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TMC Chapter 96 Found


“Lu Qin, you are so beautiful. If I were a man, I would marry you.”


It was dawn and the two young girls were laughing and joking with each other, they didn’t know that Ye Kong had returned.


“Sigh, it’s a pity that you are not a man.” Lu Qin had just woken up, she was combing her hair while joking with Xiao Hong.


“Do you know what a man is like?” Xiao Hong said with a low voice and a wicked smile as she approached Lu Qin.


Lu Qin’s face turned red, she pretended not understand, and said, “A man is like Brother Ye Kong.”


Xiao Hong chuckled and said, “Have you seen his staff. When did you see it?”


Lu Qin was too ashamed to answer. In the beginning, she told Xiao Hong that Ye Kong had a powerful staff technique. Later, she found out that Ye Kong was using an innuendo. Lu Qin pushed Xiao Hong and said angrily, “I haven’t seen that and I don’t even want to see it!”


Lu Qin’s hand pressed against Xiao Hong’s breast as she shoved, so Xiao Hong said with a smile. “I underestimated you. You are more of a beast than Ye Kong. You even want to do it in broad daylight.”


Xiao Hong then burst into laughter and ran away.


Lu Qin was left with a bright red face of embarrassment. She didn’t continue to comb her hair, stood up and chased Xiao Hong! “Don’t run away, I want to rub them.’


“Never!” Xiao Hong laughed while running, she looked back and said with a smile, “You must wait for Ye Kong to return and show you his staff.”


Lu Qin replied angrily, “I will beat you!”


“Ha ha.” Xiao Hong chuckled as she rushed forward with her head turned. Without noticing, she bumped into someone.


“Ye Kong! Eighth young master!” Xiao Hong saw Ye Kong when she looked to see who she had collided with. She stopped smiling immediately, this was not only because she feared him, but also because she had just addressed him incorrectly in her panic. She quickly stood beside Ye Kong in a proper way.


“You can call me Ye Kong, or address me however you want.” When Ye Kong wanted to say something, he saw another figure rushing out.


“Xiao Hong! Don’t run away! I will rub your chest today!” Lu Qin rushed out with a wooden comb in her hand.


Lu Qin was always so cute and virtuous, but today she looked like a different person. She was so eager to catch Xiao Hong that her hair was still a mess and she hadn’t gotten fully dressed. Her delicate arms, her soft legs and the white skin beneath her collar was extremely tempting.


“Brother Ye Kong……” Lu Qin didn’t expect to see Ye Kong. Her face flashed with joy. As she was about to speak, she suddenly noticed Ye Kong’s eyes which were looking beneath her eyeline.


“Ah!” Lu Qin cried as she hurriedly went back into her room and closed the door, she felt like her heart racing.


She didn’t show anything he hadn’t seen before. Ye Kong had peeped on her while she was taking a bath before when she was younger, but she was more developed now. Although she was shy, she smiled when she thought of Ye Kong staring at her.


Compared with Lu Qin’s shyness, the two outside were much more direct.


“Young master, have you met your mother?”


“I just came from there.”


“Oh, I was just having some fun with Lu Qin.”


“I know.”


“What are you doing… young master? ”


“I am taking you back to my room.”


“No, I haven’t had breakfast yet. You have only just returned, let’s talk first. It’s still daytime. No…you are… ”


As the they got to Ye Kong’s room, they were both entwined and had become slightly breathless, Xiao Hong’s face was already flushed red. Ye Kong pressed Xiao Hong directly against the bed and started kissing her.



Then he suddenly paused, he raised his hand and threw the sword into the storage bag. The voice of Huang Quan sounded in his mind, “I’ll go sleep for a while. Call me when you find the pipa player.”


“I will.” When Ye Kong finished, he started kissing Xiao Hong again and started to fondle her breasts.


“Young master, no, they will hear.” Xiao Hong could barely breathe.


“They know you are my woman.” Ye Kong quickly untied Xiao Hong’s clothes. The tight clothing she was wearing made her even more appealing.


Xiao Hong sucked in a breath of air as she untied a few buttons for him. He undid the sash on her waist while he started to play with himself.


“Xiao Hong, it’s gotten big again.” Ye Kong couldn’t wait.


“You should only play with it at night, it’s not good o do during the day. It’s daytime now and still early in the morning. Don’t make me too embarrassed to face Lu Qin.” Xiao Hong whispered, but she also felt the desire.


In the Southern Land, it was still common for women to behave coy and act conservatively. How could they do such a thing in the daytime?


“That’s not right. According to the results of scientific research, the best time for men and women to do this is in the morning. After a night’s rest, people are full of vitality and the body is ready. After a day’s work, your body doesn’t have the energy for the intense physical work at night. So men have the most vitality after a good night’s rest.”


“You always have reasons, who wants you to do this kind of intense physical work instead of going about normal daily business?” Xiao Hong said.


“It’s important business to have a child.” Ye Kong wanted to have fun immediately.


“No, we can do that at night.” Xiao Hong begged, trying hard to get away from Ye Kong. In fact, her only worry was Lu Qin. She was afraid that Lu Qin would not be happy.


She knew how Lu Qin thought after spending so long together. Lu Qin was depressed at Ye Kong’s lack of interest. If Ye Kong decided to have sex with Xiao Hong as soon as he returned, Lu Qin would feel dejected.


When they were kissing, Lu Qin had already gotten dressed.


It was not that Lu Qin planned disturb them when they were being intimate. The people here were very conservative, but no one would think they were being intimate during the day.


Moreover, when they were so busy with each other that they had left the door unlocked. Because the door was left unlocked, Lu Qin could come in without knocking at all.


“Ah!” After Lu Qin pushed open the door, she was immediately shocked by the scene she was witnessing.


Xiao Hong was lying on the bed with Ye Kong by her side. Ye Kong had his hand inside Xiao Hong’s skirt and her legs were squirming. Although his hand was under the skirt, from her angle, she could see exactly what was happening.


And the top half was even more shocking. Xiao Hong’s clothes were untied and Ye Kong was sucking on her breast, as Xiao Hong let out moans of pleasure.


Although Lu Qin already knew a lot of things, she was still immature when it came to this. Lu Qin had never seen this kind of scene in her life.


Her face flushed red, she stayed standing there for a while, before turning to leave.


Ye Kong and Xiao Hong were also shocked when they noticed her. They quickly stopped what they were doing.


Lu Qin was about to leave, but Xiao Hong got up to stop her. “Xiao Qin, don’t go, it was his fault.”


Lu Qin’s face was red, her breathing was disordered, and she didn’t know what to say. She bowed her head and let out a sigh.


“In fact, I am his concubine and I should serve him. But he is too bad. He wants to do such things during the day.” Xiao Hong said as she threw a side glance at Ye Kong.


When Lu Qin heard Xiao Hong’s explanation she quickly said, “I don’t blame you. I came in without knocking the door.”


She was a little sour in her heart. Ye Kong had been gone for a long time and when he came back, the first thing he did was this with Xiao Hong, he didn’t even stay to speak with her. He obviously didn’t have any interest in her.


But Xiao Qin continued, “In fact, he said he was in the mood because he saw you when you were not dressed properly, but he can’t do it with you, so he hurried to bring me back to his room.”


Lu Qin blushed. Although she was shy about what was happening, she was happy when she heard Ye Kong was interested.


Ye Kong also listened to Xiao Hong’s words. He just wanted to say Xiao Hong was speaking nonsense, but he saw Lu Qin seemed to be happy after hearing these words, so Ye Kong understood. Xiao Hong wanted him to be with Lu Qin, and it seemed Lu Qin also wanted this.


But would Ye Kong do it? That was the problem.


“Then I’ll head out first!” Xiao Hong winked at Ye Kong and said in Lu Qin’s ear, “Take the initiative.” Then she left and closed the door behind her.


What was wrong with Xiao Hong? He still hadn’t made a decision on whether he would become intimate with Lu Qin.


Ye Kong was slightly angry so he did not speak, so Lu Qin thought he was angry at for her for walking in on them.


“Brother Ye Kong, I disturbed you.” Lu Qin said with a bowed head.


“No, I am angry with this nonsense.” Ye Kong said, but realized his words could be taken wrong, so he continued with a more delicate wording. “In fact, I do like you, very much, but I don’t think of you like that.”


What Ye Kong didn’t expect was that Lu Qin bit her lip and said, “Xiao Hong said that when a man is thinking of you, it means he really wants to be with you.”


Ye Kong felt like fainting. Did he have to be with every girl on the street he thought about?


“No, that’s not right.” When Ye Kong approached Lu Qin, he suddenly noticed that she had become much more mature and grown up.


“A man’s mind always has thoughts, but this doesn’t prove anything. When a man takes a girl into his bed, he must think of taking responsibility.”


Lu Qin saw Ye Kong approaching her and felt nervous.


She thought, “Does her want to hold me? Does he want to do what he was just doing with Xiao Hong?” She felt embarrassed. Should she refuse? What if he wanted to do ‘that’?


Lu Qin was flustered and didn’t hear what Ye Kong was saying at all. When Ye Kong finished, she looked up and said, “What did you say? ”


Ye Kong was gob smacked. After talking for such a long time, she wasn’t listening to a word he said.


“It seems that women become foolish as soon as they fall in love. There’s nothing wrong with that.” Ye Kong smiled and wrapped his arms around Lu Qin’s waist. He bowed his head and said, “I like you, but you’re still young.”


Naturally, Lu Qin didn’t want to admit that she was young. She just wanted to say something, but she was suddenly kissed by Ye Kong.


After kissing her, Ye Kong asked, “How are your talismans recently?”


“I’ve practiced to where I can try the invisible talisman and isolate soul talisman ten times and succeed once.” Lu Qin was happy when talking about the talismans. It was very difficult for her, but she was happy at her success.


“It’s good. That’s a big improvement.” Ye Kong pinched her cheek and praised.


“A few days ago, I drew a miscarriage prevention talisman for Lao Liu’s daughter-in-law. It worked.” Lu Qin laughed happily.


“Wow, you are now a miracle doctor. I can rely on you from now on, now we will never be poor.” Ye Kong exaggerated.


“That’s because you taught me well.” Lu Qin was a little embarrassed by the praise. She lowered her head and her soft white neck drew Ye Kong’s attention.


How white it was! He wanted to kiss her again, but Lu Qin suddenly jolted.


“What’s the matter?”


“I almost forgot something! My brother said you should contact them immediately when you get back!”


Ye Kong was stunned. What did Lu brothers need? “What’s wrong? What’s so urgent?”


Lu Qin said, “My brother said that they think they found the place you asked them to look for!”

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