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TMC Chapter 68 Manual


“How lawless! This bastard! I’ll make him regret this sooner or later!” The second wife was furious. As soon as she came back, she heard that her two sons were chased through the estate and beaten by Ye Kong in the courtyard, which made them the laughingstock of the entire Ye Family. It was unimaginable.


Even if she was fighting with the third wife for the position of first wife, it was in secret. They behaved like the closest of sisters in front of the servants, as they wouldn’t allow the servants see them fighting.


But Ye Kong raked all of her dignity through the mud in a single day. It was a small matter that her son was beaten, but it was a serious matter to cause her to lose face. Because she couldn’t retaliate, the servants would laugh at them and think they are cowards.


This wasn’t just her son who was beaten publicly, this was to slap her face!


“Mom, he also said that even if you were there, you wouldn’t be able to stop him. He wanted to kill his brothers. You need to ensure that we have our justice!” Ye Wu knelt on the ground and cried, adding fuel to the fire.



“Sooner or later, I’ll teach him and his ugly mother a lesson!” There was a fierce look in the second wife’s eyes.


“Mum, where were you? It’s not usual for you not to be here. Otherwise, your son wouldn’t make such a fool of himself.”


The second wife’s face turned red, and she said angrily, “Useless! Do you want to interfere with my business?” Then she seemed think of something and her face relaxed again. She touched Ye Wu’s head and said, “Son, mother knows you have been wronged, but you still have to bear it for now. Don’t worry, I will have that boy kneel on the ground and beg for forgiveness in time!”


“Ah, I still have to endure? Mother, are you afraid of him?” Ye Wu cried reluctantly.


“I need to help others verify one thing.” The second lady frowned but she, didn’t go on, she only said, “Go wash your face and change your clothes. When there’s no one around in the afternoon, I will take you to admit your mistake.”


“I have to admit my mistake!” Ye Wu couldn’t believe his ears.


“Remember, those who can endure can become the most powerful! At a certain point, he will have pay you back 100 fold! ”


In Ye Kong’s room.


“Eighth young master, what are you thinking?” After her first time, Xiao Hong was a bit embarrassed. She pulled her dress to block the blood on the bed which was between her legs.


“I am thinking about… Well, nothing.” Ye Kong turned his face and looked at the Xiao Hong’s white and tender body. Subconsciously, he reached out his hand again. It was so soft and silky, it was a little bit cool and very comfortable to touch.


“I haven’t touched a woman for a long time. This sensation, you feel it in your bones.” Ye Kong whispered, as he placed her nipple into his mouth.



He had been in the Southern Land for several years, Ye Kong finally got to enjoy the pleasure of women, which intoxicated him.


“Since Xiao Hong is now yours, Eighth young master, how are you going to tell the second wife? “After the excitement, Xiao Hong couldn’t help worrying again.


“Oh, it’s easy.” Ye Kong reached out and patted the storage bag. He took out two thin books from inside and handed them to Xiao Hong. Then he reached down Xiao Hong’s smooth belly.


“Don’t touch it. It still hurts.” Xiao Hong’s long eye lashes blinked. Suddenly she saw a few words on the cover, and her eyes opened wide, “Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms”


This book was from when Lu Jun collected all of the of treasures for him. Ye Kong didn’t care whether it was the genuine martial arts manual or not. He had people change the cover to make it look like it was a worn-out ancient book, this was his plan to cheat the second wife.


“Eighth young master, you … do you really want to give this to me?” Xiao Hong was so surprised that she opened her beautiful eyes wide, forgetting that Ye Kong’s fingers had slipped into that painful place again.


“Not for you, but to exchange this book for your freedom from the second wife.” Ye Kong laughed.


“Really!” Xiao Hong exclaimed, martial arts manuals were extremely sought after in the Southern Land. An ancient martial arts manual was priceless. Comparing the two, a woman’s virginity wasn’t valued as highly as a powerful martial arts manual.


“No!” Then Xiao Hong shook her head again and said, “I know that I’m not worth as much as this. If you want to exchange this for me, you’d better take it away. This is too expensive of a price to pay for a servant like me.” Xiao Hong said, with eyes full of tears.


She was deeply moved by this gesture. There were many men who admired her beauty, but besides Ye Kong, who else was willing to use an ancient martial arts manual to exchange for her freedom?


Ye Kong wanted to say that he had replaced the cover and it was a fake, but Xiao Hong was so moved that he could not bear to say it. Instead, he said with a smile, “In my heart, how can this manual be more precious than sister Xiao Hong? So I prepared two.”


“Ah!” Xiao Hong was shocked again. After a careful look, it turned out that he had handed her two ancient manuals that were tightly pressed together. The cover of the second one was “Nine yin white bone claws”


“My God!” Xiao Hong exclaimed again. She was even more shocked. She had never thought that her value could be exchanged with two ancient martial arts manuals.


“Later, if the second wife is sincere, she will come on her own initiative. Then I will show her my sincerity—I will give these two manuals to her, and make the request. She should happily accept.”


“Eighth young master……” The Xiao Hong was moved in her heart and her voice became more gentle. With tears in her eyes, she slowly pulled away the clothes on her lower body. With her white as snow legs, she took the initiative to straddle Ye Kong’s waist.


“Eight young master, I have no regrets, I will die for you.” Xiao Hong wrapped her arms around Ye Kong’s neck.


“Why you mention death in such a nice moment?” Ye Kong murmured.


“I will serve the eighth young master wholeheartedly, and let you…”


“And you will keep my secrets.” Ye Kong said, as he thrust his hips.


“Yes…” Xiao Hong. Her arms tightly held Ye Kong’s neck and took in a breath of cool air. “Eighth young master, please cherish Xiao Hong. It still hurts. Don’t go so hard.”


After another thirty minutes.


“Eight young master, please, I can’t anymore.” Xiao Hong’s sweat had covered her back, and her hair was now clinging to her forehead.


“I’m almost there.” Ye Kong’s mind was mature, but his body was still immature. As he was close to reaching climax, he couldn’t hold himself back.


After a while, they collapsed on the bed as if they were dead. Xiao Hong closed her eyes and she sighed, “It turns out that this is what it is like.”


“What is it like?” Ye Kong said.


“It hurt at first, but I couldn’t help but want to continue. Afterwards, it is very good.”


“I have heard that some women get quite the appetite for it, after their first time. If I want to go into closed door cultivation for a long time, will you be able to wait for me?” Ye Kong asked again.


Xiao Hong opened her eyes and said, “Eighth young master, what are you saying? Although Xiao Hong is a servant, I still know how to be faithful to my husband until death. Since Xiao Hong is eighth young master’s, I will keep myself as pure as jade for eighth young master. You can do your closed door cultivation for five days, fifty days,  or even five hundred days, I will not have any relationship with other men!”


How about five years, fifty years?


Ye Kong thought, but he didn’t say these words. He thought it was cruel to say this to Xiao Hong. No wonder cultivators would look to find another cultivator as their partner.


Huang Quan said that it was common for cultivators to close door cultivation for decades. When they finished, the beauty that was waiting for them had become an old woman. What could they do? Decades went by in the blink of an eye to a cultivator, but how painful would it be for the person waiting?


Ye Kong took a long breath and said, “I’m going to closed door cultivation for a long time, maybe several months. I was going to start today, but I postponed it for one day because of you.”


“It doesn’t matter. Xiao Hong has gone this long without it, a few more months is not difficult. Wait until then… it will make it even better.” Xiao Hong blushed a bit. One hour ago, she wouldn’t say such bold words. Now she said it calmly.


“Well, why hasn’t the second wife come?” Ye Kong couldn’t help but wonder.


Xiao Hong was worried, “It is also strange that Lu Qin hasn’t come?”


In fact, what they didn’t know was that Lu Qin had already come, but the two were having such a good time that they didn’t notice.


The wooden house had very poor sound insulation, and Ye Kong didn’t activate the array. Lu Qin could hear the noises from Xiao Hong from a long distance. Although the little girl was pure, when she heard the noises, her whole body went numb, she understood what was going on.


Today, she understood clearly that brother Ye Kong wanted Xiao Hong, but she had no jealousy. Having multiple wives in the Southern Land was normal. There were even poor people who had several wives. Besides, Xiao Hong was on good terms with her.


Of course, Lu Qin’s heart still felt a bit uncomfortable. Why didn’t Ye Kong do this with her? Didn’t he like me? Or was I not beautiful enough?


Of course, she had to keep this in her heart. She was too embarrassed to say it.


Even if Ye Kong and Xiao Hong came out later, she would only pretend not to know.


“Eighth young master, why hasn’t the second wife come?” At lunch, Xiao Hong asked, doubting Ye Kong’s judgment.


“Don’t worry, I said she will come.” When Ye Kong enjoyed his first time with Xiao Hong, he felt like they had become much closer. When he was eating, he stretched his left hand behind Xiao Hong and rubbed his hand across her bottom.


“She must have sent some servants to see what we are doing first.” Chen Jiuniang was still worried. She didn’t notice the small movements of the two lovebirds sat next to her. She was so worried that she couldn’t eat any food. She said again, “The second wife is very narrow-minded and cars a great deal about her dignity. When the housekeepers and servants have offended her, none of them had a good end. Alas! This time you’ve caused a lot of trouble for mother.”


“Adopted mother, don’t sigh. Brother Ye Kong is an immortal cultivator. He said it would be ok then it would.” Lu Qin was using her chopsticks to eat her fill, she had a blind trust in Ye Kong.


“Yes.” When Xiao Hong heard this she felt at ease, would an immortal fear the retribution of a mortal?


Suddenly she felt that an immortal’s fingers had slipped into the gap between her thighs. Her tender face was red and could not stand it anymore. She quietly used her left hand to stop the hand between her thighs.


But Ye Kong held onto her little hand in his palm, and used his fingers to rub, which made Xiao Hong tremble slightly, it made her unable to continue eating.


Feeling Ye Kong’s action was more and more unbridled, Xiao Hong felt it was unbearable, she turned around and glared at Ye Kong.


Ye Kong acted as if he saw nothing and started to act even more unbridled.


When Xiao Hong was at the end of her wits, she heard a servant outside shouting, “This way please, second mistress.”

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