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TMC Chapter 78 Celebrity

Once the play was a huge success, the Dragon and Tiger Gang also became the talk of the town. The common people used to fear and hate these thugs, but this play had completely changed peoples perspectives. It turned out that these thugs were really heroes of righteousness.


For example; Restaurants used to scold the thugs for not paying for their food after eating, but now, as long as they were from the Dragon and Tiger Gang, the shopkeepers would happily serve their best food and drink on the house.


In addition, in the past it had been very difficult for the Dragon and Tiger Gang to invite martial arts experts to join the gang. All the experts wanted to take the martial arts certification which would guarantee them a position as an officer in the army or a government official. At the very least, they would become martial arts instructors. This was the ability of top martial arts practitioners. Why would they waste time with the thugs on the street?



However, once everyone saw the play, everything changed. Every martial artist wanted to join the gang. They even began rejecting those with poor martial arts.


The power of celebrity couldn’t be underestimated. Even the original members of the Dragon and Tiger Gang had changed their attitudes. Previously there had been many internal power struggles for territory, but now they would only speak words like “brothers” and “righteousness” all the time. Even the time they spent harassing people had lessened. Everyone felt that they had become heroes to the people, so it would be embarrassing if they continued to act like before.


These were changes that Ye Kong was happy to see. He didn’t care about making more money or recruiting more members. What he really cared about was how he was able to redeem these thugs with his actions.


Who said the Southern Land was a place where people would use others? Who said only strength mattered? Who said that human nature was cold-blooded and cruel?


This showed that there was a difference between men and beasts. They cared about justice, friendship, righteousness, respect, and love, these were things which could be found in everyone’s hearts.


No matter how dark it was, people yearned for the light.


It was always like this.


Ye Kong was not so great or so arrogant to think that he could turn the Southern Land into a paradise, but at least he hoped the people around him could enjoy those things. And his plan had succeeded.


“Brother Ye Kong, you are really capable. My brothers thought that it was impossible for those boorish guys to perform the play. Now they are left in admiration of you! “When Lu Qin spoke, she looked very cute. After speaking, she smiled and the small mole beside her lip seemed as if it was also smiling.


“It’s nothing but the first part. There will be the second part and a third part. You must watch the entire series of plays.” Ye Kong said with a smile.


“Really, there is a second part? Brother Ye Kong, I admire you too.” Lu Qin had grown up with her gangster brothers. Naturally, she had never seen anything more enjoyable than the play, so she jumped up happily when she heard that there would be more.


“I also admire the eighth young master,” said Xiao Hong, who was kneeling, looking up. She said it slowly on purpose, which highlighted her plump lips and her seductive watery eyes.


Ye Kong swallowed his saliva and said, “I, the mastermind behind the play, haven’t even seen it yet. Your flattery is too much. I’ll go to the spring appreciating tower in the afternoon to watch the play. Do you want to come with me?”


Ye Kong said as he stretched out his right hand, as if it would be placed casually on Xiao Hong’s shoulder. But in fact, his palm was moving slowly downward to rub Xiao Hong’s voluptuous chest.



Ye Kong was sat at the small round table for four people, and Lu Qin sat opposite, but she couldn’t see the his movements at all. She just thought that she was being invited out to enjoy the play. She smiled, “Of course, we will all go. Now the Spring appreciating tower has been renovated, and the downstairs has been transformed into a theatre. If we go in through the theatre entrance, it doesn’t matter if people see us.”


Ye Kong nodded to himself secretly. It seemed that the business of the theatre was good. Otherwise, Feng Siniang would not transform the first floor into a theatre. Feng Siniang was very astute when it came to business. She knew how to make changes and adapt to the situation. She had an exclusive door for the theatre created so that women wouldn’t be ashamed to enter which increased profits.


When Ye Kong was about to say something, suddenly, he felt something from below. Looking down, he saw Xiao Hong looking at him with a smile with her hand holding his…


It felt good, it was like a numb electric shock was running through his body!


In fact, Xiao Hong had thought Ye Kong would really punish her to kneel at first, but when his hand reached out, she knew that he had been suppressing himself for half a year and wanted her.


Knowing Ye Kong’s real purpose, Xiao Hong was also relieved. She knew that the eighth young master hadn’t wanted to punish her, and when she kneeled between Ye Kong’s legs, she also felt that there were waves of heat coming from between her legs. She looked back at Lu Qin and found that she was in a blind spot, so Xiao Hong fearlessly grabbed him.


Ye Kong took a look at Lu Qin and found that she didn’t notice anything strange, so he didn’t push Xiao Hong away and let her stroke with her delicate hands.


“Is there a private booth in the theatre of the spring appreciating tower? I want to take my mother to the theatre. She will also enjoy seeing it. “Ye Kong took a deep breath and asked.


Although the Spring appreciating tower had opened a new door for the theatre, Chen Jiuniang was still a concubine of the Ye Family after all. If it was spread out that Ye Haoran’s woman was seen visiting the spring appreciating tower, her reputation would be muddied.


There was also the scar which covered Chen Jiuniang’s face. If she went out, she would be surrounded by people who would stare at her. No matter how capable Ye Kong was, he could not stop people looking. Chen Jiuniang’s heart couldn’t take it.


If there was a private booth, it would be convenient. At the same time, Ye Kong was looking forward to finding a cure for Chen Jiuniang, now that he could use magic tools, it was time to find a cure. Ye Kong had long wished to have his mother stand in stand in before people in a dignified and imposing manner. He believed that the day would come soon.


“There’s private booths, of course. They are on the second floor. My brothers and I went there last time.” Lu Qin said.


“That’s good. I can take mother with me too.” Ye Kong couldn’t help but gasp because Xiao Hong was so bold that she had loosened his belt and pulled out his thing.


“Hehe.” Xiao Hong also knew that she was being bold. Her beautiful eyes were still slightly watery as she gave a charming smile.


Lu Qin still didn’t realize that these two were being so lewd in front of her. Hearing Xiao Hong laughing, she asked, “Sister Xiao Hong, you haven’t seen The Brotherhood of the Dragon and Tiger, have you? Are you coming with us to see it this afternoon? ”


“Of course.” Xiao Hong replied, “Of course I will. I haven’t seen it either. The servants and the maids are talking about Shan Ji, Jiao Pi and Si Yan every day, but I am confused and never understand what they are saying.”


“Then you are out of date. Shan Ji and Jiao Pi are the first and second protagonists. Si Yan is the villain. Who doesn’t know them by now in Nandu City?” Lu Qin smiled, “but these nicknames are very strange. The nicknames of thugs are normally things like Xiao Bao or Da Qiang. I have never heard of such strange nicknames.”


“Yes, I don’t understand either. If someone is a protagonist, he should have a powerful title, such as ‘Fatal Sword or Mountain-cutting Hatchet’ and so on. Ha-ha, who would be called Shan Ji or Jiao Pi?” Women were good at multitasking. Xiao Hong’s hands kept moving, but she didn’t stammer at all while she spoke, so Lu Qin had no reason to doubt.



Xiao Hong was amazing, Ye Kong was feeling extremely good at this moment. There was a beautiful flower pleasuring him while there was another pure beauty around him who didn’t know it was happening. This kind of enjoyment was something that couldn’t be explained.


“It’s easy to understand Shan Ji and Jiao Po, but I still don’t understand Si Yan.” Lu Qin said thoughtfully.


“Ha-ha, you don’t know it. Si Yan (four eyes) means that his eyes are bad. Four eyes aren’t as good as two eyes.” Ye Kong was good at maintaining his composure, his voice didn’t tremble at all while talking. When he talked to Lu Qin, he put his hand under the table, grabbed himself, and pointed himself towards Xiao Hong’s beautiful mouth.


“If four eyes are worse than two eyes, why not call him Liu Yan (six eyes) or Ba Yan (eight eyes)? Why does it have to be Si Yan? “Asked Lu Qin confusedly.


‘How am I supposed to explain glasses and slang to you?’ Ye Kong was depressed,” Anyway, Si Yan is meant to mean that he has eyes, but cannot see. Si Yan means a person with bad eyes!”


“Oh…”Lu Qin suddenly realized and then smiled: “No wonder these names are so strange. You named them all, didn’t you?”


Ye Kong suddenly pulled a very strange expression and then smiled, “Smart girl. In fact, I only said a few names casually, but your brothers were too lazy to change them.”


Why did Ye Kong have a strange expression? He suddenly felt that he was rubbing himself against a soft and slippery place. When he looked down, it turned out to be Xiao Hong’s delicate face.


This young girl’s face was as beautiful as a flower, also Xiao Hong was extremely shy. She blushed as if there was rouge on her face. As soon as it was rubbed against her face, Ye Kong almost lost himself.


Xiao Hong’s face was bright red. She was too embarrassed to open her mouth, so instead it was being rubbed against her cheek. It was swollen and hard as it pressed against her, it was making her feel hot.


At this time, Lu Qin said, “Brother Ye Kong, these people are very popular now. The heroine, Qing Mei, is now paid ten Liang of silver as her appearance fee. After every performance, there are countless admirers chasing after her, asking for autographs and giving gifts…”


Xiao Hong was very busy but she didn’t forget to interrupt, “People can go to the theatre, but why do they give gifts? These people are boring. ”


Ye Kong patted Xiao Hong’s hair and said with a smile, “They are fans. There are always celebrities, no matter where you go. If there are celebrities, there will be no lack of fans. Some fans even go crazy and have irrational behavior.”


Lu Qin didn’t understand fully but nodded, “What Brother Ye Kong said is reasonable. Those people are crazy. It’s said that many fans have hurried for half a month to arrive here from Huang Zhou County, which is hundreds of miles away, just to get a glimpse of Shan Ji. It’s also said that some of the female fans were eaten by the tigers on the way. They suffered so much before they arrived in Nandu City and it was only to look at Shan Ji. ”


These were not just fans. They were super fans!


“Then I’m also a famous person in Nandu city. Why don’t I have any super fans?” Ye Kong felt down.

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