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TMC Chapter 67 Commotion


It was a bustling day in the Ye family, everyone came out from their rooms, the servants and maids were rushing to witness a shocking scene. What were they doing? They were going to watch the fight!


“Oh, you are brothers. Stop fighting. ” The third wife said, she was sitting in the inner courtyard with her two sons and her daughter. She attempted to mediate, but actually she only wanted to add oil to the fire.


“Who is the loser? Damn it! Let’s see who’s the loser!” Ye Kong scolded Ye Wen and Ye Wu, as he chased them while unleashing several fierce blows.


Ye Wen and Ye Wu had suffered a lot, although Ye Kong wasn’t using his martial arts, they still couldn’t fight back.  As for if they tried to use their sword, it would be useless. The magic weapon hung on Ye Kong’s waist could cut through a sword like chopping vegetables.


They thought they would get the opportunity to threaten Ye Kong once they left his yard, but unexpectedly, this guy didn’t care about his dignity and started chasing them.


What was more, even when they reached their own courtyard, Ye Kong didn’t care and still rushed inside to continue beating them.


The third wife was more interesting, while she was drinking ginseng soup, she shouted, “stop fighting, Ye Wen, you don’t even live in this courtyard. Why are you fighting in here, stop it now! ”


Ye Wen wanted to cry, ‘was I the one fighting? I was running for my life, if I stopped, he would beat me to death.’,


When hearing the news, Liu Changqing rushed through the crowd and shouted, “who is making trouble in the inner courtyard of the Ye family?”


Ye Wen and Ye Wu thought their salvation was coming, shouted, “Captain Liu, help me!”


But when Liu Changqing saw that it was Ye Kong who was beating people, he turned a blind eye and left, “They are young masters of the family, we don’t have the authority to punish them. Let’s go back.”


Ye Wu was thinking that even if Liu Changqing didn’t punish Ye Kong, the least he could do was to stop Ye Kong beating them. He was desperate for someone to stop Ye Kong beating him. He didn’t know where his mother was, she hadn’t returned all night, so she couldn’t help. Liu Changqing didn’t want to get involved, and the third wife was berating him. The only option remaining was to beg for forgiveness.


When Ye Wu thought of this, he fell to the ground and begged for mercy. “Eighth brother, I am the loser, I am the coward. Please don’t hit me anymore, I won’t try to sit in your chair again. Woo…”


He sat on the ground and cried, which caused the crowd to burst into laughter.


The third wife shook her handkerchief and said with a smile, “Eighth young master, you are too domineering! You are beating them for sitting in your chair, what if they lie on your bed, would you kill them?”


The third wife had bad intentions, so Ye Kong ignored her and kicked Ye Wu. “Remember those words, or I won’t be so polite next time.”


Then he looked up at Ye Wen, Ye Kong’s goal of not being bullied had been achieved, if Ye Wen also admitted he was wrong, he was ready to stop.


But how could Ye Wen beg in public? Almost the whole Ye family was watching, and that was not including the servant girls and servants, how could he beg in public like Ye Wu. If he did something like this, it would be the greatest shame he had experienced, how would he ever show his face again?


Not only the inner courtyard was watching, but also the outer courtyard also saw the scene, there were countless people who had followed to watch the show.


“Have you heard? Second young master, third young master and the eighth young master are fighting, I hear they are still fighting now!”


“It’s not a fight, it is clear that eighth young master was chasing them down for a beating. Eighth young master is really brave.”


“No wonder those law enforcers are afraid of him. It’s said that they nicknamed him the God of misfortune.”


“Ha ha, this nickname is good. Whoever offends him will meet a tragic end.”


“Alas. The inner court is so busy, what a pity that we can’t go in and continue watching. ”


When they were talking, someone shouted, “Here he comes.”


“Who’s here?”


“The god of misfortune?”


All the servants shut up immediately. Ye Wen came rushing out followed by Ye Kong. Ye Wen’s face was already swollen and purple from the beating he received, so he chose to escape. As they ran along, Ye Kong was picking up stones to hurl at the fleeing Ye Wen.


“Oh! What a disaster. “Chen Jiuniang was flustered and sighed, she knew that this would undoubtedly provoke the second wife. She was afraid that she would be kicked out of the Ye family.


Chen Jiuniang was afraid of being kicked out of the family. She was not greedy for a comfortable life in the Ye family, even though she knew Ye Kong had the ability to make sure they continued to eat well and live comfortably on the outside, she could imagine the scorn she would receive.


“Look, she is the woman that was kicked out by the Ye Family.”


“So ugly. I would get rid of her as well.”


“It’s said that she’s not only ugly, but also unruly.”


Chen Jiuniang was most afraid of such gossip, but now, she could only sigh and go back to her room to collect her things.


“Ha ha, I let everyone know today, let’s see who dares to come and provoke me again!” Ye Kong came back laughing.


“Your mother has started to pack her belongings.” Lu Qin approached him and said.


“Pack?” When Ye Kong walked into Chen Jiuniang’s room, he saw she was packing her belongings, he said with a smile, “Mom, don’t worry. I’m certain that the second wife will not kick us out when she returns. Besides, the third wife and the fourth wife are definitely going to come to curry your favour.”


Chen Jiuniang didn’t believe him, said unhappily, “Do you feel it is honourable to beat people? Who wants to have a relationship with the mother of such a bad tempered person?”


As if to prove Ye Kong’s point, Lu Qin entered and announced, “The third mistress is here.”


“Oh, Sister Jiuniang, why didn’t you ever come to visit me? I only came here to say that the two ruffians should be beaten, last time when the immortal came to receive his disciples, the second wife attempted to interfere in the matters, she asked the servants not to inform Ye Kong. Don’t forget about… ” While the third wife was criticizing the second wife, she would contrast it with her own kindness, she was attempting to form a closer relationship.


Ye Kong was powerful, so powerful that everyone wanted to form a good relationship with him.


Lu Qin gave a thumbs up to Ye Kong, saying that his sense was too accurate.


“Mother, third wife, please excuse me.” Ye Kong politely left the room.


Lu Qin also came out and said happily, “Brother Ye Kong, what kind of martial arts did you use in today’s fight? It seemed that you didn’t even use any, but it was actually very effective. What kind of martial arts was it?”


“My kung fu is called ‘kill you 3000 times’. “Ye Kong said.


“Kill you 3000 times? It sounds powerful. But why not 1000 or 2000 times?” Asked Lu Qin curiously.


“This…”Ye Kong still couldn’t answer. He said angrily, “I say it is three thousand, so it’s three thousand, that is the reason.”


“Oh.” Lu Qin was very dissatisfied with the answer, but did not dare to ask, so she just made a face to show she was discontent.


“Well, I need to talk to Xiao Hong about something, go to accompany my mother.” Ye Kong said again.


“I don’t want to listen to them speaking about their family matters, I want to stay with you.”


“No way.” Ye Kong whispered to her, “the third wife is not a good person either, you should keep an eye on her and make sure my mother doesn’t promise her anything.”


Lu Qin liked to do this kind of task, so Lu Qin was happy and agreed with a smile, “Yes, sir.”


“It’s like this.” Ye Kong, closed his both feet, saluted, “Reporting to boss, I promise to complete the task!”


“Ha ha, report to brother, I promise to complete the task.”


Lu Qin ran away, and Ye Kong looked at Xiao Hong, who had been sitting there, he went to pull her soft little hand. “Go, go to my room and we can discuss.”


When Ye Kong and Ye Wen stopped all pretence of civility, Xiao Hong was the most troubled. She knew that she was the cause, she also knew that the second wife would not turn against Ye Kong since she wanted Ye Kong’s martial arts, but the second wife would punish her. What kind of punishment would she suffer? She didn’t dare to think about it. Anyway, when the second wife was angry, she would always cruelly punish her servants.


“Sit.” Ye Kong took Xiao Hong back to his room and then closed the door.


“Are you afraid that the second wife will punish you?” Asked Ye Kong.


“Yes.” Xiao Hong nodded.


“Do you blame me for causing trouble for you?” Ye Kong asked again.


“Well…” Xiao Hong nodded her head, then suddenly realized her mistake and said, “I dare not.”


Ye Kong smiled and said, “Xiao Hong, you should know why I fought against them today.”


“…For me. “Xiao Hong lowered her head again, and her voice was as low as that of a mosquito.


“Then you should know that I must have a method to deal with them! Do you think I am the kind of reckless man who only wants to be reckless without thought of the consequences?”


Xiao Hong heard Ye Kong’s words and was immediately overjoyed, she looked up and asked, “Really?”


But when she looked up, she found that Ye Kong was right next to her. In Ye Kong’s eyes, there was a look which was frightening. She suddenly felt a little nervous for what was about to come.


She lowered her head and whispered, “really?”


“Of course.” When Ye Kong said this, his lips were almost touching her delicate earlobes, his eyes were focused on her white neck, there was a faint redness which was creeping its way up.


“You…won’t deceive me… “Most of Xiao Hong’s attention was now on Ye Kong’s mouth.


‘Is he going to kiss me? Would he kiss my ear or cheek first? Oh, I am wearing my ripped underwear today. Would he laugh at me? Oh, my God, how could I think like that? Why was I just thinking about him stripping me of my clothes?’ Xiao Hong’s head was suddenly filled with all kinds of thoughts, and she had already forgotten about the punishment from the second wife.


“What would I deceive you for?” Ye Kong looked at the girl’s cheek and neck, it was moving and the seductive fragrance coming from her neck was killing him. His voice was dry, and his breath was heavy, he gently touched the little red soft earlobe with his lips.


“Don’t……” Xiao Hong felt like her ears were burning, and she gasped a little, trying to dodge, but she was too slow.


“Don’t you always want to learn my stick pummels peach technique? I’ll teach you today. “Ye Kong’s arms stretched around Xiao Hong’s soft and voluptuous body.


Since he had made a decision, then he would go through with it, this was Ye Kong’s rule.


When Xiao Hong’s clothes were lifted up, her soft white belly was displayed, Ye Kong’s hand slid down the curve of her belly.


But at this time, Ye Kong suddenly thought of something, he raised his hand and removed the little sword from his waist, threw it into his storage bag, he could hear the angry scolding of Huang Quan, “Damned kid! Will you die if you’re not so smart? What’s the matter? Let me see her for a little.”


Ye Kong replied with a smile, “Ancestor, I promised you to see the women from the brothel, but I didn’t promise to let you see my woman. Be thankful you got to see this much!”

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