brother,” Ye Wu looked at Ye Wen imploringly, expecting him to come forward and preside over justice.


However, Ye Wen didn’t take the initiative on the matter. He sneered at Xiao Hong and said, “Xiao Hong, we came to have breakfast, so shouldn’t you be serving us? You aren’t treating us with the proper respect! Other people will laugh if they knew that my mother’s servants don’t recognise their masters!”


Ye Wen was smart. He had reversed the situation with few words. His words were for both Ye Kong and Xiao Hong. The message was clear, she was a servant who belonged to their household.


“Yes.” Xiao Hong knew that she was the reason for this disturbance. She was happy to see Ye Kong make a stand for her, but she was worried that if there was trouble. She would suffer when the second mistress returned.


Xiao Hong wanted to get the porridge for Ye Wen, but Ye Kong stopped her. He pressed her onto his chair, and said, “You only ate half your porridge. No matter who you are, you are my guest. Let me do it.”


Ye Kong had maintained a great deal of restraint by not kicking them out.


Xiao Hong felt uncomfortable, she could sense the vicious intentions of the two brothers.


“Thanks.” Ye Wu took the porridge from Ye Kong and slammed it on the table with a loud sound, splashing the porridge all over the table.


Ye Wen was much calmer than his brother. He took a sip and praised the taste. Then he put the porridge on the table and asked Lu Qin, “You don’t look like one of the girls from our family. Can you tell me your name?”


“She’s my sister, Lu Qin.” Ye Kong said and pushed Lu Qin away, while signalling for her go back to her room. Then he sat down and laughed, “What brings you here? Is there something wrong? I am afraid that I am delaying your matters.”


Ye Wen smiled. “Of course there is a reason. We didn’t come just to keep you company.”

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