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TMC Chapter 72 Soul search


“You must hand Ye Kong and his mother over to me!” When the second mistress thought of Ye Kong, her face immediately showed a fierce scowl. It seemed that she hated Ye Kong so much that she even forgot the pleasure of the moment. “This bastard made me lose face, I can’t raise my head in front of the servants anymore, and to make matter worse, I have to flatter his ugly bitch of a mother. This is the biggest grievance I have suffered in my life. I want them to pay a terrible price!”


“What are you going to do?” Chen Qingfang held her legs as he continued to thrust his hips.


“What am I going to do?” The second mistress balled her fists in anger and said, “I will also let them taste humiliation, I will torture them slowly and repay them for every humiliation they gave me! They will beg for death when I am through with them.”


Ye Kong’s expression has turned cold. This woman was really vicious, but it would be almost impossible to tell from the surface. If he hadn’t followed her, he would never know that she was such a cruel and vicious person.


“Don’t worry. Even if you don’t torture him, I will torture him.” Chen Qingfang took a breath of cool air and said, “We completely lost face because of him. Now all the people in the Nandu City say that I am afraid of him. They have even made a rhyme about it.”


“He’s so arrogant even though he is not an immortal. We can torture him together.” The second mistress scolded angrily.


“Well, I’m not going to wait for the emperor to deal with Ye Haoran. I’ll get rid of this nuisance in advance. I will prepare some experts to sneak into Ye Family, we will capture his mother first, and then ambush him while he is in closed door training.”


Ye Kong took a breath. These people were really vicious. It would be very miserable for him and his mother if he was not an immortal cultivator. Even as an immoral cultivator, his mother and Lu Qin would still be harmed if this plan had been successful.


“Well, since you are so vicious, I’ll make you a pair of ghosts!” Ye Kong raised his hand and removed the invisible talisman covering him.


“Da Hong, you are so tight.” Chen Qingfang was having fun, but he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine. When he looked up, he suddenly saw a young man appear from nowhere and smile at him.


“You! Are a human or the ghost?” Chen Qingfang’s eyes were focused on Ye Kong, as asked incredulously.


“What are you afraid of?” Ye Kong laughed and took the sword from his waist.


The second mistress had her back to Ye Kong. When she heard the voice of Ye Kong, she jumped as if she had received an electric shock.


“Why are you here!” The second mistress was in panic.

Ye Kong liked seeing the panicked expression from the both of them, he said coldly, “Why did you stop? You can continue talking about how you are going to torture me.”


After a brief panic, Chen Qingfang and the second mistress calmed themselves. They quickly grabbed their clothes and approached the door. They were ready to flee as soon as they had a chance.


“Ye Kong, you are trying to assassinate a kingdom official? This is a capital crime!” Chen Jiu Fang’s demeanor still carried his prestige, even when he was in danger, even his tone was a little harsh. He pointed at Ye Kong sternly, and then slowed down his tone. “I can forgive you if you promise to correct your mistake.”


The second mistress was too busy to put on her top. She put on busy pulling her skirt up as she said, “You also can’t tell others about what you saw today.”


Ye Kong snorted, he rushed to the second mistress a kicked her to the ground. He stepped on her neck, and scolded, “You are so stupid. Don’t you know the seriousness of this matter? Only death awaits you!” Ye Kong pointed to Chen Qingfang and said, “And you! You want to forgive my crimes? You should worry about yourself first.”


Chen Qingfang knew Ye Kong wanted to kill them, but he didn’t panic. Instead, he calmly sneered, “Ye Kong, I know you are very powerful, but as soon as I shout for help, many people will hear me from outside. Even without my command, the guards will rush in to protect me and the housekeepers will immediately report this to the government and notify the city guard. Even if you escape in one piece, everyone will know that you are the culprit. This report will go directly to the capital city.” Chen Qing thought he had all the power, so he laughed and then shouted, “Are you not afraid of the emperor’s great power?”


Ye Kong smiled scornfully, “What about the emperor? Is he very powerful? I’ve said this many times, but I’m a gangster. If you provoke me, I will make you regret it, even if you are the emperor. Besides, I forgot to mention that all the servants here were already caught by me. No one will answer you. If you don’t believe it, you can try.”


Chen Qingfang was desperate to hear that, but he wasn’t a civilian management official. He was a military official with powerful martial arts.


“Fine, then I’ll just beat you!” Chen Qingfang suddenly pounced towards Ye Kong with a palm strike.


Chen Qingfang thought he could easily subdue Ye Kong who had only practiced martial arts for two years.


“So weak.” Ye Kong sneered, and then he jumped up using the shadow dance, he kicked away the palm strike and spun through the air before kicking out again. His movement was so fluid and relaxed, he was floating through the air like a cloud, before gently landing on the ground again.


With this move he topped Chen Qingfang’s attack and kicked him away, leaving him free to step the second mistress’s throat again.


“Puff!” Chen Qingfang spat out a mouthful of blood. He didn’t expect that Ye Kong’s martial arts were so excellent that he wasn’t even able to follow his actions despite a lifetime of practising martial arts. Was this the result of only two years of practice? What kind of martial arts did he use? It was so elegant, like a dance.


“Ye Kong, you can’t kill me. I’m your second mother. I let you live in the inner courtyard. Today, I brought my son to apologize to you. Please forgive me.” Begged the second mistress who was pinned by Ye Kong.


“I would be tricked into thinking you aren’t a vicious, if I didn’t her your conversation.” Ye Kong said as he kicked the skirt off the knees of the second mistress.


The second mistress saw a glimmer of hope in his action, she suddenly held onto Ye Kong’s leg as she cried and pleaded, “Xiao Hong has told me everything, as long as you spare my life, you can do anything you want to me.”


The second mistress thought that she had understood his thoughts when he kicked away her skirt. She didn’t care about shame, she started reaching toward Ye Kong’s crotch.


Ye Kong kicked her off, “How can I spare you? My friend wanted to see, that’s all. Lao Zu, come out.”


Chen Qingfang had some insight. When he saw a small light fly out from the sword and turn into a baby with a beard, he cried out in shock, “Nascent soul! You’re an immortal.” Then he scolded the second mistress and said, “You stupid woman, you have got me killed!”


“Don’t rush to touch her yet.” Ye Kong smiled and said, “Let’s see what the emperor has planned, soul search Chen Qingtian.”


After the time it takes to brew a pot of tea, Ye Kong left. The servants who were marked with sleeping talismans would naturally wake up after a time.


Ye Kong didn’t kill the servants, he didn’t want to kill innocent people if he didn’t have to. There was also another reason, he didn’t want people to know that someone had snuck in to kill them. Before he left, he put Chen Qingfang back on top of the naked second mistress, people would think that they mysteriously died while over exerting themselves.


“How is it? Did you enjoy yourself today?” Ye Kong asked on the way back.


“It is good, I envy people with bodies.” Huang Quan was in a good mood, but he was eager to regain a physical body, so he could do more than touching.


“Then tell me what you found in Chen Qingfang’s head?” Ye Kong asked again.


“A lot, what do you want to know?”


“The emperor’s attitude to Ye Haoran, and when he will make his move against him?” This was what Ye Kong was most worried about.


“Well, the emperor’s attitude is not very clear. Chen Qingfang wasn’t the emperor’s confidant. The Emperor has only asked him to come here as the new city lord. He didn’t order anything besides that. Chen Qingfang just guessed what the emperor wanted and was making his own decision.”


“Is that so? That’s worthless information.” Ye Kong was a little depressed, but he didn’t dare to relax. He had seen many dramas set in ancient times on TV, so he had some idea on how an emperor behaved.


Most of the time, the emperor wouldn’t directly say his intentions of subterfuge. So you must figure out their intentions yourself. If your guessed correctly, you would receive a promotion, whereas if you guessed incorrectly, you would die.


Chen Qingfang was incredibly confident that he was there to subvert the Ye family. Unfortunately, Ye Kong had no way to deal with the emperor. The emperor was backed by an immortal cultivator organization, this much was clear. There was no doubt that they would be more powerful than Ye Kong.


Maybe they wouldn’t waste time and directly send their most powerful cultivators to kill him.


“It seems that I have to work hard to increase my cultivation.” Ye Kong sighed.


“How was it?” As soon as Ye Kong went back, Xiao Hong was still waiting in the room.


“Don’t worry. It’s done. She will never lay another hand on you.” Ye Kong said with a smile.


“You killed her. You are too reckless.” Xiao Hong covered her mouth in surprise.


“You think she was a good person? If I didn’t kill her, she was planning to torture me and my mother to death.” Ye Kong said, and put the spirit stone into the array.


Xiao Hong didn’t reply. She nodded. She also knew the hidden nature of the second mistress. “What can I do then?” She asked again.


“Don’t go back. As soon as the second mistress dies, the third mistress will definitely take charge of the family, she won’t refuse me if I ask.” Ye Kong put the oil lamp on the head of the bed after he activated the array.


Although the second mistress was not a kind person, she treated Xiao Hong with kindness. Now that she had been killed by Ye Kong. Xiao Hong had conflicting emotions.


“What shall we do now?” Xiao Hong asked.


Ye Kong smiled, he hugged Xiao Hong’s waist and said, “We will do something enjoyable.”


“Go away. Now is not the time for that.” Xiao Hong’s face turned red.


“What’s wrong with the time? Don’t worry, I didn’t leave any traces for the death to lead back to me.” Ye Kong laughed and said, “I’m going to go into closed door cultivation from tomorrow. I won’t see you for a long time. Let me enjoy what little time we have left.”


“You are so bad!”


Huang Quan also scolded. “Why are you throwing me into the storage bag again? You are so ungrateful!”

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