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TMC Chapter 93 Corpse

After hearing Ye Kong’s confirmation, Huang Quan asked quickly, “Where is it?”


Ye Kong patted Huang Quan’s shoulder and said sincerely, “Little friend, as the famous saying goes, you aren’t able to see Mount Tai if there is a leaf covering your eyes. There is another place in the clearing that you haven’t dug a hole, and of course, the cellar is there.”


“Is there a place I haven’t dug? I’ve turned the entire area upside down.” Huang Quan  murmured, but when he looked into Ye Kong’s eyes, he immediately understood.


It turned out that there was really somewhere he hadn’t dug, it was under the two cage grasses where he and Ye Kong lived.


“I’m so stupid, I’m searching for my horse while riding on its back!” Huang Quan slapped himself.


Ye Kong asked, “Don’t blame me for blackmailing you, you are too stupid.”


“Well, I admit it.” Huang Quan admitted that he had been stupid in this aspect, but immediately wizened up. “Boy, when you chose these two cage grasses for us to live at the start, you did it to make me unable to find the cellar! You are too vicious!”


Ye Kong was speechless, it was true that someone would judge the deeds of a good man by their own standards. In fact, it was really a coincidence that he chose this place at first, but later when he saw that Huang Quan couldn’t find the cellar, he guessed that it was beneath them.


It no longer mattered to them, now that the location of the cellar was found, so they could start digging. Anyway, they were ready to go back to the city and they didn’t need these two cage grasses any longer, so Huang Quan quickly started to pull out the grass.


Ye Kong manipulated the small sword to dig a small hole in the ground and found the cellar was indeed under them. It was only a small cellar which was only a few square meters in size. When Ye Kong and Huang Quan went towards the cellar, there was a murky and humid stench which filled the air.


“It stinks!” Ye Kong raised his hand and a fireball formed in his palm, after more than three months of practice, he was easily able to control basic spells.


Entering the cellar, Ye Kong held the fireball in his hand for lighting, but found the cellar was almost empty, and there was no skeleton of Huang Quan. There was a small mound of soil on the other side of the room which attracted their attention.


“There!” Huang Quan rushed to it quickly, his voice sounded like he was in ecstasy.


The reason why he was chased and killed by the masters of the shadow clan at that time was because of this treasure, this alone showed how valuable it was. Now, 100,000 years later, the shadow clan was extinct, and he could finally lay claim to this treasure.


Although Huang Quan didn’t have time to learn the huge secret behind this treasure, he knew that its secret must be earth shaking. This was why when Ye Kong initially asked to share the benefits, he disagreed.


“Open!” With a low shout from Huang Quan , all the soil protruding from the ground divided and opened a pathway, like an invisible plow slicing through the earth.


“Fan Jiushe was also a kind-hearted schemer, after receiving his heritage here, he dug a hole to bury you.” Ye Kong said from behind.


“Didn’t you kill his entire family in the end?” Huang Quan wasn’t awake during this period, so he only knew what he had heard from Ye Kong.


“Well, you can kill me to avenge him, and then you don’t have to share your treasure.” Ye Kong said, but he did not guard against Huang Quan in the slightest, he paid full attention to the soil which was being unearthed, he was patiently waiting for the treasure to appear.


“You’d better be careful. I will kill you someday if you make me too angry.” Huang Quan was also absent-minded, he was even more nervous than Ye Kong, his eyes were focused like a sugar daddy waiting for a beautiful woman to take off her pants.


However, it was obvious that they were both unlucky today, what came from the soil was neither a beautiful woman nor a treasure, instead it was a corpse.

“Shit! What the hell is it! ” Ye Kong’s hands were shaking, though the corpse was not horribly decomposed, it was out of expectation.


Then suddenly, the corpse opened its eyes and sat up.


The night was dark and a thick cloud covered the bright moon. In the corner of a small cellar in the middle of a forest, a skinny corpse covered in dirt had suddenly started moving and was now staring at them, nothing would be weirder than this.


“Damn it!” Huang Quan was also frightened by the sudden change and stepped back a few steps.


“Ancestor, is this your body? ” Ye Kong felt a numb tingle run down his spine.


Since he came to the Southern Land, he had seen many strange things, he even had a recent encounter with an army of fierce ghosts, but it was the first time he had seen a zombie, it was extremely strange to him.


“That’s right, it is my body, but unexpectedly, it turned into a zombie.” Huang Quan nodded and said, “You can see from its elegant demeanor and handsome appearance that it is clearly my body.”


“How can I find it handsome? What are your aesthetic concepts?” Ye Kong satirized and asked, “Can you tell your body to lie back down?”


Huang Quan said, “Is there something wrong with your brain? It’s a zombie. How can it listen to me?”


“I will leave it to you, this is all your fault so you have to handle it by yourself. I won’t use my weapons to your ‘handsome’ body.” Ye Kong retreated a step and took the beast bone magic tool from his storage bag.


This zombie was far from handsome, its whole body was shriveled and black, the skin was hanging from the bones like a robe that no longer fit. However what was the most shocking, was the pair of bloodshot eyeballs, this was because the eye sockets had sunken, leaving only a pair of protruding eyeballs.


Seeing Ye Kong’s fear, Huang Quan said, “It’s just a corpse, why are you so afraid? I’ve never seen you so scared. You were not even afraid of the barbarian cultivator at the 6th layer of Qi refining.”


“That’s because you haven’t seen horror movies! You won’t understand even I tell you.” Ye Kong stepped on the beast bone tool and was planning to escape, but Huang Quan grabbed his sleeve and said, “Boy, don’t run away, we are good friends who are facing death together, how can you try to leave me behind?”


Ye Kong wanted to say that when he encountered the barbarian cultivator, Xia Hui, Huang Quan didn’t care that he might be facing death.


But Huang Quan continued, “You should at least stand beside me and cheer me on.”


Since Huang Quan was willing to fight, Ye Kong decided not to escape.


“Well, I’m good at cheering.” Ye Kong put the beast bone back into his storage bag, and then stood at the entrance of the cellar, waiting for the fight to begin.


Unexpectedly, Huang Quan unleashed several attacks, each of them missing the zombie before he retreated saying, “No, I can’t do it. I can fight with anyone else, but this is my own body. I can’t bear to attack such a handsome face, I can’t do it. ”


“What’s the matter with you.” Ye Kong scolded, although he was scared and felt disgusted by the zombie, after a while he got used to seeing it, and it wasn’t as scary to him as it was previously.


“Is it necessary for me to do it? If you don’t do it, I’ll do it for you, but don’t blame me for disrespecting your corpse!”


Seeing Huang Quan nod in response, Ye Kong waved his hands continuously, numerous small fireballs to light up the dark cellar. Then, ten small fireballs were shot towards the zombie.


After the zombie sat up, he continued to look around like a blockhead, and he didn’t even think of dodging when the fireball approached him. After ten loud explosions and the fireballs bursting into flames, the body of the zombie was unharmed.


“Use magic tools! How can a body that survived a hundred thousand years be afraid of such tiny fireballs? ” Huang Quan floated in the air and scolded.


What he said was right, the fireball had no effect on the zombie other than creating a firework display on the zombie’s body.


The fireballs had been useless, but it aroused the zombie’s anger. The zombie roared and with a sudden jump, it shot through the air like a spring.


Although the zombie was slow to action, it was still very powerful, and it jumped directly to Ye Kong.


“You motherfucker, now that you have died, why did you still leave your body to harm people!” Ye Kong dodged to the side and heard a loud crash from behind his back, the stone cellar wall now had a large hole in it which was created by the zombie’s fist.


“Wow! Your body is still powerful.” Ye Kong didn’t dare to delay, so he quickly took out the small sword.


The small sword pointed at the zombie and unleashed a burst of sword light towards the zombie.




The sword light struck the zombie directly in its throat and made a large hole in the size of a fist.


But the zombie didn’t seem to notice, with a shrill roar, it jumped towards Ye Kong again. While the zombie was jumping through the air, it opened its shriveled mouth wide and a thick black corpse breath was unleashed.


“Activate your defensive spells! Are you fucking stupid? Where has your cleverness gone? Does it only work when you play tricks on me? ” Huang Quan said, but he didn’t take action. He floated in the air as if it was none of his business, it was like he was watching a movie, and he especially enjoyed scolding Ye Kong.


“Shit, I’m dealing with this stuff for the first time, instead of speaking nonsense, try it yourself!” Ye Kong had to dodge the corpse breath, control the small sword to grow larger and activate a shield at the same time.


However, he still made some achievements, the small sword transformed into a long white sword, and split the jumping zombie in two with a single strike.


“Awo!” The zombie opened his horrible mouth and howled up to the sky.


“No more jumping for you! Let’s see how you plan to jump without any legs! “Ye Kong scolded, now that he was able to activate a shield, he was not afraid of anything. Although he was wearing armor, it would only block physical attacks, he could still inhale the corpse breath.


“Don’t be happy so early, young man. My body reached the nascent soul stage, even after one hundred thousand years, the zombie created will still be extraordinary.” Huang Quan was leisurely floating in the midair with his legs crossed.


Sure enough, Huang Quan had just finished speaking when the zombie’s dry arms lifted the top half of the body up and catapulted itself towards its lower half, the zombie’s black claws grabbed the lower half of the body and assembled itself again.


“Awoo!” The zombie who had a complete body again seemed even more agile and arrogant than before, it raised its head to the sky and howled before jumping towards Ye Kong again.


“You can reconnect your body parts? Then I will cut off your hands and feet, I don’t believe you will be able to jump then! ” Ye Kong pointed to the small the sword, controlling it to attack again.


The transformed long sword, flew around, slicing back and forth, creating several sword lights which cut off each of the zombie’s limbs.


Without limbs, the zombie couldn’t do anything this time, he growled angrily and let out a loud  shriek.


At the same time, it released an endless fog of corpse breath which soon filled the entire cellar.


Ye Kong controlled the beast bone tool to fly into the air, waiting for the corpse breath to dissipate.


However, Huang Quan scolded, “Idiot, take out the soul flag to absorb the corpse breath, it can enhance the power of the soul flag!”


“Oh, oh, yes.” Ye Kong suddenly realized what a difference having an experienced helper made.


Ye Kong took out the hundred-soul flag quickly and started to absorb all the corpse breath, in an instant, flag had absorbed all of the corpse breath, growing even more powerful.


“How is it? I’m not bad at dealing with a zombie, right? “Ye Kong put away his soul flags and said with a smile.


Huang Quan ignored him and murmured, “It’s strange, a zombie that has been alive for one hundred thousand years would not be so easy to deal with!”


Ye Kong was reminded by those words, he said, “It would be less than a hundred thousand years, if the zombie had been cultivating for a hundred thousand years, he would’ve killed Fan Jiushe when they met. If that was the case, how could Fan Jiushe retrieve the storage bag and bury the zombie?”


“Yes! That’s it! When Fan Jiushe came here ten years ago, it hadn’t become a zombie yet, but… it won’t be that easy, there is always… ” Huang Quan suddenly thought of something, and said, “Quick, destroy its head!”




The small sword flew through the air like a snake, and pierced a fist sized hole in the head of the growling zombie.


The zombie immediately fell to the ground motionless.


“I asked you to destroy his head, not blow a hole!” Huang Quan scolded him again, but he was also very fast, he flew down quickly. “Light up another fireball and follow me to have a look!”


Ye Kong didn’t know what he meant, but he didn’t waste any time, he formed a fireball in his hand and followed behind Huang Quan.


The Zombie’s head had dried up, so there was no blood or brains in the hole, it seemed as if his head was empty.


“Ptuu!” Huang Quan spat at the corpse, spitting on a corpse was incredibly disrespectful, but it felt entirely different when it was the soul spitting on the dead body.


To Ye Kong’s surprise, Huang Quan’s spit shocked the zombie, and there was a slight movement from the hole in the Zombie’s head!

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