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TMC Chapter 77 Unusual Talent


“Is it solved?” When Ye Kong returned to his yard, his mother and two girls were waiting. Xiao Hong couldn’t wait to ask but she was afraid that Ye Kong would think she was lazy so she said: “If not, I will go and clean the toilets.”


“Of course, it’s solved. I went out in person. Is there anything that can’t be solved by me? Don’t worry. The eighth young master’s concubine doesn’t need to clean the toilet. Even if you are fine with being ordered to clean the toilets, I wouldn’t be. “Ye Kong smiled and hugged Xiao Hong’s soft waist.


When Ye Kong came out this time, he didn’t hide it. He openly admitted his relationship with Xiao Hong, which made Xiao Hong very happy. She had her hazy eyes fixed on Ye Kong, which was enough to make any man melt.


Xiao Hong was being spoiled which made Lu Qin feel depressed. She was not jealous, but she felt that she was being ignored. She knew that Xiao Hong was spoiled by Ye Kong because she took the initiative with him, but to let Lu Qin really couldn’t find the courage to do the same.


Chen Jiuniang also found out about the relationship between Ye Kong and Xiao Hong while he was in closed door cultivation. Although she was unhappy that Xiao Hong was two years older than him, as she got to know Xiao Hong over the past six months, she started to like appreciate her more. Moreover, the rice had already been cooked, so it was too late to worry now, they hadn’t just cooked rice, they made rice crust, so Chen Jiuniang couldn’t say anything now.


Chen Jiuniang turned a blind eye to their intimacy. She was worried, not worried about her son, but about others.


Ever since he recovered, Ye Kong has proven that he was able to solve any problems. But Chen Jiuniang was worried about the ninth wife. After all, her son’s way of solving problems was too direct and violent. The opponents who troubled him were either beaten or dead. She was worried that ninth wife was also beaten by her son.


“You…What about ninth wife? The general favors the ninth wife and Ye You. If there is something wrong with her, how can I explain it when the general returns?” Asked Chen Jiuniang.


“Her? Nothing happened to her? She’s fine. She’s alive.” Ye Kong laughed.


“Oh.” A mother usually trusts her son’s words, so as soon as Ye Kong said it, Chen Jiuniang believed him.


But Lu Qin was not so easy to fool. She pursed her lips, looked up and said to him, “The ninth wife is new manager of the Ye family. A new manager will usually be extremely strict in order to demonstrate their authority. I don’t believe that you can easily make her back down.”


Damned girl, no one would think you were mute if you didn’t speak! Ye Kong stared at the little girl and found that Lu Qin was smiling back at him like a fox.


As expected, this caused Chen Jiuniang to have some doubts, she frowned, “Ye Kong, what is the truth, I want to know what happened.”


‘If I tell you the truth, you would worried to death. I scolded ninth wife, and slapped her so hard that her mouth was filled with blood. There is no way I can say that.’


“That’s the truth!” Ye Kong said innocently, “I didn’t lie. In fact, ninth wife is very easy to deal with. When I went there, I laid out the facts and reasoned with her. She told me about her difficulties and I told her about mine, we exchanged ideas without reservation. The conversation was warm and friendly, with the tenet of “It is better to hurt the body than hurt the friendship”, we trying to find a way to help and cooperate with each other. After countless rounds of exchanges, we finally reached an agreement which both sides were very satisfied with…”


“Oh, everyone would be satisfied if you don’t beat any more people in the future.” Even people in the Southern Land didn’t like to listen to this kind long winded discussion. Chen Jiuniang was slightly puzzled. She couldn’t tell whether what he was saying was truth or a lie. She went away with her arms akimbo to find the ninth mistresses servant girls. She would find the truth directly from someone else.


Chen Jiuniang left and Lu Qin stuck out her small tongue, made a grimace, “You are lying.”


“Hey! You can doubt my words, but don’t doubt my character!” Ye Kong was a little angry.


Lu Qin was still a little afraid of upsetting him. When he looked at her, she stopped talking. Looking at Xiao Hong again, she found that Xiao Hong looked very strange.


Xiao Hong’s face was red, tweaking, as if she wanted to say something, but when she looked at Lu Qin, she decided not to speak.


Lu Qin thought that they wanted some privacy and thought she was in the way, so she said, “brother Ye Kong, sister Xiao Hong, you should talk, I’ll accompany adopted mother.”


“No, no, No.” Xiao Hong knew that Lu Qin misunderstood her. In fact, she didn’t want to say anything secret to Ye Kong, but some words not suitable for children, so she couldn’t speak say it aloud.


Seeing that Lu Qin was not happy, Xiao Hong quickly grabbed her and said with a red face, “Xiao Qin, you don’t need to leave, in fact, it was nothing. I just felt that eight young masters words just now … there was a hidden meaning. ”


“Which sentence?” Lu Qin asked, and Ye Kong looked at Xiao Hong curiously.


“As he just said, he went and laid out the facts and reasoned with her, but what he said later had a hidden meaning.”


Ye Kong thought about it and said, “What hidden meaning could there be? It’s just normal courtesy. There’s nothing else to it. What do you think it means? Tell me. ”


Xiao Hong’s face grew even redder. She was embarrassed and couldn’t say it. This made Lu Qin more anxious so she urged her to say, “Xiao Hong sister, please tell me.”


“Yes, you don’t have to hide it. Say it.” Ye Kong was also curious. He spoke normally. He was curious as to what she was thinking. It seemed like she thought he just said something taboo.


Xiao Hong anxious, she couldn’t resist opening her mouth and saying, “He said just now; I laid out the facts and reasoned with her. The ninth wife showed me her body and I also showed mine, we had an exchange with no reservation. It was carried out in a warm and friendly atmosphere. It hurt ninth wife’s body, but not the friendship. They were trying to find a way to best copulate with each other. After countless exchanges, we reached a climax that we were both satisfied with… ”


“You…you are really talented! You have such a rich imagination!” Ye Kong said after almost falling over in shock, he didn’t feel like he should talk anymore. Xiao Hong was able to think of such a dirty meaning behind his words, her talent in this was admirable.


Xiao Hong words were completely different from what Ye Kong said, but she seemed to think that is what he meant.


Lu Qin was not as innocent as she was half a year ago. She understood everything that Xiao Hong said. She got angry and said, “Brother Ye Kong, how could you do that? How could you do this with ninth wife?”


In her opinion, it didn’t matter if men had wives and concubines, but you are disgusting if you perform disgusting acts. The ninth wife was Ye Haoran’s wife, which made her one of Ye Kong’s mothers. If Ye Kong has an affair with his mother, wasn’t that incest?”


“I didn’t!” Ye Kong felt wronged. I said a few words casually, but I somehow got into trouble for something I didn’t do. Holding a girl in each hand, “Listen, I’ll tell you what really happened. Let’s go to my room. I’ll go through everything with you.”


Back in Ye Kong’s room, he explained everything in detail. From the moment he entered till he came out without omitting a detail.


Lu Qin was relieved that Ye Kong didn’t do what she thought he did. It’s not that Lu Qin wanted to control Ye Kong, but incestual relationships were looked down upon everywhere.


Knowing that she had created a deeper meaning when there was none, Xiao Hong’s face turned bright red. She had guessed wrong, she knelt down and said, “Eight young master you have helped me solve my problem, but I thought such bad things about you. Xiao Hong was wrong. Please punish me. ”


Xiao Hong’s body was always curvaceous. Her curves were bewitching and ever since she lost her virginity, she seemed to become even more enchanting. With her red face and beautiful eyes, Ye Kong felt like a greedy wolf sizing up a sheep.


“Then I will punish you to kneel. Come forward a little bit.” Ye Kong didn’t plan on punishing her. In fact, Xiao Hong was also half joking. Ye Kong made her kneel because he thought of a night half a year ago.


It was strange that when he looked at the two young women in front of him, he unexpectedly thought of the Feng Siniang in the Spring appreciating tower, especially the plump and soft lips of Feng Siniang.


The Southern Land was not very popular with mouth service, so Xiao Hong had not been willing to do it and Ye Kong had not forced her. On the contrary, he was more tempted by the mouth of Feng Siniang.


Since he thought of the Spring appreciating tower, Ye Kong couldn’t help asking, “Lu Qin, I heard you say this morning that the play “The Brotherhood of the Dragon and Tiger” planned by our dragon and tiger gang is being performed in the appreciating spring tower. Tell me, how is it?”


Lu Qin saw them flirting with each other and she felt a little lost. Hearing Ye Kong’s question, she suddenly got excited.


“Brother Ye Kong, don’t you know? Recently, this play is the most popular play in Nandu city. Every day, people line up at the gates of the spring appreciating tower to buy tickets… ”


Looking at Lu Qin’s excited appearance, Ye Kong knew that it was an unprecedented success.


The Southern Land was lacking when it came to entertainment and culture. There were only a few old plays which praised the emperors and the generals, but people grew tired of watching the same ones over and over.


At this time, the play planned by Ye Kong and produced by Lu brothers, which was written by famous scholars and performed by the brothers of dragon and tiger gang. A play which showed the life of a gangster took the city by storm.


This immediately caused a sensation. Those common people had never seen something like this. It included not only touching friendship, but also love, and even exciting displays of martial arts. They were all elements that never appeared in the past. How could it not be sensational?


Four months ago, it premiered in the spring appreciating tower, even now the show was still sold out. Many people came to watch it, and some people were not satisfied with only seeing it once, so they watched it over and over again, each time with tears in their eyes.


According to Ye Kong’s suggestion, the brotherhood of the dragon and tiger was a series of plays. The first episode was called the dragon and tiger brothers.


In fact, the plot was very old-fashioned. It was nothing more than the story of brothers. They met a villain who killed the eldest brother, and the other brother didn’t give up until the villains were defeated.


That was the story of many movies in the nineties and the twentieth century. People on the earth would criticize these movies, but it was not the same in the Southern Land. People in Nandu city had never seen anything like this. The protagonist was no longer an emperor or the general, it wasn’t a scholar or a court official, but instead it was the local ruffians on the streets. The plot was very tortuous for them. In addition, the martial arts displayed were all real displays, it was a choreographed battle of martial artists on the stage. It seemed like a real battle to the audience.


Many elements were added in to the story to increase the enjoyment of those watching, so the play became an incredible success in an instant.

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