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TMC Chapter 71 Chen Qingtian


“It’s so scheming to have this girl tell such lies. Hehe so funny.” Huang Quan chuckled.


Ye Kong was afraid that Xiao Hong would could disturbed by Ye Wu when she returned, so he gave his sword to Xiao Hong. He wanted Huang Quan not only to protect Xiao Hong, but he would also be able to listen in to their conversation.


Huang Quan could see and hear the situation around Xiao Hong. If there was anything unexpected, he could immediately communicate with Ye Kong using his divine sense.


So Huang Quan was listening to the report of Xiao Hong.


Ye Kong said with a smile, “If I didn’t make the story interesting, she might doubt it.”


“It seems that she already believes the story. What are you going to do next?” Huang Quan asked again.


“The story is that Xiao Hong is washing my clothes, which will force the second mistress to act quickly, otherwise I would grow suspicious.” Said Ye Kong.


“These manuals have to be returned?” The second mistress said.


“If they are not, he will find out.” Xiao Hong said with a shiver of faked fear.


“How long do we have?” The second mistress asked again.


“I have already washed his clothes. They would have dried by tomorrow morning, which is when he will expect me to return them.”


The second mistress did not speak. She lowered her head for a moment and said, “It’s enough.” Then she comforted Xiao Hong and said, “Well, you’ve worked hard. I promise you that I will reward you with a good home. You can go back and take a rest.”




The second mistress didn’t mention that Xiao Hong would marry her son this time, but only said that she would provide her a home. Obviously, it was unacceptable for her to have a daughter-in-law who had served other men. Of course, this was also what Ye Kong intended for Xiao Hong.


After reporting to Ye Kong, Huang Quan was extremely grateful for his new mission.


Xiao Hong didn’t know that there a nascent soul cultivator hiding within the small sword. Huang Quan could not only spy on conversations and check for danger, but he would also get to peep on Xiao Hong when she took a bath.


He was looking forward to it, but Ye Kong had calculated everything. How could he forget this detail? He told Xiao Hong specifically not to take a bath that night.


Xiao Hong really wanted a bath, she at least wanted to clean herself after spending the day having sex, but she stopped when she thought Ye Kong’s reminder.


The second mistress got busy immediately after Xiao Hong left. First, she asked for a martial arts expert who was loyal to her mother to check the contents of the manuals.


The martial arts expert read through each manual once, and was sure that they were powerful martial arts, but they were not able to create an expert martial artist within two years, it was impossible.


The second mistress didn’t care about it too much. Ye Kong may have encountered other treasures when he came across these two manuals. They could find that out later, the manuals were the most important thing right now.


The second mistress hurriedly called for someone to copy the contents of the manual. She was busy the entire evening, but she was very happy.


This confirmed that Ye Kong was not an immortal cultivator.


When it was dark, the second mistress hid the two manuals in her sleeves and hurried to the back gate of Ye estate.


Just after the second mistress left, the light in Xiao Hong’s room went out. Then Xiao Hong slipped out of the door quietly and went to the second mistress’s room to confirm that she had left. She then hurried out of the courtyard.


“She isn’t there?” Ye Kong was very happy. This woman is so excited that she can’t help but reveal her cards by leaving in the middle of the night. It was obvious that the person she was meeting had bad intentions towards Ye Kong.


“Stay in my room and wait for me. Pass me the small sword I gave you.” Ye Kong rushed out and followed the direction of the second mistress with an invisible talisman activated on himself.


“I asked you to follow her last night, but you refused. Now you still end up following her today. You should listen to my advice.” Huang Quan said.


“I didn’t follow her yesterday because it was not my business. Today I am following her to check the situation. This is the best solution.” Ye Kong hid behind the palanquin which was slowly moving towards the city. He talked to with Huang Quan with his divine sense.


“The best solution? The best solution would be to soul search her.”


Ye Kong shook his head and said with a smile, “Your method is really rough and direct, but what will we do if it goes wrong?”


“Then just kill her.”


Ye Kong said again, “Kill her? You kill people as if they are ants.”


“I have killed countless powerful people. She is nothing.”


They quarreled as they followed silently behind the second mistress. After a while, the palanquin took a diversion into a side alley.


“Who is she going to meet?” Huang Quan asked again.


“She didn’t go to the spring appreciating tower, so I think it will either be the Lu Brothers or Adjutant Tie. I think it’s more likely to be Adjutant Tie.”


Huang Quan shook his head. “I don’t think it would be Adjutant Tie. He is scared of making trouble with you. He is also younger than the second mistress, it is unlikely that he is having an affair with her.”


“The Lu brothers are also much younger than her too.” Replied Ye Kong.


“Then it is unlikely to be either of them.”


“Who else could it be?” Ye Kong found that the palanquin had stopped, and the second mistress raised the curtain and came out, “Wait for me here, I will be back in a moment.”


The second mistress got out of the palanquin and entered a large house. The house had no sign on the door to identify the owners, which meant it as unlikely to be a house belonging to someone with status; it looked like a house which no one was living in.


Ye Kong didn’t think too much about it. He found that all the people in the house knew the second mistress. Then she sat in a bedroom and waited. An old housekeeper left the house shortly after.


Ye Kong followed the old housekeeper to the back door of a large estate not far away. This estate was completely different from the other house. There was a large prestigious gate at the front and back entrance, and each gate was decorated with majestic lion statues.


“This is the estate of an official, and most likely a senior official.” Said Huang Quan.


“That’s right.” Ye Kong nodded. He now understood who the second mistress was going to meet and at the same time, he felt a strong crisis in his heart.


“My Lord, please slow down.” A middle-aged man walked out with large strides, followed by two guards.


“Who is this?” Huang Quan asked.


“I think he is the city lord of Nandu City.” Ye Kong gave a cold hum.


Huang Quan suddenly realized, “Yes, he is the boss behind Adjutant Tie. How could I forget about him?”


Chen Qingfang went directly to meet with the second mistress.


“He practices these martial arts, so he is not an immortal. I can be at ease then.” Chen Qingfang said after listening to the second mistress.


The second mistress said, “But I heard he has been practicing in his room for days at a time. How to explain this situation?”


Chen Qingfang said with a smile, “Da Hong, there are normal martial arts which are widely available, but there are numerous advanced martial arts which develop the use of internal energy, but those internal energies are nothing to compared with the power of immortals.”


Huang Quan cried, “Haha! Da Hong, her name is so funny. That must be where Xiao Hong got her name.”


“Yes.” Ye Kong sat down in front of them with the invisible talisman still activated. They didn’t know that Ye Kong was sat directly opposite them.


“Do either of these manuals contain martial arts which develop internal energy?” The second mistress asked again.


“No, these manuals are just basic martial arts.” Chen Qingfang looked through the manuals and said.


“It seems that Xiao Hong needs to continue investigating.” The second mistress nodded and suddenly found that Chen Qingfang’s hand was holding her waist. “Qingfang, I have to return.”


“But you have found that Ye Kong is not an immortal cultivator. You have made great contributions to the emperor. Thanks to this, I will earn his favour. How can I not reward you?” Chen Qingfang smiled and started to unbutton her clothing.


The second mistress shyly rejected him, but this wasn’t an attempt to stop him, rather it was done to entice him more. Chen Qingfang continued to unbutton her clothing.


“Qingfang, if the emperor will deal with Ye Haoran, can you spare me and my sons?” The second mistress had a red face, as Chen Qingfang had already started to fondle her.


“Ye Haoran maintained his army which defied the orders from the emperor. The punishment for this crime is to kill all nine generations of the Ye Family! “Chen Qingfang’s eyes were cold and his hands paused for a moment, before he continued to slowly fondle her breast. His expression relaxed and said, “Da Hong, you have made great contributions, so I will protect you and your sons.”


“Qingfang, you are so kind.” The second mistress was moved, as she tightly hugged Chen Qingfang.


“Da Hong, I’ll try my best to protect you even if you didn’t make contributions. I have always been your admirer, since before you married Ye Haoran. I thought that we were destined to be together, but then your father forced you to marry Ye Haoran.” Chen Qingfang was truly in love with the second mistress. He had spent years longing for her, and now he finally got what he wanted.


The second mistress moved. Chen Qingfang continued to fondle her for a while longer before she took off her skirt and sat on a small round table. “Hurry up, I can’t stay here tonight, otherwise people suspect something.”


Neither of them knew that there was another person sitting opposite them.


“They’re even more energetic than young people.” Ye Kong then called Huang Quan, “Are you eager to see this? You are getting the live broadcast now.”


“I want to her from the front, not her back.” Huang Quan said as he gulped down his imaginary saliva.


“Qingfang, there’s another thing I need your help with.” The second wife gasped.


“Say it.”

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