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TMC Chapter 87 A Good Woman

After eating with Zhang Wude, Ye Kong didn’t rush back to his courtyard, but went back to the garden of the Ye family estate. He wanted to pick the bran tree fruits, but he suddenly thought about the fact that it was winter time. Would the trees still blossom and bear fruit in winter?


Ye Kong was depressed after this thought. He should have picked more fruits and put them inside the storage bag to use at a later date. Now there was no bran tree fruit, was there something else he could use to refine fasting pills?


He wanted to ask Huang Quan if there was any substitute, but after a long night of satisfaction, he was exhausted and was sleeping soundly.


Ye Kong decided not to give up without checking, so he made his way to the garden, only to see with his own eyes that the bran trees were barren of any fruit.


However, what surprised Ye Kong was that on such a cold winter night, there was a man and a woman who were being intimate in a small cave on the slope an artificial mountain. The man who had only pulled his pants down slightly, was vigorously pumping away. His spirit was admirable.


In the dark cave, there was a faint sound of rhythmic movement, mixed with a woman’s light hum. Ye Kong didn’t want to peek, but the man’s figure seemed very familiar to him. Upon closer examination, he recognized it to be Liu Changqing, the centurion who guarded ancestral temple.


It didn’t matter if other guards were caught doing this, but Liu Changqing was a leader within the army, how would it look if he was caught breaking the rules? Even if he fell in love with a servant girl, he shouldn’t be doing this in the Ye family gardens, even if he was doing it in a secluded place. Luckily it was Ye Kong who had caught him. If it was someone else, Liu Changqing would have a miserable fate. The Ye family was very strict in their military discipline and this was enough to get a soldier killed!


“Ahem!” Ye Kong lightly coughed outside to make his presence known.


The two people inside were obviously frightened by this and dared not move or make another sound. Since they were playing possum, Ye Kong decided to call Liu Changqing directly which cause him to quickly pull up his pants and exit the cave.


He led the servant girl out of the cave to kneel down before Ye Kong. The Ye family had very strict rules. A guard performing this type of disrespect while within the Ye family inner courtyard would be guilty of a capital crime. Even the servant girl would be beaten to death with an iron rod.


Liu Changqing knew how terrible his punishment could be and he was frightened of what might happen. He knelt and kowtowed towards Ye Kong.


Ye Kong naturally would not punish Liu Changqing. When he questioned Liu Changqing, he found that the two of them had already fallen in love with each other. It was a relationship which had gradually developed until they finally became intimate.


Liu Changqing wouldn’t dare to be so bold under usual circumstances, but the situation on the border was getting more tense. Liu Changqing received Ye Wei’s military order to lead his troop to return to the border camp and would be leaving soon. They had met in the Ye Family garden in afternoon to talk about their relationship and the love they shared, then one thing led to another and they couldn’t help themselves.


It was understandable that they would want to be intimate before being separated from each other. But Ye Kong asked, “If you are both in love, why don’t you buy her freedom and get a home Nandu city for your intimate acts?”


Liu Changqing sighed, “Xiao Juan is a servant who belongs to the ninth wife. She is smart and hardworking, so the ninth wife doesn’t want to lose such a good servant. I made the request, but the ninth wife refuses to grant her freedom.”


Xiao Juan was indeed a clever girl, she quickly kowtowed to Ye Kong and said, “Eighth young master please help us.”


“Okay, I’ll go have the conversation tomorrow.” Ye Kong thought and nodded.


Liu Changqing wanted to ask Ye Kong for help, but he couldn’t say it. Thanks to this situation, Ye Kong had promised to help them, which made them both light up with joy. He said, “Eighth young master, you are second to only my parents in this life. I, Liu Changqing, will serve you for the rest of my life.”


“Don’t say this nonsense. I don’t lack people.” Ye Kong then threw down a hundred tales of silver. “Redeem Xiao Juan tomorrow, and go to the city to find a house. You should look to settle down.”


When Ye Kong finished speaking, he left. Liu Changqing held the silver and kowtowed several more times. He said to himself, “If the eighth young master needs me, I, Liu Changqing, will risk my life!”


When Ye Kong returned home, Lu Qin was still talking with Chen Jiuniang about the play. He offered them a small greeting and then returned to his house where he found Xiao Hong waiting for him. Today, he had to appease Xiao Hong.


After returning to the house, he didn’t rush into doing anything. He decided to speak with Xiao Hong first and tell her about requiring the bran tree fruit, Xiao Hong chuckled and pulled Ye Kong to a small warehouse within the courtyard.


“Wow, you’ve prepared all of this for me? I finally know what it means to have a good woman.” Ye Kong looked at a large pile of fruit on the ground. He was overjoyed, he pulled Xiao Hong into his embrace and started kissing her.


“Oh, Eighth young master.” Xiao Hong’s face turned red, she said, “In autumn, these fruits ripen and fall from the trees. I decided to collect these fruits in case the young master wanted to use them, even if they were not of use, they can just be thrown away. I didn’t expect that they would still have use.”


“Preparing for all situations helps to avoid most problems. Well done.” After a moment of inspection, Ye Kong put the bran tree fruits into the storage bag. It seemed that Xiao Hong had preserved them well, and none of them had spoiled.


If these bran tree fruits were made into pills, he wouldn’t need to worry about eating for several years.


“Say, what do you want as reward?” Ye Kong said as he embraced Xiao Hong’s soft waist.


“Reward?” Xiao Hong hadn’t thought about anything like that. She said after a moment’s hesitation, “I thought that it was unlikely that the young master would still have use for them, so I never thought about rewards.”


Ye Kong said with a smile, “Then return to my room to receive your reward.”


Xiao Hong now understood what Ye Kong meant, and said shyly. “Eighth young master, you are really bad. You punish with it… but you also use it as a reward, I won’t listen to you anymore.”


“Fine, since you don’t obey, the reward has been doubled.”


After a long time, in Ye Kong’s room, two people embraced each other on the bed as they were both unable to continue. They laid there speaking intimate words for a while, but Ye Kong still had to give a second reward.


“Young master, you are better than half a year ago, It is even bigger.” Xiao Hong giggled.


“Well, I’ve grown up and I haven’t stopped growing. It’ll continue getting bigger.” Ye Kong wrapped his arms around Xiao Hong’s waist from behind. His hands continued to caress her body from head to toe, he was too intoxicated to stop.


“Stop, I can’t take it again.” Xiao Hong couldn’t turn back, so she pinched Ye Kong’s face instead.


“If you can’t take it; I’ll find someone else.” Ye Kong said with a smirk.


“No!” Xiao Hong turned over, holding Ye Kong’s face, and said as she looked into his eyes, “Young master is Xiao Hong’s.”


Ye Kong asked, “Then Lu Qin will not be happy.”


Xiao Hong laughed. “Lu Qin is OK.”




“Because she also helped me to collect the bran fruits. It seems that that the young master should also reward her.” Xiao Hong was very generous when it came to Lu Qin.


“She is still young.” Ye Kong said as he pressed himself inside.


“She’s a similar age to you. If you continue to only treat me well, she’ll get upset.” Although Lu Qin never said these words and was very careful to hide her feelings, Xiao Hong could understand Lu Qin’s thoughts.


“Tomorrow, you can spare some time and reward Lu Qin.” Xiao Hong adjusted the angle and said.


“Well, I’m going out of town tomorrow. I’m going out to enter into closed door cultivation for a few months.” Ye Kong frowned. In fact, his feelings towards Lu Qin were very complicated. He got together with Xiao Hong because he needed her to keep secret. There was no other viable option other than being with Xiao Hong. As for Feng Siniang, he enjoyed playing with her.


But when it came to Lu Qin, she was too young and he didn’t want to hurry. He wanted to give Lu Qin more opportunities to change her mind. After all, he was an immortal cultivator. He would cultivate for months at a time and in the future the duration would only get longer. Ye Kong thought it was too cruel for Lu Qin to suffer the loneliness of waiting for him, she was only a teenager. Would she want to become a wife who only got to see her husband a few times in her entire lifetime. What’s the difference between that and being a widow?”


“I will think about it tomorrow.” Ye Kong pressed Xiao Hong down again.


The next morning, he heard the sound of Lu Qin practicing martial arts outside. In the past six months, her shadow martial arts had greatly improved. The sound of the sword cutting the air was like the sharp wind howling, and sound of the sword didn’t stop.


In fact, it was unfair for ordinary people, even the privileged people who could sleep with beautiful maids until the sun was high in the sky, none of them could live forever. While some people would train every day from summer through to winter, but all of their training would only amount to becoming a master among mortals.


The world was always unfair. Talent was insurmountable for everyone. Although the barbarian skill did not require someone to have talent for cultivation, it required absorbing immortal Qi from others on the moment of their death. It was really cruel. Moreover, it was incredibly hard for a cultivator using this skill to advance to the foundation establishment stage, but it would cause the deaths of countless people to even reach that stage. It was only useful in allowing someone to enter the Qi refining stage. That was why Ye Kong would not let Lu Qin practice the skill.


“Ancestor, is there any way to cultivate to immortality without talent?” Ye Kong was lying on his bed. Xiao Hong had already left. Although Ye Kong still wanted to have sex in the morning, Xiao Hong refused because she was afraid that Lu Qin would hear.


“No.” Huang Quan didn’t have much to say, and simply rejected the idea.


“Is there any way for someone without talent to acquire or train their talent?” Ye Kong didn’t give up.


Huang Quan didn’t rush to answer this time, but after a while, he answered in a way that left Ye Kong disappointed. “Yes, but it is the same as saying no.”


Ye Kong was interested.


Huang Quan began to tell a story from the past, which was considered as just a legend.


It was said that a very long time, there was a cultivator of the Shadow Clan who developed a kind of medicine that could wash the bone marrow of impurities and it allowed even ordinary people to develop cultivation talent.


It was said that this medicine highly sought after, but many people came back empty handed.


The reason was that the kind of medicinal ingredients for this miraculous medicine were very rare. The medicinal ingredient was called Yuan Ling Fruit, but it had disappeared long before Huang Quan was born. It was also said that the ingredient was something which was brought from the celestial world by the immortals of the past by accident.


When they ascended to the celestial world, they had to break through the cracks in space. This wasn’t something possible for ordinary people.


So this legend was soon forgotten, The ingredient no longer existed in this generation, so how could it be of use?


Of course, Ye Kong could also wait until he succeeded in his cultivation and ascended to the celestial world. He would then need to find the ingredient, refine the elixir and opened a crack in space to send it to Lu Qin.


However, the prerequisite was Ye Kong succeeding in his cultivation, another key point was Lu Qin would be long dead by that point.


It seemed that both of these premises were 100% impossible to achieve, so Huang Quan said, yes, but it was the same as saying there was no solution.

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