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TMC Chapter 73 Third Stage

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Time flew by quickly.


Half a year had passed in the blink of an eye. Ye Kong brought the last trace of immortal Qi into his Qihai acupoint, before he slowly opened his eyes. A hint of joy could be seen in his eyes.


Many things had happened in the past six months.


First was the death of the second mistress. Because the death of her and Chen Qingfang was so humiliating, neither the government nor Ye family investigated the death any further.


Although they died mysteriously, the most doubtful point was the fact that the servants had all been asleep at the same time, but no one dug into this. This would humiliate both parties, so it was kept quiet.


As soon as the second mistress died, Ye Wei, who was originally with the army, returned to deal with the aftermath. Ye Wei suggested that the third mistress take charge of the Ye family management for the moment, then wrote to Ye Haoran and waited for him to make the final arrangement.


The third mistress was extremely happy that she suddenly gained power. Her smile was radiant when she found out that she was in charge. As for Xiao Hong, she was transferred to become Chen Jiuniang’s servant. This caused Xiao Hong and Lu Qin to spend even more time together and they became much closer.


But the third mistress was not happy for long. A letter came after a month. What drove her crazy was that Ye Haoran asked the ninth mistress to manage the family. The youngest mistress was the most favored by Ye Haoran, after the second mistress. The ninth mistress was the youngest and people thought that she was the most likely to have an affair. Would she cherish her life once she was suddenly given power?


As for Ye Wen and Ye Wu, the two sons of the second mistress, they were miserable. Their mother died in such a humiliating way, their life in the Ye Family was going to be miserable, no matter who was in control.


No one was willing to help with Ye Wu’s coming of age ceremony. Then when he turned eighteen, he was driven out of the inner courtyard with no money, so he could only go and stay with his brother.


Ye Kong wasn’t aware of most of this. He had just finished a half a year’s worth of closed door cultivation.


“How is it? Were you successful in reaching the third layer?” Huang Quan spoke through his divine sense.


“Yes.” Ye Kong said with a smile.


He was really happy. He had successfully entered the third layer of Qi refining after only three years.


Of course, this speed was not fast. His speed was only considered average, if others had the same resources, his cultivation speed would be considered incredibly slow.


Cultivation slowed over time, it was much easier to advance through the early stages than it was the latter. It wasn’t an achievement to reach the third layer in three years.


But the key problem was that Ye Kong’s cultivation method was different from others, it was very slow. So the cultivation required more time and more immortal Qi to be refined, so he was extremely satisfied that he could be the third layer after three years.


This was because of the contributions from Huang Quan. Ye Kong would never be able to cultivate so fast if he didn’t absorb Huang Quan’s cultivation.


“How much of my Qi has been refined?” He was not annoyed that Ye Kong was using his immortal Qi, instead he was trying to calculate how far it could allow Ye Kong to advance.


“Half of it has been refined, only half.” Ye Kong answered with his divine sense.


“Half!!! You used half of my immortal Qi and only advanced by a single layer!” Huang Quan cried out in surprise.


He thought that Ye Kong would reach the peak of Qi refining after using all of the immortal Qi he absorbed from the sword. Even after knowing that his cultivation method was special and extremely slow, he thought he would at least gain six or seven layers.


But now it seemed that the cultivation method had extreme requirements for immortal Qi. Ye Kong only promoted one layer after he refined half of the immortal Qi he absorbed from Huang Quan. Using what was remaining, he would only reach the fourth layer at most.


How much immortal Qi would be required for when he reached the foundation establishment? He dared not to think about it.


“Try to use the control spell to control the sword.” Huang Quan said.


Ye Kong wondered, “I thought it required the fourth layer of the Qi refining to use a magic tool.”


“Nothing is impossible. I think it could be possible because of your Qi capacity and divine sense. There is more immortal Qi than required for this. Your immortal Qi reserves and divine sense is far superior to ordinary cultivators. It’s worth giving it a try. Maybe you can do it.” Huang Quan said.


When he attempted to control the sword, he only heard a buzzing sound, and the small sword started to float in the air.


“It worked!” Ye Kong was also surprised. He heard that the fourth layer of the Qi refining had the ability to manipulate magic weapons and he was looking forward to this day.


With a magic weapon, he could travel more freely. The ability to manipulate magic weapons meant that his strength had greatly increased. In general, the people who used magic spells to fight were low-level cultivators. The power a spell couldn’t compare to the power of a magic tool, and spells weren’t always accurate once cast.


There were many advantages to being able to manipulate a magic tool, because there was magic tools created especially for attack, while others specialized in defense. If Ye Kong obtained a defensive magic tool, his defensive ability would greatly increase.


At the same time, all kinds of auxiliary magic tools could be used. For example, the flying magic tools which allowed cultivators to fly. The levitation spell would cost too much immortal Qi to maintain for long periods, and it couldn’t be used to travel long distances.


Unfortunately, Ye Kong had no other magic tools except for the small sword. So it was impossible for him.


With the increase in his cultivation, he was able to open new pages within the collection of spells. All the inferior low-level talismans were already completely revealed. Those fireball talismans and ice bullet talismans were not worth mentioning. He was happy to see more powerful talismans, especially the talismans in the last few pages.


“Gravity talisman”, This was an auxiliary attack type talisman, it would suppress the enemies within a certain range with a powerful gravity. It would reduce the speed of any enemies within range.


“Ice Armor Talisman” could form a layer of ice attribute armor around the body, it was far more effective than the golden light talisman.


“Speed talisman” could double a persons running speed and helped reduce fatigue, it was a talisman which must be placed on the legs. It was extremely useful for escaping.


The one made Ye Kong happily was the thunder talisman.


The most powerful attacking attribute of all attributes was thunder. It was an attribute which was a combination of fire attribute and wood attribute, thunder attribute cultivators were known for their powerful attacks. The power of the fireball couldn’t be compared to thunder. As for ice balls, water arrows and quicksand, their power wasn’t worth mentioning.


But Ye Kong could only learn it for now. He didn’t have the talisman paper required to create low level talismans. Now he had the spirit pen and the juice from the cage grass. The only thing missing was the correct paper.


“If I could find the location of an immortal market, that would be the best solution.” Ye Kong could not help sighing.


“You must be dreaming. Do you think this is a heavenly city of immortals?” Huang Quan scolded, he grabbed the sword and said, “Although it’s nothing much, this is still a mid-level magic weapon. If you don’t want to demolish your house and destroy your array, you’d better find a quiet place to practice.”


“Ok.” Ye Kong took over the sword and was eager to give it a try. He still didn’t know what the function of the sword was? Was it used for flying? Could it increase in size? What other uses did it have?


Huang Quan scolded, “Don’t look so impressed, it’s just a mid-level magic weapon. All of my equipment was top-grade magic tools as a minimum, some were even spiritual tools. When I was at my peak, if someone had offered me this as a gift I would have slapped them into next week!”


Ye Kong sighed, “Can you shut up bragging about your history? You are giving me blisters on my ears.”


“I’m telling the truth.” Huang Quan murmured discontentedly.


Ye Kong said again, “You’d better get in the sword, I am going to leave soon. Xiao Hong was waiting outside of the array.”


“I know you are just finding excuses to go meet your lover. I really regret that I didn’t kill you at the beginning, then I wouldn’t keep being forced into hiding!” Although he scolded viciously, he raised his hand and took out a gray armor.


“This is?” Ye Kong’s eyes widened in surprise, and then he said with surprise, “Is this a defense magic tool made from the skin from before?”


“Yes, I spent a lot of effort on this!” Huang Quan said discontentedly.


“Is this a magic tool or a spiritual tool?” After Ye Kong took it over, he found that it was soft and lightweight.


“You are dreaming again. You can only use the magic weapons before you reach the core formation! This is a top-grade magic weapon. What do you think? You must have been my benefactor in a previous life to receive this much help from me!” He scolded before returning to the sword. He only gave a slight smile when he saw the excited expression of Ye Kong.


“Don’t leave, you can see what I think after I put it on, otherwise I won’t know if it fits well. Will it change shape automatically as I continue to grow?”


Ye Kong asked his question, Huang Quan scolded again, “Go find this out by yourself! Don’t bother me unless there is a beauty!”


Ye Kong untied his coat and put the armor on his body. He attempted to activate it with his Qi and divine sense, but found that it could not be used, he had to refine it before it would show any reaction.


Before using any magic tool, it required refinement. The main purpose of this was to have the magic tool recognize its owner, while also giving the cultivator insight all of the uses of the magic tool.


The higher level of the magic tool, the longer it took to refine. However, it was also relative to the cultivation of the cultivator trying to refine the magic tool. Finally, when it came to refining a stolen magic tool, the time required was related to the strength of the previous user and how long they had been bound with the magic tool, it was quite complex.


This armor was newly created, so he didn’t need to erase the divine sense of a previous user. Ye Kong just needed to refine it for two days and then it would be bound to him.


But Ye Kong didn’t have time to refine it, because he had plans. Xiao Hong wanted him, so there may be something urgent.


Ye Kong was going to cultivate until he finished his batch of fasting pills, but Xiao Hong coming had interrupted those plans.

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