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TMC Chapter 81 Looking

It was Zhang Wude, the teacher of Ye Kong, who was arguing with the little tyrant on the first floor of the theatre. He didn’t think he would care for plays reflecting the life of gangsters, but they seemed to be very popular. He had been hearing about it every day, so he took the time to see it for himself today. Unexpectedly, he met the little tyrant.


Because of their conflict, Zhang Wude was in a bad situation, that was until a young man shot down from the sky with a ferocious roar.


Ye Kong knew the stairs would take too long, he didn’t waste any time before jumping directly out of the window. Ye Kong was planning to punish the two city guards for making a move, but as soon as they saw him, they ran and hid behind the little tyrant.


Many people that recognized Ye Kong murmured, “Those two city guards are going to suffer now.”


Another said, “No wonder the old man is so stubborn. He is the teacher of eighth young master.”


Another said, “Spread the word, he can’t be offended.”


“Who was going to throw my teacher out?” Ye Kong didn’t listen to the comments and snorted at the little tyrant. Everyone referred to his teacher as sir in the Southern Continent, but Ye Kong felt it was strange.


The little tyrant frowned. “Who are you?”


Without answering, Ye Kong asked, “Who are you?”


“Who am I?” The little tyrant snorted. He was arrogant. When he came to this small city on the border, he was even more arrogant. He said, “Who I am? I have already said who I am, I don’t have the habit of repeating myself.”


The little tyrant was really arrogant, but really arrogant was only slightly above arrogant, how could that compare with someone who was the most arrogant?


“Fine, don’t say it, let’s begin.” Ye Kong was so arrogant that he didn’t even care who his opponent was, he was already preparing to beat him.


“Wait!” The little tyrant looked at Ye Kong. Suddenly he thought of something.


The little tyrant was someone who didn’t have any real martial arts, so he was good at judging when to fight and when to surrender.


The little tyrant was arrogant, but when he saw Ye Kong was ready to fight without caring who he was, he took two steps back, turned and looked at the two city guards with a questioning look. The city guards hurriedly said in a low voice, “He is the God of Misfortune, the eighth young master of Ye Family.”


The little tyrant’s face turned ghastly, and he immediately remembered his father’s order. “Son, you can offend anyone when you come to the Nandu City except for one person. He is known as the God of Misfortune, the eighth young master of Ye Family!”


The little tyrant heard horror stories about the God of Misfortune from the city guards which frightened him. He hadn’t been in Nandu City for long, but he had heard all about the God of Misfortune. Combined with his father’s warning, he knew that he had to be careful.


Although he was scared in heart, he couldn’t lose face here. His father had taught him how to properly deal with situations. He said, “I am the son of Hu Shouren, Hu Caigan. Are by chance, you Ye Kong?”


Ye Kong sneered, only moments ago he refused to give his name a second time.


“You are Hu Caigan, you have a good name.” What made people confused was that Ye Kong’s demeanor changed. He smiled and asked, “Brother Caigan, how is your father?”


Hu Caigan was stunned. He didn’t understand why Ye Kong suddenly smiled and asked about his father.


“My father is well.” Hu Caigan thought that Ye Kong wanted establish a relationship with him.


Ye Kong smiled and continued, “How about you let me… fuck your mother?”


“Yes, sure.” Hu Caigan rushed to agree without listening to the request.


The sudden sound of thunderous laughs throughout the theatre was what caused him to snap back to his senses. He had answered too quickly.


“Ye Kong! You are too much of a bully!” Hu Caigan was furious. He had been made a fool of and his mother was insulted.


Ye Kong had no intention of offending the new city lord. The new city lord was smart, but his son was too arrogant and needed to be taught a lesson. He had dared to bully his respected teacher in public. Ye Kong said, “I am not bullying you! This is my establishment and I came to give you my permission to watch the play.”


Hu Caigan no longer felt like staying after being embarrassed in front of such a large crowd! Hu Caigan had never encountered such arrogance in the capital city. Ye Kong was not only arrogant, but frightening.


“There are many plays in Andu. I don’t need to see it!” Hu Caigan turned to leave; this was his style.


“I haven’t finished!” With a wave of Ye Kong’s hand, Hu Caigan and two city guards were immediately surrounded by members of the dragon and tiger gang.


“What are you doing?” Hu Caigan replied with a humble tone.


Ye Kong smiled, “I didn’t give you permission.”


“But I don’t want to see the play anymore!”


“No. If I tell you to watch it, you will watch it. If I tell you to sit, you sit where I tell you! Now please, go take your seat in the last row and enjoy the show.” After Ye Kong finished, he waved for his men to disperse and said, “Of course, you can ignore what I said and leave, but you will be responsible for the consequences.”


How viscous! Unexpectedly, he couldn’t leave, he was being forced to stay and watch. It was so humiliating. Hu Caigan wanted to leave, but he was stopped by the two city guards, “Let’s stay and watch. If you try to leave now, you will be beaten until you are maimed and that is if you are not killed!”


“So cruel!” Hu Caigan weighed the gains and losses, and regardless of the harsh laughter around him, he went and sat in the last row.


‘You bullied my teacher. I am being polite by not beating you’


Ye Kong waited until he saw Hu Caigan sit down in the last row at the back, and then led Zhang Wude to his booth upstairs, but not before leaving behind a few words. “Take a message to your father. Tell him to make sure you have the proper nutrition, since your brain is clearly underdeveloped! You should know whose territory this place is.”


With those words, he left Hu Caigan to sit there angrily. Ye Kong took Zhang Wude upstairs to watch the play, but no one had any thoughts of sitting at the empty table left on the first floor.


“Ye Kong, why did you come out? You have offended Lord Hu.” Zhang Wude complained.


“Sir, we should be more arrogant than him. If you are soft, he will bully you even more. It is useless to reason with people like him.”


Zhang Wude shook his head as he walked up the stairs. “You’re using evil to suppress evil and use violence to stop violence.”


Ye Kong said with a smile, “Sir, you have to consider the root of such issues. Do you want to use love to influence such villains? Only when you are worse than them, will they give in. I heard that the fighting spirit of a warrior is as sharp as a sword. In the face of such opponents, you should take the initiative to show let others know how sharp your sword is, only then will the opponents retreat from battle. ”


“Fighting spirit?” Zhang Wude stopped, nodded silently.


It was only a small matter before the show they had all come to see. Once the play has begun, the audience upstairs and downstairs had forgotten about the fight and began to give the play their full attention.


However, one exception was Ye Kong, who had experienced the culture of Earth. Ancient plays were what he hated the most.


The plot was always extremely slow and long winded. Ye Kong was getting a headache watching it. However, it was suitable for the people of the Southern Continent. If Ye Kong was allowed to take control, the audience would think it was much too fast-paced.


Feng Siniang, who was at the next table, noticed that Ye Kong was looking bored and quietly snuck out of the room. After a while, she came back in and whispered in Ye Kong’s ear, “Eighth young master, someone is looking for you outside.”


Feng Siniang’s mouth was so close to his ear that Ye Kong could feel her warm breath. Her plump lips were almost touching him. Ye Kong felt his heart start to race, but his face was still calm as he left with Feng Siniang.


Lu Qin and Xiao Hong were still busy watching the play. Zhang Wude and the Lu Brothers didn’t pay attention to Ye Kong leaving.


Ye Kong didn’t know who was looking for him. It might even be Feng Siniang’s idea. Looking at Feng Siniang’s enchanting in front of him, he couldn’t help but praise. He always had a preference for beautiful and mature women on Earth, but he never had time to find one. Then he found one here.


At this time, the voice of Huang Quan filled his mind, “I’m not interested in the play. Let’s go find a girl for me.”


Feng Siniang wanted get Ye Kong for herself when she asked Ye Kong leave, but she was embarrassed to take the initiative. She was afraid of being rejected by Ye Kong, which would be humiliating.


Although she had a lot of experience in the past, she hadn’t been receiving guests since she became the boss, and for the last several years, she didn’t have any desire to find someone. Those men who wanted her company were all firmly rejected. No matter how much money they offered, she had no interest.


There was a saying that one would resent the business that made them, so the women of the brothel didn’t have much interest in finding a man once they stopped working as a prostitute. There was no need to take the initiative when the interest wasn’t there. Feng Siniang found that she was starting to grow impatient after she met Ye Kong. It could be seen from the time she tried to secretly get involved with Ye Kong. Later, she even helped him to clean himself off. Every night, Feng Siniang would think about that scene when she went to bed.


But Ye Kong hadn’t returned for half a year. Today, she finally received the news that Ye Kong was coming. She dressed up especially for him, but she didn’t expect that he would be accompanied with two young and beautiful girls.


But she did not get discouraged, she had the mature charm which those young girls had yet to develop. Many men enjoyed the company of an older woman.


Of course, she was only a little older than ye Kong. When Ye Kong transmigrated, he was already 28 years old. With the additional years spent here, he had the mentality of a 31 year old. With this in mind, he didn’t feel that Feng Siniang was much older than himself at all.


“Who is looking for me?” Ye Kong followed Feng Siniang to the door of a room.


He always spoke calmly to people, even the most beautiful woman would not change his state. This was also one of the reasons why Feng Siniang was attracted to him. She hated men who shouted and lusted after women, but it also made Feng Siniang have no idea on where to start. Was he even interested in her? That was the question.


In fact, it was not always good to appear so serious. Generally speaking, it would make it harder for enemies to read your emotional state, but the same could be said for friends. Ye Kong was muttering to himself, he was considering whether Feng Siniang was interested in him? After all, they were not familiar with each other. Although they had some contact in the past, neither person was sure of the other’s thoughts.


Ye Kong didn’t know what she was thinking, and she didn’t dare to take the initiative. She sighed in her heart, pushed the door, and still smiled brightly. “Eighth young master, the one who was looking for you is waiting inside.”

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