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TMC Chapter 69 Apology


 Hearing the second mistress was here, Xiao Hong immediately grew nervous. Her face changed from a flush of red to pale.


Xiao Hong wanted to stand up, but Ye Kong still had his hand inside her underwear.


“Eighth young master~” Xiao Hong looked at Ye Kong imploringly.


Even Chen Jiuniang looked at Ye Kong nervously. After all, the second mistress currently had complete authority over the Ye Family. How could she remain calm?


“It’s okay, what are you flustered about? Continue eating!” Ye Kong retracted his hand from Xiao Hong and leant back in his chair. He thought that if he had a cigar and some sunglasses, he would look even cooler.


In fact, in Ye Kong’s view, the second mistress was similar to a rival gang leader. Her henchmen had failed to cause trouble and were beaten. When she found out about it, she couldn’t act because the other person was not to be provoked, so she would certainly bring her henchmen here to apologize.


In fact, this was exactly the way a gang leader would behave.


Ye Kong had been in this situation countless times on Earth, every time the Leader of Han Zheng Gang behaved arrogantly when he came to apologize and would be met with the same response. “Forget it, if you wanted a fight, you wouldn’t scurry here with your henchmen to apologize!”


As soon as the second mistress entered the room, she was flushed with anger. This was because the people in the room were still sitting and eating. They didn’t intend to greet her at all.


Every time the second mistress went somewhere, she took the steward Ye Cai with her. Before entering, he would loudly say, “This way please, second mistress.” This was to remind the people inside to stop whatever they were doing. The second mistress was arriving and they should hurry up and greet her.


This woman regarded herself as an emperor. It could be seen how proud she was and how difficult it was to bear Ye Kong’s offense.


Ye Cai, the housekeeper, was also shocked. He thought that the Eighth young master was really brave. When the second mistress came in, he didn’t even move and still ate with nothing to fear.


He thought, “Alas, it was good that I wasn’t there this morning. Otherwise, I would have been caught in the middle of this. If I didn’t stop it, I would be punished by the second mistress. If I stopped it, I would be beaten by Ye Kong on the spot. No wonder everyone called him the god of misfortune. Even the second mistress dares not act against him.”


“Oh, it’s already lunchtime , ha-ha.” The second mistress was able to endure. She laughed and walked over to the four people who were still sat at the table.


Chen Jiuniang couldn’t remain still. No matter what, the second mistress was of higher status than her. In fact, in the royal court, the social status difference between the women was no less strict than that of the lords and officials. There, one’s social status and rank determined everything. Moreover, the second mistress was in control of the entire Ye family.


“Second mistress, I’m sorry for the rudeness. This way please.” Chen Jiuniang hurried to greet her.


Xiao Hong also stood up. She still had a deep reverence for the second mistress, but she didn’t rush up to greet her. She just bowed her head and stood aside.


Ye Kong didn’t blame them either. He just looked at the second mistress and sat back in his chair, picking his teeth with a toothpick.


‘What a rude brat! When the time comes, I will use toothpicks to pierce your entire body!’ The second mistress had a grudge in her heart, but the words from her mouth were intimate.


“Jiuniang, I’ve disturbed your lunch. Ha-ha, I just came back and heard that my two brats caused you some trouble. I brought this ungrateful brat here to apologize, sister. You can punish him as you see fit. ” The second mistress said with a smile.


Chen Jiuniang did not dare to punish anyone. She said quickly, “Forget it. Ye Kong was also to blame. Let’s drop it now.”


“Say sorry to your aunt!” The second mistress stared at Ye Wu.


“Aunt, it was my fault. Please forgive me.” Ye Wu fell on his knees and kowtowed.


“That’s too much. You don’t have to…” Chen Jiuniang was a little nervous seeing this. This was the third young master kneeling in front of her. It was something that she hadn’t dared to think about before.


It was easy to go overboard when emotions are high. When someone is excited or nervous, they act without thinking. Chen Jiuniang was excited and nervous, so she said, “Ye Kong is so to blame. He should apologize too.”


Ye Kong, who was looking on arrogantly, almost fell of his chair. ‘Mother, I’m meant to be the boss here. It was her fault. I’m still waiting for her to serve me tea. How can I kneel in front of her? That’s bullshit.”


Seeing Ye Kong’s response, the second mistress was amused. Suddenly, she had an idea to let his mother deal with him and let them fight with each other. She couldn’t settle the debt, so she would collect the interest first.


“Come now, Sister Jiuniang, we’re on good terms. In fact, I was afraid it would affect our relationship, so Ye Wu must apologize.” The second mistress said affectionately, putting on the perfect act of a good sister.


The more sincere the second mistress seemed, the more embarrassed Chen Jiuniang became. She shouted, “Ye Kong, come and apologize to the second mistress.”


“Mother, you’re lauding the spirit of the enemy and belittling that of our own.” Ye Kong had no choice but to stand up and walk over slowly. The second mistress smiled, “An apology is fine, Ye Kong doesn’t need to kneel, sister. I can’t bear it.”


Chen Jiuniang didn’t hesitate and said, “How can I do that? Ye Wu kneeled down to apologize. Ye Kong must also kneel and apologize to sister. ”


Hearing this, Ye Kong couldn’t help but pause. To say apologize was fine, but to kneel was…


As soon as Ye Kong paused, anger filled his tiger-like eyes. His teeth were clenched and his face started twitching. He said in a cold voice, “No!”


When the second mistress saw that he was getting angry, she knew that she was going too far. Did she want to force him into a fight with her?


She was a little scared, smiled quickly and said, “ha-ha, look, there is no need to be angry. I was joking. He took it seriously.”


Chen Jiuniang was also frightened by Ye Kong’s cold eyes. At this time, Lu Qin hurriedly came to her side and whispered in her ear, “You said something wrong.”


“Nothing is wrong. Ye Wu apologized on his knees, and Ye Kong should do the same. There is nothing wrong with this.” Chen Jiuniang couldn’t understand.


Lu Qin’s forehead was wrinkled in thought, then she leant over and said, “Without considering who is to blame for this, are brother Ye Kong and Ye Wu of the same status? This is similar to war. Ye Wu is only a soldier, while the second mistress is a general. It is nothing for a soldier to kneel before the enemy. But on our side, Ye Kong is the general. Asking our general to kneel before the enemy. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?”


“Oh.” Chen Jiuniang now understood that in this situation she was a soldier, not the general. It was improper for her to ask Ye Kong to kneel. She could only shut up.


Although Lu Qin’s voice was low, the second mistress could hear what was said. She was surprised that such a young girl was so clever and insightful. She explained the dynamics of this complicated situation with only a few words, and in a way which was easy to understand.


She suddenly thought, “If I can make this girl my daughter-in-law, she will be able to handle some of my matters in the future. She would make a good wife.” The second mistress began to think about ways to bring Lu Qin to her side.


Ye Kong saw his mother had dropped the issue of him kneeling in front of the second mistress, so his anger started to fade. He went to the second mistress and said politely, “I am sorry. Everyone knows that I have a bad temper, but everyone who is familiar with me knows that I respect people who show me respect. If Ye Wu had not offended me, I would not have got angry. Of course, I went too far today. Please forgive me since I am still a teenager. ”


In fact, Ye Kong didn’t have much against the second mistress until now. Although she had instructed Xiao Hong to spy on him, Ye Kong knew that she had done this for the sake of her sons. It was justifiable for her to do it as a mother, only her method was improper, but did not push the boundaries. So Ye Kong held no grudge with her.


If the second mistress was tactful and acted appropriately, then Ye Kong was going to take out the fake ancient manuals and exchange Xiao Hong for them.


Although they were only manuals of mortal martial arts, they were still heirlooms passed down by a family for generations. They were still valuable and would be very beneficial for her sons.


But unexpectedly, the second mistress had other thoughts, she wanted to ruin the relationship between Lu Qin and Ye Kong, but she didn’t dare to overdo it.


“Oh, ha-ha, I can see that nephew Ye Kong is so good with his words now. Ha-ha, how can I blame you, Jiuniang? It was Ye Wen and Ye Wu’s fault.” The second mistress said with a smile, “But nephew, you have a bad habit. The spring appreciating tower is not a good place. You’d better stop going there. What if you catch a disease from one of the girls?”


The second mistress showed her experience and craftiness. Her word were chosen carefully to embarrass Ye Kong, but leave him with no way to retort. Most importantly, Lu Qin would also know that he frequented the brothel and might have caught a disease there. There was a chance that this would cause a rift between Ye Kong and Lu Qin.


Of course, if the second mistress had used this method in the past, it would have had a great effect. But today, when she said this, Ye Kong was suspicious.


“You went to the brothel again. Next time those friends invite you to drink, you are not allowed to go there!” Chen Jiuniang scolded, but this time she was careful with her words. She was making it clear that Ye Kong went there to drink with friends.


“Yes.” Ye Kong stood beside her, lowering his head. But he felt suspicious in his heart.


“Yesterday, I went in and out through the back door. When the law enforcers came to make trouble, I hid in the room and didn’t show my face to the public. So, there shouldn’t be many people who know that I went to the spring appreciating tower. How did she learn about it?”


There were only three groups of people knowing Ye Kong had been to the spring appreciating tower yesterday.


1, The Lu brothers. These two people shouldn’t have any connections with the second mistress, but it wasn’t impossible. After all, the friendship between him and the Lu brothers was based on money and power, which was not the most solid foundation. If there was a richer and more powerful master, there was a chance for them to betray him.


2, The girls in the spring appreciating tower. It was hard to imagine that there was a connection between the second mistress, a middle-aged noble lady, and a group of prostitutes. If she knew someone from there, it must be Feng Siniang. The landlady had proactively pleasured him and wiped his little brother with her handkerchief. She didn’t make any mention of knowing the second mistress.


3, Adjutant Tie. Did the second mistress go out in the middle of the night to meet with a government official and stay the night? Thinking of this possibility, Ye Kong suddenly felt a little alarmed.


In a word, the second mistress could have received the news from any of the three channels above. No matter which side she had gone to the meet in the middle of the night, Ye Kong was extremely upset.


The second mistress didn’t know that her casual remark had made Ye Kong infer such a secret. It seemed it was true that people tend to go overboard when they were excited, it made them more likely to speak without thinking things through.

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