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TMC Chapter 70 Anger


“Second mistress, take care. Please come to visit us again when you are free.” The second mistress stayed for a while before Ye Kong said goodbye.


Standing in the corner, Xiao Hong suddenly felt sad that she had been played by the eighth young master. This heartless guy didn’t mention exchanging the ancient manual for her freedom.


At first, Xiao Hong had thought Ye Kong had forgotten, so she started winking at him, but Ye Kong pretended not to see her.


When the second mistress was sent away, Xiao Hong was upset. ‘It turns out that it was only sweet talk and fake!’ She thought, ‘Since I have already given him my precious virginity, why does he need to pay such a high price for me? So, I can only return to the second mistress to bear the punishment. My life will be miserable!’


“What’s wrong? You seem angry.” Ye Kong had returned from seeing the second mistress off.


“No.” Xiao Hong lowered her head to hide the tears in her eyes.


“If you are not angry, then what are you crying for?”


“You are shameless! Why am I crying? I have lost everything. I was cheated and you played me. I will have to go back and face the punishment of the second mistress. Isn’t that reason to cry?”


Xiao Hong could not control her mood anymore. Tears gushed out. She pushed Ye Kong away and rushed out of the hall.


“What happened to Sister Xiao Hong?” Lu Qin, who came in later and was confused.


“It’s OK. There’s a misunderstanding. Ha-ha.” Ye Kong rubbed Lu Qin’s head before he went after Xiao Hong.


“What are you running for? Come back to my room so we can talk.” Ye Kong caught up with Xiao Hong at the entrance of the courtyard and pulled her back.


Xiao Hong was obstinate and refused to go back, she started kicking and fighting. She scolded, “You heartless brute, you shouldn’t have said it if you weren’t going to give her the manual. I didn’t ask you to do it. Why did you cheat me?”


“I will tell you after we go back to the room?” Ye Kong was afraid of being seen, so he forced her back.


“I don’t want to listen! Let me go! Liar! “Xiao Hong refused to go with Ye Kong, and she shouted as loudly as possible.


Chen Jiuniang heard this and came to check what was going on.


“I didn’t know you had such a bad temper before. But I will warn you that my temper is worse!” Ye Kong was also annoyed. He lifted her and then carried her back to his room and closed the door.


“Let me go! Let me go! You liar!”


Ye Kong didn’t care about her kicking. He tapped on the storage bag, took out a spirit stone, and then activated the array.


“Well, go ahead, shout. No one can hear you, no matter how hard you shout.” Ye Kong threw Xiao Hong on the bed.


“Liar! Cheater! If you were reluctant to give the ancient manual to the second mistress, it doesn’t matter, but why did you even mention it to me? When the second mistress was here, you didn’t even attempt to bring it up. “Xiao Hong cried and fell on the bed.


“Well, it seems like you are a short sighted woman who likes to guess the intentions of others. Listen to me.” Ye Kong sat beside the bed.


“No.” Xiao Hong lied on her side, with her legs curled up. Her plump and rounded hip was in face of Ye Kong who sat beside the bed.


“Hmm! Are you trying to tempt me.” Ye Kong looked at Xiao Hong’s tight round hip wrapped in a thing dress skirt, and then he reaches out his fingers and pointed them in the gap between her legs.


“No!” Xiao Hong was touched on her softest part and started kicking her feet which were still wearing her embroidered shoes.


“Ha-ha, I’ll tell you why I didn’t bring it up to the second mistress while you serve me.”


“You are so bad! Wait… serve you…No! “Xiao Hong struggled, but the dress was soon taken off from her round hips.


“You’re a liar and I believed you!” Xiao Hong thought about pushing Ye Kong away, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it.


“Ha-ha, I might have lied to you, but so what?” Ye Kong smiled, holding Xiao Hong’s waist with his hands, and pushed himself inside her.


“You bastard, why are you proud of deceiving a poor servant girl?” Said Xiao Hong as she started to thump his chest with her hands.


“But you can’t blame me. Hey, don’t move so much! “Ye Kong patted on her white light hip and said, “I didn’t chase you, it was you who came to me. You said you liked me and said you didn’t want anything from me. How am I to blame? Well, come lets enjoy this. ”


“Whatever, liar.” Xiao Hong was no longer throwing her tantrum. She seemed to have come to grips in her heart. Yes, she didn’t want anything from him except love, so how could she be angry with him? Although he had given her hope which he then took away, those hopes were unrealistic. To exchange a servant girl with two ancient martial arts manuals? No one would believe it.


“Well, such is my fate.” Xiao Hong lied on the bed and allowed Ye Kong to untie her thin shirt and bellyband.


“Hello, anyone home? You said you would serve me comfortably, why have you stopped.” Said Ye Kong.


Xiao Hong didn’t say a word. She glared at him as if to say, ‘You said you would exchange for my freedom.’


“Well, okay, you win. I’ll tell you why I didn’t mention it to the second mistress today.” Ye Kong said as he stopped and kicked off his pants which were hung around his ankles. Then he said, “I had a better idea. I won’t mention it, but instead give them to you to take back. It shows her that you have my trust, but are willing to steal from me.”


Xiao Hong, who had been silent, opened her eyes wide, “Why do you want to do this?”


“I want you to get her trust! I have some doubts that her motivation behind all of this is not to help her sons learn martial arts.” Ye Kong said and laid down beside Xiao Hong. He was no long doing anything with her and started masturbating.


“As you said, I also have similar doubts. She not only cares about your martial arts but also asked me to take note of any strange behavior from you.” Xiao Hong knew that she had wrongly blamed Ye Kong, and guilt rose in her heart. Her hands took the initiative to replace Ye Kong’s hand.


Feeling Xiao Hong’s hand, it felt much better than before.


“Do they suspect that I’m an immortal cultivator?” Ye Kong approached Xiao Hong and caressed her tender red face.


“Eighth young master…” Xiao Hong lowered her head and said shyly, “I doubted you for no reason. Please punish me.”


“Punish… How do you want to be punished?”


Xiao Hong loosened her hands and then laid back on the bed. She held her legs open wide with he hands, completely exposing herself to Ye Kong. She said with a hint of shame, “Please punish me, Eighth young master…”


Ye Kong said with a smile, “If all the servant girls let me punish them like this when they make mistakes, it would be wonderful.”


In the afternoon, Xiao Hong came out of the room happily. She spoke to Lu Qin and Chen Jiuniang and then returned to the second mistress.


The servants who passed by were whispering beneath their breath.


“Does Xiao Hong have a lover? I have never seen such a flirtatious expression on her face before.”


“It has nothing to do with you. The person sleeping with Xiao Hong must be one of the young masters.”


“All the good cabbages are picked! I would be willing to die if I could sleep with her only once!”


Suddenly an older servant overheard and said, “Hey, hey, what are you two talking about? Are you trying to get yourself killed? Didn’t you see where she came from?”


Looking back, the two gossiping servants glanced at each other in horror and said, “God of misfortune…” They dared not say more and hurriedly walked away with their mouths covered.


“Slut, how dare you show your face here!” When the second mistress saw Xiao Hong, she immediately scolded. In her own home, she didn’t need to keep up pretenses. She could speak as harshly as she wished. She would give face to Ye Kong, but not Xiao Hong.


“Slut! You dirty slut! I’ll rip your filthy mouth off!” The second mistress didn’t wait for Xiao Hong to speak. She picked up a cane and swung it towards Xiao Hong.


“Madam, you have wronged me. Can you beat me after I finish talking.” Xiao Hong dodged, but it still made contact with her arm.


“Oh? Have I wronged you? Let’s see what else you can say. “The second mistress put down the stick with a slight doubt in her eyes.


“I am only getting close to them in order to complete the task you have me to gain his trust. In fact, I am really don’t want to flirt with him, but I must pretend to be happy around him.” Xiao Hong cried.


“Really? But you gave yourself to him, didn’t you? “The second mistress bought Xiao Hong’s story to some extent.


“Yes, but look!”


When the second mistress saw the ancient manuals handed over by Xiao Hong, her eyes filled with the flames of greed, ” Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms! Nine Yin White Bone Claws!”


The second mistress snatched the manuals from Xiao Hong and turned several pages. She saw that the martial arts detailed inside were comprehensive and seemed mysterious. Moreover, by the worn cover and discolored paper, it looked like it had seen the passing of countless generations.


“How did you get it? Isn’t it too convenient that you got these today, of all days? “The second mistress was also a shrewd person. She didn’t forget to suspect any gift she was given.


“It’s because that bastard was busy fighting with the second young master and the third young master.”


“Oh?” The second mistress became interested and said, “Sit down and tell me the details.”


Xiao Hong did not sit down but remained standing and said, “Well, that bastard was upset after beating the two young masters. He said he didn’t fight enough, so he took aim at me and said that I was also a person belonging to the second mistress. So he would use me to relieve his anger.”


Some women are born with a natural acting ability, Xiao Hong even started to cry as she told the second mistress her story.


The second mistress was angry. She slammed the table and scolded, “This bastard! Why didn’t you run away?”


“He didn’t reveal his intentions at first. He lied to me and said that he would show me his stick pummels peach of the beggar sect. Then, when I entered his room, he…” Xiao Hong cried again.


The second mistress looked at the two manuals in her hands doubtfully then looked up and said, “Yes, shouldn’t there be three of them? What about the other one?”


“Just two ancient manuals, there is no stick pummels peach of the beggar sect. The stick is his, his, his filthy thing!”


“Filthy thing?” The second mistress didn’t understand.


“He untied his trousers and…”


The second mistress was not stupid. She understood immediately and snapped, “What a disgraceful bastard!”


Xiao Hong added, “I then understood why these manuals couldn’t be found when I looked for them. It turned out that he had hidden them in a pocket sewn inside his trousers.”


“Oh, they were hidden here.” The second mistress nodded her head and asked, “How did you get them then?”


“Wuwu…”Xiao Hong wiped her tears as if she had been wronged, “That bastard forced me to put it in. He was so fierce that I dared not refuse, so I did as he asked. Then when he was done, his trousers were dirty. I said I would help him wash them, that’s when I stole these from him.”

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