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TMC Chapter 82 Too Fast

There were really people waiting for Ye Kong, but it was an unexpected person. It was the girl named Xiao Ying.


Since Ye Kong left her half a year ago without having sex with her, he had forgotten about her. However, Feng Siniang had reserved this girl for Ye Kong.


“Eighth young master, you are finally here.” Xiao Ying warmly welcomed him. Her virginity had been preserved thanks to Ye Kong. She wouldn’t even need to accompany customers for a drink, she only waited for Ye Kong to return.


“Xiao Ying.” Ye Kong nodded, walked into the room and sat down.


“You are so heartless that you forgot about me.” Xiao Ying clung to him enthusiastically. Although she was still a virgin, she was experienced. She sat on Ye Kong’s legs while twisting and turning.


“How could I forget? I am here now.”


Feng Siniang felt a fire in her heart, she wanted to push away Xiao Ying and serve Ye Kong herself. But Xiao Ying’s age was match for Ye Kong and she was still a virgin, she felt like she couldn’t compete.


“You can talk with Xiao Ying, I will leave first.” Feng Siniang smiled and prepared to leave.


“Boss Feng, can you guard from any interruptions.”


Ye Kong didn’t say it clearly, but Feng Siniang understood that he was afraid of being discovered by the women he brought with him, he was asking for her to cover for him.


“Eighth young master, you can rest assured, the play will take three hours. You can have fun.” Feng Siniang covered her mouth and walked out.


No matter how much endurance a man had, three hours was more than enough. Unfortunately, it was not Ye Kong who wanted to have some fun, but someone else.


“How about this girl?” Ye Kong asked.


“No, she is not up to my usual standard. I even had sex with the girls from the Shadow Clan, you can’t even imagine how beautiful they were.”


A hero would remain silent about the legend of their glorious accomplishments. Huang Quan was definitely not a hero, he never stopped talking about his past achievements.


“She is the girl who was in most demand in the spring appreciating tower. If you don’t want her, you can forget it.” Ye Kong got up as if he was ready to leave.


Huang Quan hurriedly replied. “Don’t leave. Even if she is not my usual standard, a starving man doesn’t turn down rice.”


Ye Kong chuckled and said, “Fine, this fulfills our agreement, but remember you must refine some more fasting pills for me, so I can continue cultivating.”


Huang Quan scolded, “You are too scheming for your own good! ”


“So what? Do you not agree?” Ye Kong had not planned this, but he knew that if he didn’t get Huang Quan to agree to refine more pills now, he would need to agree to more of Huang Quan’s demands.


“You win, I promise.”


After he agreed, Ye Kong was ready to start. He had already taken out a sleeping talisman, and was ready to use it on Xiao Ying.


This kind of talisman was specially used to treat insomnia. The effect was immediate and quite powerful. It would cause the person effected to fall asleep for six to ten hours after activated. Ye Kong was ready to cause Xiao Ying to fall asleep. Then he would release this perverted ancestor and let him have his fun.


But Huang Quan didn’t agree. “I don’t want to have fun with a woman who lays there like a corpse. Do you even know how to enjoy yourself? There are positions that require her to be awake.”


“Are you sure?” Ye Kong said, “Aren’t you afraid of her revealing your secret? Some cultivators will be covetous of your nascent soul.”


The soul of the nascent soul cultivator was exactly what the devil cultivators loved the most. If it was refined and then put into a special magic tool, it would be very powerful. Especially now that the strength of Huang Quan was weakened, it meant that core formation cultivators could capture him.


“What are you afraid of? I have my own way to remain hidden.”


“Are you going to kill her? No way!” Ye Kong was not a cold hearted person. He could be merciless to his enemies, but he couldn’t be merciless to innocent people.


Especially Xiao Ying, who had been waiting half a year for him. Ye Kong would not do that to her.


“No, I won’t kill her. Did you forget that I am able to soul search? I can erase her memory, although it will leave her in a trance for a period, but she will not die.”


Since he said so, Ye Kong nodded and agreed. Now the key was Xiao Ying. He didn’t know if she was willing to serve Huang Quan.


It didn’t take much time for her to agree. A woman like Xiao Ying was used to being arranged. Although she was a little dissatisfied, she was overjoyed when she heard that the person she would service was a powerful immortal.


To become an immortal was not only a dream for men, but also for women. Xiao Ying was just an ordinary woman in the world. She had her own dreams and desires. If she served an immortal, and he decided to take her on and show her how to become an immortal, how glorious that would be.


Xiao Ying immediately agreed, and then a naked Huang Quan suddenly appeared. Although he had a big beard and adult facial feature, his body was like still that of a baby. It wasn’t to say he was ugly, but the contrast was very strange. If you weren’t able to see his face, he looked like a normal child.


Xiao Ying looked at the tiny baby penis of Huang Quan, and couldn’t help but smile. If she didn’t know he was an immortal, she would be tempted to pinch his cheek.


It was equivalent to Xiao Ying’s snickering smile. Ye Kong was very direct. He squinted again and asked, “Can you even do anything? Do you need my help? It doesn’t matter. For the sake of our brotherhood, I can help you unconditionally.”


Most people appreciated when other people offered their help, but no one would accept help when it came to this. He had never heard anyone say, “I’m not able to perform right now, would you have sex for me?”


Huang Quan was also a normal person and wouldn’t agree. Not only that, he also drove Ye Kong out for mocking him.


The reason was simple, “You didn’t want to let me watch, so you are not allowed to watch either.”


Ye Kong was asked to leave behind two spirit stones which were filled with Huang Quan’s Qi, and then leave, he muttered, “How can you have such little immortal Qi that you need to replenish your Qi after being intimate with a woman.”


Huang Quan was upset. His cultivation had been absorbed by Ye Kong. He even helped him to refine a defensive magic tool. He didn’t even ask for him to return all of his immortal Qi, only a few spirit stone!


But Huang Quan wouldn’t ask for this type of thing, Ye Kong would not likely agree and it would cause tension in their relationship, this isn’t what either of them wanted to see.


‘Even if you have eaten what is mine, you better spit it out. If you take what belongs to me, you must return it. Although Ye Kong often said such, he couldn’t spit out someone’s immortal Qi.


As soon as Ye Kong left, Huang Quan ancestor took Xiao Ying to the bed and pulled down the curtain and hiding everything from vision.


“You are already out?” Feng Siniang was surprised.


At first, she was a little angry. He was having fun inside, but she had to be the look out. She wasn’t happy waiting here the entire time and thinking of it was depressing.


But before she had time to have a second thought, she saw Ye Kong close the door behind him to leave. It was too fast! It seems like he might be premature! Last time, it might have been because of her getting involves, but today… It was too fast! There wasn’t even enough time to get undressed.


Did he come out for her? She immediately rejected this idea. Maybe it was because Xiao Ying said something which annoyed him?


“Yes.” Ye Kong was still thinking about how Huang Quan was even going to do it. He closed the door with a frown on his face.


The women in the brothel should serve the guests and keep them happy. If the guests were not happy, it was dereliction of duty. This caused Feng Siniang to get angry. How can Xiao Ying be ungrateful? She had allowed her to not receive any guests for half a year, but she messed it all up at the critical moment. Didn’t she not know that he was the biggest benefactor to the spring appreciating tower?


“I must punish her!” Feng Sinning wanted to open the door. She would punish her before Ye Kong to sooth his anger.


“What are you doing?” Ye Kong hurried to grab her wrist.


“Don’t plead for her, these girls are too spoiled by me. I have to let them understand that some guests can’t be offended!” Feng Siniang used the other hand to push the door.


“What are you talking about? Xiao Ying is very good… “Ye Kong said with a wry smile as he spun around Feng Siniang’s back to use his other hand to grab her free hand. He guessed what Feng Siniang’s was thinking, but it was not easy to explain the situation to her.


“Eighth young master, don’t be too kind. These girls can’t be spoiled.” Feng Siniang didn’t notice that her body was being held by Ye Kong.


Ye Kong didn’t notice it at the beginning. However, as Feng Siniang continued struggling to push the door. Her plump and soft body was rubbing against Ye Kong’s and caused a stir in his heart.


Some parts of men couldn’t be touched, Ye Kong felt a burning desire fill his body. He pulled Feng Siniang tightly into his embrace and kissed her.


Happiness came too fast. Feng Siniang felt her entire body go soft. Without thinking about it, she kissed back.


They both felt the desire they share for each other as they continued to kiss.


After a while, Feng Siniang stopped, he cheeks had already become red and rosy, “Eighth young master, we are in public.”


Ye Kong smiled. It seemed like she was willing. She didn’t care much about the age difference, but they couldn’t do anything in the open corridors.


Ye Kong also wanted to get a room, but he dared not leave. There might be an expected person who entered the room. If Huang Quan was known to others, it would be big trouble.


“We can go to my room.” Feng Siniang felt ashamed to invite him before, but she took the initiative when her hand glided down and she felt Ye Kong’s erection. It was obvious that Xiao Ying hadn’t served him.


“Don’t worry, I will teach her later!” She wanted to pull Ye Kong back to her room quickly. She couldn’t wait and she was afraid of being seen being intimate in the corridor. It was not good if they were seen by others. It would not be news if Ye Kong visited the brothel, but if the eighth young master was seen being intimate with the madam who was over thirty at the age of fifteen. This kind of news would be sensational, and may even become a scandal.


“Wait.” Although Ye Kong wanted to follow Feng Siniang to her room, he couldn’t do it without guarding the door. If he left now, he wouldn’t be at ease.


But how could he push her away again? No, absolutely not! He was a gangster.

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