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TMC Chapter 90 Immortals

“Why is there so much cage grass in this place?” Huang Quan was still in slumber so he didn’t know about the fierce battle that had taken place here.


Ye Kong also didn’t expect that the vitality of the cage grass to be so strong. In half a year, the open field had become covered with numerous square cages created by the vines.


In the moonlight, the multiple tall cages cast countless shadows, they eerily looked like tombstones which made the field look like a cemetery. It was spooky.


“How is this place?” Ye Kong jumped off his horse and looked at a piece of the cage grass.


“It’s a good place. Even though the cage grass is bottom grade spiritual plant, with so many, there will be an increase in wood Qi, it will be more abundant than the Qi inside the Ye Family estate.” Huang Quan nodded.


“What’s more, these cage grasses can be used to create a dwelling. It’s important to have a place to live if you are staying here for a few months.”


“You should also gather some seeds from the cage grass. Maybe you can use them against an enemy in the future.” Huang Quan said as he flew out from the small sword. He wasn’t afraid of being discovered here.


“Where is that place?” Huang Quan flew around the cage grass and came back and sighed, “This was a small village in the past, and there were many families living here. After I killed the barbarian cultivator here, I quietly went into the cellar of one family houses. Unexpectedly, it became desolate after 100,000 years.”


“In 100,000 years, everything changes, not to mention a small village.” Ye Kong replied while cutting a small door in one of the cages made from vines. Later, Ye Kong built a simple room, but Huang Quan didn’t give up, and he was busy looking for the cellar.


“Don’t look for it. What will you do if you really find it? Your original body is probably gone already, so you’d better help me to refine fasting pills instead.” Ye Kong said as he took the bran tree fruit from his storage bag.


Huang Quan , however, could not find the entrance of the cellar no matter how hard he looked. He even started to try smashing a hole into the ground to find what he was looking for.


“Where the hell is it?” Huang Quan asked angrily.


“Why are you so angry that you can’t find the cellar? What treasure did you hide here?” Ye Kong asked doubtfully.


Huang Quan’s face changed as he thought “It’s true you never know who might be listening”, but then he laughed and said, “What treasure would even be worth my time? It’s just that I want to visit the place where I died.”


“Then refine some pills for me.”


“Alas, I can’t imagine that I have lived for 100,000 years only to become a travelling alchemist refining trashy fasting pills. It’s really unbelievable.” Huang Quan shook his head gloomily and flew back with a wry smile.


The inside of the cage grasses were very narrow, there was only a small square area. There was barely enough room for two people to live. However, Huang Quan disliked sharing, so he built one for himself. Anyway, there were a number of cages that had formed, and Ye Kong didn’t care about what Huang Quan was doing. He didn’t waste any time and began to cultivate.


The first thing to do, of course, was to refine his top-grade defensive magic tool. With this magic tool, his safety could be guaranteed.


A few days later, Ye Kong came out from his cage dwelling, full of pride. At first sight, it couldn’t be seen if he had successfully refined the armor or not. He was shirtless and his bare chest seemed to be completely exposed. This was because the armor had fused with his body.


“Ancestor, do you think this armor is as effective as you said? It can’t be seen and it can’t be felt.” At the same time, Ye Kong was a little suspicious, but he was still very happy.


“You little shit, you know nothing!” Huang Quan, who was still searching in the grass, scolded him and threw a fireball at him. He shouted coldly, “Don’t dodge!”


Ye Kong knew that Huang Quan wasn’t trying to harm him and the power of fireball was limited, so he stood and let the fireball strike against his chest.




When the fireball was about to strike his body, a black armor appeared immediately over his skin. It easily resisted the small fireball which caused it to explode into embers and disappear. Throughout the entire process, Ye Kong was not damaged. The armor was now a part of him.


Ye Kong happily wiped his chest and said with a smile, “ah, it’s really effective. Ha ha, it’s really a good thing. Let’s try again.”


“Don’t play anymore. Go to practice your control spell. When you are done, practice fireballs, then ice bullets. Don’t stop until you can unleash all of those spells efficiently. Don’t look down on those low-level spells. They can help improve your control of the elements.”


“Oh, I see.”


The sun continued to rise and the moon set.


Three months later, it was sunny day in spring.


The sun was hidden behind a few white clouds. The cold winter was finished; it was warm but not hot. The mangrove forest had survived the harsh winter. It shed off its reddish-brown coat and grew a new one which was as red as fire. In the distance, it looked like a raging fire. It was very beautiful.


Over the mangrove forest, there was the sound of wind breaking. There was an immortal flying slowly in the sky with his hands behind his back, standing calmly on magic tool made from beast bone.


This was a young immortal dressed in indigo coarse cloth. His clothes were not the clothes which were commonly seen in Nandu City, but similar to the clothes that the barbarians worse, there was even a small black storage bag hanging on his waist.


Although the young barbarian cultivator was moving leisurely and flying slowly, it was not because he wanted to enjoy the mangrove scenery. It was because his flying magic tool was of low quality, this speed was almost the limit it could reach.


The barbarian immortal was slowly flying on the white bone magic tool over the forest. The wind blowing against his clothes.


He seemed like he was travelling leisurely, but his eyes were alert. Instead of looking at the scenery, he was vigilantly scanning the area for danger. After all, he wasn’t a powerful immortal cultivator, there were many people who were more powerful than him. He didn’t stand a chance against a powerful immortal cultivator, so he could avoid them whenever he saw them. If he stuck around to fight, he would die without knowing how.


Fortunately, he hadn’t encountered any cultivators or spiritual beasts on the way. His journey was very safe, but he did not relax his vigilance.


“Ah, what is going on over there? Are those small square cages a kind of strange spirit tree?” The eyes of the young barbarian fell on an open field in the middle of the mangrove forest which was covered in square cages made from vines.


I need to go take a look. The little barbarian changed his direction and flew slowly towards the clearing. When he approached, he was surprised to sense that the wood Qi was growing more dense.


“Bottom grade spiritual plant?” The barbarian was happy to find such a large clearing filled with bottom grade spiritual plants, he accelerated towards the clearing.


Although he didn’t understand what kind of plant it was or what its use was, as long as it was spiritual plant or a type of spiritual wood, it was useful. He could pick some seeds and possibly find some fruits, maybe he would find that it was a rare spirit wood which had numerous uses.


“I don’t know what kind of plants they are. They have such a strange shape. I will just pick some to swap for spirit stones when I get to the market.” The little barbarian thought as he landed happily while raising his hand and putting the flying magic tool which was made from the skull of the spiritual beast, into his storage bag.


He was a barbarian cultivator from a small sect, his sect was very small and extremely poor. He was even poorer than most cultivators within the sect. He had heard that there was a market near Honghuang and decided to travel out to visit it.


He only wanted to visit the market, he didn’t have anything to exchange. He didn’t even have any spirit stones to spare. He thought he was only going to take a look and would return empty handed, but he didn’t expect to find a strange spiritual plant growing on the way.


“I have really good luck this time.” The little barbarian said happily as he went to look for the seeds of the cage grass.


At that moment, Ye Kong was talking to Huang Quan . After three months of training, he had fully mastered controlling the small sword. He was even very skilled with a number of spells and was planning to head back to the city.


But Huang Quan scolded again, “Damned brat, don’t think I don’t know what is on your mind?”


Ye Kong said, “It’s been three months. I plan to go back to visit my mother and comfort my wife. What’s wrong with that?”


“You want to go back and say goodbye to them, and then go searching for adventure. Am I right?” said Huang Quan .


Huang Quan was right. Ye Kong laughed and didn’t deny it. He said, “Yes, you see I have the ability to protect myself now. It’s time for me to go out to find my mother find an alchemist to help treat her face. I can also experience the world and see the living conditions of the people in different lands, I might also chance upon a lucky encounter…”


“Come on.” Huang Quan said angrily, “Yes, you are really powerful when it comes to your immortal Qi capacity. With the third level of Qi refining, you can make the small sword unleash 40% of its power, which I didn’t expect.”


“But don’t think you’re already strong enough to go out alone. To tell you the truth, you are not strong! You are an amateur. In a real fight, you will be killed within minutes! The world of cultivation is not full of the warmth in your imagination! Everywhere is full of danger. If you are not careful, you will be doomed!”


“Yes, people kill and rob, but I have no treasure to rob.” Ye Kong debated.


“Your sword and armor are enough for people to kill you!”


“Can’t I just conceal them?”


“There doesn’t need to be such a reason for cultivators to kill you! If you are in a bad mood one day, you might kill several ants with one stop of your foot. To those senior immortal cultivators, you are just an ant!”


“But I have you?”


Huang Quan felt himself going dizzy and said, “You are relying on me again. Let me tell you; I will not always help you with your problems. Do you think I am still at the peak of my cultivation?”


Ye Kong said with a smile, “Then I will not help you.”


“What would I need your help with?” said Huang Quan.


“To find that cellar and look for treasures.”


“How did you know?” said Huang Quan, shocked.


Ye Kong was more depressed than he was. “Ancestor, in these three months, you have turned over every damned rock. How could I not know? Do you think I’m stupid?”


Huang Quan smiled wryly.


Ye Kong asked again, “Ancestor, tell me, what treasures could interest such a powerful immortal like you?”


“It’s none of your business. It’s no use in giving it to you.” Huang Quan didn’t answer.


“Then tell me what it is, what’s the name of the thing you are looking for?” Ye Kong did not give up.


“I would tell you! But I don’t know its name!” Seeing Ye Kong’s confused face, Huang Quan said: “I only know that it’s a treasure, but I don’t know how it is used. The only thing I know is that it allowed for my soul to survive while inside that small sword for 100,000 years.”


“Oh, that’s very useful.” Ye Kong nodded.


“Do you think you are in the nascent soul stage? Do you think it would allow you to sleep for 100,000 years without dying?” Huang Quan said angrily: “Enough, you don’t need to make up your mind. If you want to try and steal my treasure, don’t blame me for turning against you.”


Ye Kong said angrily, “How could I do that? Please don’t insult my personality! We’re friends, you know? Our bond is worth more than gold, and will last forever. What treasure could match our pure and noble friendship? I would never try to rob you. You can rest assured.”


Huang Quan was relieved and asked, “Tell me, do you know where the cellar is?”


But Ye Kong laughed, “I can tell you, but on one condition; If you later find out that the treasure has some other miraculous use, you have to cut me in.”


After staring at him for a long time, Huang Quan said, “Now I finally understand, you’re shameless.”


“Well, I said I would not rob your treasure. Am I shameless?”


“But you are extorting me!”


Ye Kong said, “Do you agree?”


Huang Quan was about to speak when he suddenly raised his eyebrows and smiled, “There is an immortal at the sixth layer of Qi refining outside. You are in trouble…”


“…I’m a little sleepy, ah, so tired. If you can’t fight him by yourself, then you can always ask me for help, but there is one condition; tell me where the cellar is. Take good care of yourself, friend.” Huang Quan said as he retreated into the sword magic tool.


“Hey, don’t run away, you shameless old fellow. How could you leave your friends behind and run away? It was a mistake for me to ever have known you!”


“It’s useless for you to say anything. Haha. He is three layers above you in cultivation. You are an amateur without any practical experience. Be careful.”

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