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TMC Chapter 99 Fighting A Tiger


“Watching the play? He is watching the play at this time? While I am suffering in the wind and rain, he is enjoying life. Damn it! He’s holding my woman in his arms and watching a play. He’s so arrogant! Tell him to come out to meet me. Why doesn’t he go fight against the Barbarians? He is a thug who only knows how to climb on top of women. I will tear down the spring appreciating tower if he doesn’t come face me!”


Ye Wu led more than ten men riding winged tigers into the theater of the Spring appreciating tower, then he rode onto the stage and dismounted after making his declaration.


The leading actor who was acting immediately smiled and greeted the soldiers, “Sirs, friends, could you please tell me your names?”


“Who are your friends? Get out of here!” Ye Wu raised his foot and kicked the actor off the stage.


These actors were also martial artists, so he managed avoid most of the damage from the kick and change his direction while mid-air to land safely between the tables.


Ye Wu didn’t like seeing this, he thought “You are just an actor. You should roll out when I say, not jump through the air. Do you think my words mean nothing?


“Go!” Ye Wu patted the head of the winged tiger beside him and pointed to the actor.


“Raawr!” The tiger raised its head and growled. The golden tiger spread its wings and rushed down from the stage like a gust of wind.


The actor was not a powerful martial artist, so he immediately turned around to escape in fear.


As for the audience, they were even worse. The audience mostly consisted of women, the elderly and the weak, very few practiced martial arts. When they saw such a fierce beast coming their way, they ran in terror.


They wanted to rush out of the theatre, but there were two tigers blocking the exits. The fangs were exposed and they were salivating as if they had just seen a delicious meal.


“Help!” The theatre was in chaos. Countless tables and chairs were scattered across the ground, pots and plates had been trampled and smashed and there were countless roars from the tiger as it attempted to catch the actor. As the actor was fleeing through the theatre, whenever a member of the crowd saw him coming, they would scream and flee in the opposite direction.


“Ha-ha, this is great. Scream! Scream for me! “Ye Wu, with several of his men, stood on the stage laughing.


“This bastard! I’ll beat him to death!” Lu Qin, who was in the private room on the second floor was the first to lose her temper. She picked up her sword and wanted to jump down to the stage.


“Lu Qin! Don’t be impulsive. Wait for the Eighth young master to arrive!” Lu Jun hugged her to stop her from jumping. He knew Ye Wu was making trouble, but if she went down to fight with Ye Wu, she would be charged with the crime of attacking a ranking officer during wartime.


If his younger sister killed Ye Wu, it would bring even more trouble.


“No, I can’t wait! Brother, don’t you see that the tiger is going to eat someone? “Lu Qin was holding the window lattice in one hand and wanted to jump down.


“No way! He is a soldier! “Lu Jun was anxious because Ye Wu seemed unreasonable. If she couldn’t reason with him, she would kill him and it would create a huge problem.


Lu Qin knew it, but she couldn’t watch the tigers attacking people. She believed that if Ye Kong had been there, he would not sit by and watch.


Just when Lu Qin was about to jump down, she felt a hand placed on her shoulder. “I will do it!”


“Bite him! Bite him! “Ye Wu stood on the stage and roared in laughter, enjoying the chaos and screams below.


The actor who played brother Haoran had no choice but to keep escaping. However he soon found that the tiger was only after him and was not attempting to bite anyone else, so he attempted to squeeze into the crowded places to use other people as obstacles for the tiger.


Although the winged tiger didn’t try to bite anyone else, it didn’t know how to respect the old and protect the young. So when it chased the actor into the crowd of people, instead of avoiding the innocent bystanders, it started knocking them aside with its powerful paws.


“Enough! Ye Wu, according to the rules of the Ye Family, you are not permitted to attack the innocent!” Suddenly a woman’s voice came from the second floor.


Countless people looked up and saw a woman in black standing at the window.


Ye Wu also looked up. Although Chen Jiuniang was wearing a veil, he could recognize her at first glance.


Ye Wu thought. “This ugly woman dares to intervene in my business? I’ll embarrass you like your son did to my mother!”


Ye Wu snorted, “Who’s that making noise? How dare a woman who hides her face talk about the matters of the Ye Family!”


Lu Qin stood up and said angrily, “Ye Wu! Open your dog-eyes! This is your maternal aunt Chen! Stop now!”


“Aunt Chen, hmm!” Ye Wu wanted to say that he didn’t have such an aunt, but he thought about it for a second and decided on a better way to embarrass her.


So, he said, “Aunt Chen? Do you mean the mother of the Eighth young master? But…I’m not sure if you’re really my aunt Chen. Why don’t you take off your veil for me to confirm it?”


What Ye Wu said made Xiao Hong angry. She gnashed her teeth and pointed at Ye Wu, “You bastard! You know aunt Chen…”


“What? Hmm! “When Ye Wu saw Xiao Hong, he was even angrier and roared, “If I can’t see her face then I won’t believe it! Bite them! Bite all the people here!”


The winged tiger heard the new order, but it still didn’t want to give up on chasing the actor. However, as it struck people with its paws, it now used its sharp claws. Even women and children couldn’t escape. There were countless people with terrible wounds on their bodies and the theatre was turning bloody. All that was left was the sound of miserable cries and tiger roars.


“Ah!” The actor who played brother Haoran was finally hit. The winged tiger had caught up with him in a flash and clamped his leg in its powerful jaw.


The tiger held onto his leg and used it to swing his body from side to side, tearing and ripping the flesh. The actor began screaming in agony.


The teeth of the tiger were extremely sharp and jagged. The tiger continued to swing the actor until his leg snapped and he fainted with pain. The entire audience were shocked by the bloody scene.


However, it was obvious that the tiger was not satisfied, and its powerful jaw was now approaching the actors neck.


“Ye Wu! Don’t be presumptuous! ” When Chen Jiuniang saw that someone was going to die. she took the veil off her face without hesitation.


“Ye Wu! Look! I am your Aunt Chen! If you continue to commit murder, I will make sure you are punished accordingly!”


Chen Jiuniang was angry after witnessing this scene. Ye Wu was so vicious. He even let his tiger attack innocent people. Even though she was used to accepting insults, she couldn’t contain her anger today.


As soon as Chen Jiuniang’s veil was taken off, the audience was stunned and immediately held their breaths. “God! Is this Ye Kong’s mother? How ugly!”


“Ha-ha, ha-ha!” Ye Wu laughed loudly. As long as Chen Jiuniang’s appearance was on display, the whole of Nandu City would be talking about how ugly Ye Kong’s mother was.


“Look! This is Ye Kong’s mother! Look at her face, ha-ha. What a beautiful face it is! I’m going to vomit! Ha-ha! “Ye Wu laughed wildly.


“Is that so?” All of a sudden, a cold voice came from above.


The voice was familiar to many people as many in the audience had heard his voice before. Without even looking, many had already called out,

“Eighth young master!”


All of them raised their heads. At the moment, they finally saw hope, only this person could save them.


“Eighth young master! Please help! “A child shouted.


“Eighth young master! help!” More people shouted, as tears filled their eyes.


Ye Kong waved his hand and motioned to everyone to be quiet. Then he loudly said, “Ye Wu, you see it! Even if everyone sees my mother’s face, they still admire me. If you want to humiliate me like this, it’s useless!”


“Everyone has their own measure in their heart. They know what is good or bad, they can tell right from wrong, beautiful from ugly. Everyone knows what is true! In order to save these people, my mother took off her veil and exposed her face. If the people she rescued turned to point and laughed at her…well there isn’t anyone like that here!”


The audience was already filled with indignation, they raised their heads one by one and cried, “Eighth young master, if anyone talks badly about aunt Chen behind her back, we will never let them go!”


“Yes! We will never him go!”


It was said that a crowd sometimes needed to be led. The people who were treated as sheep to the tiger, were now daring enough to wave their fists and roar angrily at the stage, all because of Ye Kong’s appearance.


Ye Wu was creating a lot of trouble today, which was unexpected to his subordinates from the Tiger Camp. They had already heard the tales of how Ye Kong came to be referred to as the God of Misfortune of the Ye Family. Now they were trying to hide their tigers and not be noticed by this god of misfortune.


Seeing Ye Kong arriving, Ye Wu suddenly felt fear . Although he hated Ye Kong, he was still afraid of being beaten by Ye Kong.


Looking at Ye Kong jumping down from the second floor, Ye Wu was so scared that he stepped back and said, “You…What are you going to do?”


“My mother has a sickness which causes the black scar on her face, but I will cure that in the future! However, you have a sickness in your heart, so I will treat you now! “Ye Kong walked over with a sneer.


“Don’t come!” Ye Wu was already frightened. He wanted to command his subordinates to deal with Ye Kong, but when he looked around, his subordinates were all hidden away.


Ye Kong walked forward step by step with the angry audience behind him.


“Winged tiger, go!” Ye Wu could not command his subordinates but he could command his tiger.


“Raawr!” The winged tiger roared. It was said that dragons swam through clouds while tigers rode on the wind. Like a gust of wind, the winged tiger leapt forward. It wanted to knock down the young boy who was threatening its owner and rip out his throat!


“Ignorant beast.”


Ye Kong snorted and jumped up. He was as fast as lightning, but his movement were as elegant as a lotus blooming.


Ye Kong’s movements were fast, but it was clear to see that he had jumped over the winged tiger and grabbed a wing with each hand, holding himself upside down on the tigers back.


With his hands firmly holding onto the wings of the winged tiger, Ye Kong paused for a short moment.


“Piss off!” Ye Kong shouted. Then he spun his body until his feet were touching the floor and swung the tiger down.




The powerful winged tiger was lying smashed into the ground, with countless broken bricks surrounding him. There was now a large depression in the floor of the theatre, and all the large bricks around it were cracked.


The winged tiger was very resilient. It wasn’t defeated even after suffering such a heavy blow. The golden body quickly sprung up from the depression.


“Roar!” The tiger unleashed a beastly roar. Ye Kong had caused it to go berserk!


Unfortunately, its opponent was Ye Kong!


Ye Kong had already started to attack again, not even allowing it a moment of rest!


While in mid-air, he clenched his iron fist and threw a punch!




The Iron fist struck squarely on the tiger forehead!


“Grrr!” The tiger only had time to let out a soft growl before it fell to the ground. It’s claws twitched for a few times, but then there were no more signs of life!

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