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TMC Chapter 7 Competition (3)

Chapter 7 Competition (3)


“Hey, do you think that foolish child will create some trouble again?”


“No, I don’t think so. He has changed his clothes and knows the rules. Even I could beat him, not to mention Ye Wen.”


“Normally, it would be impossible for him to win, but I have a feeling that he might do something.”


‘Haha, if he still wants to break the rules, he will be sentenced to a hundred strikes by army staff.”


“Challenge match, start!” Ye Wen and Ye Kong walked to the arena from the side at the call of the housekeeper, Ye Cai.


“Second brother, according to the fifth rule, we can’t attack the vital parts of the opponent like the face, eyes and crotch, can we? And the sixth rule: no using hidden weapons. The seventh rule: no using weapons without permission, am I right?” Ye Kong continued to ask even when he was in the arena.


Ye Wen was extremely patient in answering him. Not sure if this child was really stupid or not, Ye Wen was asked to explain the rules to him word by word. During that, Ye Kong asked many ridiculous and strange questions as well.


Since Ye Wen was on the losing side just now, he did not dare to randomly answer. He listened to him carefully then made sure his answer was correct, “That’s right!”


“Then, the second rule, the one who falls down and stays down, or if his body leaves the platform loses?”


Ye Wen nodded, “Yep, you remembered it clearly.”


“But if you jump, and your feet and your whole body will leave the arena, then you lose?”


Ye Wen was sick to death of his constant similar questions, he wondered, “Why is your mind so different from other people? Leaving for a short time is allowed!”


Ye Wen had almost used up all his patience.


“And…?” Ye Kong still wanted to ask him.


“Hey, are you still gonna to fight? Why do you have so many questions?” Ye Wen was impatient. He had been waiting to beat him up for such a long time.

“Okay, let’s begin!” Ye Kong answered helplessly.


“Then pay attention!” Ye Wen smiled coldly, ‘Idiot! Just wait for me to beat you up! How dare you provoke my mom! I promise I will give you a lesson today! No matter how smart you are, you have to submit to me!”


Ye Haoran heard the words between Ye Wen and Ye Kong and had a feeling that Ye Kong was likely going to play a trick, but Ye Haoran couldn’t figure out what Ye Kong would do.


Ye Haoran disliked Ye Kong. The mother was hideous to look at and the son was a fool. He remembered the way Ye Kong would stammer and grin foolishly as he drooled on himself, but since he heard Ye Kong had recovered, he started to observe him. Ye Haoran found that this son was tenacious, strong-willed, aggressive and decisive, just like Ye Haoran had been in his youth, so he changed his mind about Ye Kong. When he saw Ye Kong today, he thought Ye Kong was an interesting child, full of cunning. Even now, Ye Haoran looked forward to seeing what tricks he would play.


“Come on!” Ye Wen yelled and posed. As the eldest of the younger generation who still lived with their parents, Ye Wen was self-dignified, and he didn’t take the initiative.


Ye Kong didn’t rush at him and yelled back, “If you ask me to come over there, and I listen, I will lose face!”


‘Now is not the time to care for your face, idiot!’ Ye Wen had no time to care about his identity. He jumped, rolled in the air like a swallow, aimed at Ye Kong.


“Shit! Lightness skill!” Ye Kong cursed. He slipped to the other corner of the challenge arena.


“Don’t run away!” Ye Wen jumped again.


When Ye Kong ran to another side, he yelled, “I can’t beat you, but I might win in a race!”


“Hehe!” Ye Wen smiled coldly, “Do you think you can escape?” He lifted up the front of his long shirt and tucked it into his waistband, snorting, “You really can’t win the race!”


Ye Wen stopped jumping and utilized his Internal Energy and rushed toward Ye Kong with very extremely quick steps.


Luckily, Ye Kong had been running with weights for several days. Without the tiles, he was also extremely quick at evading. Running and evading, they looked as if they were playing a game of cat and mouse.


The audience burst into an uproar. It was no wonder that Ye Kong had practiced long distance running every day. How could it turn out to be so useful now?


Ye Hu still bore a grudge against Ye Kong, he lifted his head and yelled, “Ye Kong, so what if all you practiced was escaping? Haha, you are a true disgrace to the Ye family!”


Ye Kong ignored him and continued running around the arena, but even though he ran fast, he still could not compare with Ye Wen who was using his Internal Energy and lightness skills. The distance between them quickly shortened, and Ye Wen had almost grabbed hold of his clothes several times.


“Fool! Go to hell!” As the distance approached, there was a glimmer of cold light in Ye Wen’s eyes, Ye Wen lunged forward like a leopard.


“Cangnan Tongbi Fist!” Ye Wen punched with his Internal Energy and it landed in the middle of Ye Kong’s back.


Blood spurted out of Ye Kong’s mouth. He walked several steps and then fell to the ground.


“Hmm. How useless! It only required a single punch to beat you!” Ye Wen kicked him across the platform like kicking a dead dog.


There was a clear blood trail left across the arena floor from Ye Kong’s body. It was no wonder that Ye Wen won, but the audience felt it was not the excitement they were hoping for.


Ye Haoran shook his head when he looked at Ye Kong hanging at the edge of the challenge arena, there was nothing exciting when watching a competition when the difference in strength between Ye Wen and Ye Kong was so large.


Ye Haoran raised his hand and the housekeeper Ye Cai announced, “The winner of the challenge competition, Ye Wen–”


“Stop!” Suddenly a voice came from the edge of the arena. Following the voice, they saw that Ye Kong was standing beside the platform, pointing at Ye Cai with one hand and holding on to the edge of the platform with the other


“Rules! Rules! Only the one who falls down and stays down or his body leaves the platform totally loses, but I still have four fingers on the platform. I have not lost!”


Ye Kong spoke as if he did not know that what he was doing was beyond shameless.


All the people hissed, and they obviously protested Ye Kong’s shameless behavior.


Ye Wen was furious but he then laughed aloud, “Well, you are not defeated yet! Then come here! Let’s continue our fight!”


“No, I won’t go there. I’ll just stand here. As long as one part of my body is in the arena, then I am not defeated, and by default, that means you are not the winner either!”


Everyone was stunned. This child was too thick-skinned. He was already stood outside of the arena platform, with his two feet on the ground, how was he still not defeated?


“Ye Kong, do you still value your dignity? If you can’t stand losing, then leave!” Ye Wen’s half-brother, Ye Hu, walked to Ye Kong and scolded, “You are not admitting defeat and are only taking advantage of every loophole in the rules. What kind of a hero are you?”


“I’m not a hero, I am a thug!” Ye Kong rolled his eyes and replied coldly, “The reason why I act like this is because making use of the rules is also a strategy!”


“Making use of the rules is also a strategy! Well said!” Ye Haoran said.


Ye Kong tapped Ye Hu on the shoulder and spoke in earnest, “Third brother, I know you cannot understand my words, but I am competing with Ye Wen right now, so please get out of the way.”


“You, thug!” Ye Hu was red-cheeked with rage and stepped aside.


Ye Wen spoke, “Since it is so, I’ll make you leave the arena completely!”


Ye Wen jumped like a tiger and rushed at Ye Kong, posing like a pheasant standing on one foot in air, he was planning to crush Ye Kong’s fingers.


Ye Wen’s skillful actions and elegant posture won a lot of applause from their siblings.


Ye Kong raised his hand and moved it to the other side to avoid his fingers being crushed.


“Your fingers left the arena completely just now!” Ye Wen shouted.


“Leaving for a short time is allowed! You said that!” Ye Kong smiled innocently.


Ye Wen was going crazy with anger and wanted to attack his infuriating mouth, but according to the rules, he wasn’t allowed to attack the face. However, Ye Kong stood beside the platform where Ye Wen could approach his face but was not able to attack.


‘Then I will step on his fingers!’ Ye Wen followed Ye Kong’s hands with his feet, left and right, while Ye Kong was switching between the hand he was using to hold onto on the platform. The competition was no longer one of martial skill.


The youngest generation of the Ye family was speechless and had no idea when they would finish their ‘game’ and what the end result would be.


After a long time, Ye Haoran couldn’t stand it anymore. ‘Why the hell are you competing there? Are you playing for fun? Do you put me in your eyes?’


“Ahem…” Ye Haoran coughed.


Ye Wen was annoyed as well. He stomped quickly trying to catch Ye Kong’s hand. Just when he turned his head to look towards his father, he felt someone grab his ankle.


Ye Wen yelled out in panic, “Oh, no!”


Ye Wen was a clever person too. Before being dragged down from the platform, he also grabbed the edge of the arena.


‘Hehe, are you the only one who knows how to make use of the rules? Only you can act shamelessly?’


Ye Wen stood beside the platform smirked, putting his hand on the platform.


The younger generation of the Ye family nearly collapsed, the competition was beyond their imagination today. Neither of them was fighting on the platform, yet no one was defeated either.


Ye Haoran was about to lose his temper.


Then, there was a winner.


“Ahhh!” Ye Wen cried out as Ye Kong bit his wrist.


Ye Wen shouted, “No biting!”


“There was no rule about that!” Ye Kong snorted vaguely and bit him again.


“Stop it!” Ye Wen pushed Ye Kong with his one hand, as Ye Kong bit his other hand.


“You lost!” Ye Kong released Ye Wen’s wrist from between his teeth. He turned and climbed onto the platform and yelled, “I won!”


There were no cheers, no applause, no flowers or women. The audience stared wide eyed at Ye Kong in shock and thought, ‘How did this happen? He broke rules and played unfair, but he still won? Was that reasonable?’


Ye Haoran did not think that it was reasonable, but it wasn’t an unreasonable conclusion. Besides, he wondered what Ye Kong would ask for as his prize.


“The winner of the challenge competition is Ye Kong!” Ye Cai announced. Everyone hissed and wondered if they should strive to be as crafty as Ye Kong in the future.


“Ye Kong, though it was not an honorable win, you have won through your cunning. What is it that you want? Say it and you’ll have it if it’s in my power to give.”


The others were so jealous. They all wondered if Ye Kong would ask for money or precious weapons?


“I want to learn martial arts!” Ye Kong said loudly.


“That’s what you should learn as my child. That is not considered a request.”


“I want to learn from you, Father!”


Everyone burst into an uproar after Ye Kong said that. Though Ye Haoran had many children, he only taught his first son, Ye Wei. He gave the others advice sometimes, but they had never thought they could get the chance to be taught by Ye Haoran.

‘If the fool could really get the chance to learn from Father, then we will quickly fall behind him!’ They all stared at Ye Haoran nervously, worrying that their father would accept his request.


Hearing that, Ye Haoran narrowed his eyes and looked Ye Kong up and down. He was surprised. He hoped that one of his other children could inherit his martial arts, but none of the others had shown enough aptitude to learn his martial arts. He was afraid they would bring disgrace to the Ye family.


But after he finished looking at Ye Kong, he blinked and frowned.


Ye Kong felt he was going to be refused, said quickly, “Dad, I have recovered my full mental faculties. I also want to enjoy a promising future, so I wish to learn from my father. I will share your worries in the future and contribute to the Ye family. Father, please don’t worry about my ability. I promise I will train myself to the extreme every day, no matter if it’s summer or winter. I will learn modestly and train harder than anyone else. I won’t damage the reputation of the Ye family!”


“You’d better ask for something else!” Ye Haoran refused him indifferently.


Ye Kong was unwilling to give up, “Father, didn’t you say that if I won, then I could ask for anything I wanted? You won’t break your promise, will you?”


Ye Haoran shook his head and said, “My refusal does not mean I broke my promise. You have no aptitude to learn martial arts. More importantly, you are too old to learn. If you had recovered several years ago, you…” Ye Haoran stopped and then continued, looking up at Ye Kong, “You are twelve years old. This means your skeletal structure has already developed and you have missed the most important training period. If you want to practise martial arts to protect yourself, that’s fine, but if you want to stand out from other martial artists, it’s impossible. No matter how hard you train, it’s impossible to achieve great success, so you will only ever have minor success no matter who your teacher is and no matter what technique you learn.”


If you want to practise martial arts to protect yourself, that’s fine, but if you want to stand out from other martial artists, it’s impossible.


No matter how hard you train, it’s impossible to achieve great success.


These words were like a bolt of lightning to Ye Kong that stunned him, leaving him speechless. He planned to come to the forefront of this world by practising martial arts, now he was told that it was impossible, yet there was no other way for him to stand out.


Ye Haoran sighed and comforted him, “Don’t be upset either, you have a glib tongue and an agile imagination, why not abandon martial arts for literary pursuit? If you can write an embroidered piece of literature and win an official rank, you can also be accepted into the inner chamber and be tasked with assisting the King, this will also bring glory to our ancestors!”


Hearing Ye Haoran’s words, the other siblings took a deep breath and looked at each other. Everyone was relieved. No one wanted to fall behind Ye Kong and would never imagine that Ye Kong could practice martial arts let alone the mysterious road of cultivation.


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