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TMC Chapter 76 Slap


As soon as The ninth mistress opened her eyes, she saw the two maid girls had already reached the door. She was furious, how could they run away without her permission?


“Where are you going?” Said The ninth mistress grimily.


Hearing the ninth mistress’s words, the two maid girls stopped at once, frightened.


The ninth mistress’s tone was very unpleasant, and her grim voice showed her displeasure, the two servants were afraid of the ninth mistress’s punishment and hurriedly explained, “Ninth mistress, it’s eighth young master who asked us to leave, we dare not refuse.”


“Huh? What if eighth young master asked you to kill me? ” The ninth mistress said then after glancing at Ye Kong, she commanded, “Come back!”


“Yes.” When the two maid girls started to turn around, Ye Kong said coldly, “Leave.”


The girls looked at Ye Kong and immediately stopped moving, they were depressed for having such bad luck, how did they become the focus of this power struggle? It was not easy to be a servant in this situation where one master commanded them to stay, but the other commanded them to leave. Who should they listen to?


“Come back!” When the ninth mistress saw the servant girls hesitate, she raised her voice.


“Leave!” But Ye Kong’s shout was more powerful.


“Come back!”




The two servant girls were shocked, they did not dare to move forward a single step, instead, they stepped back involuntarily, it seemed the God of Misfortune was truly terrifying to them.


The ninth mistress was furious that her servants were not afraid of her and were more afraid of Ye Kong, she put down the kitten, stood up, pointed to Ye Kong and roared, “Ye Kong! What do you want to do? ”


As soon as the ninth mistress shouted, the conflict had begun.


“What do I want to do?” Ye Kong smiled, and said aggressively, “I want to talk with you alone, so… are you afraid? Didn’t you say that you are not afraid of the God of Misfortune? Are you suddenly afraid of me now, otherwise why are you stopping the servants from leaving? ”


Talk with you alone? The ninth mistress was afraid. He wouldn’t act recklessly with the servant girls and the housekeeper here; but if they were along and he did something, what could she do?


“We don’t need to talk alone, let’s have a conversation in front of everyone. Ye Cai, you needn’t leave, stay here and listen.” The ninth mistress continued her confident act.


“Haha, you are afraid!” Ye Kong couldn’t help laughing. He thought to himself ‘Why did you start a conflict with me if you are afraid of me? Today, I will show you your arrogance!’


His eyes were fixed on the ninth mistress, said slowly, “Are you afraid that I’ll hit you? Or…afraid I will force you to have sex? ”


As soon as he said this, everyone was shocked, the eighth young master was so brazen with his words. The two servant girls were all virgins, so, hearing the word “sex”, their faces immediately blushed.


The ninth mistress was really afraid of being taken advantage of by him, but it was impossible to say it, and she didn’t expect that a young boy would speak so brazenly. He spoke such obscene words as if it was casual.


As the wife of his father, the ninth mistress was red faced with both shame and anger. How dare he say these things to her in front of the servants, she pointed to Ye Kong, but for a while she didn’t know how she should scold him, his words were obscene but he was a reckless person.


Generally, drunk people never thought before they spoke, it was the same with reckless people, they didn’t think their words mattered much. Even if everyone else was shocked by what they said, it didn’t matter to them.


Ye Kong continued to wave his hand, and said casually, “Don’t get worked up, I’m just a gangster who always speaks directly, don’t be angry over a few words. Also, you don’t need to worry, ninth mistress, although you are beautiful and your boobs are not small… ”


Ye Kong said and took a step forward, and looked at her large chest which was tightly wrapped in silk and satin clothes with an unacceptable look. The ninth mistress’s face blushed, and she glared at Ye Kong angrily. ‘Boy, I will tell your father if you continue to stare at me and say such obscene words.’


Although Ye Kong’s eyes were lewd, they were powerful. The ninth mistress felt that the weight of a mountain was pressing down on her, and she was struggling to resist it.


“But I’m not interested in you! “Ye Kong stared for a while and then broke the silence, the ninth mistress could feel a deep sense of relief when he stopped staring at her.


“Ye Kong! You have gone too far! You’re a beast to treat your elder like this! “The ninth mistress had a short temper and felt embarrassed, so she attempted to slap on Ye Kong.


“You’re the beast!” Ye Kong easily grabbed her hand and sneered, “Your heart is as narrow as a hen’s. You’re like a dog who seeks to bite because of a small matter that happened years ago. You know that you don’t have any real power, so you don’t dare to act openly, instead you slither in the darkness like a snake, or a centipede; What’s the difference between your roars and calls of a wolf that’s frothing at the mouth with rabies? Don’t worry, even if you untied your pants and pout your ass like a sow, and put it in front of me, I wouldn’t have any reaction. ”


Ye Kong’s words were so shocking because his reply was beyond their imagination. The metaphor fit the situation, but it was filled with such vulgar words that it made everyone who heard it feel numb.


“Eighth…Eighth young master…… “Ye Cai had already began to stutter, they all said that eighth young master beat people fiercely, but it turned out that his words were not inferior. The ninth mistress was scolded as a slutty beast.


Since he scolded too much, Ye Cai felt that he should try to stop the fighting, “Eighth young master, have your words… gone too far? ”


“Not exactly, if anyone wanted your wife clean the toilets on such a cold day, you wouldn’t say anything nice either!”


At last, the ninth mistress found a chance to open her mouth, she howled in a sharp voice, “Someone has to clean it! All the servants have to do their chores. Did I make a mistake? She’s just a servant girl, if she doesn’t want to do her work, do you think I should help her to do it? You’re kidding me! She is your wife? When did you get married? How dare you say that a servant is your wife, even I’m ashamed on behalf of your mother.”


After scolding Ye Kong, The ninth mistress scolded Xiao Hong again. “She is only a worthless servant girl, why can’t I tell her to do something? Why has she asked you to get involved? Don’t worry, I will not punish her for your actions today! Cleaning the toilet will be a light punishment, but if she doesn’t do it, I will punish her with Ye family rules! I will burn a scar on that bitch’s face! Her servant contract is still in my possession, even if I killed her… ”


“You bitch!” Ye Kong roared as he landed a powerful slap on the ninth mistress’s face, it was so powerful that her entire mouth became bloody. “You want to punish me? Ye Cai, leave! All of you, Get out! ”


Ye Cai did not dare to stay any longer because Ye Kong was furious, and he did not want to be beaten. Besides, the ninth mistress was really stupid, couldn’t she speak a little more politely?


“Eighth young master, you……”Ye Cai didn’t know what to say, and even if he did, he wouldn’t dare say it.


The two servant girls were so scared that they quickly escaped with Ye Cai. Only Ye Kong and the ninth mistress were left in the room. The ninth mistress glared at Ye Kong angrily, she covered her face and her eyes were full of resentment.


“You dared to slap me? If you beat me, I will have your father punish you! I will have you and your mother thrown out of the Ye family! You will be sent to the battlefield to fight on the frontlines! No, you will be sent directly to prison! Better yet, off with your head!” The ninth mistress was furious.


“Shut up! Know your place or I will kill you this instant.” Ye Kong snorted.


Now that everyone had left, the ninth mistress thought that Ye Kong was going to continue beating her, but she found that he didn’t continue to hit her, instead, he asked, “Have you ever thought about the situation which resulted in you becoming the manager of the Ye family?”


This sentence was a totally separate topic, the ninth mistress was shocked for a moment and then looked at Ye Kong questioningly.


“I asked you how you became the manager? This chair, the chair under your ass… “Ye Kong patted the chair which the ninth mistress had stood up from and asked, “Do you know why you are the one sitting in it?”


“When the second mistress died, Ye Haoran made me…” The ninth mistress suddenly thought of something and her legs softened as she fell back onto the chair.


“Do you know why the second mistress died?” Ye Kong said coldly, and leaned over, very close to the ninth mistress’s face, his smile was a little ferocious. “You are sitting in this chair now, but this is the way you treat your benefactor! You haven’t thanked me for my kindness and instead you repaid my kindness with vengeance. Do you want to follow in the same footsteps as the second mistress?”


Ye Kong’s words were obvious, this reminded the ninth mistress that it was this guy who beat the second mistresses two sons violently during the day, then at night, the second mistress had died. Was the cause of her death really…?


When the ninth mistress thought of this, she couldn’t help shivering. ‘Oh my God! He did it! He killed her without leaving a trace!’


Seeing the ninth mistress’s pale face, Ye Kong knew he had achieved his purpose, he stood up straight and walked out whilst saying, “Why is it always you people who come to me looking for trouble? This will be your first and last warning, think about your son and don’t test my patience”


Ye Kong had told her directly because he was not afraid of her telling others about this secret; anyway, he could use magic tools. Even if Ye Haoran returned, what could he do?


Even after Ye Kong walked away, the ninth mistress remained motionless for a long time, from the outside it looked like her soul had escaped her body. It was only when the servants returned that she looked up and said, “Take twenty Liang of silver to sister Ma, and tell her to never show her face again.”


The ninth mistress had already considered this for a while. If she suffered the same fate as the second mistress under The God of Misfortune, then her son would share the same fate as Ye Wu, or maybe even worse. She was so terrified of Ye Kong that she didn’t dare to go against him.


“Yes.” Replied Ye Cai, who had only just returned, but sighed in his heart ‘See this is why I warned you. Why is it that only after you are beaten that you realize your mistake?’


When the ninth mistress thought of sister Ma, she decided to remove her from the Ye family to stop her from further provoking Ye Kong, but it was already too late, because Ye Kong met sister Ma on his way back.


When this woman saw Ye Kong, she fled in the opposite direction; she was crippled from the last beating, so she could only limp in the other direction.


Ye Kong was fed up with this woman’s repeated provocations, so he caught her and violently beat her again until most of her bones were broken. She was beaten so badly this time that it would be a miracle if she could move without a wheelchair.


“That’s it?” Huang Quan asked, he had been awake for some time.


“Although the ninth mistress hates me, she doesn’t want to kill me, so I don’t need to kill her.” Ye Kong answered.


“Well, what’s the point in wasting time with them? Just kill them directly.”


Ye Kong said with a smile, “Stop it, I know what you are thinking about. You just want to do the same thing that you did to the second mistress before she was killed.”


“Please, stop being so smart for once!” Huang Quan said with a smile, “The second mistress was old, but the ninth mistress is in her twenties. Also, her chest was so plump!”


Ye Kong tapped his waist with sword and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, you will have a great time later, I’ll take you to the Spring appreciating tower after lunch.”


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