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TMC Chapter 85 The Palace


“Eighth young master, you are……Ah” Feng Siniang was left in a state of confusion, she had her eyes closed and hadn’t seen anything at all, she didn’t open her eyes until hearing Ye Kong’s scolding. When she finally looked around, she saw a big washbasin sized hole in the floor beside the bed and a young girl was looking up into the room from downstairs.


“Xique! What are you looking at? ” Feng Siniang scolded the young girl and folded her arms to cover her bare chest.


“Eighth young master, what’s the matter?” Feng Siniang asked doubtfully again.


“That half male and half female guy came to attack me in secret, but I managed to scare him away.” Ye Kong didn’t want to talk too much.


His passion had been extinguished after finding out someone was waiting to ambush him, so he began to get dressed. However, Feng Siniang was still lying on the bed with her legs stretched out, she thrust her hips towards Ye Kong’s crotch, it was clear she was still in the mood.


“Save this for next time, stop making my clothes wet.” Ye Kong was in a bad mood. He had no idea why such a powerful cultivator wanted to kill him; he had no rare treasures, his cultivation wasn’t worth mentioning and he hadn’t provoked the other person. If it wasn’t for Huang Quan, he would have been killed today without knowing why.


“Heartless thief.” Seeing Ye Kong wasn’t in his mood, Feng Siniang also stopped entangling him, she cleaned herself up and started to get dressed too.


“Ancestor, are you finished? What was the problem of that guy who attacked me? Why was he trying to assassinate me?” Ye Kong communicated with Huang Quan.


“Let’s stop now.” When Huang Quan realized what was happening, his mood was ruined. He erased Xiao Ying’s memory and replied to Ye Kong, “It was a female cultivator, but I don’t know where she came from, but he must be the a treasured disciple of a large sect because ordinary disciples don’t have top-grade magic tools.”


“She had a top-grade magic tool?” Ye Kong was surprised and said, “Then why didn’t you kill her? I don’t have any top-grade magic tools; how much was it worth?”


“Kill her? I have neither immortal Qi or magic tools; do you want me to fight with her naked? Idiot, you should eat more pig brains as your brain is clearly underdeveloped!” Huang Quan scolded again.


Ye Kong said with a smile, “Hey, ancestor, what you said was plagiarizing me, wasn’t it?”


“Screw off!” Huang Quan scolded and said, “Even if I can kill her, I can’t fight her in the city, countless people would see me kill her. She must be the favored disciple of some large sect, if she dies in public, aren’t you afraid of her sect coming for revenge?”


Ye Kong considered and nodded, “That’s right.”


“Well, come here.” Huang Quan laid Xiao Ying on the bed, but she had already gone to sleep. She would wake up in two hours, but would have forgotten everything that happened with Huang Quan.


Ye Kong left Feng Siniang’s room and header over to Xiao Ying’s room. The distance between these two rooms was quite far, so it took some time. The Lu’s brothers were not startled upon seeing Ye Kong, but after noticing Feng Siniang’s appearance, the two brothers started to wink at Ye Kong.


“So what? It’s none of your business? “Ye Kong kicked them one by one.


Then Feng Siniang suddenly said, “I will leave first, I will return after seeing to some other matters.”


If she returned to the booth together with them, she was afraid that the girls would be suspicious, so she said that she would attend to other matters before returning.


When Ye Kong opened the door, he saw Huang Quan sitting on the small table, looking satisfied.


“Hey, ancestor, it seemed you had a lot of fun, what did you do?” Ye Kong took out the small sword and asked.


“I did what you did.” Huang Quan answered in an unpleasant tone as he returned to the sword.


Ye Kong said again, “It would be good if we can meet that woman again in a remote location. She had top-grade magic tools, but I haven’t even seen one before, maybe she had even more treasures in her storage bag.”


“Storage bag? She was using a storage bracelet! How ignorant you are! ” Huang Quan scolded.


“Wow, that’s even better, she must have a lot of treasures. We will make a fortune if we kill her!”


“Do you think I’m currently at the peak of the nascent soul stage? I don’t even have a body! If I didn’t frighten her with my powerful divine sense, it would be very difficult for me to kill her when she has top-grade magic tools!” Huang Quan hummed.


“You can’t kill her? What is her cultivation?” Asked Ye Kong surprisedly.


“She is in the middle stages of foundation establishment.”


“She still has a long way to go before she is anywhere near your cultivation.”


“Why are you so stupid?” Huang Quan scolded again, “She revealed a top-grade magic tool for attack and a special auxiliary magic tool for concealment, there is no doubt that she must have a magic tool for defense and one for escaping! It doesn’t matter if you want to rush to your own death, but I still want to live. ”


After yelling at him, Huang Quan suddenly laughed again. “Hey, boy, I remember hearing someone say that he hated the word of cultivators where they would rob and kill for treasure, I even remember someone saying that he would never do such a thing. Did you have a change of heart after seeing a top-grade magic tool?”


Ye Kong blushed, “Who told you I changed my mind? I will never kill someone, just to rob them of their treasures, if she didn’t attack me, I wouldn’t hurt her, but she attacked me first, so of course I can defend myself and rob her of her magic tools! ”


Huang Quan laughed then said, “I’m sleepy. I’ll go to sleep first. If you want to defend yourself, you’d better learn how to control a magic tool first.”


“Of course, in order to save my life, I have decided to leave the city tomorrow and find a secluded place to master all my magic techniques.”


Ye Kong hung his sword back onto his waist, then went to the bed to check on Xiao Ying, once he saw that she was fine, he closed the door and returned to the booth.


By the time he had returned, the play was still only at the half-way point. They were currently performing a fierce fight on the stage, it was much different from the movies and plays that could be seen on Earth. The fight he was watching was a performance using real martial arts, so the actors inevitably suffered some injuries from such a display.


But the audience loved watching it, the intense action was extremely thrilling to the audience.


Ye Kong was worried that Xiao Hong and Lu Qin would be suspicious of where he had been, but now it seemed like he was worrying too much, both girls had their attention focused on watching the play and didn’t even notice Ye Kong returning.


As for Zhang Wude, he was even more entranced, it seemed like he had fully engrossed himself in the play, he was sharing both the joys and sorrows of the main characters.


Ye Kong had managed to relieve some of his sexual frustration with Feng Siniang, so his mood was much calmer now, so he sat down to watch the play.


Half an hour later, the play finally came to an end. This ending was not only intense, but also had a moving dialogue about brotherhood, which was the most exciting part.


Although its sensationalism couldn’t compare with Korean dramas from Earth, it was enough for a large part of the audience. Xiao Hong and Lu Qin were wiping away their tears while watching the performance.


But what Ye Kong couldn’t understand was that Zhang Wude, who always had a face like an iron plate, was crying the most, the tears in his old eyes flowed continuously like a fountain, Ye Kong didn’t expect that the old man had such deep emotions.


“They are not brothers but they are closer than brothers… They are not brothers but they are closer than brothers…”


Zhang Wude not only was experiencing deep emotions, but it seemed like the play had made him go crazy. When the play was over and they were making their way downstairs, his eyes were still tearful and he kept muttering the same two lines from the play.


“Well, Lu Qin, Xiao Hong, go ahead and take your sedan chairs, sir, please take mine, I will follow.”


Lu Qin and Xiao Hong didn’t immediately agree, they both offered for Ye Kong use theirs, but Ye Kong refused.


When Ye Kong was about to leave, Feng Siniang approached him and informed him that they had found some clues in the other room, so Ye Kong told the servants to take everyone back first, and followed her back to the Spring appreciating tower.


“Thief, you were going to leave without saying goodbye to me.” Feng Siniang didn’t even call him eighth young master now, but Ye Kong couldn’t say anything.


“Ha ha, I didn’t see you to say goodbye.” Ye Kong asked with a smile, “So, what did you find?”


Following Feng Siniang back to the Spring appreciating tower, there was a skinny servant waiting there, seeing Ye Kong coming in, he knelt down and greeted, “eighth young master.”


“Stand up.” Ye Kong helped the servant up and asked, “What’s the origin of that woman who is pretending to be a man?”


“Eighth young master, that woman is a bodyguard from the imperial palace in Andu.”


“Oh? How do you know this?”


When the servant started to tell the story, Ye Kong immediately understood. It turned out that the woman came to the play after the opening time, but when she arrived, all the tickets were sold out. Although there were no seats in the theatre downstairs, the upstairs booth was free, but it was not because no one wanted the booth, it was because Feng Siniang was reserving them for unexpected VIP guests, so there were always a few booths that were spare.


The woman had requested the booth, but the servant replied that the last remaining booth was reserved for distinguished guests, this caused the woman to smile and announce that she was also a distinguished guest.


“Then she handed me a gold order, which seemed to be made entirely of gold, it was very heavy.” When the servant thought of that gold order, he went into a slight daze, but he quickly snapped out of the daze when he remembered the words on the order and said frankly, “When I took the order, I saw two words engraved on the order, which was ‘move unimpeded’. I asked because I curious as to who would carve these words on such a large piece of gold. Anywhere would be unimpeded if you had such a large piece of gold. The woman gave me such a beautiful smile. I’ve been a servant in the Spring appreciating tower for so many years, and I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman, she was like a fairy, even when dressed like a man… ”


Ye Kong said angrily, “Get to the point!”


“Oh, yes.” The servant also knew he was rambling, but the woman’s smile was really too beautiful. He thought about it and said, “The woman asked me to turn the gold order over, when I turned it over there were three words on the opposite side. I was shocked at the sight, almost dropped the gold order. ”


“What’s on the opposite?”


“Declares the Emperor!” The servant whispered to Ye Kong. Ordinary people were not like immortal cultivators, they were still awed by the majesty of the emperor, after all, the man sitting on the throne controlled a large number of troops, his orders could decide their life and death, how could they not be afraid?


“So she was from the palace? What are the people from the palace doing in the Nandu city? “Ye Kong muttered.


The servant said, “The woman said that she was a bodyguard from the imperial palace, so whether she was a distinguished guest or not, I didn’t dare to question, so I took her to the booth upstairs.”


After the servant finished speaking, he couldn’t help but say, “The women in the palace are different, they are just like fairies. How nice it is for the emperor to be with such a beautiful bodyguard every day.”


Ye Kong said with a smile, “Do you hate having your head attached to your body? Don’t talk about such things.”


The servant did not dare to say more, and hurriedly left.


As soon as the servant left, Ye Kong murmured, this woman’s cultivation was not low, she was in the middle stages of foundation establishment, and had so many top-grade magic tools, how could she be a bodyguard?


An imperial palace guard position was unattainable to ordinary people, but they were not worth mentioning to immortal cultivators. A mortal emperor could not bind an immortal cultivator, and there would be there was no chance that the emperor would have the chance to touch a female cultivators at the foundation establishment stage.


Knowing as much, it was easy to guess the woman’s real identity. Ye Kong knew that there was an immortal sect or family behind the royal family in every country, so that woman must be a member from the immortal sect behind the country of An. This would explain why she had an imperial palace order, it was to make it more convenient for her to handle mortal affairs.


Knowing this woman’s identity, Ye Kong would not dare to find trouble with her. He was not arrogant enough to fight against an entire sect.


But why did she want to kill him? Ye Kong knew that the emperor of An wanted to attack the Ye family, but would he send an immortal to kill him?


If Ye Kong knew that woman thought he was a barbarian cultivator when she attacked him, he would jump up in anger. Did he look like a barbarian?

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