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TMC Chapter 79 The Play

Lu Qin giggled, “You don’t have any super fans because you disappeared from the public eye for half a year. No one talks about you anymore. Now the hot topic is currently Shan Ji and Jiao Pi in Nandu City, and it is discussed in places hundreds of miles away.”


“Wow, they are so famous!” Ye Kong asked sourly, “Are they very handsome?”


“Yes!” The two girls giggled together and then said with a smile, “But the eighth young master is more handsome!”


“Good girls.” Ye Kong was satisfied. When he was about to have Xiao Hong accelerate what she was doing, he suddenly heard a sound.




“Not good! I forgot about the peeping tom! “Ye Kong cried out in his heart, pulled up his pants and scolded Huang Quan, “Hey, old man! Don’t you think you’ve seen enough? ”


“Tsk, there was nothing good to watch! Do you think I am gay? If it wasn’t for Xiao Hong, who would watch you. It’s so small! “Huang Quan said scornfully.


“It’s much bigger than yours!” Ye Kong’s action made Xiao Hong a little confused, and his actions were so sudden that even Lu Qin noticed it.


“Brother Ye Kong, what are you doing? Sister Xiao Hong, why are you still kneeling? “Lu Qin blinked.


“Nothing. I just pinched him.” Xiao Hong stood up with a red face.


“Why is your face so red?”


“I pinched him, so he kicked me. We were just playing around.” Xiao Hong vaguely explained and rubbed her face with the back of her hand…


“He kicked you and you blushed?” Lu Qin didn’t suspect anything and was too pure to suspect the explanation given. How could she know that Ye Kong had delivered a kick using his third leg?


It was up to Xiao Hong to deal with Lu Qin. Ye Kong was busy dealing with a perverted ancestor.


“Hey, ancestor, please don’t peep on people so much in the future. You should respect other people’s privacy, humans need to have some privacy. If I have to worry about being under constant observation, it will drive me crazy…”


“Is it really so serious? We both know you’re an exhibitionist…” Huang Quan knew that he was wrong, but instead of just saying it directly, he muttered, “What’s the big deal if I am watching? OK, I admit my fault.”


“That’s OK. Just notify me in the future if you are watching.”


“I miss women too. You know, I haven’t touched a woman for a hundred thousand years. How long is a hundred thousand years? Do you even understand, boy?”


Ye Kong said angrily, “How can you still say such words? Didn’t you play with the second mistress only half a year ago? Why is it still a hundred thousand years?”


“I’m used to say a hundred thousand years.” Huang Quan blushed and changed the subject, “What kind of play were you talking about just now? I want to see it, too. It better be a play with sex scenes. Men and women doing it on stage. Ha-ha, that is a play that everyone can enjoy.”


Ye Kong felt dizzy, “Huang Quan…You’re such a talented person. You could even think of inventing adult entertainment.”


At lunchtime, Ye Kong told Chen Jiuniang that they would go to the theatre together, but Chen Jiuniang was not willing to go, she would not go out without a black veil to hide her face.


Ye Kong knew that it was not only the problem of the scar but also a psychological trauma. She had been staying in the Ye family for a long time without anyone new, it made her afraid of being seen by strangers.


“That’s OK. You can rest at home.” Ye Kong’s intention to find the cure for Chen Jiuniang was even stronger. He needed to find a cure Chen Jiuniang’s face. Without the scar, she could leave the Ye Family with her head held high and dare to be seen by people without any psychological obstacles.


In the afternoon, at the gate of the spring appreciating tower.


It was cold, but it couldn’t reduce the enthusiasm of the people. There was a long line in front of the ticket window. It was not cheap, but most of the citizens could afford it.


There were two kinds of tickets. People could spend fifty copper for an ordinary ticket, which had them sitting in the back rows and came with a free cup of fragrant tea. The other ticket was slightly expensive, but it provided seating on small round tables in the front rows. Each table had four seats, and each seat was two Liang of silver, which came with complementary drinks and snacks.


The front row was close and spacious, so people with a little money were scrambling to buy the seats in the front rows. As for those who came with relatives and friends, they would book an entire table to themselves.


With this, it became harder for people to get a ticket. At the ticket office, an old gentleman was upset. He had heard about the play recently. Today, he wanted to see what everyone was talking about. He didn’t even eat his lunch before coming, but when he got to the front, there was no tickets left in the front row.


He was not greedy for comfort. The key was that he was too old. He was afraid that he would not hear clearly if he was sitting in the back rows.


“Old gentleman, the seats in the back rows are not bad, fifty coppers.” Said the ticket boy.


The Old man thought, “Well, since I’m here, I can’t go back empty-handed.” When the old man was about to pay, a young man next to him pulled his arm. “Hey, you look like someone with high status. Can you stand sitting with all those dirty farmers?”


The old man was displeased and said, “Agriculture is the foundation of a country and the premise of stability. How can you despise farmers so much? If you don’t have them to grow the grain and rice, you would starve. Would you be so arrogant then? Don’t say you have money. In the age of famine, can you eat silver or gold?”


Some of the people behind had come from nearby villages. When they heard the old man speaking, they immediately glared at the young man.


In fact, the young man was a scalper. Unexpectedly, he said it casually to attract business but was scolded instead. He knew that he likely encountered an old scholar and he should be careful with his words.


With a wry smile, he took out two tickets for the front seats and said, “Don’t be angry, old man, I’m a ticket seller. I bought them this morning. But I don’t have time to watch the play this afternoon. I am selling each ticket for three Liang of silver each.”


The old man didn’t often go to the theatre. He didn’t know that there was business to be made from scalping tickets. Although the other side added one Liang of silver to the price, he didn’t mind. He took out the silver and bought a ticket.


“Only the one?” The scalper was a bit depressed. It seemed that he needed to continue selling. The business of scalpers could be said to be profiteering. He only needed to sell a few tickets a day and a few Liang of sliver would be earned, which was several month of salary to many people.


This ticket was sold not long after. A city guard rushed to buy the last one from him. He wanted to buy two tickets, but there was only the one left.


“Boss Feng, I can’t believe it’s been half a year, but your theatre business is still booming.”


In front of the small door leading to the second floor of the spring appreciating tower, the Lu brothers who were dressed in fur coats and Feng Siniang who was wearing white fox fur were waiting and chatting casually.


“Yes, my share of the income from the theatre even exceeds that of the brothel.” Feng Siniang looked at the audience in line joyfully.


She had been reluctant to host the play in the Spring appreciating tower at first. She wouldn’t have allowed these thugs to take part of the spring appreciating tower for this business if it weren’t for the sake of the eighth young master. After all, this was a high-end establishment.


But who knew that this would become so popular and the business would become so booming that the ticket revenue alone was more than all previous revenue. In addition to the audience’s consumption of food and drink, she and the Dragon and Tiger Gang had made a fortune.


The girls in the spring appreciating tower were also very happy. The audience flow was large, so their business was also much better. The play also needed many female walk-ons, they only needed to appear on the stage and they would become starlets with higher prices. The rich people in the audience were willing to spend more on these women.


They were all happy and making money. Everyone knew that this was the idea of the eighth young master. Because they were all benefitting, they appreciated the eighth young master even more. They heard that the eighth young master was coming today so the brothers of dragon and tiger gang were all waiting outside the building.


“If there was no eighth young master, none of us would be where we are today!” Lu Jun suddenly said with emotion, and he also felt very lucky to have met Ye Kong. If he hadn’t had firm belief and gone to warn Ye Kong of the ambush on that rainy day, how could he have such a good life?


“Yes, the eighth young master is really outstanding. His idea allowed our dragon and tiger gang to recruit more people and earn more money. The only person I admire in my life is him.” Lu Yi admired Ye Kong the most.


The eighth young master’s idea was simply genius. There were so many thugs and gangsters in the world, but who had thought of publicizing through a play? The eighth young master had said this was called creating an image, it was gang culture.


“I don’t know why he has so many strange ideas, ha-ha.” Feng Siniang smiled, covering her plump lips with a mature woman’s charm.


At this time, there was a gust of wind, making the corners of the white fox fur on Feng Siniang roll like waves. She tightened the big white fur on her shoulders because the clothes inside were very tight and thin, they couldn’t resist the cold weather. Why was she wearing such tight and revealing clothing which revealed her curvy figure? It was for the eighth young master.


Feng Siniang was reluctant to admit it. The eighth young master was only 15 years old and she was twice as old as him. If she had married early, her child would have been at the same age as him.


But why could a young boy stir up such waves in her heart which had been as quiet as still water for a long time?


However, looking at the Lu brothers waiting nearby, she was relieved. These two brothers were only a few years younger than her, but they also admired the eighth young master to the bone and even looked at Ye Kong as if he was a god.


She thought, “So many men admire him. As a woman. I can also admire him. Isn’t that right?” It suddenly occurred to Feng Siniang that she had been kneeling in front of him under the moon. His majestic manhood had been in front of her. So close, so majestic, she could feel the surging heat. When her fingers touched it, she felt it’s pulsing and her heart-beat had sped up…”


“Here comes the eighth young master.” Suddenly someone shouted, and Feng Siniang’s recollection was interrupted. She raised her head and saw three small sedan chairs in the distance.

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