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TMC Chapter 94 Corpse controlling bugs

“A cockroach?” Ye Kong looked at the black insect crawling out of the zombie’s head and he raised his foot to stomp on it. It was really disgusting. The cockroach was crawling out of the skull of a corpse.


“Boy! What are you doing? “Huang Quan noticed Ye Kong’s actions with his sharp eyes and his quick hands pushed Ye Kong aside and scolded, “You should eat more pig brains. It’s good for your brain.”


“Saving cockroaches? You’ve eaten too many pigs brains”. Ye Kong snorted and went to look at the cockroach again. He found that it seemed different from ordinary cockroaches.


The hard shell of this cockroach was black and bright. Under the light of the small fireball, it reflected a metallic luster. It was obviously nutritious being inside a dead man’s head.


Another significant difference was that this cockroach had a single T-shaped horn on its forehead, which felt very imposing, maybe it was the king of cockroaches.


After the cockroach came out from the skull, it did not rush to escape but fluttered its wings as if it was demonstrating to the two people in front of it.


“I’ve never seen such an arrogant cockroach before.” Ye Kong was upset. He hated others more arrogant than him. Even insects were not allowed!


“Too ignorant! You are the cockroach! “Huang Quan rolled his eyes and said, “I’ll teach you now. Listen clearly, this is a spiritual insect, the corpse controlling bug. Look at the horn on his forehead, this is the antenna used for controlling corpses. It’s very useful for those immortal cultivators who specialize in using corpses and zombies.”


“Corpse controlling bug?” Ye Kong was not a fool either. Hearing the name, he realized, “Oh, that is to say, your body is not a zombie but being controlled by this insect instead?”


“Yes! Otherwise, how could a hundred-thousand-year old zombie be so easy to deal with?”


“I see.” Ye Kong nodded and said, “So, if I take this corpse controlling bug for myself, can I use this insect to control corpses?”


At last, Huang Quan smiled, “It’s much easier when talking with smart people.”


“What are you waiting for then? Let’s catch it!”


Huang Quan stopped Ye Kong and shook his head, “Although this spiritual insect has low intelligence, it is very difficult to tame, so it is useless to catch it. Only by capturing the female insect then hatching the insect from an egg, will it obey your orders.”


“Then we will wait for it to return to its nest.” Ye Kong understood the meaning behind Huang Quan’s words, but he was also worried, “Should we hide? Will it return to the nest now that it knows we are here?”


“I told that it had low intelligence. Do you think the insect is as smart as you?” Huang Quan  said, as he cast a firebird spell and targeted the insect.


“Caw!” The firebird gave a loud cry before spreading its wings and flying to the corpse controlling bug.


Insects were not afraid of tigers but their true nemesis was birds. When the corpse controlling bug saw the firebird flying towards it, it became so frightened that it withdrew its flapping wings and scurried underground to escape.


“Come on, keep up!” Huang Quan waved his hand to disperse the firebird and then closely followed the corpse controlling bug with his divine sense.


When the corpse controlling bug tunneled underground until it reached a small mound of recently disturbed soil. As soon as it reached its destination, its two small claws quickly dug out a small hole and it drilled inside.


“Dig!” Huang Quan didn’t plan on using his own hands.


Ye Kong was holding the small sword to dig into the ground, but he didn’t dare use too much force. When removed the moist soil on the surface, he saw a slightly larger tunnel underneath.


He dug in along the tunnel until he had almost reached the end. However, the corpse controlling bug had noticed the digging and appeared before them again.


“We’re almost there. Look, this insect is a good husband. It plans to protect the women and children with its life.” Said Huang Quan.


“Isn’t this bug useless now?” When Ye Kong got confirmation from Huang Quan , he swung the small sword and split the corpse controlling bug into two parts without any mercy.


Ye Kong had been told that this insect’s horn was rare and he wouldn’t waste it. He took out a wooden box from the storage bag.


The wooden box was one of the treasures collected by the Lu Brothers. The box was used to store a worthless spiritual plant which had been picked prematurely. However, the box itself was useful. It was made from one-thousand-year old mahogany. Ye Kong had checked relevant books and knew it was a good choice for storing spiritual insects.


He started to carefully carve a small groove in the mahogany box to carefully store the insect corpse.


Huang Quan looked at him doing this and shrugged, “Hey, stop behaving like such a beggar? Do you plan on learning how to make Yin corpses? ”


“No, I don’t touch those disgusting things. I don’t want to deal with corpses all day long or I might start to develop mental problems… But I can sell this. Those who make Yin corpses must be very rich.”


“I think you are really too poor and stupid. Fortunately, there is no one here to witness what you are doing. If anyone I knew saw this, I would lose face. Something worth only one-hundred spirit stones is regarded as a treasure by you.”


Ye Kong was overjoyed, but continued carefully carving. “Damn it, Ancestor, you are so wasteful. You don’t even care about one-hundred spirit stones? It is an astronomical number for me.”


In fact, Huang Quan was also joking with him. If this thing hadn’t been worth money, he wouldn’t have wasted his effort to catch it and would have crushed it immediately.


“Well, carve more quickly. You’ll really strike it rich when you find the female insect or the eggs.” Huang Quan urged again.


“Yes!” Ye Kong’s eyes brightened as he thought. “If I find the female, I will let it keep giving birth to eggs. It will produce hundreds of them. I can sell each one for one hundred spirit stones…”


“Damn it, I will be rich!” Ye Kong started digging again with a smile on his face. Soon he dug into a fist-size cave at the end of the tunnel, a much larger insect could be seen inside.


“That’s it, the female.” Said Huang Quan.


“Ha-ha, I will have to thank you for making me rich!” Ye Kong said with a smile and started to carve a larger groove inside the one-thousand-year mahogany. Once he was done he picked up the fat body of the female insect and put it inside.


Looking at his careful actions, Huang Quan was amused, “Are you thinking of having it give birth to countless eggs which you can sell to make money?”


“Yes! Ancestor, you know me so well!”


“Then don’t count on it. The life span of this female insect is very limited, and it will die after laying its eggs. Ha-ha-ha-ha.”


It seemed that Huang Quan liked to see Ye Kong disappointed, as he laughed happily.


“Only once. How many eggs does it lay?” Ye Kong persisted. He wanted to understand just how much money he would make.


“A litter consists of two, or three, at most four eggs. The more it produces, the lower the quality of the eggs.”


“Ah? What shall we do? “Ye Kong’s dream of striking it rich vanished as fast as it appeared.


“Don’t worry, the value of the insects depends on quality. I will teach you how to cultivate a top-grade insect.” Huang Quan encouraged him, “The storage bag can’t hold living things. I’ll help you change the extra storage bag from the barbarian cultivator into a spiritual beast storage bag later. Now, Let’s get down to business.”


The so-called business was the treasure of the Shadow Clan that he had not stopped thinking about since the moment they arrived. Ye Kong held the box containing the corpse controlling bugs, and was excited to see what the treasure was. What kind of treasure could make Huang Quan value it so highly?


This time, Huang Quan didn’t let Ye Kong dig. He controlled the sword himself to carefully cut a hole from the chest to the abdomen of the zombie, splitting its black skin like it was mud.


Huang Quan used his hand to reach into the hole and pull out a shiny round bead.


The bead constantly changed colors as it gave off a dim light, which lit up Huang Quan’s face. However, it wasn’t only his face which was lit up, his eyes were shining with greed and excitement. It seemed that this was the treasure that he was looking for.


“What is this called? Night Pearl? “Ye Kong also came forward.


“Don’t be reckless!” Huang Quan straightened his face. His hand suddenly shot out with lightning speed and grabbed Ye Kong’s long robe, which he used to wipe the blood and guts off the bead.


“Hello, would you please pay attention to hygiene? Don’t just think that you can use other people’s clothes to wipe stuff clean because you fly around naked!” Ye Kong was very unhappy. Nobody wanted to have the blood and guts of a zombie wiped on their clothes. It was disgusting!


Huang Quan didn’t care, he continued to wipe the bead clean and scolded, “Boy, I am teaching you a lesson. Remember it clearly…The moment a treasure appears is the most dangerous…Even if you were being friendly and helping each other only moments before, when the treasure appears, that is likely to be the moment when the other party betrays you…If you don’t raise your vigilance and remain unguarded the way you just did with me, somebody will use the opportunity to kill you in the future!”


After saying that, he wiped his hands clean and let go of the robes and started to leave.


As he was walking away he said, “Burn the body.”


This was a solemn tone that Huang Quan had never used in the past. It had stunned Ye Kong. He raised his hand and threw a fireball to burn the body. Then quickly ran out from the cellar while holding his breath.


The large moon in the sky slowly started to appear as the clouds began to pass.


The little body of Huang Quan was sitting atop an uprooted cage grass, as he looked down at the bead.


“Ancestor, you…were you going to kill me just now? “Ye Kong went to sit beside him and asked.


Huang Quan didn’t deny it, “Yes, how can I share this treasure with others after I lost my life trying to obtain it? This kind of treasure is worth betraying anyone and anyone would betray me to obtain it! So, if I don’t kill others, they will kill me!”


“Then why didn’t you do it?” Ye Kong asked again.


“Because…”Huang Quan suddenly laughed, “Because you are too stupid, also your strength is weak and useless against me. You are a good servant, so I will keep you alive for a while. But you need to keep eating all those pig brains. If you become smart in the future, I may not be so kind.”


Ye Kong knew that Huang Quan was joking. He laughed and looked up at the moon, “Where I came from, I have many friends. Many of them are my close brothers since childhood, but here, I only have you that I can call a true brother. I’m not stupid or foolish, I’m smarter than most people, but I don’t want to be guarded against my only brother…If I did, wouldn’t life become lonely and boring?”


“Well, you’re not admitting that you’re stupid, but you’re saying stupid things again.” Huang Quan sighed as he looked up at the moon and said, “I don’t know whether smart people will become stupid if they associate with stupid people for a long time, will they? I might have become stupid too. Alas, it is a tragedy.”


After sighing, he raised his hand and handed the bead to Ye Kong. “Take care of it.”


Ye Kong didn’t take it but said, “Forget it! If this bead is worth betraying anybody to obtain; I don’t want anyone to betray me, so I dare not accept it.”


Huang Quan scolded as usual: “Damn it, I don’t have any clothes. Where do you want me to keep it? Besides, you also have a share from helping me find this bead. Who else should keep it?”


With that, he threw the bead to Ye Kong and said, “Give me the storage bag from the barbarian cultivator and I will change it into a beast bag for you.”

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