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TMC Chapter 89 Kneel

When Hu Caigan heard this, he almost spat blood. “brought his father to fight?” I was the one who dragged him here!


“You…” Hu Caigan angrily pointed to Ye Kong. He was still extremely angry after suffering humiliation the day before,” I’ve suffered such a loss and still came here to apologize. What else do you want? How dare you scold my father; Come on then, let’s fight!”


Before he could say anymore he was kicked from behind.


“Little bastard, you are so unbridled. Kneel!”


“Ouch.” Hu Caigan had been kicked ruthlessly in the back of his knee, but he still refused to kneel and only slightly buckled.


“Kneel?” Hu Caigan said in his heart, “Have I misheard? To apologize is fine, but you want me to kneel before this brat?


“Dad…” But when Hu Caigan turned around, he saw his father’s fierce but pleading eyes. Hu Caigan could not bear seeing his father behave in such a way. He clenched his teeth and fell to his knees.


He was kneeling!!!


While he was kneeling he felt a strong sense of humiliation exploded in his chest as he said in his heart. “Boy! One day, I will repay you a hundred times for this humiliation!”


After Hu Caigan knelt, City Lord Hu took off his hat and bowed respectfully to Ye Kong. “My son is used to being reckless and arrogant. He offended the eighth young master yesterday. Today, we came to apologize and ask the eighth young master to punish him as you see fit.”


Now, it was the turn of the silent ninth mistress to be shocked. Lord Hu was not some nobody, he was someone of considerable position. How could he make his son kneel and apologize? The ninth mistress couldn’t believe her eyes.


Then the ninth mistress felt a comforting thought. “Alas, God of Misfortune is really a God of Misfortune, whoever meets him is truly unlucky. Tsk, I thought the humiliation I endured was bad. Now, it seems that others are suffering from a worse humiliation. If even Lord Hu has to behave this way, I truly escaped a disaster!”


Seeing this scene, the ninth mistress had already decided her future attitude, she would never dare to offend Ye Kong and Chen Jiuniang again.


Seeing City Lord Hu being so polite, Ye Kong was a little embarrassed. He quickly held City Lord Hu and said, “City Lord Hu , please don’t say this. In fact, I am very generous, and I don’t need to punish the younger generation…”


Hu Caigan felt like he was going to die,” Damn it, you are generous? I’m a few years older than you! You’re the younger generation!”


City Lord Hu was the perfect image of shamelessness. He could bear any humiliation and continue to appear friendly. He smiled, “Eighth young master, if you don’t mind, I would like to call you my brother. Since we are now brothers, because I am older than you, I will be your elder brother. My son is so naughty and it would be great if you, as his uncle, would discipline him for his actions. A few beatings and scolding’s will do him some good!”


“God! I have really become the younger generation now.” Hu Caigan thought, “Dad, I am the bullied one.”


Even the ninth mistress who was already mentally prepared, felt like she was going to faint. First, she was shocked by Ye Kong’s strength and thought he was indeed worthy of the name of God of Misfortune. Second, she was shocked by City Lord Hu’s shamelessness. This man was too shameless.


There was a saying that shameless people were invincible. It seemed like Ye Kong couldn’t make any more trouble. Even if Hu Caigan wanted to continue, how could Ye Kong bully the younger generation?


“In that case…My nephew, you can stand up. ” Since City Lord Hu was being so polite, Ye Kong decided to stop causing trouble. He said to Hu Caigan in the tone of an elder, “Actually, I didn’t want to have conflict with you. It’s because you were too stupid. When you go into other people’s territory, you must lay low and see who the leader is before you even think of causing trouble. What if it was someone who couldn’t be offended? You didn’t know anything, but acted so overbearingly. Don’t you think you were stupid? I taught you this lesson for your own good, for fear that you would disgrace your father in the future.”


Hu Caigan knelt and listened to Ye Kong’s scolding. At last, he nodded and said, “You are right. I won’t do it again in the future.”


Hu Caigan confessed his mistake, but he still thought in his heart, “Yes, you are right. Now I know that you are currently the one in charge of this territory. For now, I will lower my head and pretend to be convinced. When you now longer have such influence…. It will be useless even if you beg and call me grandpa!


“In that case, let’s forget about it. You can leave, I won’t see you out.” Ye Kong immediately dismissed the guests.


“Sorry for bothering you. We will leave.” City Lord Hu bowed towards Ye Kong and took his son to leave.


Ye Kong shouted to them as they were leaving, “Nephew, don’t forget to eat pig brains to nourish your mind. It can help you get smarter!”


Even The ninth mistress couldn’t help laughing. This boy had a sharp tongue. She tried to leave with her mouth covered but was stopped by Ye Kong.


“Ninth mistress, there’s something I’d like to discuss it with you.” Ye Kong was courteous when he was asking for something.


The ninth mistress wasn’t used to his politeness. After a brief discussion, she knew that he wanted Xiao Juan to be given her freedom.


“Eighth young master, isn’t Xiao Hong enough for you? Do you also want my Xiao Juan?” Asked the ninth mistress.


Ye Kong wanted to say that he was helping Liu Changqing, but in that way, it might be known that the two of them had formed an intimate relationship. The Ye family was very strict with their rules and he didn’t want them to be punished.


“Ha-ha, I’m only redeeming Xiao Juan, not marrying her.” Ye Kong mumbled.


“Then do you regard Xiao Juan higher than Xiao Hong? Have you known each other for a long time?” said the ninth mistress with a smile.


Ye Kong felt dizzy, he wanted to say “There is nothing between me and the servant girl, OK?” However, even if he said that, the ninth mistress would not believe it, so Ye Kong buckled. Of course, he didn’t care about any gossip that came afterwards.


“Ninth mistress, please do me a favor. I will pay whatever is required.” Ye Kong did not deny what she said.


The ninth mistress would never forget the scene she had just witnessed. How would she dare to reject the God of Misfortune? She smiled, “Ha-ha, eighth young master regards me as an outsider when you mention the money. It’s only a servant. I’ll bring the contract for you right away. We’re family, we help each other with everything.”


“Thank you, ninth mistress. Please tell me if you need my help in the future,” Seeing her agree immediately, Ye Kong said straightforwardly.


The ninth mistress immediately sent people to bring Xiao Juan and her contract to them. In front of Ye Kong, the ninth mistress told Xiao Juan to cherish the affection of the eighth young master and serve him well.


Ye Kong flushed red after hearing this and quickly hurried away with Xiao Juan to find Liu Changqing who was waiting outside.


Ye Kong had kept his promise. Liu Changqing could now take Xiao Juan to buy a house and settle down, then all that was left was to register it with the government.


With this matter finished, Ye Kong was ready to leave the city for his cultivation. Back in his yard, Chen Jiuniang and two girls were unwilling to see him go, but they also knew that they could not hinder Ye Kong’s cultivation. They advised him to be safe repeatedly before letting him leave.


Ye Kong rode to buy some millet seeds before leaving the city and heading south.


“Boy, where were you going to train? It’s better for you to pick somewhere remote, safe, and with dense immortal Qi.” Huang Quan said.


“Ha-ha, don’t worry about it. I have a plan in mind. You can rest at ease.”


Ye Kong had already thought about it. He was going to go to the place where Fan Jiushe had taken him last time. wasn’t it good? It was remote, desolate and there seemed to be no danger. Fan Jiushe would take people there to kill them which meant that he must’ve known that he wouldn’t be discovered by other people.


Soon, he rode out of the official road, went to the grassland, and entered the mangrove forest.


This was not a short journey. It took several hours last time, so it was already starting to grow dark by the time Ye Kong got close to his destination.


“This place…Isn’t it the place where I was chased and killed by the shadow clan and captured the barbarian cultivator?” Although the environment had changed in the past hundred thousand years, the mountains in the distance didn’t move. The more Huang Quan looked, the more he found his surroundings familiar.


Ye Kong thought, “Yes, Fan Jiushe got the small sword and other items here, which means that it is also likely that this is where you died.”


“That’s right. You have lived here for 100,000 years. How does it feel to be back home?” Asked Ye Kong.


“This is the place?” asked Huang Quan , “If it were me using a magic tool, we would have arrived in a blink of an eye. You’ve spent so much time getting here. What a waste!”


Ye Kong said helplessly, “Hey, ancestor, it’s much easier to say than to do, OK? I don’t have a flying magic tool. If I had one, I also want to fly.”


Ye Kong then asked, “Does this small sword have the function of flying? Last time I saw Immortal Wanxuan flying on a sword.”


“Trashy magic tools can fly.” Said Huang Quan , “Many magic tools have the function of flying, especially something like a flying sword, but the function of flying reduces the offensive power of a magic tool. This is why some people prefer that their sword does not have the ability of flight, but instead focuses all of its power on attack, such is the case with this small sword.”


“So, I’ll need to find a flying magic tool later?” Ye Kong pressed his horse’s belly in frustration and urged the horse move faster, but then he realized, “So, is this small sword very powerful?”


“It’s a trashy magic tool, how powerful could it even be? In the past I would slap anyone who tried to gift me such a trashy magic tool” Nothing good came from the mouth of Huang Quan . He always talked about the past and Ye Kong was tired of hearing it.


“Ancestor, don’t mention the past again, OK? If someone gave me some of these magic tools, my smile would be so wide that I would be unable to close my mouth.”


“You lack ambition!”


Ye Kong sighed, “I have no choice. We’re poor! It’s extravagance to talk about ambition with the poor.”



Huang Quan sneered, “Although this small sword is a piece of garbage in my eyes, it’s still a good weapon for you. It could be said that it was one of the stronger magic tools of its grade.”


Ye Kong was very happy when he heard this. It was originally a middle-grade magic weapon. If it was one of the stronger ones, it would be very good for him. It was said that many cultivators were still using bottom-grade magic tools, they were the poor ones!


But before Ye Kong could be happy, Huang Quan said: “Even if it is a good magic tool, it needs a powerful cultivator to use it. After establishing the foundation and reaching the middle stage, only then could you push the power of the magic tool to the limit. Therefore, the power of the same magic tool can be different when used by different people.”


“How much of its power can I use now?” Asked Ye Kong.


“Twenty percent.” Huang Quan mercilessly destroyed Ye Kong’s dreams.


“Only twenty percent?” Ye Kong said angrily. No matter how powerful this magic tool was, what was the use if he could only use 20% of its power?


Huang Quan giggled, “Boy, otherwise, why would all those immortals be cultivating so desperately? In ancient times, magic tools could only be used by the cultivators in the foundation establishment stage. Because there were so many cultivators who had not yet built their foundation, they eventually modified the refining method for magic tools to allow cultivators with a lower cultivation to be able to activate magic tools. You are only at the third level of Qi refining. How powerful do you want to be? Even if you cultivate the Five Elements to Immortality and your immortal Qi is far more than others, you could only use this small sword to unleash at most 30% of its power. So, you still need to cultivate harder to have a bright future.”


As they continued to talk, time seemed to fly. Then, they finally arrived as the large moon started to rise into the night sky.


When Ye Kong urged his horse into the clearing of the forest, he was stunned by the sight in front of him.

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