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TMC Chapter 84 Wait for me

If the handsome man had been here earlier, he would have seen the conflict between Ye Kong and Hu Caigan, he would know Ye Kong’s identity and things wouldn’t need to escalate.


But he was late when arriving to watch the show. He didn’t come in until the play had already begun, so he didn’t know Ye Kong’s identity. Instead, he suspected that Ye Kong was a barbarian cultivator.


If he was a barbarian cultivator, it was a chance to gather experience.


The so-called experience referred to the disciples of a large sect or cultivation family, who went to adventure after reaching the foundation establishment stage.


The purpose was to open their eyes to the world around them.


This was just like a student who was finishing college, they needed to gather knowledge and study as much as possible before writing their final essay.


This handsome man’s thesis would be on the barbarians. Of course, the experience in this regard was not an essay. The experience he was attempting to gather was the experience of killing barbarian cultivators.


So Ye Kong, who was suspected as a barbarian cultivator, was his next target.


The handsome man didn’t want to watch the play any more once he found Ye Kong. He took out the gold plate like magic tool, restrained his spiritual power, and slowly opened the door. There was no one in the corridor, so he quickly approached Feng Siniang’s room.


This handsome man was allowed to leave his family to adventure alone. Which meant that he has already reached the foundation establishment stage. So as long as he was careful with his usage of immortal Qi, he would not be noticed by a low level cultivator in the third layer of Qi refining.


What made it even less likely was that Ye Kong was busy having sex and would never think that someone was coming for his life.


“You are so bad. Stop.” Feng Siniang’s voice could be heard.


Ye Kong said with a smile, “I didn’t think that you’d still be so shy.”


Feng Siniang could not help gasping and said, “You know I am older, why not go find the young girls?”


The woman’s mouth sounded to be blocked, and then a sound like the sound of smacking lips came from the room.


The handsome man’s face standing outside the room was beet red. Look at his face, Feng Siniang was right. This was probably a woman disguised as a man.


Although her cultivation was higher than Ye Kong’s, she was very inexperienced when it came to certain aspects of life. Hearing the words and sounds coming from the room, she couldn’t help but feel flustered.


“This bastard must be a shameless barbarian cultivator. Otherwise, how could he be doing such perverted things with this woman?” This guess strengthened her faith.


But she did not rush to kill them, she held the golden plate and pointed the edge at the gap of the wooden door.


A golden light flashed and the bolt on the door was cut in half, and the wooden door opened with little noise.


Obviously, the two inside didn’t realize what happened. Ye Kong was still guiding Feng Siniang. He let out a comfortable sigh, rubbed Feng Siniang’s hair and praised, “That’s it. Keep using your tongue.”


The noises behind them were too quiet to be heard. The woman’s face was crimson, but she wanted to see what was going on.


She held her storage bracelet, and a green silk net flew out. The semi-transparent net was very small, and was only large enough to cover a single person.


The silk net was not a mosquito net, its function was to cover the cultivator. It would hide the body and conceal any fluctuations of Immortal Qi. It was an item used specifically for spying or sneaking up on someone. Although the silk net had no defense function and couldn’t be used as a weapon, it was able to completely conceal a person, which was enough for it to be classed as a medium-level magic tool.


It could be seen that this beautiful woman was a core disciple of a large sect or a powerful cultivation family. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have access to so many magic tools.


She even had this type of magic tool which was only used for its special functions.


Ye Kong hadn’t noticed that danger was quietly approaching. The silk net was on a completely different level compared to his invisible talisman. In the past, Ye Kong was able to use the invisible talisman to sneak up and attack people who were engaged in intercourse. Today, it was his turn to be snuck up upon. A person who kills others, might also be killed by others.


The beautiful woman had spent all of her time cultivating. She had never experienced something like this before. Whenever she went out, she would always have men who would want to accompany her and fawn over her, but she had never encountered a situation like this before.


Ye Kong didn’t get on the bed, he stood beside the bed with his pants around his ankles, while Feng Siniang had no clothes on and was laying on the edge of the bed with her head at Ye Kong’s crotch.


Her black hair scattered and her face was red. The soft sound of panting could be heard.


Ye Kong had passed up on the opportunity to sleep with Xiao Hong, but this meant that he finally got to experience Feng Siniang’s soft lips. As he was being served, he was also using his hand to rub between Feng Siniang’s legs.


Ye Kong had no idea that there was another gorgeous woman standing beside him with the green silk net draped over her.


This scene was incredibly shocking for her. She had no idea that intimacy between men and women was like this. She felt disgusted, but she obviously her disgust was too strong to keep in. She even let out a heavy breath.


No wonder those male cultivators were always so nice to her! No wonder those male cultivator’s fawned over her.


It turned out that their goal was to do this to her!


This beautiful female cultivator suddenly felt a deep hatred for all the men in the world, but she hated this young man even more. It no longer mattered whether he was a barbarian cultivator or not.


“He is so shameless even though he is so young. He will hurt many more women in the future. I can’t spare him.”


Ye Kong was already given the death penalty. She didn’t need to see any more, so she held up her weapon and prepared to fight.


Ye Kong’s cultivation was too low, he didn’t even feel the slightest sense of danger. If she activated the magic weapon, he would be killed immediately.


But then Feng Siniang suddenly spoke, which temporarily saved both Ye Kong and herself.


“Eighth young master, since you know I am good, hurry up and put it in. I don’t know where you learned this kind of method, but I still prefer the normal way.” Feng Siniang appealed. Although this satisfied Ye Kong, she still didn’t like using her mouth.


“Eighth young master?” The beautiful woman frowned, and felt that this title was familiar to her.


However, she didn’t pause her actions because she heard Ye Kong being called eighth young master, it was because there was a discussion of the ‘normal way’.


“Isn’t that what I was just watching? What is different about the normal way?” She murmured in her heart, not in a hurry, as she continued to watch them.


The so-called normal way was referring to having sex. This is what was normal for most people.


“It can’t be helped, you’re the boss.” Ye Kong did not object either. He took off his robe and climbed onto the bed.


“You don’t have a conscience; you are still calling me boss!” Feng Siniang raised her legs and said angrily. As soon as they became intimate, their relationship had changed.


Ye Kong was not upset, he said with a smile, “What do you want me to call you?”


“Call me sister, elder sister.”


“How about Auntie?”


“Well, then I won’t let you inside.”


The pretty female cultivator was about to spit blood. She couldn’t bear listening to any more of this. They were too shameless! They were flirting in front of her while doing such disgusting acts.


But in their defense, they never invited her in to watch and listen in the first place. When a man and woman were being intimate, what did you expect them to say?


It didn’t take long before Ye Kong pressed himself down onto Feng Siniang. Feng Siniang was already waiting for him with her legs wide open. After feeling Ye Kong entering her, she immediately let out a long and intoxicating hum. After half a year of waiting, she finally got to enjoy this.


With the prompt from Feng Siniang, Ye Kong quickly found what she enjoyed the most, and started to go crazy.


Ye Kong had kept this bottled up for half a year.


After watching the for quite a while, the beautiful girl who was watching from the side had understood everything. It seemed like this was something that men really enjoyed doing.


Although watching Ye Kong and Feng Siniang gave her enlightenment on this subject, she was not grateful at all. She was going to kill them both!


She opened her eyes, and held the golden plate and pointed it towards them. When the plate was filled with immortal Qi, it released a golden light.


As soon as she took back the green silk net and released the golden plate, Ye Kong and Feng Siniang would die.


But at this time, a powerful divine sense swept over and locked onto her.


“It’s a nascent soul cultivator!” Her face instantly drained of all color. Although the green silk net could hide the body and the immortal Qi fluctuations, it wasn’t able to hide from everyone. This magic tool didn’t work on cultivators who were much more powerful than her.


At present, she was in foundation establishment stage. This meant that the person who had locked onto her with their divine sense was a nascent soul cultivator.


Huang Quan didn’t notice anything at first. After all, he was still some distance away from them, and there wasn’t any powerful Qi fluctuations. In addition, the green silk net still offered some concealment. However, when she began to fill her magic tool with enough immortal Qi for her to kill Ye Kong, she alerted Huang Quan.


It was too late for him to reach them, so he immediately oppressed her with his powerful divine sense, and he immediately contacted Ye Kong. “There is a foundation establishment cultivator behind you, they are trying to kill you!”


Ye Kong, who was having fun, immediately became nervous and threw a fireball at the empty space behind him.


However the woman had already fled, she put away the green silk net, jumped on top of the golden plate, and flew out of the window.


Ye Kong only saw her back and roared, “Don’t leave!”


Then he jumped out of the bed, ran to the window and shouted, “Dirty peeper! I’ll kill you if I ever see you again!”


She was flying fast, but she could hear clearly. She blushed with embarrassment when she heard Ye Kong scolding her. She had never encountered this kind of cultivator. He was completely uncouth, just like a gangster. His words were so viscous. If she has another chance in the future, she wouldn’t hesitate to kill him and repay today’s humiliation.


But when she was thinking of the scoundrel, she suddenly remembered who he was. As soon as she arrived in the Nandu City, she had heard all about the eighth young master. He was the leader of the local gangsters and a member of the Ye family. He was also the creator of the play she was watching, it was created specifically to enhance the reputation of his gang.


She understood that she had made an incorrect judgement about him being a barbarian cultivator when she recalled his identity. The Ye Family and the barbarians had a deep hatred for one another. How could anyone be stupid enough to mistake the eighth young master of the Ye family for a barbarian cultivator?


But she couldn’t bear to admit that this was due to her own mistake, instead she was planning to have have her revenge. “Ye Kong, wait for me!”

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