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TMC Chapter 75 God of Misfortune

The weather was cold outside. If you stayed out for too long, your hands and feet would become numb under such a cold temperature. Even the people walking around were all wearing thick clothes. The freezing temperature made it so even the servant girls concealed their figures, and as for the male servants, they were wrapped up like dumplings.


This was the winter of the Southern Land, and it had reached the coldest time of the winter months.


However, the strange thing was that it didn’t snow in the Southern Land. Maybe it was because it was so far south. There were people and caravans that travelled the long distances north and if you travelled far enough north, it would snow at winter, so knowing about snow was a telltale sign of an experienced traveler or a knowledgeable person.


Although it didn’t snow, it was still cold outside and all the water had turned to ice.


Contrast to the cold from the outside, there was a warm fire in the ninth mistress’s room, there was a large purple and gold fireplace, and its shape was beautiful and it had dragons decorating the surface, it was said a gift from the emperor.


The wood was made from special wood from the edge of the endless wilderness which produced no smoke and it didn’t leave any ashes after burning like ordinary wood. This kind of wood was so expensive that it was impossible for ordinary people to afford.


Because of this fireplace, the room was as warm as spring. The ninth mistress sat contemplating; she was only 25 years old and still maintained a youthful beauty, she was married to Ye Haoran when she was 16 years old. As she was the youngest and newest of his wives, Ye Haoran favored her the most. She also had a very intelligent son who Ye Haoran was very proud of.


Becoming the manager of the Ye family estate at such a young age, the ninth mistress should be in a good mood, but today, she was worried.


She couldn’t understand the reason she was feeling troubled, she frowned her beautiful eyebrows and used her delicate slender fingers to bring a bowl of tea back and forth from her beautiful mouth. She was thinking about why her mood was so restless today.


“Ninth mistress, why did you assign Xiao Hong to be a sanitation servant? Alas…” Ye Cai, the housekeeper, had experienced the ups and downs of countless mistresses in his position as housekeeper.


However, this wasn’t a surprise because Ye Cai was a very cautious and wise individual, he would immediately admit his wrongdoing if there was even a small sign of trouble. When Ye Kong started to gain a reputation for causing trouble, he made sure to apologize and admit his wrongdoing before the matter was discovered.


Hearing the old housekeeper’s words, the ninth mistress immediately understood why she was feeling worried, she was worried about Ye Kong, the eighth young master.


“What do you mean? As the manager of the Ye family, should I care about what arrangements other people had for the maids? Did you want me to write a letter to Ye Haoran over such a small matter? If I did that, what use is the manager of the Ye family except for decoration?”


Three questions in a row expressed the anger and annoyance of the ninth mistress, it seemed that she had a fiery temper.


But she knew that she was not angry with the housekeeper, her temper was flaring up because she was truly afraid.


“The ninth mistress, you know that Xiao Hong and the eighth young master…”Ye Cai did not stop because of the ninth mistress’s angry outburst, he continued explain the key issue at hand.


In fact, Ye Cai was afraid of the ninth mistress and her temper. Even though this woman was young and beautiful, she was also very cruel. She was the one who gave the order to throw Ye Wen out on his own without a penny.


This was because Ye Cai was more afraid of Ye Kong. The ninth mistress was cruel, but Ye Kong was vicious. The ninth mistress might be considered a poisonous scorpion, but Ye Kong was the God of Misfortune. When comparing the strength of a poisonous scorpion to a god, the ninth mistress was severely lacking.


Ye Cai continued to persuade her while ignoring her anger. This was not only because he didn’t want anything bad to happen within the Ye family, but more importantly, he was saving himself. If the God of Misfortune came looking for trouble, Ye Cai could say that he tried his best to persuade the ninth mistress against her decision.


Hearing that Ye Cai didn’t stop talking, the ninth mistress suddenly waved her sleeve and swept the tea bowl off the table, causing it to smash when it landed on the floor.


“What about the eighth young master? Though others are afraid of him, I am not! Even if he comes to my door, I also want to ask him what power he has to control how I assign a servant girl! Hmpf! If he can beat my people, then I can make arrangements for his servant girl!” The ninth mistress’s roar was not only for Ye Cai, but also to give herself courage.


She continued to tell herself, what was there to be afraid of? Would he dare attack her? Besides, she was reasonable by not punishing him for having a private relationship with a servant! All she did was arrange the servant girl to do some chores, no matter how she looked at it, she was being reasonable!


But at the same time, there was a nagging voice in her heart saying, ‘You all bullied me because I am the youngest, you all continue to disobey my orders. Now I will show you that the God of Misfortune can only bow his head before me. I will show the entire Ye family that I am the one who is in power and it is only natural for me to be the one in charge.


It turned out that the ninth mistress was targeting Ye Kong, not only for revenge, but also to use him as an example to others. She was using him as a stepping stone to build her prestige. It was a good tactic, but she had chosen the wrong target.


“Alas.” Ye Cai sighed, he knew the ninth mistress’s thoughts, but how did she plan to restrain Ye Kong? Ye Kong was like a mad dog, you shouldn’t touch a hair on his head unless you planned on getting bitten


However, Ye Cai’s knew that his words of advice were falling on deaf ears, so it was useless for him to continue. He had already achieved his goal of creating enough distance to separate himself from this event, so the only thing left was to leave an avoid encountering the God of Misfortune, as he didn’t want to get dragged into it.


“Ninth mistress, I have something to do in the outer courtyard, please beg my pardon.” Ye Cai made a polite bow, put on his padded cotton robe and then opened the door to leave.


But when he opened the door, he felt an a shiver run down his spine.


Such terrible luck. When he opened the door, Ye Kong was casually strutting over with a toothpick in his mouth. If you could use only one word to describe his image right now, it would be; Gangster.


Ye Cai almost slammed the door closed in reflex, but he quickly stopped himself, then pulled the door open and scurried out, without reporting to the ninth mistress.


He was not stupid. Now that he couldn’t hide, he should leave directly, it was the only way for him to avoid trouble.


Although Ye Cai’s actions were only brief, the ninth mistress had her attention focused on him, so she easily understood what had happened.


“Hmm!” The ninth mistress scolded in a low voice, “God of Misfortune, I’d like to see how powerful you think you are!”


The God of Misfortune had a bad reputation, hearing this name, the little servant girl who was picking up the pieces of the tea bowl that the ninth mistress had broken almost cut her finger and thought, “He even dares to beat the other young masters, I’d better stay away from him at all costs, otherwise I might get beaten too.”


“Eighth young master, why are you not wearing any warm clothes on such a cold day? Be careful with your body! Here, please use my robe to keep warm. “Ye Cai rushed up with a smile, ignoring the cold weather and directly taking off his cotton robe and placing it on Ye Kong.


Ye Kong felt that this situation was ridiculous, the people here only respected power. If you were polite and kind then people would treat you like trash and bully you, on the contrary, if you beat them, they would rush to show you the utmost respect.


On Earth, people also respected power, but it was more far more obvious here.


“Well, I’m not cold. Do you think I’m as old as you?” Ye rolled his eyes to him and gave the robe back.


“I’m old, so how can I compare with the eighth young master? On such a cold day, the eighth young master is not afraid of cold at all. So powerful, no wonder you are an expert!” Ye Cai smiled shamelessly.


“Stop it.” Ye Kong stared at him until Ye Cai was in a panic, then Ye Kong said, “Was it your idea to have Xiao Hong clean the toilets?”


Sure enough, by encountering Ye Kong here, he had been implicated. Ye Cai shivered with fright, his legs softened and he fell down on his knees and said, “Eighth young master, I wouldn’t dare think of such an idea. It was The ninth mistress’s idea, please believe me, eighth young master. I came here today to persuade The ninth mistress to change her mind, but she refused. I warned her that Xiao Hong belonged to the God of Misfortune and that nobody could punish her, but she said that while others were afraid of the God of Misfortune…… ”


SHIT! the old housekeeper was so terrified that he didn’t realize he was calling Ye Kong ‘the God of Misfortune’. It was only when it left his mouth the second time, did he notice his mistake; he knew that he was doomed this time. Ye Cai’s face was pale and he didn’t know what to say.


This was the first time Ye Kong has heard his unofficial title, he stared at Ye Cai, “God of Misfortune?”


“This is…This is… Uhm…” Ye Cai didn’t know how to explain, he was afraid that he was going to be beaten to death on the spot.


Unexpectedly, Ye Kong smiled, “The God of Misfortune! Is this my nickname? What misfortune have I brought to you?”


Seeing Ye Kong smile, Ye Cai felt a wave of relief flood over him as he explained, “Actually, the nickname was given to you by the law enforcers from the city guards, and we all thought this nickname was quite…quite… ”


“Quite appropriate, isn’t it?” Ye Kong waved his hand and said, “Stand up, you won’t be punished for notifying me of this nickname. I don’t care if people call me the God of Misfortune, is the ninth mistress here?”


“Yes, I will show you the way.”


As soon as they pushed the door open, they saw The ninth mistress sitting on the big chair in the middle of the hall, holding a snow white cat in her arms with her eyes closed, but the cat’s half red and half green eyes were wide open.


“Ninth mistress, the eighth master is here.” Ye Cai reported, but the ninth mistress didn’t respond at all, it was as if she had fallen asleep.


Just now she was so angry, how could she fall asleep in the blink of an eye? Ye Cai knew that The ninth mistress was putting on an act, but he didn’t dare to offend her, he said to Ye Kong, “Eighth young master, the ninth mistress has been tired these days, she must have fallen asleep. You’d better wait a moment.”


‘Hmm, ninth mistress, are you trying to put up an act in front of me?’ Ye Kong looked at the ninth mistress, snorted scornfully, and said, “Since the ninth mistress is sleeping, uncle Cai, don’t wake her up, let her continue sleeping.”


Ye Cai was doubtful, this wasn’t the style of the eighth young master. He should be shouting and waking her up even if she was asleep, when did he become so polite?


Then Ye Kong said, “Take all the servant girls and leave, be quiet and don’t wake up the ninth mistress.”


“Oh.” Ye Cai responded, he felt this was even more unusual, when he wanted to call the servant girls, he suddenly thought of something and asked. “Eighth young master, when we all leave… you…?”


“Of course I’m going to wait here for the ninth mistress to wake up!” Ye Kong replied.


“Ah?” Ye Cai was stunned. Why would Ye Kong ask them all to leave? God, the ninth mistress was in real trouble now; the eighth young master could do anything when there were no witnesses around.


Although the ninth mistress still had her eyes closed, she was in a panic. What did this kid want to do when everyone left? What terrible things was he thinking?


The ninth mistress decided it would be better for her to wake up before the servant left, or the little bastard might take advantage of her.


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