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TMC Chapter 92 Hundred-soul flag


“You were so arrogant, because you were at the sixth layer of Qi refining.” Ye Kong muttered as he raised his hand and summoned the hundred-soul flag.


After the wielder died, the souls in the flag immediately returned to the flag. Ye Kong picked up the ghost flag and waved it towards the body of Xia Hui, who had just died.


This flag created a strong attraction for any souls in its surroundings. It would absorb a soul which came too close regardless of whether the soul was willing. As long as the soul hadn’t dispersed, it could be absorbed by the flag.


“Please forgive me.” The soul of Xia Hui turned into a blue mist and began pleading as he was being drawn towards the soul flag.


If he was absorbed into the soul flag, he would never be able to enter the cycle of reincarnation. His consciousness would begin to fade and he would become a ghost who would be forever controlled by the master of the soul flag until his soul was finally destroyed.


“Hum, do you want to enter the cycle of reincarnation? Didn’t the ninety-nine ghosts in the flag also want to reincarnate? Get inside!” Ye Kong ignored his pleading. He waved the flag, and the soul of Xia Hui was absorbed by the flag.


After putting the soul flag into the storage bag, and he moved his focus to the flying magic tool made from beast’s bone. This was the skull of a low-level spiritual beast. It wasn’t a large beast skull, but it could expand enough for one person to stand upon it when activated.


“Haha, I have a flying magic tool now.” Ye Kong said happily, no wonder everyone wants to kill and rob others for treasure. It was so easy and he had hardly used any of his immortal Qi. This was because Ye Kong had successfully deceived his opponent, so he was able to kill Xia Hui with little effort.


“You consider this kind of trash as a treasure? It’s funny.” Huang Quan said with a smile.


“You’re wrong. No matter how much it is valued at, what matters most is that it can be used. This is a windfall.” Ye Kong retorted.


” What a fart! It only can accommodate one person when flying. I had a flying spiritual tool before which could seat hundreds of people when flying!”


Ye Kong said, “Where I came from, there is something called an airplane. It allows for everyone to fly!”


“I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”




Ye Kong took Xia Hui’s storage bag from his waist, and then cast several fireballs to burn the body.


This barbarian cultivator was very poor, but Ye Kong was prepared for it. No matter how prepared he was, when he opened the storage bag, Ye Kong still sighed.


“He was too poor!”


There were seven or eight spirit stones in the storage bag, several sets of clothes, a porcelain bottle, two information jades, and nothing else.


“I told you not to expect anything, he would not have died so easily if he wasn’t so poor.” Said Huang Quan.


“He was poor, but he still wanted to kill and rob other cultivators, he can only blame himself for dying.” Ye Kong put the spirit stones into his storage bag and picked up the jade.


He used his divine sense to check the contents, it was the cultivation method of the bone spirit school. It was a very simple method, which was far worse than the five elements to immortality.


Ye Kong picked up the other jade. What was recorded here was useful for Ye Kong. It was the method used to create the soul flag and the instructions on refining ghosts into the flag.


At the end of the information jade, there was also a list of materials and instructions on how to create a soul summoning bag.


Ye Kong didn’t pay attention to this at first, but he noticed that cage grass was one of the materials needed to create the soul summoning bag, which caught his attention. After all, he had too much cage grass.


“Which is better, the soul flag or the soul bag?” Asked Ye Kong.


“They are same. The power depends on the number and level of ghosts and spirits inside. I can’t say which is better.”


When ye Kong heard this, he understood. No wonder he had never heard of the soul bag. It turned out that the cost of creating it was high and the effect wasn’t much better than the soul flag. It would be much easier to use some beast bones and skin to make the soul flag.


“But there must a little difference between them. Otherwise, why would anyone pass down the method to create a soul bag?” Ye Kong asked again.


“It’s a little different.” Huang Quan , who was well-informed, explained, “The soul flag needs the user to refine the souls it absorbs into fierce ghosts for them to be used. If you absorb too many souls and refine them one by one, it will require a lot of time.”


“After absorbing the soul into the soul bag, it does not need to be refined manually. After a period of time, the soul will eventually become a fierce ghost. The other difference is that soul flags can only absorb souls inside, while soul bags can put living people inside the bag to be slowly refined to death.”


Ye Kong understood, and said, “So the bag is better. For example, if I absorb thousands of souls and have to refine them one by one, I will be exhausted.”


“You are stupid,” said Huang Quan with a smile. “Although it’s troublesome to refine them one by one, it is much faster the higher your cultivation. For powerful cultivators, even when it comes to hundred-thousand soul flags, each soul can be refined one by one and it would only require ten years to complete.”


“This soul bag doesn’t need you to personally refine the souls, but it will take a much longer time. A low-level soul, if it was refined personally could be done as easily as raising a hand, but if you put it in the soul bag, it will take forty-nine days to refine it into a fierce ghost.”


“Such a long time! A fierce ghost will take forty-nine days!” Ye Kong had lost interest in this soul bag. It would take too long to create a powerful soul bag. It would take 4900 days to refine a hundred souls to create a hundred-soul bag.


Huang Quan thought for a moment and said, “But this soul bag is not useless. In these 49 days, the soul experiences all kinds of pain and torment, this means that the fierce ghost that is created is more powerful. Moreover, it would more courageous than the ghosts created by the soul flag when facing strong enemies.”


“Oh.” Ye Kong nodded as he put the jade note back into the storage bag, and took out the porcelain bottle, “Come out and take a look, what kind of pill is this?”


Ye Kong thought that Huang Quan would take the opportunity to raise more conditions in return for his help, but he didn’t expect that he would quickly appear and pour the white pills from the porcelain bottle into his hand.


Just as quickly as he removed them, he returned the pills back to the porcelain bottle and threw them towards Ye Kong with a disappointed expression.


“That isn’t a pill for souls, it’s a pill you can consume.” He said as he retreated back into the sword.


Ye Kong knew why he was disappointed, but he pretended like he had no idea. Since he didn’t want to say anything, he wouldn’t bring it up either.


“How many can be eaten in one day?” Ye Kong weighed the porcelain bottle. There were about fifty pills inside.


“Take one to improve the speed of cultivation. When you feel your cultivation slowing down, take another.” A lazy reply sounded in Ye Kong’s mind.


“Will I get addicted after eating too many?” Ye Kong had never taken such pills.


“Addiction? You’re really cautious, but I haven’t heard of anyone becoming addicted. I’ve only heard that if you use too many, the effects eventually become less and less until they no longer provide any benefit.”


“I’ll rest assured. Thank you.”


Then Ye Kong returned to his dwelling and began to refine the hundred soul flag. Before a soul flag reached a hundred souls, it was considered a low level magic weapon. Once it reached a hundred fierce ghosts, the power was greatly improved, and it had the power of a mid-level magic weapon.


Although it was a mid-level magic weapon, it couldn’t be compared to the power of the small sword. However it had other advantages, such as the large numbers of fierce ghosts which could be used to fight against numerous enemies.


It took Ye Kong two days to refine the soul flag and the soul of Xia Hui. Ye Kong made Xia Hui’s soul the main soul as he wished to do with hm. This soul would be much stronger than the others inside the flag.


In the past two days, Ye Kong didn’t mention the cellar, and Huang Quan didn’t mention it either. However, he still continued to dig random holes in the clearing.


Ye Kong didn’t care about what Huang Quan was doing. After refining the soul flag, he took out the beast bone magic tool. It was much quicker to refine and could be used right away.


The function of this beast bone magic tool was very simple, flying.


Although Ye Kong was proficient in his control spell, he had never tried controlling something which was under his feet.


He decided to make his first attempt at flying with the bone beneath his feet, but he was inexperienced, so he stumbled and fell. Fortunately, he had good balance and after several rounds of practice, he was able to use it freely. It didn’t take much longer until he was able to use his hands to cast spells while flying freely.


“Tomorrow, I’m going to return to the city.” Ye Kong said as he noticed that it was already evening time.


Huang Quan was depressed and replied. “So fast?”


Ye Kong said with a smile, “The magic tools have all been refined and I am well versed in using spells. The purpose of this trip has been achieved. There is no reason for me to stay any longer. Besides, I’m afraid that someone from the bone spirit school will come looking for Xia Hui. I don’t want to wait for others to come and kill me.”


Ye Kong’s words were also reasonable. It seemed that there was no room for refutation. Huang Quan said with a wry smile, “What about the cellar? I’m still looking for the cellar.”


“Then continue looking for it.”


“But I don’t know where it is.” Huang Quan said incredulously, “I’ve checked everywhere I could think of. Are you kidding me?”


“Don’t use this method on me. I don’t care.” Ye Kong yawned and said, “I keep saying that you are really stingy. Why don’t you share some of the benefits with me? You don’t even know what the treasure does. What if it’s useless? Then even if you wanted to share the benefits with me, I won’t want it.”


“You are stingy! I would share the benefits with you, but I don’t like being blackmailed!” said Huang Quan angrily.


Ye Kong said with a smile, “Is that so? Then I’ll meditate and return to town tomorrow morning. He stood up and said to himself, “Tsk, don’t like being blackmailed. It’s not the first time.”


Huang Quan followed him back to the cage which he used for his cultivation.


“Ok, I promise to share. Where is the cellar? If you were lying to tease me, I promise I will beat you instead.”


Ye Kong said with a smile, “I know where it is. I seldom do things that harm others and do not benefit myself.”

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