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TMC Chapter 66 The Loser


“Oh? What’s the matter? “Ye Kong thought this was an unexpected turn of events. He thought that these they were dissatisfied with Xiao Hong and came to cause trouble, but he didn’t think that they really had a reason to come.


Ye Wen said with a smile, “Ye Wu is about to reach the age of 18, which means that it is time to hold the ceremony for transitioning into adulthood. According to the Ye family rules, before the boy reaches adulthood, he must capture a winged tiger alive and display it at the ceremony for all the invited guests to see, only then can they demonstrate the strength of the Ye family.”


Ye Kong knew this rule, two years ago, when Ye Wen held the ceremony; he lured the winged tiger out from its nest and captured it by himself. At this time, Ye Kong was still inside the ancestral temple, although he didn’t attend, he heard about it.


“Oh, that’s right, but this…”Ye Kong looked up at Ye Wen again, he was wondering what this had to do with him? Ye Kong’s ceremony was still three and a half years away.


“I wanted to…ask for your help. I heard that you have learned exceptional martial arts. Ha ha, whom else can I ask for assistance? ”


‘You should have some manners when you come to ask for help’, Ye Kong thought, then he said angrily, “Second brother, you subdued a winged tiger with your own strength last time. I believe you can handle that without my help?”


Ye Wen said with a smile, “Brother, you don’t know the rules. It is well within the rules to ask someone else for help capturing the winged tiger, but the rules are strict. You are only allowed the assistance of one other person and that person must also be a Ye family member who is under the age of 18. I’m an adult and I’ve already finished my ceremony, so I’m not allowed to help.”


Ye Kong was preparing to settle all of his matters today, and then enter closed door training for a long period of time, he didn’t have any spare time to deal with their problem. What’s more, they didn’t have any awareness of how to properly seek help from others. Even if he did help them, they would still curse him behind his back.


“Brothers, this matter… I’m sorry. I’ve been…Cough! Cough! I’m sick. I really don’t have any power left to lend.”, Even though it was the oldest trick in the book, rejecting due to an illness was the best option. After all, they wouldn’t try to force a sick person do fight, right?


“We’ve got a long time to prepare, we can wait until you recover.”


“Cough! Cough! Second brother, you don’t know that the doctor said, I am…Cough…Cough… “Ye Kong beat his chest, coughing so hard that he could not even speak.


Ye Wu cursed in his heart, this bastard was so energetic a moment ago when he was pulling away peoples chairs, how could he instantly turn into a sick person? Too fake!! Why not cough to death?


Ye Wen’s patience was also limited; he was very angry when seeing Ye Kong pretending to be sick. Besides, Ye Kong was deliberately coughing towards his face. Damn it, he didn’t even get a chance to escape.


Ye Kong didn’t turn around and gasp for air until he coughed for a long time. “It’s a chronic disease, the doctor said that my condition would only start to improve after three years, and it could take me at least eight years before I can be cured…”


“Haha ~” Hearing Ye Kong’s lie, Xiao Hong could not help giggling.


Xiao Hong giggled not only for only because Ye Kong was being to crafty, but also because of the two young masters were being tricked by him!


Ye Wu couldn’t help roaring in anger, he slammed the table and pointed his finger at Ye Kong. “Ye Kong! Do you think we’re begging you? Don’t think too highly of yourself! Ye long and Ye Hu are fighting for the opportunity to help me with this task!”


Ye Wen maintained his cool and persuaded, “Eighth younger brother, maybe you don’t know, but according to the Ye family ancestral rules, if you help someone else capture the winged tiger, you don’t have to perform this task when you reach 18 years of age. Moreover, even if you do have excellent martial arts, the task is to capture it alive. This is a good opportunity to gain experience, even if you fail.”


Now that Ye Kong knew that there was a benefit to helping catch the winged tiger, no wonder Ye long and Ye Hu were scrambling to help. If they helped Ye Wu catch the winger tiger, they didn’t need to perform the task themselves, as it would count as them both performing the task.


The winged tiger sounded like a fierce beast, but it was actually an unlevelled beast of the lowest grade and even though it had two wings on its back, it was unable to fly.


Even though it was an unlevelled beast, it was not easy for ordinary people to capture it. Liu Changqing hunted and killed the iron bull with an entire team of experienced soldiers, and there were still several soldiers who were grievously wounded. It was not easy to catch a winged tiger by yourself, so Ye Long and Ye Hu wanted to offer their help, even if they couldn’t catch the winged tiger this time, it would give them vital experience for when the task was required of them.


But Ye Kong was indifferent because the winged tiger wasn’t his match. What’s more, since Ye Wen could catch it alone, why couldn’t he?


“I can slaughter a group of winged tigers with my little finger! Don’t waste your time!” said Huang Quan.


Even if Huang Quan didn’t object, Ye Kong didn’t want to do it either, he said, “Thank you for your kind intentions in offering me this opportunity, but I can’t go with my weak body.”


“Please reconsider.” Ye Wen persuaded again.


In fact, he didn’t have  good intentions, he had heard that Ye Kong was good at martial arts, but he had never seen it with his own eyes. Inviting Ye Kong to help on this task was to probe his ability, and if there was a chance that the tiger would kill Ye Kong, then the young girl named Lu Qin would be his.


“I’m not healthy. Thank you.” Ye Kong didn’t know their purpose, but he knew that they wouldn’t have good intentions. What’s more, he didn’t have any time to waste.


Ye Kong stood up and wanted to ask them leave, but when he stood up, Ye Wu noticed the small sword hanging by his waist.


Ye Wu immediately sneered, “Everyone else hangs a long sword, but you hang a small sword, no bigger than a dagger, what use could it have other than slaughtering pigs?” Ye Wu said and stood up, shaking the sword on his waist intentionally, and said, “It’s doesn’t matter if you are too cowardly to go!”


Ye Kong had never been scolded without returning the favour, and replied, “Cowards are the ones who need to come begging others for help.”


“Then why don’t you dare go?” Said Ye Wu while staring daggers at Ye Kong, “Do you think you can be a swordsman with a little dagger? Funny. The rumours everywhere say that you’re powerful, but I think you’re only powerful when it comes to talking.”


“It’s not up to you whether I’m powerful or not.” Ye Kong didn’t want to talk with them anymore, so he asked them to leave directly. “Brothers, I’m going to take my medicine now, so I won’t see you out.”


“Hmph!” Ye Wu didn’t want to stay longer either, he waved at Xiao Hong and shouted, “Xiao Hong! Come. ”


Although Chen Jiuniang kept winking at him, as if to say ‘don’t cause trouble’, Ye Kong absolutely rejected to them taking Xiao Hong. Since he had expressed his feeling regarding Xiao Hong, he couldn’t let her go back with them. Otherwise, he would regret his whole life if Xiao Hong fell victim to these two.


“Xiao Hong is staying!” Ye Kong took a step forward, grabbed Xiao Hong’s arm and pulled her behind him.


Ye Wen frowned, his self-restraint had been exhausted and he said coldly, “So eighth brother is going to steal our servant in broad daylight? You are looking down on us! ”


Ye Wu also disdained, “Coward! Loser! You don’t deserve to have such women! Let me tell you this, cowards don’t deserve anything! ” Then he pointed to Xiao Hong and said, “Come back with me, or you know what will happen!”


Xiao Hong did not know whether to advance or retreat, she was afraid that Ye Kong would have a conflict with them, so she begged, “eighth young master.” She wanted to break free of Ye Kong’s grip.


When Chen Jiuniang noticed that the situation was turning hostile, she hurriedly came to persuade him, “Kong ’er, Xiao Hong belongs to their household after all, you can’t force her to stay.”


Chen Jiuniang also knew that Ye Kong was bad tempered and would not let her go easily. So she turned to Ye Wen, “Second young master, can you go back first? I will send Xiao Hong over to you later.”


Ye Wen was too angry to agree, he sneered and said, “The people outside all say that the eighth young master of Ye family is powerful, but it seems you are just a coward who hides behind women.”


“Haha.” Ye Wu laughed and said, “Brother, I told you this already but you didn’t believe me, he is a coward who’s only good at talking!”


“You can’t say that about brother Ye Kong! You are cowards! Cowards!” Lu Qin angrily scolded, she stood in front of Ye Kong, and drew out her sword with a clang.


Ye Wen was very interested in this girl, seeing her defending Ye Kong, he was angry but still said with a smile, “Sister Lu, you are also a martial artist, so why don’t you choose a brother who’s good at martial arts? It will also be beneficial to you in the future. If you spend a long time with a coward who lives under the protection of women, you will become a coward sooner or later. ”


“Motherfucker!” Ye Kong strutted towards them with an angry shout.


“You are cowards! You are the losers! And you are also idiots!” Ye Kong was furiously shouting as his hands unleashed countless blows towards, Ye Wu and Ye Wen.


Ye Wen thought Ye Kong was going to unleash a powerful martial art, but seeing Ye Kong’s disorderly fists and his gangster like approach, he sneered and planned to avoid the attacks.


But he soon found that he was wrong, although Ye Kong’s moves were disorderly, he could not hide at all.


“Psh!” Ye Kong directly struck Ye Wen’s nose, causing a mixture of blood and snot to gush out.


“You! You dare to sneak attack! You…this is not how fights are normally done… “Ye Wen covered his nose and scolded.


“You are not only useless at martial arts, but also have a brain which is useless! A fight is a fight! Do you think this is a competition with rules?” Ye Kong said as he punched him in his smug, handsome face again.


“Kong’er, stop fighting, I beg you!” Chen Jiuniang held onto one of Ye Kong’s arms. She still remembered the second wife’s kindness and didn’t want to offend her.


Ye Wen grabbed the opportunity to retreat, he spat out blood from his mouth and scolded, “Wait and see, we will teach you a lesson!”


“Fuck you!” Ye Kong grabbed one of the chairs with his other arm and threw it towards them as Ye Wen and his brother ran away.


“Kong’er, I beg you, you are all brothers, keep the peace, ok?” Chen Jiuniang hugged Ye Kong tightly and her eyes were full of tears.


Ye Kong sighed and said, “Mother, don’t be silly! When did they treat me as a brother? Our new good fortune isn’t because of their kindness, it’s because I’m strong. By always asking me to give in, you are only allowing us to be humiliated by them. I’ll give them tit for tat, eye for eye!


“Yes, brother Ye Kong is right, these people will only treat you with respect if you beat them when they mistreat you!” Lu Qin also said.


Although Chen Jiuniang was in tears, her hand holding Ye Kong slowly released itself.


Seeing Ye Kong wanted to follow them, Xiao Hong cried sadly, “Eighth young master…”


Ye Kong knew that she was afraid of him causing trouble, so he nodded, “I will act accordingly.”

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