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TMC Chapter 74 Clean the toilet

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“I didn’t disturb his cultivation, did I?” After knocking on the door, Xiao Hong was always worried, she was afraid she might have disturbed Ye Kong’s cultivation.


“It’s been half a year. We don’t know what is happening inside.” Chen Jiuniang was even more worried. Her son stayed home for half a year, but they hadn’t see each other once. She couldn’t help but worry.


“He is an immortal and is protected by an array. No one can enter without his permission. How could you have disturbed him?” Lu Qin said with a smile.


“That’s right.” Chen Jiuniang felt at ease, nodded and complained, “Wouldn’t it be better to come out every five days for a break, why does he have to remain inside for half a year.”



Lu Qin smiled and asked curiously, “Sister Xiao Hong, what was the reaction when you tried to knock on the door? I saw your hands stop before making contact with the door.”


Xiao Hong said mysteriously, “It is magical. There’s something invisible blocking me from touching the door. Once my hand got close, my hand was blocked by something. No matter how hard I pushed, I couldn’t move it.”


“Is it fun? Maybe I should try and push it.” Lu Qin, who was fifteen, was still childish.


“Why didn’t you come join when you saw me doing it? Do you want to go now?” Xiao Hong said with a giggle.


“No, he will be angry.” Lu Qin poked out her tongue. In fact, she was a little afraid of Ye Kong. Although Ye Kong had never been angry with her, she saw him get angry with others. He could be really scary.


“Coward.” Xiao Hong couldn’t help laughing.


Lu Qin said with a smile, “You are more afraid than me, you are so worried for only knocking once.”


“I will hit you.” Xiao Hong’s face was red, and she started to tickle Lu Qin. Lu Qin giggled as she resisted being tickled.


Looking at the two girls playing together, Chen Jiuniang also forgot about her worries, she smiled and said, “Even I get scared by him. He was so angry when I asked him to kneel down to the second mistress.”


“Why don’t you punish him?” Xiao Hong said with a laugh.


Chen Jiuniang didn’t speak, but Lu Qin first countered, “Be careful that he doesn’t punish you first.”


Xiao Hong was about to stop. There was a touching red fog on her face when she heard Lu Qin’s words. She scolded, “What did you say? I will tickle you again.”


Xiao Hong and Lu Qin had a good relationship. They had been spending each day together. They had even started to tell each other secrets. Lu Qin also learned a lot. She wrapped her arms around herself and mimicked Xiao Hong’s voice. “Eighth young master, please punish me.”


Xiao Hong was so ashamed. Her face was bright red.


Just at this time, Ye Kong walked in. He saw Xiao Hong chasing Lu Qin and laughing. The laughter of these young girls sounded like music to his ears, even Chen Jiuniang was sitting on the side and laughing.


Ye Kong had improved his cultivation and got a top-grade defensive magic tool. So he was naturally in a good mood. He walked in with smile and asked, “Who said that she wanted to punished by me just now?”


When Ye Kong came in, the two girls stopped fighting. Xiao Hong snickered and pointed to Lu Qin. “She said that she wanted to be punished by you.” Xiao Hong deliberately said and then giggled.


In fact, the punishment they were talking about wasn’t in the form of being disciplined, instead they were referring to ‘punishment’ in the bedroom. Lu Qin was shy; she was too embarrassed to admit it.


“I’m learning from Sister. She wanted the punishment.” Lu Qin’s face had turned crimson with blush.


This girl had grown up fast. Lu Qin was much taller and mature than half a year ago, and her blush made her seem even more charming. Before she was immature, but over the past year, she had learnt a lot about the birds and the bees from talking with Xiao Hong.


Xiao Hong had become much more womanly, her figure had become even more curvaceous, she had a bewitching figure.


Ye Kong was moved, he said with a smile, “If you don’t behave well, I will punish both of you.”


“That is impossible.” The two girls said together.


Chen Jiuniang didn’t understand the deep meaning behind the word “punishment”, she said. “They are both obedient. You are the one who misbehaves, so you should be the one who is punished; you didn’t come out for six months.”


“Yes, I should be punished.” Ye Kong came over with a smile and looked at the breakfast on the table and said, “You’ve all finished. You didn’t leave anything for me.”


“I thought you might be coming out, so I left some for you.” Xiao Hong said as she brought over some snacks.


“You have those pills, so you don’t need to eat.” Lu Qin sat opposite, holding her chin with her hand, she looked extremely cute.


“The pills are made from bran fruits and they are only enough to sustain from not eating. Eating food and enjoying the taste is obviously much better!” Ye Kong couldn’t help but pinch Lu Qin’s face, and then stuffed a piece of sweet cake into his mouth, he said while chewing, “It’s delicious, I haven’t eaten anything in half a year.”


Ye Kong had transmigrated here three years ago, but his habits couldn’t be changed. He always strutted around like a gangster, and his actions and words were no better.


But everyone was used to it by now.


Chen Jiuniang was very happy when he saw Ye Kong eating, she passed him a glass of water and said, “Eat slowly, or you will choke.”


“Ok.” Ye Kong wasn’t hungry, he was only eating to enjoy the taste. He stopped after few slices.


“Have some more if you want.”


“No, I will stop, but I want to eat meat for lunch.” Ye Kong stopped eating, it wasn’t because he wasn’t hungry, but because it felt strange to be watched by three women as he stuffed food into his mouth. Ye Kong wiped his mouth. Then he asked, “Have there been any changes?”


“That’s it.” Although Lu Qin was young, she had a clear grasp on the situation around her and was able to narrate all of the changes which occurred.


She had a firm grasp on all of the power dynamics and events which happened within the Ye Family and on the outside.


“I didn’t expect the ninth mistress would be the final winner.” Ye Kong didn’t expect that Ye Haoran would choose the ninth mistress to take charge of the family.


All the mistresses had some grievance with Ye Kong and his mother. However, the third mistress took the initiative to befriend them and try to draw him closer to her faction. It would be more beneficial to Ye Kong if the third mistress had taken charge of the family.


He was not familiar with the ninth mistress, and she never came his courtyard, so it wasn’t very good news that she was in charge.


But there was some good news. The imperial court had sent a new city lord. This city lord appeared to be friendly, he came to the Ye family to discuss matters. He seemed to be incredibly close to the Ye family.


The imperial court had made this gesture because the barbarians seemed to be preparing for an imminent war. War could erupt on the border at any time, so the emperor did not dare to act against the Ye family.


War was not beneficial to the common people, but it was good news for the Ye Family. The longer the war continued and the more fierce the enemy, the less likely it was for the emperor to make a move on the Ye family.


“Good.” Ye Kong nodded, “So what is the trouble now?”


“It’s because the ninth mistress is in power.” Lu Qin went on to say, “The third mistress was temporarily in power for a month, and she agreed that Xiao Hong would be our servant. The ninth mistress did not ask question this after she came to power. So everything has been normal in recent months.”


“But now she has recalled Xiao Hong. She said that Xiao Hong was the second wife’s servant, and she shouldn’t be idle. She has assigned Xiao Hong to become a sanitation servant.”


The sanitation servants were in charge of maintaining the sanitation and cleaning the Ye family estate. The servants cleaned the floors, the doors and windows of each of the halls, and collected the garbage from each room. This was a difficult job which very little pay.


She asked my woman to clean the floor. Ye Kong frowned and asked, “Why didn’t you say to her that you have been accepted by me as a concubine?”


Generally speaking, the concubines didn’t need to work as servants. Women who had been chosen by a master would have a higher status than ordinary servant girls, and they didn’t need to attend to any work. Some of the concubines were even given their own courtyard as residence.


However the master of the Ye family was Ye Haoran. The servant girls did not receive the same treatment if they were chosen by a young master. If others found out, both the young master and the servant would be punished.


But Ye Kong was not an ordinary young master. He was not afraid of the Ye family. Who would dare to punish him? Ye Haoran was not at home, so Ye Kong had already considered himself the master. Even if Ye Haoran returned, he was not afraid.


It could be understood that the ninth mistress didn’t understand the situation. He told Xiao Hong to tell her that she was the eighth young master’s concubine and that she could talk with him if there was a problem.


Then Xiao Hong’s words made Ye Kong furious. It seemed that the ninth mistress’s real purpose was Ye Kong.


Xiao Hong said, “I didn’t mention that I was your concubine. I’m someone who is used to being a servant. If I only need to do some chores then I can do it. I don’t need to disturb your cultivation, but who would have thought…”


Lu Qin said angrily, “The person who is in charge of the servants is Sister Ma, who was hit by you. She arranged for Sister Xiao Hong to clean every toilet in the Ye family estate.”


“Clean the toilets!” Ye Kong was furious and slammed the table, “I will make her eat from the toilets.”


The ninth mistress appointed Sister Ma as the steward, and Sister Ma asked Xiao Hong to clean the toilets. This was her revenge on Ye Kong.

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