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TMC Chapter 83 The Room


Feng Siniang was upset when she heard Ye Kong’s words. He was objecting to go with her, so maybe he didn’t like her after all.


But she soon knew that there was a misunderstanding. His hand was pinched her thigh. “Go to the room and wait for me. I’ll be there soon. Where is your room?”


After giving her room location, Feng Siniang left. Ye Kong looked at his fingers that pinched her, it felt so good.


Ye Kong didn’t want to guard the door for Huang Quan, but he couldn’t be assured if the door was not guarded, luckily he soon thought of a solution.


It should be fine for the Lu brothers to guard the door instead of him. Ye Kong was glad they were with him, the would guard the door and not disobey his orders. Moreover, even if they found out about Huang Quan, there would not be a problem.


When Ye Kong returned to the room, he found that there was another advantage to making the Lu brothers guard the door, it wouldn’t seem like only he had left the room.


When Ye Kong left, Lu Qin and Xiao Hong didn’t notice, but they soon found out that he was gone. Xiao Hong even noticed that Feng Siniang hadn’t returned. Every woman would doubt if she saw her man leave with another beautiful woman.


Then Lu Qin also noticed his absence, but Ye Kong came back just as the two women were starting to have doubts.


“Eighth young master, where have you been?” Xiao Hong asked quickly.


“Well, there’s something I must attend to. You can keep watching. I need to discuss something with them.”


With this, there was nothing to worry about. The Lu brothers were Lu Qin’s older brothers, so the girls assumed they would not allow Ye Kong mess around in the brothel.


But they forgot who the boss was. They didn’t dare to tell Ye Kong what to do, instead it was him giving the orders.


“You need to guard this door. No one is allowed to enter. No matter what sound you hear from inside, you are not allowed to enter. If there is any problem that cannot be solved, come find me.” Ye Kong wanted to leave when he finished. He was going to find Feng Siniang.


“Eighth young master, where are you going?” The Lu Brothers thought that they needed to deal with something important. They didn’t think that they would only be guarding a door.


“Don’t ask!” Ye Kong was angry.


“You just said to come find you if we have a problem, but we don’t know where you are going.” Lu Jun said.


“You can find me in Boss Feng’s room.” Ye Kong said and left.


The Lu Brothers both bit their tongue and said no more. Ye Kong was really different. He didn’t come to find girls, he wanted the boss. They were not on the same level as him. Feng Siniang was very attractive, even though she was not as young as those girls, she had a mature charm. Her alluring eyes and actions could drive people crazy. Even though she no longer received guests, she was still lusted after by many.


The Lu brothers didn’t dare to say any more, and they no longer dared to guess what was behind the door. They grabbed two benches and placed them either side of the door to sit guard.


Feng Siniang’s room was at the other end of the second floor, but when Ye Kong reached the other side, he had a problem. There was a door on both sides of the aisle, but he didn’t know which room was hers.


There was a cold chill on the corridor and there were no people around. He even couldn’t find someone to ask.


Regardless, Ye Kong was intelligent. He leaned against the door on both sides and listened in. The room of Feng Siniang would probably be much quieter than the other room.


Ye Kong was too smart for his own good. Feng Siniang was sitting in her room and thinking about Ye Kong, so he was right that there was very little sound coming from her room.


Because he heard no sounds coming from the room on the right, he was sure that the room on the left wasn’t Feng Siniang’s room. Besides, Feng Siniang enjoyed watching the play, and the room on the right was the only room which would have a view of the stage on the first floor.


“This must be the room.” Ye Kong leaned on the door and listened again, there was no sound. So he opened the door and went in.


“Hello?” There was a handsome man sitting inside. He thought he had seen wrong when he saw Ye Kong. Ye Kong was too young to be in the spring appreciating tower. “How can I help you, young man?” The man asked.


When Ye Kong looked around the room, he realized his mistake. There was no sound in the room because handsome man was alone in the room watching the play in silence.


“Oh, I’m sorry, I have the wrong room.” Ye Kong’s face was bright red, as he hurried out.


He couldn’t help but curse at the man’s good looks as he left. Everyone would feel wronged when encountering such a handsome man.


The right side was wrong, so it must be the left side. This time, Ye Kong decided against barging into the room. He knocked on the door and only entered when he heard Feng Siniang say, “Who is it?”


“Why are you so late?” Feng Siniang hadn’t been intimate with a man in several years. Her face was blushing a deep shade of red, like she was a young girl again.


“You just told me where the corridor for your room was, but you didn’t say left or right. I went to the wrong room.” Ye Kong said discontentedly, as his hand across her chest and started to fondle her breasts through her clothes.


“I wasn’t thinking straight because I was too flustered at the time.” Feng Siniang had been waiting for a long time. She couldn’t hold back when he started to rub her nipples. Her plump lips were parted as she was taking in ragged breaths, her eyelids would drops as small moans escaped her mouth.


“The mand I just saw is too handsome. He is so handsome and his skin is so fair, you might think he was a woman in disguise. It’s unreasonable for a man to have such good looks. Why does he even need to come to a brothel for a girl with a face like his?” Ye Kong said. He started to unbutton the buttons on Feng Siniang’s clothes.


Feng Siniang pulled him to the bed and said with a smile, “Who said he came looking for a girl? Maybe he is only here to watch the play. Maybe he was a woman in disguise. Many women want to come to the theatre and are afraid of being recognized, so they disguise themselves as men.”


Hearing this, Ye Kong thought maybe he had seen a woman. Besides, he was alone in the room and didn’t ask for a girl to keep him company. It was a pity that he didn’t pay attention to see if he had an Adams apple just now. Other things could be faked, but this thing couldn’t be faked.


Seeing that Ye Kong was lost in his own thoughts, Feng Siniang was unhappy, and said angrily, “What are you thinking about? Do you want to go join her?”


Ye Kong said with a smile, “It’s just a little strange. I just could sense a slight fluctuation of power. Forget it. You will not understand.”


“What do you mean a fluctuation of power?” Feng Siniang asked.


“You won’t understand.” Ye Kong didn’t want to talk to Feng Siniang about this. He quickly untied the remaining buttons of Feng Siniang and suddenly a piece of red cloth appeared before his eyes. He approached Feng Siniang’s ear and said with a light smile, “I never thought you would be wearing a dodou and there would even be ducks embroidered on it.”


Feng Siniang blushed and said angrily, “Girls like embroidery.”


Ye Kong was used to seeing the modern day bras from Earth. He had been here for several years, and knew that some girls wore this type of bra. Especially, as the bra was extremely revealing in certain places. Through that thin layer of the cloth, he could clearly see the nipples poking against the fabric.


Ye Kong gave them a light pinch.


“No, you are too bad.” Feng Siniang said.


“There are people worse than me.” Ye Kong sat Feng Siniang down on the edge of the bed with her legs either side of his, and then he pulled down his pants.


“Oh, I have never used my mouth.”


The Southern Continent was very simple in some aspects. Although Feng Siniang ran the brothel, she had heard of countless methods, but this was the first time she had experienced it.


Ye Kong was having fun in Feng Siniang’s room, but there was movement in the other room.


The handsome man continued watching the play as he ate from a bowl of cashew nuts, but his forehead started to wrinkle. “I wasn’t wrong. He was an immortal cultivator. He is in the third layer of Qi refining. Unexpectedly, there are immortal cultivators in the Nandu City. Who is he?”


Ye Kong had just stepped into world of cultivating immortality, so he was not used to using the deva eyes spell to observe whether the other person was an immortal cultivator and to see the level of their cultivation, but other people were not the same, especially the wandering immortal cultivators, no matter who they encountered, they would use deva eyes to see the strength of the other party.


The handsome man murmured to himself, he guessed that he must be from an immortal cultivation family near Nandu City. The nearest was Huang Family in Wanzhou, but they would not permit the lower-level cultivator come to Nandu.


He thought again, no, the nearest was not the Huang Family, but the barbarian cultivators!


Although Ye Kong was handsome, it couldn’t be inferred that he was not a barbarian cultivator!


There was a flash of killing intent in his eyes, he raised his hand, stretched out his wrist and revealed a bracelet engraved with spells. With a flash of golden light a small flat plate appeared in his hand.


If other immortals were here, they would be surprised. This was a top-grade magic tool. Not only was it rare and powerful, it was extremely valuable.


It was good for a wandering cultivator to have even a low-level magic tool, it was common for a cultivator from a cultivation family to have several of these.


Cultivators from an immortal cultivation family would get a middle-grade magic tool from their family, and only the favored disciples of the family would have access to the upper-grade magic tools. The success rate for upper-grade magic tools was very low, and the cost of the materials was very high.


As for the top-grade magic tools, very few had them. The success rate of creating these was extremely low, and the materials were hard to find. It also requires a nascent soul cultivator to create these tools.


However, even if the materials were rare and the cultivator was willing to refine, it didn’t guarantee success. And even if it was successful, it might not be the top-grade magic tool.


Like the magic tool which Huang Quan created for Ye Kong, it was difficult for him to create even an upper-grade magic tool.


This handsome immortal even had a top-grade magic tool. How many cultivators would go crazy with greed. However, the most important part was that he was using a storage bracelet. Most cultivators only used a storage bag.


Not all the cultivators dared to rob other’s for their treasure. This man was able to openly display these items, so his strength must be powerful enough to protect them. There was likely a powerful cultivation family or sect behind him. So many would avoid creating future troubles for themselves.


But this didn’t mean the man would avoid creating trouble with others. He was planning to go find Ye Kong.

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