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TMC Chapter 98 Pick a Fight

While Xiao Ying was speaking, her jade hands were untying Ye Kong’s belt.


“Ah! Hold on! ” Ye Kong called out and stopped Xiao Ying’s hands and said, “I’m not in a hurry to do that. Can you play the pipa for me?”


“Of course, I’m good at playing pipa.” Xiao Ying covered her mouth and smiled, sat in the corner of the room while gracefully playing the pipa.


“Take out the pipa bead.” When Huang Quan heard the pipa, he started to grow anxious.

“I see.” As soon as Ye Kong patted the storage bag, a bead appeared in his palm, he used the table to conceal his actions to stop Xiao Ying from noticing anything strange.


However, when the pipa bead heard the music from the pipa, there were no changes to the bead, there wasn’t even a slight reaction.


“Have her change the tune.” Huang Quan said.


“Xiao Ying, this tune is too soothing, I want to hear something exciting.”


Hearing Ye Kong’s words, Xiao Ying immediately changed to a tense and imposing tune.


The tune was so exciting that Ye Kong even started to feel excitement building within his chest, but the bead still remained motionless.


“Xiao Ying, can you play any ancient tunes?” Ye Kong asked again.


“Sorry, I can’t, but sister He is the best pipa player in the spring appreciating tower, I think she can play some ancient music.”


“Well, call her here, quick.”


Xiao Ying went to call Xiao He, but she was worried that Xiao He might try to steal the young master from her, however, they didn’t have the right to choose the guests, it was the guests who made the choice of which woman they desired.


Soon Xiao He entered the room, she was also a beautiful woman, slim and tall, with white skin, but Ye Kong didn’t have the mood to appreciate a new woman, he asked her to quickly sit down and begin playing.


Xiao He had learned some ancient melodies in the past, so under the request of Ye Kong, she played began to play an ancient tune.


At first, Xiao Ying was worried about Ye Kong would be stolen by Xiao He, but she soon found it was not like that at all, the eighth young master seemed to be really interested in the pipa.


However, it was strange that the eighth young master didn’t allow himself to be engrossed in the music like other people. He seemed impatient and wanted to listen to each style of music, one by one.


“Eighth young master, that’s all the ancient melodies that I know.” Xiao He had been playing pipa for a long time, even her fingers had grown numb.


“You can go back to your room.” Ye Kong threw down an ingot of silver.


“I can entertain you……” Xiao He’s eyes became shy, she wanted to serve the eighth young master. All the girls in the Spring appreciating tower knew that the eighth young master was the leader of the Dragon Tiger gang, so the girls admired him, anyone who served the eighth young master would be envy of her sisters.


But the eighth young master seemed to not be in the mood, he waved and said, “No need.”


The eighth young master had a bad temper, which was known throughout Nandu city, so Xiao He was too scared to say much and left in a hurry.


Xiao Ying breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that she would be the one to serve the eighth young master, but then she was also asked to leave.


“Ha ha, we have played the pipa for the bead, but it has nothing to do with the pipa. How stupid of me to believe your nonsense.” Huang Quan didn’t want the bead to be related to music, so he was very happy.


“I had to try, you can’t blame me for not succeeding right away. You have studied it for so long and haven’t found any answers, it would be strange if I succeeded on my first attempt.”


Often success came after countless failures, although the pipa bead still had no reaction to the music, Ye Kong still hadn’t ruled out his idea. Murmuring, he went to the window, took the pipa that the girls were playing, put the pipa bead onto the table, and then started to clumsily pluck the pipa to a disorderly tune.


“Qiang!” Finally, the thin strings on the pipa could not bear anymore and they broke.


But the pipa bead still had no reaction.


“It’s useless, don’t be crazy, you can’t get a reaction even if you destroy the pipa.” Huang Quan  was overwhelmed by the terrible noise of Ye Kong playing.


“Shit! I don’t believe that pipa bead has nothing to do with the pipa.” Ye Kong was a little annoyed, holding bead in one hand and the pipa in the other, he was trying to find a way to combine the two.


“Even if the pipa bead is related to a pipa, it must be a spiritual pipa!” Said Huang Quan.


“Well, you have a point.” Ye Kong threw the disassembled pipa aside, and said with some frustration, “but where can I find a pipa used by the Shadow Clan?”


“In fact, I prefer to believe your latter guess, that the bead may be a token.”


Ye Kong threw the pipa bead into his storage bag and said with a smile, “In fact, we may be able to get the truth if we ask a member of the Shadow Clan.”


“It’s a pity that the Shadow Clan is extinct,” Said Huang Quan.


After working for a long time without any results to show for it, Ye Kong wanted to leave, but as soon as he was leaving, he heard a knock on the door. Before he could react a moving figure beautiful figure rushed into the room, she was beautiful and the light clothing she wore showed her curvaceous body, even her eyes were so seducing.


Maybe it was since Feng Siniang knelt down before him to handle his private part, but every time Ye Kong saw her, he always had an impulse to put it in her mouth.


“Siniang, the cold wind is chilly in early spring, you are wearing such light clothing, don’t you feel cold?” Ye Kong asked, but his hand had already made its way to her chest.


“Ah, the bad tempered eighth young master also knows how to worry about a woman.” Feng Siniang joked as her small delicate hand went directly to Ye Kong’s private part.


“Eighth young master also wears light clothing.” She raised an eyebrow and her hand stroked Ye Kong’s private part gently. She closed her eyes slightly, as if she was focusing on enjoying the touch.


When they were in the heat of the moment, a flustered girl suddenly barged in.


“Boss Feng, boss Feng…” The little girl rushed in, but when she saw what the two were doing inside, she quickly bowed her head.


“What is it?” Feng Siniang was a little angry, after waiting for so long, she was about to have fun with eighth young master when she disturbed at the critical moment.


“There is a group of soldiers outside, trying to find eighth young master.” The little girl said as she peeped her head up, only to see the boss’s hand still reluctant to stop what it was doing. This was a shock to the young girl since everyone knew that boss Feng had grown tired of intimacy, and she wouldn’t give in to any of the men who flirted with her. It was really hard to imagine that boss Feng would take the initiative to catch a man and be reluctant to let him go.


“Soldiers looking for me?” Ye Kong frowned, was it Liu Changqing who brought his own soldiers back to the city?


But the answer was obviously no, the little girl replied, “Those soldiers are all rising tigers, and they all look incredibly powerful. The leader said that they had been fighting hard on the battlefield, but the eighth young master only knows to have fun with women…”


This was certainly not Liu Changqing, obviously they had come to pick a fight, but Ye Kong didn’t understand, who would be courageous enough to make him unhappy?


Ye Wu knew that he wasn’t welcomed within the city and after reaching the military camp, he had some achievements in battle. He was worried that Ye Wei would make them suffer when he reached the camp. Unexpectedly, Ye Wei took good care of his family, and within a few days, he sent the two of them to the Tiger camp as assistant generals.


The Tiger camp was an elite force within the Ye army and it was the best place for soldiers to earn military merits. As its name implied, every soldier was riding a winged tiger which they would ride into battle to kill their enemies, they were extremely powerful.


In every war, once the Tiger camp were unleashed, they were invincible on the battlefield, many enemies would flee on sight. After Ye Haoran established the Tiger camp during the first war, they were crucial in destroying the barbarian army and forcing them to retreat from battle. Even the Khan was scared to death of the Tiger camp. Ever since, the Tiger camp had been famous for their battle prowess.


The Tiger camp was a symbol of the Ye army’s power and pride, they were an integral part of the Ye army. Countless soldiers dreamed of riding a winged tiger and charging through their enemies while wearing the striking red cape of the Tiger camp.


However, it was not easy to join the Tiger camp, in addition to martial arts and physique, they had to capture the winged tiger by themselves.


Although the winged tiger was a low-grade beast, it still had some intelligence, and would only submit to a master who subdued it in battle. If someone else caught the winged tiger for you, the tiger would never listen to your commands.


The Ye children had to capture a winged tiger when they reached adulthood because Ye Haoran hoped that his sons would be in control of the Tiger camp.


Ye Wen captured a winged tiger by himself years ago, which helped him to join the Tiger camp, though nobody cared about Ye Wu’s ceremony, he also captured one with his brother’s help. With Ye Wei’s support, the two brothers quickly took control of the Tiger camp as the assistant generals.


The brothers were so confident now that there was no need to worry about achieving military merits after entering the Tiger camp. They only needed to join a battle with the Tiger camp to accumulate military merits. They could reclaim the honor that had been lost and wipe away the humiliation they received in Nandu city.


The brothers were full of confidence, so when they received the task to returned to the city to escort food back to the military camp. The last batch of food was robbed by the barbarians, so they  arranged for the Tiger camp to escort the food secretly this time, then as soon as the barbarians appeared, they destroyed them immediately.


Ye Wu didn’t want to find trouble with Ye Kong, he just wanted to bring some soldiers back to the Ye Family with him to show off to the Ye family. He wanted to send a message saying that Ye Wu had returned as a pillar of the Tiger camp. He was letting everybody know that now that he had become a Tiger camp assistant general, they must be careful and stop badmouthing his mother, because he would be sure to punish them in the future!


Ye Wu wanted to go back and show off his power, but when he returned, he heard gossip that his mother’s accident was related to Ye Kong.


There was no airtight wall in the world. Since Ye Kong used this to frighten the ninth mistress, it had spread to a few people within the Ye family. The ninth mistress liked to gossip, she couldn’t keep secrets, soon it spread to the entire Ye family. Why did the second mistress have such bad luck? Because her son offended the God of Misfortune!


When Ye Wu heard this news, he immediately grew angry. “Ye Kong, when we brothers were beaten and shamed by you, my mother still took me to apologize to you. How could you destroy each and every one of us and let my mother die such a humiliating death. You are the one who forced us brothers to suffer humiliation.” Ye Wu was desperate to fight Ye Kong!


As soon as he inquired about Ye Kong’s whereabouts, he found that the eighth young master accompanied by Xiao Hong and his mother were at the Spring appreciating tower watching the play. Hearing Xiao Hong’s name, the flames of jealousy were lit in Ye Wu’s heart. Ye Kong had killed his mother and stolen his wife… Ye Wu was consumed with anger.


P.s This is the only chapter for the weekend. This weekends chapters will be added to next weeks releases.

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