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TMC Chapter 80 Little Tyrant

“Ha ha, Lu Jun, you have become even stronger than before, you should hurry and find a sister-in-law for Lu Qin. Besides, Lu Yi, you also need to try your best, your mother is waiting to become grandmother.”


“Eighth young master, don’t worry about us, and you should also plan for your future.” Lu Jun looked at Ye Kong and Lu Qin with a smile.


Lu Qin was shy from his look, so she punched Lu Jun, “Brother! What did you say?”


Lu Yi also smiled, “This is always what happens with girls. Once they join a mother-in-law’s family, she forgets her blood relatives and even beats her own brother. Wow, you are vicious, help!”


Ye Kong looked at them and said to Feng Siniang and said, “Boss Feng, Long time no see. Your business is doing well, isn’t it?”


“Ha ha, that’s because of the blessings of eighth young master.” Today, Feng Siniang dressed up meticulously. She not only wore tight and revealing clothes, but also carefully arranged her black hair. She also intentionally hung a lock of hair on her forehead, which gave a touching contrast. She was rosy-cheeked, just like a young girl.


Although Feng Siniang seemed very happy, she was crying in her heart. The Eighth young master came with two girls by his side. Xiao Hong had an hourglass figure and was voluptuous. Even the winter clothing she was wearing couldn’t hide her curvy figure at all.


And that Lu Qin made her feel even more depressed. If she was only younger than her then it wouldn’t be a big deal, but this young girl was really pretty. She was slim, with long legs and fair skin. The most beautiful thing was the little beauty mole at the corner of her mouth. The mole’s was in a good shape and position. No matter if she was smiling or shy, she was a real beauty.


“It’s cold outside, please go inside.” Feng Siniang was depressed in her heart, with few words she lead Ye Kong and others upstairs.


Ye Kong did not enter by going through the theatre door, but went upstairs directly from the gate.


The second floor was a familiar place. There were several rooms for customers to enjoy themselves on the second floor. Because some of the rooms were great locations to watch the play on the first floor, Feng Siniang converted some of the rooms into private booths. Guests could watch the play while also enjoying the other services offered by the brothel. This was the best service that was on offer.


Although Xiao Hong was a bold girl, it was her first time in a brothel. She didn’t dare to speak. She seemed to be serious, but her eyes were secretly looking around. This place was off limits for most women. If she wasn’t here to watch the theatre, Xiao Hong would never come here in her whole life, so she was naturally curious. For example, it was like young boys who were curious about the girls bathrooms.


But Xiao Hong didn’t find anything special. The corridors were clean, but cold and the girls were all inside the rooms. It seemed very normal. Xiao Hong couldn’t understand why men wanted to linger in such place.


Soon they came to the best booth on the second floor. There were two tables in the room, they had a selection of fresh fruit, snacks and drinks on the table. There was a large window that could be opened opposite the table. When the window was opened, it overlooked the stage below. From this booth it was possible to  see the entire situation of the first floor from the audience to the stage.


One table was prepared for women and one table was prepared for the men. This is not to discriminate against or segregate the women. This was because the men and women enjoyed talking about different topics, and the items on the table were also different. The table for women had more fresh fruits and snacks, but less alcohol, while the table for men had more room for alcohol.


Ye Kong and the Lu brothers sat at one table, while Feng Siniang sat with Xiao Hong and Lu Qin on the other.


This VIP booth was different. Everyone had a written version of the script in front of them, so that the VIP could read it. If they didn’t hear it clearly, they could refer to the script directly.


Of course, Ye Kong was not an ordinary VIP. He enjoyed more than that. Soon, three men and one woman bowed before of Ye Kong and the rest.


“These are the actors playing the leading roles? Very good!” Ye Kong said with a smile. Theatre was still in the early stages here, and they didn’t have access to a wide variety of talents and beauty, like the idols from Earth.


So with a look, Ye Kong guessed that the tallest and most handsome was a Shan Ji, so the other handsome man must be Jiao Pi, while the sharp nosed man and craft looking man must be Si Zhiyan. Finally, the pretty woman was the heroine Qing Mei.


“Thank you very much for your appreciation.” Although some of the leading characters were now popular with many fans, they still had no qualifications in front of Ye Kong.


Xiao Hong was a little excited when she saw these four people. She was not a crazy fan. She thought more about those servants and maids who were talking all day about the play. She had to admit defeat in the past, but now she was ready to boast to them all when she returned to the Ye family.


“Well, that’s all.” Ye Kong beckoned them, and then said, “Well, I’ve heard it said that when an actor stands on the stage, they can become entirely different people!”


All the people around laughed. The actors in this world didn’t have a high position, and there was no theory of performing arts. No one understood Ye Kong’s meaning.


“If they are not themselves, who are they?” Feng Siniang came over, with a gracefully stride, accentuating her waist, and stood beside Ye Kong’s seat with a smile.


“Of course, they are not themselves. They have to become the character they play! From the beginning of the role, you are the Shan Ji, and Shan Ji is you, Shan Ji’s emotions can only be realized by the actor becoming them. Never look at the characters you are playing from the perspective of the audience.”


Although Ye Kong didn’t know much about these aspects and it didn’t refer to the acting skills in the Southern Continent at all. They were just acting according to the scripts. At most, the female characters would learn to make several expressions. They didn’t have the concept of becoming the character they were playing. After listening to Ye Kong’s words, several actors were also left contemplating his words.


When Ye Kong finished talking, waving his hand, and said: “You need to prepare, if you act well, the second part will also be yours to perform.”


“Thank you, Eighth young master.” The four actors hurried to thank him again. The money and reputation that the first part brought them was already more than they had ever imagined. If they were also performing the second part, they would become even more popular.


A few men were excited, and they hurriedly kowtowed, even the woman playing Qing Mei was throwing flirtatious winks towards the table of men.


The Lu brothers also thought about the second part and asked, “Eighth young masters, those writers who created the script are ready to start work, we just need you to tell us the plot for the next part.”


“The second part is the story of brother Haoran.”


Of course, there was no hurry to deliver the second part of the trilogy. Several actors were ready to leave, but Qing Mei seemed reluctant.


Lu Yi whispered to Ye Kong, “How about this actress? I chose her, she is a great fit for the role, isn’t she?”


“There are no hidden reason as to why she was selected, are there? Ye Kong replied, “It’s clear that you’ve been sleeping with her.”


Ye Kong guessed immediately, so Lu Yi’s face turned red. “Eighth young master, you really know everything. She is very tight. Why, did you want to try her?”


“Are you not afraid of Lu Qin beating you.” Ye Kong gave him a look and scolded, “Find a good girl and get married and have a baby. Your mother is waiting to hold her grandson. You need to stop fooling around with second-rate women and find one to settle down with.”


The actors began to clear the stage as the performance was about to start, but there was a little dispute in the audience.


It was the old man who bought the ticket from the ticket tout. He was calmly sat drinking tea and waiting for the play to start when trouble came his way.


A young man followed by a few city guards approached the table. As soon as he came over, he sat down beside the old man and shouted, “It’s your lucky day! We will give you all five liang of silver for your tickets and give you another ticket in the back row. Hurry and accept!”


The other people sitting on the table heard the offer and they quickly took money and swapped their tickets for tickets in the back rows.


One ticket was no more than two liang of silver. Now there were people willing to buy the ticket for over twice the value and provide a ticket seated further back. They would be able to watch the play for free and earn three liang of silver, only stupid people would reject.


That was what the many of the people here thought.


What they couldn’t imagine was that there were really stupid people.


The old man did not move, and asked, “Sir, do you want to invite your friends to watch with you? If you and your friends have urgent plans then I will sell the ticket to you, but if you or your friend don’t have urgent plans, then I will not…”


“Old man, what are you talking about? I’m too confused by the meaning of your words. I’ll give you another two liang of silver for a total of seven for that seat. Will you leave now?” said the young man, staring in wide eyes.


The old man shook his head and said patiently, “Sir, I mean, if you have something urgent, I will sell you the ticket for the price I paid. If you have nothing urgent to attend, then please let me sit here and watch.”


The man snorted and said with a smile, “There is no fucking emergency, and no friends are coming. To tell you the truth, I just like to enjoy watching the play alone! I enjoy being a tyrant, a tyrant for seats, a tyrant for tables, a tyrant for the theatre. I just came from Andu, and everyone knows me there!”


The old man was also stubborn. When he heard that he was being told to move for such a reason, he was annoyed. He patted the table and said angrily, “This is not Andu! I have the right to sit here and watch the play until it finishes! A man like you who wants to dominate everything will not have good end!”


“Not even for another two liang of silver?” The little tyrant looked at the old man and thought that although he was didn’t look poor, he didn’t look like a rich man, and he definitely wasn’t an official. This guy came from the capital, Andu city. He was good at judging other people. So he crossed his legs and said lightly, “Old man, how about ten liang of silver?”


The old man laughed angrily. “Sir, do you think I am a man who is short of money?”


“Fifty-two Liang!” As soon as little tyrant said it, there was a large commotion around him.


God! Unexpectedly, it was time to make a lot of money. Fifty liang was enough to feed a poor family for several years. The audience around him were depressed. Why didn’t this rich little tyrant come and bully their table?


Listening to the exclamation around him, the little tyrant also enjoyed the attention. A small place was a small place, where as I came from the capital of the country. Fifty liang is enough to satisfy them!


In everyone’s opinion, the old man should take money and leave. Even if he has integrity, fifty liang of silver would be enough to defeat him. If he refused, did he hate money?


As it turns out, there were people who seemed to hate money.


The old man didn’t look at the money at all. He waved his hand and said, “It’s non-negotiable. Although you have money, I will let you know that there are people who have unyielding principles in this world!”


“Damn it! I see. So you’re not short of money!” The little tyrant was finally annoyed. Today, he had been very restrained with his actions, but this old man had annoyed him.


“Throw him out!” The little tyrant roared, but the guards that were with him seemed to be acting strangely. They didn’t rush up, but instead looked around for a few moments.


Other people didn’t know, but they knew the reason. They were checking for the God of Misfortune. There is an unwritten rule among the city guards. Whenever they came to resolve problems in the spring appreciating tower, they would first check if the God of Misfortune was anywhere to be seen. If they noticed that him or any of his people were there, they would immediately retreat. If the God of Misfortune was not there, they could act safely and boldly.


It’s not that the city guards were timid, it was that their experiences at the spring appreciating tower were terrible.


Looking around, it seemed like there was no one to worry about. The two guards immediately became arrogant and said, “Old man, you asked for it! This is the son of the new city lord, Lord Hu of Chengshou mansion. Do you dare to offend him? Since you don’t want money, don’t blame us for being rude!”


As the two guards were going to make a move on the old man, they suddenly heard a thunderous roar come from above them, “YOU DARE! Who is daring enough to lay a hand on my teacher? I will end their life where they stand!”


When the two guards heard this voice and looked up, they almost died of fright. What kind of cruel joke was this? Who knew that we must also check the sky to see if you are flying over our heads?

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