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TMC Chapter 97 Mountain Village

Ye Kong asked Lu brothers  to find the market where cultivators would go to exchange goods.


Ye Kong didn’t even know the location of the market, so how could they discover it?


It would be a mistake to underestimate the energy of these ruffians, especially their information network. They were on the streets all day, dealing with all kinds of people. A street gang would encounter all types of information.


There were very few people who knew the location of the immortal market, and the Lu brothers  didn’t dare to ask openly, so there was no progress.


But at the start of the month, the Ye army and the barbarians started to have small skirmishes. Because of this, there was suddenly an influx of new information.


How could there suddenly be new information due to the war? It was very simple.


Because of the war between the two nations, there were refugees from everywhere coming to seek safety in Nandu City, they brought new information about where they lived and everywhere they travelled to before arriving in Nandu City. Therefore, the approximate location of the market had been discerned.


Ye Kong was eager to go to the market. He wanted to buy the talisman paper he needed. He had memorized how to create many of the talismans and wanted to practice making them.


But before he could leave, he found that the ninth mistress had arrived in his yard.


He had just returned, so everyone would come to greet him and pay their respects. They would want him to know that while he was away, they had all been taking good care of his mother. They were saying ‘We know you are the boss, please treat us well’


After the ninth mistress left, the third mistress came. The most outrageous thing was that after the she left, the servant girls also came to join the fun.


They had all heard that he enjoyed taking on women. He not only accepted Xiao Hong, but also Xiao Juan from the ninth mistress. He redeemed Xiao Juan and she was even bought a house inside the city. Although he had a bad temper, it was very attractive to these servant girls.


The girls all looked at themselves in the mirror and thought that although they couldn’t match Xiao Hong in terms of looks, they were more beautiful or on the same level as Xiao Juan.


Ye Kong didn’t expect that by helping Liu Changqing, he fell into this predicament. He was afraid that Lu Qin and Xiao Hong would get angry, so he explained the situation to them, but these servant girls didn’t know the real story.


Ye Kong had no idea, but Chen Jiuniang was very happy. She thought her son had become such a great man. If he had more wives, maybe he would stay home more often.


Ye Kong couldn’t leave right away, he had to deal with the servant girls first. He asked people to send news to Lu brothers . He would meet them in the spring appreciating tower. Then he could find a pipa player and receive the news about the market location.


“Which do you like?” Behind the screen in the hall, Ye Kong and Xiao Hong squeezed together, they were looking out from the gap in the screen.


This was Chen Jiuniang’s idea. She knew that Ye Kong didn’t like to deal with those servant girls, so she told Ye Kong hide and choose from them.


“Yan Hong is good; she has long legs and a big butt.”


Ye Kong took a breath of cool air. “You only look at the ass but not the face!”


“With that figure, she will give you a son easily.” Said Xiao Hong in a low voice.


“Ha ha, you can give me one first.” Ye Kong’s hand slipped down Xiao Hong’s skirt from behind.


“Don’t do it.” Xiao Hong twisted her waist to try and shake off Ye Kong’s hand, but Ye Kong’s hand slid down past the curve of her butt, and the tip of his finger found its wet and warm target.


“Oooh…”Xiao Hong’s most sensitive place was attacked. She pushed Ye Kong away and said angrily, “I’m trying to help you to choose. Look at them.”


“Do you think I have time to deal with them?” Ye Kong pulled over a chair with a high back, and said, “I will have to do closed door cultivation, if I have more women, I will have no time to accompany them. Isn’t that harmful to them?”


Xiao Hong shook her head and said, “You are wrong. Women want fame and sons. As long as they have these two, who will think that they have been harmed? Even if you have closed door cultivation for a long time, with these two things, they will be satisfied!”


Xiao Hong reminded Ye Kong of a certain point. The women here were different from those of women in the 21st century on Earth. He had the wrong approach from the beginning. He was always afraid that his women would be lonely. But as long as they were given status and birthed a son to the Ye Family, they would never have to worry again.


“Xiao Hong, do you think what you said is correct?” Asked Ye Kong.


“Of course.” Xiao Hong nodded.


“Well, then let me give you a son right now.”


“No, this is the reception hall. There are people outside.”


“It’s exciting…”



Afternoon, at the spring appreciating tower.


Although the situation was tense outside, it still couldn’t affect people’s enthusiasm towards the play. From the beginning, every scene was full of action and drama. People were happily discussing the story.


The scholars who wrote the script had perfectly used the sensationalism that Ye Kong had taught them, they wrote a script that moved people’s hearts, and they made memorable and iconic lines for each main character.


Under the persuasion of Xiao Hong and Lu Qin, Chen Jiuniang also came out to watch with black gauze covering her face. In fact, she had been hearing the play be discussed for a long time. She knew that it was her son’s work, and she was happy about it.


To Ye Kong’s dismay, Feng Siniang, who was less than ten years younger than his mother, was so enthusiastic that she wanted to recognize Chen Jiuniang as her adoptive mother.


But Ye Kong didn’t care about such things. Feng Siniang was just trying to please him. She knew Chen Jiuniang’s real identity and wouldn’t have any unusual ideas.


After arranging for the several women to watch the play together, he came to Xiao Ying’s room with Lu brothers.


Xiao Ying had been waiting for the last three months. Her memory had been erased. She thought that she had fun with Ye Kong, so she was very enthusiastic towards Ye Kong.


But it was not convenient for Ye Kong to act on her affection. Otherwise, Huang Quan would definitely scold him, so he asked Xiao Ying to leave.


As soon as Xiao Ying left, Lu Jun couldn’t wait to say, “According to the refugees that came from the mountain village, that place must be somewhere near the mountain village.”


“Here.” Lu Yi quickly took out the hand-painted map and pointed to the location of the mountain village to Ye Kong.


This village was located at the junction of An Country and the barbarian grasslands, but it was relatively remote and was at the foot of a mountain.


“Such a remote place?” Ye Kong frowned.


“That’s it.” Lu Jun said definitively, “According to our inquiry of several refugees that came from the mountain village. One of the villagers said they saw a flying immortal on her way here and some people from their village would often find strange stones in the woods which we believe to be left over from when cultivators fought.”


“It could be the case.” Ye Kong nodded, but he was not sure. Maybe it was the location of a cultivation family or a sect. He would die if he went there recklessly.


Lu Yi guessed Ye Kong’s thoughts, and said, “It should be the market, because the date when these immortals begin to appear is always the same, and this has only been the case for the last several years. If it was the cultivation family, there would have been sightings which span over several decades.”


Ye Kong nodded, Lu Yi’s analysis was correct. It was very rare that a cultivation family would change where they were located. The location was likely the market.


“What do you think?” Ye Kong asked Huang Quan with his divine sense.


“It is just a market. You’re in such a hurry. When your cultivation improves, you can openly fly wherever you want. Then I promise to find a city for you every day.” Huang Quan didn’t approve of Ye Kong going to the market.


“It shouldn’t be dangerous to just look around? Besides, there aren’t many immortal markets.” Ye Kong didn’t agree.


“You are too stupid.” Huang Quan sighed and scolded, “There are many immortals in the world who need to exchange goods with each other. There are countless markets throughout the world and you can even enter the immortal cities.”


Ye Kong thought this reasoning seemed correct, but he also thought that even if there were countless markets in the world, the markets were not easy to find.


“It’s easy to find. The markets are only hard to find for ordinary people, because there are arrays surrounding the markets.”


“But it’s different for immortals. The market is the place which is meant to attract immortal cultivator to trade. Generally speaking, the more immortals that come, the better it is for business. Why would they set up a high-level concealment array?”


“The magic array at the markets are only designed to confuse ordinary people, but it’s very easy for the immortals to find. You can check this without getting close, if the array is anything but a simple concealment array, it isn’t an immortal market.”


After listening to the words of Huang Quan , he knew more about the markets.


It was easy to find the market, but Huang Quan decided it to not mention this to Ye Kong. It was really annoying that the Lu brothers managed to find the location.


Ye Kong said angrily, “If it is so easy to find. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”


Huang Quan replied, “I’m afraid that you are wasting too much of your time by not cultivating. You can find a market once your cultivation has improved.”


But Ye Kong really wanted to go and take a look. After he learned how to create the talismans, he wanted to put it to use. Especially, now that there were a number of low-grade mid-level talismans to practice. He would grow restless if he didn’t get to practice them.


Lu Jun’s next sentence, caused him to give up his plan.


Lu Jun added, “The refugees said that the immortals were all dressed in barbarian style clothing. If you are planning to go there, be careful.”


Ye Kong had just killed a barbarian cultivator. He also knew that the barbarian cultivation methods were not much better than the devil cultivators, so he decided against going and said, “I will think about it later, I currently have no free time to go there.”


After talking with Lu brothers , Ye Kong told them to leave and Xiao Ying returned.


“Eighth young master, I will serve you, let me undress.”

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