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TMC Chapter 91 Xia Hui

“The skin of this unknown spiritual plant is really hard, and I don’t know where its seeds are located?” The little barbarian cultivator muttered to himself.


He wanted to collect the seeds to sell, but when he came to collect them, he found that he did not know where the seeds were located.


He thought that the seeds of plants would be protected by a hard layer, like walnut nuts. So the little barbarian cultivator guessed that the seeds were likely located inside the rectangular cage.


It was not so easy to separate the vines of the cage grass. A sharp magic tool was needed to cut through the vines.


But the immortal was so poor that he didn’t have a sword magic tool.


“I will try using a fireball.” He threw out a small fireball, but it had no effect. The fireball exploded without damaging a single vine.


Just as he was struggling due to being unable to deal with the problem, a young man appeared beside him.


“Friend, this piece of cage grass is planted by me. Please be merciful.” Ye Kong came out laughing and said politely.


“You planted this? Cage grass? That’s a good name for it.” The little barbarian cultivator was shocked when he heard someone talking to him, but when he looked back at Ye Kong, he was relieved.


He was only at the third stage of Qi refining. It was too low for him to use magic tools. The ability to use magic tools was the main aspect when considering an immortal’s combat effectiveness. If you couldn’t use magic tools, it meant that you could only use magic spells to fight. So the barbarian had no need to be afraid.



Although the barbarian cultivator didn’t have magic tools like a sword, he had other magic tools. It would be easy for him to kill a cultivator at the third stage of Qi refining.


“I passed by this area a while ago and I didn’t see anyone here. I can’t believe that you are the one planted it here.” The little barbarian cultivator was speaking with an arrogant tone and looking down on Ye Kong. He didn’t plan on giving up on this spiritual plant.


Ye Kong said with a smile, “How long ago? I started growing the cage grass here about a year ago.”


The barbarian cultivator was still extremely vigilant because it didn’t seem like Ye Kong feared him. He thought to himself “Does he have a master or senior brothers nearby, is this why he seems so bold?”


“Oh, I see.” The barbarian cultivator then said politely, “I am Xia Hui, an immortal of the Bone Spirit Sect, dare I ask these friends for their names, and which school they belong to?”


“Oh, my name is Lu Jun, I am just a wandering lone cultivator.” Ye Kong didn’t give his real name, because he didn’t want to make trouble for his family.


In fact, Ye Kong was also a little nervous. Even though the Bone Spirit Sect seemed like an ominous name, there was still a sect behind this immortal cultivator. It was not good to start trouble with an immortal sect or a family while still being weak. It was better not to avoid fighting if it was possible.


“It turned out to be Immortal Lu.” The little barbarian cultivator heard that he was a lone cultivator, and was very happy. However, there may still be a master behind him, so he decided to inquire again.


“It’s such a large area of cage grass you planted, does Immortal Lu take care of it alone?” Xia Hui asked


“Oh, I have a master. He is in the nascent soul stage.” Ye Kong answered.


Xia Hui was really shocked when he heard that there was a nascent soul stage cultivator in the area. He didn’t even need to know how strong this nascent soul stage cultivator was, it would still be powerful enough to kill him.


But then on second thought, he thought; “Impossible! If there was really an old ancestor in the nascent soul stage here, why didn’t he create a sect? Even if the nascent soul ancestor was used to a quiet life, his disciples would not only be at the third layer of Qi refining.


“You must have a famous teacher. I don’t know where your teacher is, but is it alright for me to meet him?” Xia Hui had a disdainful smile on his face.


Ye Kong was not clueless, of course he understood why this boy was prying him for information, so he sneered and said, “My friend, my teacher is cultivating. It’s inconvenient for him to meet others. Please forgive me.”


Xia Hui was almost sure that this boy was bluffing. He asked again, “Since your teacher is a great immortal in the nascent soul stage, why don’t you set up an array here to avoid being harassed by others?”


Ye Kong knew his exact meaning. He was tired asking and answering so many questions. He said directly, “Immortal Xia inquired about such details. Do you want to bully this little immortal while my teacher is away.”


Xia Hui laughed, “Yes! You know your cultivation is lower than mine, but you still want to claim this spiritual plant, this is why you fabricated the story of a nascent soul master to intimidate me! But you were foolish, If you really had a nascent soul stage master behind you, you would just kill me and not let me ask so many questions? Do you think I’m stupid?”


This little barbarian immortal really wanted to learn how to write the word death. His cultivation was only slightly higher than other people, but he was already travelling the world to bully people. Ye Kong shook his head and said, “Immortal Xia, you won’t believe me even I told you. How about this? You also want to take the seeds of the cage grass. I’ll get some for you, and then you can take them safely?”


Huang Quan heard this and said, “You are stupid. Even if he doesn’t kill you now, he will go back and report this, then someone else will come to kill you. If you don’t kill him now, when are you going to?”


Ye Kong thought about fighting him too. He was too used to behaving arrogantly. Would he be scared to fight whenever he met other cultivators? Now he knew that Xia Hui had a bad intentions, what was the hold up?


But before Ye Kong could change his attitude, the Xia Hui had already replied, “Immortal Lu, if you had run away when I was coming, I would have let you escape, but now it’s too late! Hey, your sword magic tool looks good. It’s a shame that you can’t use it. It would be better used in my hands.”


Xia Hui didn’t pay much attention at first, but when he saw the middle grade magic tool hanging on Ye Kong’s waist, his eyes filled with greed.


Ye Kong smiled, looked down at the sword, and then said, “If I give this sword magic tool to you, will you let me go?”


“Ha ha, why are you so silly? How can I let you go now that I have told you my name?”


Xia Hui said as he threw a powerful fireball towards Ye Kong.


Ye Kong was embarrassed to dodge, but he did so, only to find that Xia Hui also unleashed two ice swords in his direction.


“Tsk, such a green horn. Let me teach you a lesson, when it comes to fighting using magic spells, the person who acts first has the advantage. This is because the other side can’t send out magic at all while dodging, ha ha, just like you!” Xia Hui laughed, but did not stop casting his spells. He constantly unleashed fireballs and ice swords in Ye Kong’s direction.


But Ye Kong only dodged and didn’t try to cast any spells, so it seemed like he was panicking.


“Boy, what kind of trick are you playing? You’re not that bad at dodging, are you? What are you plotting?” Huang Quan knew Ye Kong very well.


“Ha ha, I need to spend the least amount of Qi to kill my opponent.” Ye Kong said while dodging again.


Although he didn’t fall over, the small sword hanging on his waist fell to the ground, as if he hadn’t noticed it fall.


Xia Hui saw it at a glance, and was very happy. He only needed to use magic spells to kill Ye Kong and had gained a new magic tool.


“Boy, where are you planning to run to now?” Xia Hui threw several fireballs in a hurry and with a wave of his left hand, he used the control spell to bring the sword magic tool towards him.


Fuck! It is so easy to be cheated!


Ye Kong’s eyes flickered with cold. He stopped immediately and let the fireball hit him directly. His fingers moved slightly and the sword moved like a cold shooting star as it stabbed towards Xia Hui’s head!


How could he activate magic tools? Xia Hui was shocked. He knew that he had made a big mistake. He looked down on the enemy so much that he didn’t even bother to protect himself.


But now it was too late, the sword had already arrived.


It was too sudden. Xia Hui couldn’t even dodge in time. Even if Xia Hui had a method to defend himself, he didn’t have enough time to activate it.


The only thing he could do was abruptly raise his left hand which was raised to collect the sword, to block the swords path.


It had to be said that this was a very experienced opponent with keen battle instincts. At the critical moment, he sacrificed one of his hands in an attempt to slow the sword for even a small moment.




Xia Hui’s left hand exploded as the sword burst through it, but his head was spared because of the extra moment created by sacrificing his hand. The small sword had only managed to slice one of his ears.


“Humph, he dodges so fast! Let’s see how you escape this time!” Ye Kong snorted. His demeanor had completely changed. He manipulated the small sword magic tool to turn around for a second attack.



“Well, I admit that I looked down on you. I won’t underestimate you this time!” Said Xia Hui, who had just lost his left hand. He tapped his right hand on the storage bag, and a black soul flag appeared in his hand.


SA Soul flag was a weapon that many demonic cultivators and barbarian cultivators liked to use. The reason was simple, it was a powerful magic tool which had a very low cost.


As long as some beast bones and skins were used, a soul flag could be made. The main power of the soul flag depended on how many living souls there were inside the soul flag. There were hundred-soul flags, thousand-soul flags and ten-thousand soul flags. The more souls there were trapped inside the flag, the more powerful the soul flag became.


Xia Hui waved the large flag and laughed proudly, “Boy, there are ninety-nine ghosts in my hundred soul flag, but most of them are ordinary people. The last place I have kept empty to absorb the soul of a cultivator. Immortal Lu, Congratulations, you will become the main soul of my soul flag!”


As expected, the power of the hundred soul flag was extraordinary. As the flag was waved, it created powerful gusts of wind and black clouds which were filled with ghosts started to pour out from it.


There were many kinds of ghosts inside the flag, many had strange shapes and looked fierce. They all had long sharp protruding teeth, they laughed and howled as they approached Ye Kong.



“You barbarian cultivators can only make such low quality things!” Ye Kong sneered and raised his hand to the sword.


“Grow!” With Ye Kong’s clear command, the small sword tool grew into a long sword. It was originally only half a foot long, but in a blink of an eye, it grew to become a two foot long silver sword.


“Go!” Ye Kong yelled again, and the little sword, like the silver comet, flew over to the black cloud and tore a hole through it.


“Not good! I didn’t think the power of this magic weapon would be so powerful!” Xia Hui was shocked. He knew he couldn’t continue to fight, so he quickly sacrificed his defense and stepped onto the beast skull magic tool. He didn’t even want the hundred-soul flag, he wanted to escape.


“Immortal Xia, it’s not so easy to leave!” Ye Kong laughed and threw out the seeds of the cage grass he had nourished with his immortal Qi.


“Ah! what is it? Is this the cage grass?” Xia Hui immediately understood the use of this spiritual plant, but it was already too late.


The endless green vines grew like crazy and trapped him in moments.


“Hundred-soul flag, ha ha, we will use your own soul as the main soul for your flag!” Ye Kong laughed, he pointed towards cage, and said, “Cut!”


This time, the small sword didn’t tear a hole, but just like a silver flash of lightning it sliced across the cage!


The silver light sliced through the middle of the cage. It cleanly cut the entire cage together with Xia Hui, into two pieces!

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