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TMC Chapter 88 City Lord Hu

“Lu Qin, remember to not slack off in your martial arts training or the making of talismans.” Ye Kong said as he took Lu Qin into his room.


Ordinary paper talismans were different from spiritual talismans because immortal Qi wasn’t infused into the paper when they were created. Anyone could make the paper talismans for use.


Of course, there was no problem for Lu Qin to use them, but it was difficult for her to draw the talismans. This was because her perception of Qi was too weak, and the twisted Chinese characters were too abstract for her. This meant that her success rate was very low.


Therefore, she was in no mood to draw talismans. She often drew one hundred talismans without a single success. She made efforts to practice the meditation soul talisman to a higher success rate, but the bleeding talisman, the pain relief talisman and the Invisible talisman…


“God, do I have to practice drawing talismans again? Come on, we both know I am not suited for this. Brother Ye Kong has already drawn a lot of talismans for me, can’t I just use them more sparingly?”


Lu Qin was a little frustrated.


But Ye Kong didn’t agree. It was better to depend on herself than to be reliant on others. If he went into closed door cultivation for a long time, what would she do if she ran out of talismans? Martial arts could kill enemies, but talismans could save lives.


“Brother Ye Kong, do we have to draw talismans again?” Lu Qin frowned unwillingly.


“Of course, even when I am not here, you should practice your drawing for at least two hours a day!” Ye Kong felt that it was not enough to entrust her to do it herself and said, “When I go out, Mr. Zhang will make sure you are practicing.”


Lu Qin felt like she was going to cry. Zhang Wude’s poker face was only slightly expressive when he was with Ye Kong. His face was like an ugly, unmoving rock when facing anyone else. He often scolded people so all the younger generation of the Ye family were afraid of him. Lu Qin naturally didn’t want to deal with him.


“It would be better for me to draw them by myself. I promise to draw for two hours every day.” Like naughty students, Lu Qin tried to bargain.


“No way!” Ye Kong was not moved. He had been a naughty student in the past. He knew that without pressure, it would be difficult to persist.


“Is it really that hard? You don’t have to work out or use your brain. It’s much more comfortable than practicing martial arts. It even gives you the ability to cure other people. Why not practice it?” Ye Kong said painstakingly, helping Lu Qin prepare the paper and handing over the brush.


“But the success rate is too low. I can’t draw a single working talisman in two hours.” Lu Qin frowned, took the brush, pouted and then began to draw.


“The success rate can be improved with practice. When I drew the talismans in the past, wasn’t I in the same position as you? Didn’t I succeed after practicing?” Ye Kong was lying. When he practiced, he had a success rate of one in ten. If he had the same success rate as Lu Qin, he might have given up.


Of course, Lu Qin didn’t know this and nodded in agreement, “Brother Ye Kong, I really admire your patience. Now you have the success rate of 50%. How many rolls of talisman paper have you wasted in training?”


Ye Kong decided to boast about nonsense,” Of course, have a look at my right hand. My right arm is much thicker than my left.”


“Ah, really? Let me see. ”


Ye Kong was talking nonsense, so of course he wouldn’t let her examine his arm. He snapped, “Start drawing!”


But Ye Kong’s nonsense bragging caused Lu Qin to worry. “Brother Ye Kong, if I have a thick arm and a thin arm, isn’t it ugly? I will look like a freak. ”


Ye Kong felt dizzy that such obvious bragging could cause him problems, but he couldn’t admit that he was bragging. So he had to quickly think of another lie to add on top.


“Do you know why I asked you to draw for two hours? That’s because according to my experience, two hours won’t make your arm thicker. Moreover, even if your arm does get thicker, I have a way to make it smaller for you. ”


“Wow, you’re good at bragging. Do you have any way to make my middle leg thicker?” Huang Quan said in the back of his mind.


“Yes, I could make you a replacement one using a radish.”


“Why would you use radish?” he said


Ye Kong smiled, “As time passes, the moisture will evaporate and it will become a dried radish. Then you can beg me to make another, but I will refuse.”


“Then I won’t bother you anymore.” Huang Quan was shocked by such evil words and decided to keep quiet.


“Brother Ye Kong, what do you think of my drawing?” Lu Qin drew quickly, but it was obviously a failed talisman.


“Well, it’s a good but useless. When you do it, you have to be focused and finish it without stopping. You can’t pause for even a moment.” Ye Kong’s success rate was very high now. He quickly drew an Invisible talisman as an example and succeeded on his first attempt.


“Brother Ye Kong, you’re so good. I’m going to work harder.” Under the influence of Ye Kong’s words, Lu Qin was encouraged to work harder.


Lu Qin sat in front of his desk peacefully drawing, but Ye Kong, who was standing behind her, was day dreaming. Lu Qin had an attractive body and the light fragrance from her body was filling the room. Ye Kong was not far from her and a few of her hairs caressed his lips as she spun her head, it created an itch on both his lips and his heart.


“I haven’t kissed her for a long time.” When Ye Kong thought about it, he couldn’t keep this thought down, and his stomach began to fill with desire.


But before he could continue this thought process, Xiao Hong came in. Xiao Hong was deliberately leaving them alone, but something had happened and she couldn’t do anything about it. The ninth mistress sent a message for him to go meet her in the reception hall.


Ye Kong was a little confused. He hadn’t gone to talk with her yet, but she came to him by herself. What could be the matter? Why was she asking him to go meet her in the reception hall?


No matter how Ye Kong guessed, he couldn’t figure out the reason. It turned out that it wasn’t the ninth mistress who wanted to meet with him. It was City Lord Hu who came to apologize with his little tyrant son.


In fact, City Lord Hu had wanted to come last night, but he hadn’t convinced his son to apologize. He was afraid that if he had come sooner, his son would say something that would make the situation worse.


In fact, although Hu Caigan was arrogant, he was also an official. He knew that some people couldn’t be offended. Otherwise, he would have already died without knowing why.


In the morning, City Lord Hu had tried to persuade him again, and Hu Caigan smiled bitterly and said, “Dad, if I offended Ye Haoran, I would offer a humble apology, but it’s just an arrogant young master of the Ye family. Is it really necessary? ”


City Lord Hu shook his head and sighed, “Son, you’re wrong. If you had offended Ye Haoran, I would not force you to apologize. After all, you didn’t take advantage of him and he wouldn’t care about a small person like you.”


“Yes, not only did I not take advantage, but I also suffered the loss. I lost face in front of so many people. Why should I apologize for it? It’s too much. “Said Hu Caigan unwillingly.


“But Ye Kong is different. Do you know how the former city lord died!” City Lord Hu accentuated his tone.


“It said that he had an affair with the second mistress of the Ye Family and they died because they got too excited.” Most people didn’t know about these details, but Hu Caigan had still heard about it.


“On the face of it, it is like this. But both of them had offended the eighth young master of the Ye family. Chen Qingfang’s guards had a conflict with Ye Kong in the Spring Appreciating Tower the day before, and the second mistress’ son had also had a conflict with Ye Kong that day. Then, in the evening, they both suddenly died. Do you understand now?” City Lord Hu said gently.


But Hu Caigan was stubborn. “That doesn’t mean anything. They are all trivial matters. Does a young master need to kill people because of such small matters?”


“Stupid! This just shows how cruel and ruthless a person he is! He will take revenge and kill people over even the smallest of matters!” City Lord Hu slammed the table and continued to reveal more secrets to persuade his son: “On that day, all of the servants in the house fell asleep for no reason, and the eighth young master happens to have the ability to cause people to fall asleep!”


“Really?” Hu Caigan frowned and nodded, “If that is true, it is possible that it was him.”


“He has even more strange abilities than that!” Hucheng shouted, “I also have intel that he is able to hide his body making him almost invisible and he can even cause his enemies to go blind!”


“What kind of techniques are these?” Hu Caigan had also practiced martial arts, but he had never heard of such techniques.


“I don’t know. I thought he was an immortal cultivator, but now it seems that all his techniques require the use of yellow paper. We know that he frequently goes into the city to buy large amounts of yellow paper and cinnabar.”


Hearing this, Hu Caigan said, “Dad, are you investigating him? You know that he is difficult to deal with and shouldn’t be offended but you still investigated him. If this was known by him, it would be worse than what did to offend him!”


City Lord Hu touched the official hat in his hand and sighed, “Your dad can’t do anything about it. I can’t resist the orders of the emperor. In short, I have a bad feeling about being here. You should return to Andu City early.” After City Lord Hu finished, he put his official hat on top of his white-hair and pulled his son by the arm. “Let’s go and apologize to him.”


“Eighth young master, alas, I’ve come so many times in the past, and finally, I get to meet you. You are really as dignified and talented as the people say.” When City Lord Hu saw Ye Kong, he went forward to greet him.


The ninth mistress felt weird, “What is the age of this kid? Why does everyone greet him so respectfully? It was understandable for Ye Cai to do it, but I didn’t expect that the City Lord to behave like this. He’s dignified? He is just a hooligan. Does he even know what demeanor is?”


But The ninth mistress soon knew what his demeanor was. It was arrogant.


City Lord Hu was a very friendly old man with the title of city lord. He had greeted Ye Kong proactively to show his respect. Ye Hong should have shown him some respect in return, but he didn’t.


He rolled his eyes and said, “Who are you? I don’t know you old man.”



Ye Kong was shrewd. When he saw Hu Caigan, he knew what was going on. However, he didn’t show respect, because Hu Caigan was still glaring at him. “Boy, you are not sincere in coming to apologize. Since you came, I will have you apologize sincerely. It’s not over.”


Ye Kong’s words made City Lord Hu embarrassed. Looking back at the ninth mistress, he thought, “You are the elder of the family. Please help and say something.”


The ninth mistress averted his eyes and quickly turned her head and started staring at the wall. She thought, “I can’t help you. I’m doing my best to hide from God of Misfortune myself. I can’t do anything that causes me trouble.”


The ninth mistress pretended not to see it. Hu Caigan was still young and hot-blooded. Seeing his father being embarrassed, he started to grow angry. He went forward and said, “Ye Kong, this is my father, the city lord of Nandu City!”


When Ye Kong saw him still acting so arrogantly while apologizing, he also adopted an arrogant temperament, “Yesterday you were beaten by me, so today, you have brought your father to fight me?”

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